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So you have a PhD or trying to get one. But what are YOU going to do with THAT? Danni Reches, a PhD candidate at the University of Haifa interviews young researchers and scholars to learn about their process, their success stories, obstacles and the way they overcame them. And everything is over a glass of Amaretto. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

So you have a PhD or trying to get one. But what are YOU going to do with THAT? Danni Reches, a PhD candidate at the University of Haifa interviews young researchers and scholars to learn about their process, their success stories, obstacles and the way they overcame them. And everything is over a glass of Amaretto. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.




So you have a PhD or trying to get one. But what are YOU going to do with THAT? Danni Reches, a PhD candidate at the University of Haifa interviews young researchers and scholars to learn about their process, their success stories, obstacles and the way they overcame them. And everything is over a glass of Amaretto. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.




Why Manchester United in Pidgin? (With Wally Shannon Mbassi Elong)

Wally Shannon Mbassi Elong from Cameroon wanted to be a translator. That was his dream from the age of 11 and his mother supported that dream until he finished high-school and had to make a career choice. She forced him to go into advertisement and that completely shuffled his plans. Listen to the episode and find out how he ended up doing a PhD at London Metropolitan University, in Media and Communication about Football Fandom, Glocalisation and a social media group called Man United in...


Episode 34 - Baseball and Transnational Migration (Amir Segal)

Transnational migration refers to the situation of migrants that are still connected to their country of origin. Amir Segal's research looks into that phenomenon through a specific case study of North-American (mainly Canada and the US) Jews who migrate to Israel. Amir explores that through three aspects: (1) Fund raising; (2) Diplomacy; and (3) Baseball. To this end, Amir, who knew nothing about baseball learned how North-American migrants not only imported that sport to Israel, but have...


Episode 33 - Unlikely journey - from high school dropout to a PhD (Dr. David Gillespie)

David Gillespie who left high school and joined the British Army at the age of 16, received his PhD in Electronic & Electrical Engineering a couple of weeks ago. In this episode David talks about his journey from the army to academia and to an industry PhD, his persistence and stubbornness that enabled him to find his own path, and the importance of celebrating every win - the little ones and the big ones. In this episode Danni drank her Amaretto and David drank Whisky. Host: Danni Reches...


Episode 32 - From Bollywood to Academia - with Ntasha Bhardwaj

Ntasha Bhardwaj started her journey in front of the cameras - as an uprising Bollywood star, but she knew that her ambitions are within the academic world and especially in criminal justice. Since there was no criminal justice program in India, Ntasha completed her master degree in social work and moved to the US to do another masters degree in criminal justice at the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice where she's also doing her PhD. She founded the South Asian Institute of Crime and Justice...


Episode 31 - A minority girl against all odds - with Sawsan Kheir

Coming from a very traditional Druze community in northern Israel, Sawsan Kheir had a dream to become a psychologist, but not enough self-confidence. In this episode she tells Danni how she overcame lots of obstacles until she finally became a double degree PhD candidate. Sawsan also talked about her field of research which is focused on the effects of modernization on the values and role of faith in the lives of Druze and Muslim students in Israel. It is part of a global research project...


Episode 30 - A "Supermarket Academic" with Eli Salzberger

How is doing a PhD these days different than doing it when the internet was just beginning? Prof. Eli Salzberger, the head of the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions, and former dean of the law faculty at the University of Haifa talks about why did he choose law as his academic field, doing a PhD in Oxford (instead of Chicago) just to be with his future wife, the differences between doing a PhD back then and supervising over PhD candidates these days, being a...


Episode 29 - Zainab M. Shallangwa

Dr. Zainab M. Shallangwa left Nigeria in 2013 to do her Master of Arts degree in Museum and Heritage Studies from the University of Ghana, and when she returned to Nigeria 18 months later, she witnessed the damage that was caused by the extensive amount of internally displaced persons, who had to escape their home with nothing but the clothes on their backs due to the violence of Boko Haram. She noticed the damage caused to their culture heritage and decided to focus her PhD research on that...


Episode 28 - Benita Olivier

Danni talks with Prof. Benita Olivier about her journey in musculoskeletal physiotherapy that brought her to a professor position in the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) while having three children and publishing over 50 articles. Benita talks about the struggles of motherhood in academia, about the importance of sharing, her imposter syndrome and about her research of preventing injuries in cricket. Benita also talks about her important...


Episode 27 - Sharon Khalifa-Gueta

What is the connection between ancient Greece, Renaissance and Games of Thrones? Dragons and women. In this episode Danni chats with Dr. Sharon Khalifa-Guetta, aka Dr. of Dragons. Sharon talks about how she discovered the world of dragons and women, and their meaning in art history - from ancient Greek times to Da Vinci and Titian and Daenerys Targaryen of Games of Thrones. She explains how her academic journey led to do a PhD on "The Dragon and Femininity in Saint Margaret Paintings by...


Episode 26 - Microaggressions in Academia (Dr. Broderick Sawyer)

What is "Microaggression"? How does it come into play in academia? What can we do to prevent or handle it? In this special episode, Danni chats with Dr. Broderick Sawyer about microaggressions in academia. We have asked our followers on twitter to share with us their personal stories and experiences of microaggressions. In this episode we play 5 of those testimonials which Dr. Sawyer helps analyze using the ideas and philosophy of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Freud. The...


Episode 25 - Omri Grinberg

In this episode, Danni goes back to her hometown university when she speaks to Dr. Omri Grinberg, who is a post doctoral researcher at the Minerva Center of the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa – and also at the Truman Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Omri is the first Anthropologist on the show and talks about starting in a different BA program than he originally wanted, moving to Toronto for the PhD, and provides tips on how to land a post doc...


Episode 24 - Joanne McCuaig

As a Canadian married to a South Korean, who moved to Seoul, and is doing her part-time PhD in English language and applied linguistics via distance in the UK, Joanne is probably the most global guest we have ever had on the show. Listen to her story about making such life changing transitions, about changing her PhD topic because of North Korea tyrant's decision, and being a foreigner in South Korea. In this log distance episode Joanne drank hot lemon water and Danni drank coffee (due to...


Episode 23 - Fernando "Bananaman" García-Bastidas

Dr. Fernando "Bananaman" García-Bastidas changed the entire course of his career more than once. From a prominent coffee researcher in Columbia, he became a world leading researcher and scholar in the field of Banana in The Netherlands. Listen to the show to Fernando's cross continents and fields journey. Fernando also talks about his very successful social media activity as Dr. Bananaman. During the episode Fernando drank a huge mug of coffee, and Danni drank Amaretto. Host: Danni Reches...


Episode 22 - Brianna A. Baker

In this episode Danni chats with Brianna Baker, a doctoral student in counseling psychology from Columbia University in NY. Brianna opens up about her bumpy journey which included getting rejected from every PhD program she had applied to only to finally getting accepted a year later to her dream program in Columbia. Brianna also talks about being a social media influencer with her initiative "Black in Mental Health" (#BlackInMH), and her YouTube channel and blog titled "Becoming Dr. Baker"....


Episode 21 - Sana Malik

Join us for the opening episode of season 2. In this episode, Danni Reches chats with Sana Malik from Pakistan about her journey from architecture in Pakistan studies to a PhD in Malaysia. Sana talks about the struggles of being a woman in both the architecture profession and academic world in a very conservative society. She also described her experience as a mother of a young child while doing her advanced studies and the importance of a strong family support in this journey. She also...


Season 2 - Trailer

Welcome back to our podcast - what are YOU going 2 do with THAT? where are host, Danni Reches, chats with early career researchers (#ECR) about their personal journey in academia. Subscribe to get notified of new episodes, and check our website www.what2dowiththat.com and our social media handle @what2DoWithTHAT on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


Season 1 Finale

In this episode our host Danni Reches and our producer Ido Rosenzweig chat about the podcast, the guests we have had throughout the first season, and the topics that came up, including mental health in academia, imposter syndrome, hobbies, tips and drinks. In this special episode of "What are YOU going to do with THAT?" Danni drank her signature Amaretto and Ido drank a special Game of Thrones editing of Johnny Walker. Follow us on Social media: Twitter (@What2doWithTHAT) Instagram...


Episode 19 - David Mendes

In this special collaboration episode, Danni chats with Dr. David Mendes, the host of the PapaPhd podcast. David talks about his journey from Portugal to Canada in order to get his PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Coimbra while doing it at McGill University, and his decision to leave academia for a position in medical communication and the linguistic services industry. David talks about the idea behind his PapaPhD podcast, and his passion for martial arts. In this cross-Atlantic...


Episode 18 - Sophie Prosolek

In this episode Danni chats with Sophie Prosolek. Sophie who is about to finish her PhD researching diet and health at the Quadram Institute Bioscience (Norwich, UK), talks about mental health in academia after being diagnosed as Bipolar type 2 during her PhD. Sophie also talks about her research on the effect of naturally-occurring sulfur compounds in broccoli, her very active social-media presence on twitter (@InfraRedRum) and on Instagram (@theinfraredrum), and the Pint of Science...


Episode 17 - Hana Saliba-Salman

In this episode Danni chats with Dr. Hana Saliba Salman. Hana talks about her experience as an early career researcher from a minority (of Palestinian origin) in Israel, and the unique difficulties of being a minority in academia. Hana also shares her passion for English literature and especially the detective genre, on which she wrote both her Master thesis and PhD at the University of Haifa. Her current research, as a post-doc fellow at Ben-Gurion University, focuses on the interchange...