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The podcast that helps you unleash your best using real life stories from me and experts to use in the work place and life in general


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The podcast that helps you unleash your best using real life stories from me and experts to use in the work place and life in general




Powerful Tips: How to Blend Into any Workplace Culture With René Carayol

René Carayol is an internationally renowned keynote speaker that specialises in diversity, leadership and culture; drawing on his experiences on the boards of top British and American companies. He is regularly quoted, paraphrased, and cited on these subjects in both the national and industry-specific press. In this podcast episode: 03:00 - What is inclusion and why is it so important? 06:00 - The two base skills of a leader 07:30 - How do you go from spike to inclusion? 12:00 - How do...


Unbelievable! The Story Of Hussein Abdi Kahin and what it means to you

Today we talk about the story of Hussein Abdi Kahin. Find out who he is, the importance of your gift, and success through adversity in this podcast. In this podcast episode: 01:15 - Done is better than perfect 02:45 - The more you do it the more you separate yourself from the competition 03:35 - The story of Hussain Abdi Kahin 10:00 - People would make allowances for you if you have something to offer 12:00 - Mo Farah’s real name 14:30 - The very place where you are today is a...


Joel Green Reveals How To Extract Strength From The Struggle

Today we have Joel Green to talk with us about “filtering”, managing your mindset, using your painful experiences to push yourself, and so much more. Joel Green is CEO of Pro Level Training, the National Director of Nike Sports Camps, a former professional basketball player, and a renowned motivational speaker. After retiring from his career in professional basketball, Joel Green founded Pro Level Training (PLT), which has become a 7-figure company. In addition, Joel Green is the National...


Why you dont need permission with Eric Collins

Today we have Eric Collins, the co-founder and CEO of Impact X Capital Partners, a venture capital firm investing in under-represented entrepreneurs in the UK and Europe. We talk about why you don't need permission to start a business or do anything great for that matter. He also shares tips for starting and growing a business. Eric is also a serial entrepreneur and technology executive who has worked with numerous innovative companies and invests in fast-growth businesses helping Black...


A small lesson we can learn from a bit of pain

In this week's episode, I share story about a friend who sprained his shoulder and had to learn a simple lesson that will hopefully transform his approach to life


Watch Out - Culture and how it can limit your greatness

Culture can be a safety net but it can be a prison. How we operate in the workplace in life is very much influenced by our culture. In this weeks podcast, I explore my culture using a personal story of mine and how it influenced how I approached work and made me lose out. I also share simple tips you can use to make sure you don't make the same mistake.


A painful week for me...and it wasn't an accident

The last week was a bit of a tough one for me. It was actually a painful one but I learned a valuable lesson from it. One we can all learn from and use to make sure our later days are much better than our former days. I share what happened to me as well as what I learned.


How I gave the wrong answer to a question and what I should have said

I was at a party a few weeks ago and the MC asked me a life related question question - What age of my life would I like to go back to. I gave what I thought was the right answer. After thinking about it, I realised I gave the wrong answer. Check out what I said and what I realise I should have said.


The secret to changing peoples minds and getting them to buy into your way

The one constant is change. The question then is how do you change peoples minds or get them to buy into your way of thinking or doing things. In this episode, I look a bit deeper into how to bring about change in any walk of life - relationships, business, friendship etc.


Living life on purpose with Ayo Sokale

In this weeks episode, I sit with the multi-talented Politician, Musician, TV presenter, Climate activist, Engineer and woman of many other talents, Ayo Sokale. She shares her passion, how she achieves her goals, her favourite book and so much more. A great listen


What to do when your work isn't your passion

We are often told in the media and in self help books that we have to work in our passions but what happens when the work we do isn't necessarily our passion. In this weeks podcast I discuss how we can keep our passion and purpose in the midst of the daily grind of work


How to understand your life season and using it to progress

For everything there is a time. In career, business, relationships, family and everything else there is a time to start, continue or to stop. The trick is understanding which stage you are at, using that information to make the right decisions to help you in this journey of life. In this weeks episode, I reflect on a short conversation with my Dad and the importance of understanding the season of life you are in to make sure you are making the right steps - or at least trying to take the...


How I burned out and learned to overcome it



2022! Why New Year Resolutions fail and how to fix them. FOREVER!

2022! Why New Year Resolutions fail and how to fix them. FOREVER! We have all been there. We make New Years resolutions only to fall short after a week or two. In this season's first episode, I share why resolutions fail and how we can achieve our goals with a more sustainable approach


Building the Unleashed Mindset Part 1 - How to build your self awareness

Developing an unleashed mindset is a practical skill that takes being intentional. In the first of a ten part series, I introduce the concept of Self Awareness and share some tips on how to develop it. You can Access your free Unleashed Mindset Checklist here -


Welcome to Season III - What I learned while on a break and running 10km

Welcome back to the Unleashed Podcast. In the first of Season 3 episodes, I share what I learned while taking a break, my experience of running and 10k and how it has changed my perspective. I also share the plans for Season 3 and what to expect


How To Become Emotionally Intelligent With Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druée

Why is it that some of us sometimes struggle to hold onto relationships? Or sometimes we struggle to nurture relationships, so they become productive financially, personally, and on every other level. Do you find yourself sometimes in a workplace that's toxic or in relationships that you struggle to relate to the other person and everything just ends up in anger and disagreements? It may be that it's all about being emotionally intelligent. In this week's episode, I have Dr. Neslyn...


How To Shine and Stand Out With Lady Anita Duckworth

Today we have Lady Anita Duckworth. She helps leaders showcase their brilliance in their own voice in the global market. She does this with her global publication Powerhouse Global Magazine. I hope you enjoy this session and you leave here changed because I certainly did. Enjoy. In this podcast episode: 03:20 - What does Powerhouse Global do? 04:40 - Who is Lady Anita Duckworth? 09:00 - What is the number 1 killer of destiny? 10:20 - What is your purpose in life? 12:55 - What does it...


How To Transition Into Leadership With Lorlett Hudson

Today we have Lorlett Hudson and she's an expert in helping senior professionals excel at delivering exceptional results. Her approach helps you learn what you don't know. And that's what she'll be helping us do, she'll be helping us figure out what we don't know. I'm sure you'll enjoy this session because I learned a whole lot from it. She's also an inventor of the critically acclaimed multi award-winning things mama used to say, a 52 card box set of Jamaican Caribbean proverbs to...


How to build confidence and destroy fear

One of the biggest reasons why most of us operate below our potential is Fear. Fear is a pyschological battle we all deal with and if not managed properly prevents us from doing what we should and ultimately living an unfulfilled life. In this weeks episode, I look deeper into fear, the reasons , types of fear we face and offer some practical tools we can use to manage it.