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A podcast all about playful learning, #gamification, game based learning, and game inspired course design. Join in the fun with our crazy hosts as we talk about the passion of playful learning.

A podcast all about playful learning, #gamification, game based learning, and game inspired course design. Join in the fun with our crazy hosts as we talk about the passion of playful learning.


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A podcast all about playful learning, #gamification, game based learning, and game inspired course design. Join in the fun with our crazy hosts as we talk about the passion of playful learning.






S4.E35 - Arts Integration

Welcome to another great episode of Well Played. Today we are looking at how we might strengthen our classrooms by infusing arts into our daily workflows. Focusing on student self-assessment and growth during the process. It is a great episode with Adam Moreno (@MrMorenoEDU) Check out his work at: http://www.mrmoreno.com


S4.E34 The Intersection Between Math & Board Games!

This is a special episode with a good friend and genius Jason Strains (@jsteach84). We are exploring both of his passions of math and board games. There are plenty of things that we all can pull out of this conversation. Enjoy the show!


S4.E33 - Extending the Game Table Over the Internet!?

On this episode of Well Played I have with me fellow gamer and educator Jon Spike (@jonathanspike) and we are dropping some knowledge on how to play some games with people all over the world. Give it a listen and I am sure you will find some new corners of the internet that you can check out. Don't worry these are not dark bad places, they will only suck your time away, but while doing that will give you some fun in the process! Enjoy! Site Mentioned: http://www.Boardgamearena.com...


S4E.32 - Testimony from Beginner Gamifier

Today on Well Played we have a chance to chat with Charles Coomber (@CharlesCoomber) a 8th grade teacher about starting his very unique game in his classroom. Have a listen as I am certain this wild ride will leave you with tons of ideas!


S4.E31 - Building and Talking with Lego Education!

In this episode, Dr. Jenny Nash who serves as the Head of Education Impact Team for LEGO Education in the US and I chat about the use of Lego in the classroom! It is a great conversation filled with great ideas and inspiration for all. We highly recommend you give this one a listen!


S4.E30 - Boss Battle Part 2

Here it is, the second best show about Boss Battles on the internet. There I said it. Ok, I am not sure where this interview with Jeremy (@MrSederquist) and I are talking boss battles stacks up. What I can say is we are having a great time sharing about a great strategic tool you can use in your classroom. Join us both on this podcast, but also in your classroom by trying to add Boss Battles to your next class activity.


S4.E29 - Boss Battles Part 1

Today we explore down into dark dungeons to slay the beasts that await us down there. Wait, no, that is not it. Sorry, let's try this again. Jeremy (@MrSederquist) and I are talking about a fun way to run your review for the end of a unit. Come join us as we explore Boss Battles!


S4.E28 - Using Video Games to Connect and Collaborate in your Classroom

Today is a fun episode were Becky Lattof (@STEAMcultivator) and I chat about the use of video games in the classroom. There are big and small ways to do just that. Check this episode out as you will have a rocking good time!


S4.E27 - A Story of Starting out with Gamification in Middle School Math!

It is always fun to hear how and why people begin a new journey. Well today we had Lauren (@MrsMortimer4) tell us here tail of getting started with Gamification in her classroom. She is a math teacher and a first year teacher. Come listen and learn as we share different ideas together about getting started!


S4.E26 - Finding Positivity Through Your Purpose in Precarious Moments.

Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Dene Gainey (@Dene_Gainey)about finding joy and positivity with your purpose as a teacher. It was a delightful convo and one that we should all have a good long listen to. Hope you enjoy!


S4.Ep25 - Oh when the saints go marching in... Music in the classroom.

[Trumpets sounds] Today we are talking with Amanda Gray (@ak_amandagray) a band teacher from Tennessee about how she has used gamification in her classroom. We don't stop there... We also chat about how we all might benefit from opening up creativity into our classrooms with music and other open ended tasks. Have a listen and enjoy the show!


S4.E24 - Digital Ideas for Digital Students

Welcome back to another episode! Thanks for joining the Well Played community if you are new. This episode I have first time guest Jennifer Cory (@SraCory) with us sharing some ideas that she has helped develop in the classroom. We laugh, we share, we all have a great time. Come join in the fun with us!


S4.E23 - Apply a Micro Theme to your Lesson!

Today, Jamie Halsey (@mrsjamiehalsey) and I are talking about little ways to spice up a lesson or unit with a micro theme! We know you are going to love this episode. So dive in and start applying the lessons learned.


S4.E22 - Games for the Virtual Classroom... Zoom to Meet we bring the heat!

In this episode, Jon (@jonathanspike) and I come together again to chat about games that work in an online classroom in a Zoom meeting or Google Meet. Enjoy the show peeps. It is going to be a good one! Have your question for me... Ask it here: tinyurl.com/xplapcrewquestions More ways to connect with me… Twitter: twitter.com/mrmatera Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/TheTeachersTable Instagram: instagram.com/mvmatera Website: mrmatera.com Snail Mail: Seriously, I would love to get some of...


S4.E21 - Epanding the Game Closet with 2 Player Games

In this episode, Jon (@jonathanspike) and I chat about the great additions to your game closet for 2 players. Not everyone has a house full of people to play with. Check out these games and I think you will be surprised just how fun they are. Have your question for me... Ask it here: http://tinyurl.com/xplapcrewquestions More ways to connect with me… Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrmatera Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/847099732488723 Instagram: http://instagram.com/mvmatera...


S4.E20 - Gamification Lite to Dip Your Toe Into!

This episode we have our friend Paul Yenne (@mryennepaul) back on the show with us. Today we explore ideas on how to start using little bits of gamification during this pandemic. These ideas would help anyone get started even in a virtual class.


S4.E19 - 50 Ways to Leave your Landlord

You asked, we have heard you! This is John Meehan (MeehanEDU) and I unsucking Monopoly. We attempt to try our hand at designing changes to the core of the game in order to make it better. In this episode, you will learn just how powerful it can be to take a game designers perspective to something. This view can produce some playful and profound changes that make something something worthwhile. It is a great show that was only made possible by you, the community. Thank you for being such a...


S4.E18 - An Ode to Monopoly

Grab your top hat, wheelbarrel and hop in your car we are rounding the board of Monopoly on this episode of Well Played with John Meehan (MeehanEDU) This was a serious hoot and I hope you find so as well. If want John and I do this justice, you have to venture over to my YouTube channel to say so... If you listen to the episode you know what I mean. Enjoy!


S4.E17 - Gamification Control Panel expansion pack for online learning.

Today we have Jeremy Sederquist (@MrSederquist) chatting with us about an amazing add-on he made to my gamification control panel. It allows for so much flexibility for the online course. Give this a listen, pick up a copy, and start building a gamifed class for in-person teaching or online. Link to Addon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JI7EFkCAJU&feature=emb_title


S4.E16 - Player Sheets in a Gamified Classroom

Today we have a great episode by a new member to the Well Played community, Ian Miller (@commndrbowtye). He is a great teacher from AZ who has some great ideas to share on this episode all about player sheets. So buckle up, get ready, and let's gooooooo!