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Refreshingly honest conversations with students who share their stories, struggles and successes, as well as educational experts who provide valuable information on all things college.

Refreshingly honest conversations with students who share their stories, struggles and successes, as well as educational experts who provide valuable information on all things college.
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Refreshingly honest conversations with students who share their stories, struggles and successes, as well as educational experts who provide valuable information on all things college.




#46: Cornell Junior, Emery Bergmann, on finding her posse and making friends in college and beyond

Starting school or perhaps a new job? Finding your people, making friends and building community is a big task and can be scary. In this mini-episode, we revisit Emery Bergmann who shares her tips for overcoming fear and putting your best foot forward on the path to finding your people and creating a community you love in college and beyond. For more on the college transition with Emery, check out episode 3.


#45: Transitions, failure, courage, and the patience required to overcome it all

Do you stress about failing? What do you do when you freak out Tune is as Annmarie and Adam talk about the power of courage, patience and self-awareness in college and beyond.


#44: Ashwath Narayanan on leadership, failure, and balance

Ashwath Narayanan is redefining success after recently returning to America to attend George Washington University. Ashwath discusses how necessary failure is to his growth as a young leader, defines what leadership is to him, and shares how self-awareness has had to his mindset. Ashwath chats about his experience so far, and explains how he tries, and sometimes fails, to balance all the opportunities he’s overwhelmed with. Most recently, Ashwath co-founded Culture Co, a creative agency...


#43: Embracing confusion, moving through fear, and creating habits

Tune is as Annmarie and Adam chat about embracing confusion, moving through fear and creating habits for success.


#42: Exploring life's big questions with rising freshman Ben Laufer

Have you heard of the podcast Headscratcher? It was started a few months ago by 19 year old Ben Laufer. Perhaps Ben is just like you: a young college student with the perfect resume, a great high school education, and stable upbringing. However, Ben felt like a cog in a machine and noticed early on that he was making decisions because they seemed like the right thing to do, not because it was necessarily the best thing to do for him. Ben courageously decided to buck the system and took a...


#41: Annmarie and Adam talk about trusting that it’s ok NOT to know all the answers and how to be comfortable in the unknown

Annmarie and producer Adam Harris recap what it means to trust the unknown, why it’s important to take healthy risks, and the illusion of being comfortable with a "secure" job.


#40: Skye Deitelbaum on graduation, freedom, and travel

Recent graduate Skye Deitelbaum discusses her decision to travel, putting her sports broadcasting career on pause. Skye shares her relationship to the freedom and the unknown, and how she is continuing to create the best version of herself. Skye also reflects on her college experience, including an unhealthy relationship and how she failed to prioritize self-care.


#39: What does it REALLY mean to feel FREE?

Annmarie and Adam once again talk FREEDOM in school, career, and life. Listen in as Adam shares his next career move, how he figured it out, how it is getting there, and how it FEELS.


#38: I've graduated, now what?

It’s all about transitions! From freshman year to graduation Brandon shares his college journey and all the ups and downs he encountered along the way. This week, Annmarie talks with her nephew Brandon Harris shortly after his graduation from the University of Illinois this past June. Although Brandon is devoted to pursuing a career and life he loves and is passionate about, he talks openly about how his fears caused him to ignore what he was drawn to study freshman year and how that has...


#37: Annmarie & Adam on what it means to be free in college and life

This week, Annmarie and producer Adam Harris explore what freedom means throughout your college experience and beyond. Adam discusses the importance of finding and following your own path, starting with involving the element of play.


#36: Annmarie & Adam talk embracing discomfort

Amanda Elert inspires Annmarie and producer Adam Harris to discuss what being comfortable with being uncomfortable looks like, how to begin to become aware of your discomfort, and what you do with it. Annmarie also talks about the value of revealing, not concealing, to maximize your energy, and the importance of being authentic and unapologetic in your life.


#35: Amanda Elert on summer internships and leaning into discomfort in schoolwork and life

This week, Amanda Elert (@mandamandamanda_show), a University of Wisconsin-Madison junior, talks about the secret to securing summer internships, combining her interest in math/statistics and her passion for sports into a career she loves, and how to find female role models in a male-dominated field. Listen in as Amanda shares the most valuable lesson she has learned so far in college and how she uses that to lean in to her most stressful moments.


#34: Annmarie and Adam on reframing your relationship with anxiety

Annmarie and producer Adam Harris recap Elizabeth Langshur (episode 33), who bravely discussed how she uses her experience with anxiety, depression, and bullying to educate and empower others. Annmarie and Adam start by defining anxiety, its effects, and intensities. Annmarie explains the importance of creating space for your anxiety to move, and using anxiety as an invitation to build self-awareness. Annmarie and Adam also talk about the importance of reframing your relationship with...


#33: 16 year old HS Jr Elizabeth Langshur uses her anxiety as an opportunity to connect authentically with friends and educate, inspire and empower others like her

After dealing with health issues from the age of 10, Elizabeth shares how she recovered from anxiety, depression and bullying in middle school, and how she is using her experience to inform and educate others. Along the way, she is opening hearts and inspiring and empowering students like herself to be open honest and real. She speaks to how she now considers her middle school “bully” a gift to her passion and purpose to spread the word, reveal not conceal, and normalize mental illness as a...


#32: Annmarie and Adam on self-care and allowing yourself to play to open to flow and productivity

Knowing when to say no and how to say no is not an easy skill to learn and sometimes the universe smacks you right between the eyes with a big life lesson just when you don’t expect it. What happens when you ignore your bodies signals to slow down, take care and chill out? This week, Annmarie and producer Adam Harris talk about how Jazmin Kay learned this big life lesson after her bout with pneumonia and what she is doing now to take care of herself and how you can learn to avoid burnout....


#31: Jazmin Kay on living in the present and trusting yourself

Jazmin Kay, an inspiring student activist and soon to be graduate at George Washington University discusses balance, finding joy, and the power of living in the present in such a distracting world. On this episode Jazmin shares how she learned to elevate her productivity after a tough lesson on burnout and bedrest. She talks about why it's important to follow your passions and why knowing when to say no is one of the most powerful things you can do. We also talk about how she uses social...


#30: Reflecting on self-awareness, passion, and courage (compilation episode)

For the last nine months, YOUNIVERSITY has talked with students about self-awareness, finding their passion, and living fearlessly. On today’s episode, we reflect on the themes we have covered across previous episodes, including clips from Olivia Royal (Ep 10), Jazmin Kay (Ep 31), and Emery Bergman (Ep 3) who represent what this podcast is about: supporting and empowering young people to step into the life you love.


#29: Annmarie and Adam recap on Shaina Zafar and share thoughts about mindset, beliefs, and conscious listening

Annmarie and Adam are back for another recap. Today they discuss their thoughts about last week's episode with Penn sophomore and Chief Product Officer of Generation Z consulting firm JUV Consulting, Shaina Zafar. Annmarie and Adam discuss Shaina’s inspiring mindset and how it allows her to live an empowered and impactful life. Annmarie and Adam also talk about the power beliefs have in shaping your decisions, and what it mean to be a conscious listener, reminding us all to listen with an...


#28: Shaina Zafar on empowerment, impact, identity, and mindset

Today, we chat with Penn sophomore, Shaina Zafar, a first-generation, low-income, minority student studying International Relations. Shaina shows us what it looks like to be a self-starter and create an empowered and impactful life no matter where you come from. She reminds us the important role empathy plays when it comes to connecting and collaborating with others to create real change in the world. And her personal experience is a powerful demonstration on why mindset plays a significant...


#27: Annmarie and Adam on using fear to move closer to your passion

This week, producer Adam Harris joins Annmarie for a conversation about last week’s episode with Marco Bacchetta about following your passion and fear of failure. Annmarie and Adam discuss the many roles fear can play, whether it be motivating, inspiring, or paralyzing, and how stepping into fear can open up a world of possibilities. Annmarie and Adam also talk about how every failure is an opportunity to get curious, and chat about the importance of stopping to reflect on success like Marco...