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Wonkhe's weekly podcast returns on Friday 21st September - you won't want to miss it. Every week a panel of top wonks will dissect the week's big policy developments, and we'll also feature interviews, features and views from around the sector.

Wonkhe's weekly podcast returns on Friday 21st September - you won't want to miss it. Every week a panel of top wonks will dissect the week's big policy developments, and we'll also feature interviews, features and views from around the sector.
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Wonkhe's weekly podcast returns on Friday 21st September - you won't want to miss it. Every week a panel of top wonks will dissect the week's big policy developments, and we'll also feature interviews, features and views from around the sector.








2: Mental health, BME gap, freshers

This week we dive into Unite Students and HEPI’s new insights report, discuss Gavin Williamson’s letter to the Office for Students, look at the barriers faced by Black PhD students, and discuss whether freshers’ week needs a rethink. With Jenny Shaw, Student Experience Director at Unite Students, Pete Quinn, former board member at AMOSSHE and now HE consultant, and Wonkhe Associate Editor Jim Dickinson


1: UUK Conference, International Students, Discover Uni

The podcast is back for its autumn season, and we're chatting all the gossip and speeches from Universities UK's annual conference in Birmingham. There's also news on international students, a new unistats from OfS, and the return of Hidden History. With Wonkhe's own Jim Dickinson (Associate Editor), Debbie McVitty (Editor) and Mark Leach (CEO)


11: Higher technical, Warwick, clearing

On our final podcast of the season we dive into the Department for Education’s technical review of level 4 and 5 qualifications and the results of a review into the Warwick WhatsApp issue. We take a look ahead to clearing and look back on a year in higher education policy. With Mary Stuart, vice chancellor of the University of Lincoln, Andy Westwood, Professor of Government Practice and Vice Dean of Humanities at the University of Manchester, and Wonkhe Associate Editor David Kernohan.


10: NSS, DMU, new SU officers

This week we dive into the Office for Students’ annual report and look at wider issues of governance surrounding the OfS investigation into De Montfort University. We take a detailed look at this year’s National Student Survey results and - it’s that time of year - we discuss priorities for incoming students’ officers. With Mary Curnock Cook, former chief executive of UCAS, Pete Quinn, former board member at AMOSSHE and now HE consultant, and Wonkhe’s Editor-in-Chief, Founder and CEO Mark...


9: Private schools, LEO, REF, free speech

This week on the podcast we discuss the Sutton Trust and Social Mobility Commission’s report on the educational backgrounds of Britain’s leaders and what the findings suggest about social mobility. We look at LEO, analyse an exercise reviewing the Research Excellence Framework, and take stock of where the sector is with the debate over free speech. With Paul Greatrix, Registrar at the University of Nottingham; Aaron Porter, Associate Director Governance, Advance HE and Director of Policy,...


8: VC pay, mental health, TEF4, graduation

This week on the show we chat the results of UCU's FOI requests to universities about VC membership of remuneration committees, and the PM’s prevention plan to tackle mental ill health across the education sectors. And it’s that time of year - we take a look at graduation costs for students. There's also a dose of True Crime on Campus and our Correlation Quiz. With Rachel Piper, Policy Manager at Student Minds; Ben Vulliamy, chief executive of York Students’ Union; and Wonkhe’s own Minto...


7: Student experience, safeguarding, mobility, Tories

This week we discuss the annual student academic experience survey produced by HEPI and Advance HE to dissect students’ perceptions of value for money, teaching and assessment. We also explore trends in international student mobility, and higher education has finally made its appearance in the manifestos of candidates for leadership of the Conservative party - we take a look. Plus True Crime on Campus and our Correlation Quiz. With Gavan Conlon, Partner at London Economics; Greg Walker,...


6: Augar's cost, tertiary and legal action

This week we count the costs associated with the Augar review of post-18 education and funding, and question whether there really is a gulf between higher and further education. We look at what Augar means for social mobility, and discuss a legal settlement involving a former Anglia Ruskin University student dissatisfied with the quality of her “Mickey Mouse” course. With Michelle Morgan of Bournemouth University; Philip Plowden, Vice Chancellor of Birmingham City University; and Wonkhe’s...


5: Augar special

The long awaited Augar review is finally out, and this week our top wonks discuss the proposals, implications for the sector and politics of the review. Plus a look behind the curtain at what went on at the launch event. With Wonkhe's Editor in Chief Mark Leach; our Editor Debbie McVitty and our Associate Editor David Kernohan.


The education policy trap: will the Augar review avoid the mistakes of the past?

On the eve of the expected publication of the Augar review of Post-18 Education and Funding, Mark Leach asks if it will avoid the education policy trap.


4: Staff well being, degree classification, student health

This week we discuss the Higher Education Policy Institute’s report on staff mental health and the University of Oxford’s programme to widen access to the institution. There is a statement of intent on degree classifications, and the question of how responsible universities should be for freshers’ weight gain. With Justine Andrew of KPMG; Amatey Doku of the National Union of Students; and Wonkhe’s Mark Leach.


3: Research, anti-semitism, social mobility, car parking

This week we discuss the government’s strategy on research and innovation and the Minister’s intervention on anti-semitism. Duncan Exley, former Director of the Equality Trust, has published a book scrutinising the UK’s social mobility problem and we chat Wonkhe's Car Parking Ranking. With Luke Myer of Edge Hill Students’ Union; Sarah Barr-Miller of UCAS; and Wonkhe’s David Kernohan.


2: NDAs, ministers and offers, wellbeing

This week we discuss the Minister’s intervention on non-disclosure agreements and research, and get up to speed with the latest in the row over conditional unconditional offers. The Higher Education Policy Institute has a report on measuring wellbeing. With Graeme Atherton, director of the National Education Opportunities Network; Kate Wicklow, policy manager at GuildHE; and Wonkhe’s Minto Felix.


EU students, over-education, BME attainment, Cambridge and slavery

The amount that EU students may have to pay to come to a UK university has been across the news this week, and our podcast guests analyse the debate. We also talk ONS figures on “over-education”, the UUK/NUS report on the BME attainment gap and Cambridge’s decision to look into its past. We also catch up with OfS’ Richard Puttock about data. With Rachel Hall, Universities Editor at the Guardian, Alec Cameron, Vice Chancellor of Aston University, and Wonkhe’s Jim Dickinson.


The Hidden History of HE

We’ve been on our Easter break at Wonkhe towers, so this week we’ve got a special treat - the whole season of the Hidden History of HE in one podcast. Find out about the university curriculum that was designed exclusively for women, the origins of the commuting university, the battle to be the oldest university, and the students at a university where most of the rules were for those that taught them - and much more! With Nottngham Trent’s Academic Registrar, Mike Ratcliffe.


Non disclosures, access, pro-life, a levels

On the last podcast before our Easter break, we discuss the rise of non-disclosure agreements for university staff, the state of the Office for Students’ access and participation data, the refusal of affiliation for an anti-abortion group in Aberdeen, and students with low prior attainment doing well at university. With Shan Wareing, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) at London South Bank University; Thom Brookes, Professor of Law and Government at Durham...


Kirsty Williams

In this special bonus edition of the podcast, Wonkhe's editor Debbie McVitty sits down with Wales' Education Secretary Kirsty Williams to discuss higher education policy, politics and the challenges of being a woman in public life.


Tories, NUS, stalking, rent guarantors

A centre-right think tank has a new report out on generational differences. We also discuss NUS' conference, data on stalking and a fascinating rent guarantor scheme aimed at care leavers. With Nick Hillman, Director at HEPI, Jess Moody, Senior Advisor at Advance HE and Wonkhe's own Arthi Nachiappan. The shownotes and correlation quiz are on wonkhe.com Note this episode contains discussion of stalking and domestic violence. Paladin is the national stalking advisory service...


Financial forecasts, cybersecurity, apps

OfS has finally published its assessment of English providers' finances - and the forecasts look shaky. Our guests discuss the implications, along with a new report on cybersecurity, and another on the value of vocational degrees. Plus Chris Skidmore calls App Britain!, our correlation quiz and more Hidden History of HE. With Johnny Rich, CEO of Push and the Engineering Professors' Council; Julia Clarke, Pro VC at Manchester Metropolitan; and Wonkhe's Editor Debbie McVitty.


Grade inflation, loneliness, mergers, Peterson

Is grade inflation the problem that Damian Hinds claims it is? This week on the podcast we discuss DfE’s “intervention” on the issue, as well as research on student loneliness and the issue of institutional mergers and acquisitions. We also cover the University of Cambridge’s withdrawal of a two-month fellowship for Jordan Peterson. With David Morris of the University of Greenwich; Rebecca Lowe of the Institute of Economic Affairs; and Wonkhe’s own Mark Leach.