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Nothing else Matters Ep 2

Reach out to me... Twitter - @chadnv Email - chadnv@gmail.com In this week's episode... HateBreed HB Mix Judas Priest JP Mix Suicidal Tendencies ST Mix Testament Testament Mix In Flames IF Mix Soilwork SW Mix Sepultura S Mix Cavalera Conspiracy CC Mix Montley Crue MCMix Corrosion of Conformity COC Mix Strapping Young Lad SYL Mix Gojiria G Mix Annihilator A Mix Nightwish NW Mix i'm an goofball!


NEM EP1 Nothing Else Matters..to me what about you

Bands in this episode…. Megadeth - Into the lungs of Hell Rammstein - Du Hast (don’t care..still love this song!) AC DC - For those about to Rock Quite Riot - Com on Feel The Noise Black Sabbath - Hole in the Sky Ozzy Osborne - Bark at The Moon Megadeth - Liar Meshuggah - Clockworks allegaeon - Dyson Sphere Insomnium - Winter’s Gate Exodus - The Toxic Waltz Exodus - Salt The Wound ft. Kirk Hammett System of a Down - War System of a Down - Suite Pee Serj Tankian - Empty...


Ep 8.0 Get Paid For Your Data

BJ Mendelson is AUTHOR. SPEAKER. MALL SANTA. Author of Privacy and How We Get It Back, Social Media is Bullshit and the comic Vengeance Nevada, with other books/comics in the works. We go deep into your data and why it is so important to protect it. To pull a quote from PRIVACY AND HOW WE GET IT BACK..... “I have nothing to hide!” You totally do, by the way, have something to hide. Otherwise you’d give me your email password without hesitation and let me follow you into the...


EP 3.0 Godfellas

This week I sit down with Uncle Jay from the Wicked Theory Podcast. We talk about growing up in NY, the work he did for MTV and where the future is for hidden gem movies for future generations. SOMEONE GETS CALLED OUT TO BE THE NEXT GUEST. Love you all and thanks for listening and to everyone for the interest and emails, ill be releasing twice a month starting this month to get caught up. if you would like to be on the show email me; whatsyourwork@gmail.com or on twitter @whatsyourwork also...


EP 7.0 Not Such a Stranger Conversation

This episode I talk with Grant Markham 24:50 What he does for a living 1:23:00 Grant opens up about why he dropped the mic for a while 1:36:20 I love you Jason 1:37:40 Heart on sleeve for all 1:49:00 Star Trek Talk


EP 2.0 Twinkle Twinkle Little Spy

This month I interviewed The Agent Palmer and the show title is the 1976 book in the Harry Palmer series. Please visit http://agentpalmer.com/ for everything Palmer! 5:00 Interview start 15:00 Velodrome pastime 21:20 Blog talk 22:40 How it all got started 31:00 911 look back from both sides 37:30 Podcast production 1:17:10 The agent watches sports? 1:18:17 Stef needs to move in to help The Agents Diet! 1:22:46 sign off - Van Morrison Into the Mystic 1:26:15 The Weight - The...


EP 1.0 Its A Wicked Theory

My first episode is a sit down with Bill Sweeney from The Wicked Theory Podcast.I had tech problems with my old interface and just went for it with recording skype live so please excuse the echo quality. (0:57) Show talk up. (6:27) Welcome Bill Sweeney (55:20) Wicked Theory, how to contact them. (56:40) How to listen to Bill. (57:20) FEEL GOOD INC. (1:01:10) DARE. Reach out to Bill on twitter @WickedTheory contact me anytime @whatsyourwork email the show whatsyourwork@gmail.com


EP 6.0 Germex, Agent Germex

This week I sit down with Stefanie Muniz We have a great chat about What it's like living on the surface of the sun How Streaming is better than conventional tv package watching Relocating possibly to the east coast Being Calm and focused like Spock Also….Ready To Rock Dude and Back er up Get ready for a “What did she say her job is???” moment. Its pretty interesting. Please check out her blog frombraintokeyboard.blogspot.ca/ The Gotham lights podcast on twitter @gothamlights And...


Ep 5.0 Rockin Out on a Man Lift

This week I talk with Chris Maier. I have a mini panic attack thinking something is burning! We talk about podcasting managing time to record and what he actually does for a job in Penticton BC. Enough with the Super Hero shows already. And three songs at the end that will give you bobble head.


EP 4.1 Dylan sanders is A SLOB! Full Ep

Here we go, The full episode. This week get deep into a two part series interview of Henno Heitur. Everything from music production to podcasting. If you are returning from Part 1... skip to about the 1hr mark.