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edu-Me is bridging the gap between parents and schools. We will discuss everything from how to volunteer to what you need to know about your child's high school years to surviving the holidays. Our goal is to empower you to become a well-versed partner in your schools. Each episode will help us work together to educate them better. Join us every other week for an exciting new episode!


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edu-Me is bridging the gap between parents and schools. We will discuss everything from how to volunteer to what you need to know about your child's high school years to surviving the holidays. Our goal is to empower you to become a well-versed partner in your schools. Each episode will help us work together to educate them better. Join us every other week for an exciting new episode!





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Recognize Teachers!

Often we forget to recognize our teachers, especially in middle and high school. They work long hours grading, planning, and providing academic and emotional support. They also do not receive the compensation they deserve. So, we need to ensure they feel validated and appreciated for their dedication to our children. In this edu-sode we discuss five ways your child can show their appreciation to their teacher without spending a lot of money. Actually, many of them are free! Here are two, but you'll have to listen to hear the rest. Want to learn more? Click here to get more episodes, and get a copy of Punam's book, Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond, and her TEDx Talk, The Key to Enhancing Student Success. Support the Show.


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And Now it's Time for Final Exams

The end of the grading period is upon us. It's only one more but important round of tests, but your child is burnt out and unmotivated. They just can't muster up the energy to keep going. What you need is to help them with that last push to get to the finish line. Like the last 0.2 miles of a marathon which seems like the first 26 miles for most. (I'm a long-distance runner.) :) In this edu-sode, we discuss strategies that you can implement to help your child finish their semester confident and strong. Here are just a few that we share but you'll want to listen for more! #95Want more information regarding parent engagement? Check out edu-Me's website for Punam's TEDx Talk, The Key to Enhancing Student Success, and her book, Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond. Support the Show.


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Here Come the Holidays!

And we're back. The holidays are here and the madness will soon begin. This year, though, can be different. In this edu-sode, we share how to make the holidays less stressful, more productive, and enjoyable for everyone, including you. We provide strategies for organization and delegating tasks that can alleviate a lot of the overwhelming feelings we often have around this time of year. By simply changing a few things in your routine holiday planning will be a game-changer. As my husband always says, "These times are precious and fleeting. We must remember to enjoy the time we are together. " To learn more about edu-Me, click here to grab a copy of my book, Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond, and watch my TEDx Talk, The Key to Enhancing Student Success. Support the Show.


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Reward and Punishment

It is inevitable that our children will behave in a way that either needs to be rewarded or corrected. That's just the nature of growing and learning. But how we react and handle it is entirely in our control. In this edu-sode we discuss how to reward your child for good behavior, their hard work, or just because that encourages creating memories without a lot of expense. That's right, little money involved. I have never been a proponent of attaching a monetary value to expected behaviors, and I'm extremely frugal, so my suggestions will reflect this mindset. Punishment is a more complex situation. Depending on the severity of the behavior, it may require various degrees of intervention. It can be as simple as a stern talking to taking away privileges. I'm not a fan of taking their phones away because that's the only way I can contact them in the event of an emergency. Want to learn more about edu-Me? Check out Punam's TEDx Talk, The Key to Enhancing Student Success, and her book, Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond by clicking here. Support the Show.


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Study Habits and Academic Success

Finding good study habits can be difficult for your child. Each child learns differently and in various circumstances. And while in the classroom, teachers are limited in their ability to reach every student's learning styles, parents can provide opportunities for their child to learn best at home. By identifying the best ways your child learns, you can provide an environment that will lead to academic success and long-term retention. In this edu-sode, we discuss several characteristics of your child to consider as you help them navigate study habits and develop behaviors that will keep them organized, and find success academically and beyond. To learn more about edu-Me, check out to grab a copy of Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond and watch Punam's TEDx Talk, The Key to Enhancing Student Success. Support the Show.


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No More Bullies in Schools

Many children are bullied at some point during their school years. Let's face it, even as adults, we face them. There are strategies that we can use to help our children manage bullies in school by asking our children what is being said or the actions that are hurtful. Early communication with the teacher and administrator is critical to stopping the behavior. By checking in frequently with the teacher will allow your child to feel supported and decrease their anxiety. Small bullying tactics -> Bigger bullying tactics -> Behaviors that can be threatening to our society If your child is the bully, there are strategies you, too, can implore to combat the behavior and de-escalate the situation. Listen in for strategies that YOU can use to help every child have a safe, fun school experience. Want more? Check out my book, Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond available at, and tune into my TEDx Talk, The Key to Enhancing Student Success. Support the Show.


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Access School Resources

School curriculum is designed to reach the maximum number of students in a classroom. However, what about those children who are at the extreme ends of the spectrum? The child who is struggling to grasp a concept or the one who grasps it so easily that they are left with lots of idle time. These students may need additional support services within the school or from other educational programs. Is your child bored in school? Acting out? Unable to grasp a concept? Our edu-sode shares strategies that parents can research, collaborate with the teacher, and then implement to help their child reach their full potential. Don't forget to grab a copy of my book, Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond and tune in to hear my TEDx Talk, The Key to Enhancing Student Success. Support the Show.


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Be Klassly in the Clasroom

What is the best way to communicate with your child's school? In the last edu-Sode, we discussed various ways to communicate. We all realize that this is the key to enhancing student success. This week, we are specifically discussing an app designed to facilitate teacher/parent conversation. Melissa Lucero-Admasu from Klassroom joins us to share the importance of staying connected by also how their app, Klassly promotes and facilitates easy ways to share what is happening with the child. To learn more, listen to our chat, but also follow the links below to download the app and begin your communication journey today! The best part?? It's FREE! Melissa is a mom of 2 and a teacher who turned to education technology in 2021. She is an advocate for collaborative education when everyone in a child's "village" works together to best support their growth as a whole. She now works at Klassroom, sharing better methods and tools with districts, schools, and teachers to connect with, engage and involve families in their communities. Klassly is the communication app created by Klassroom with both sides of the school-home relationship in mind, Families, students, AND educators. The balance between respect for privacy and accessibility is embedded in the DNA of Klassly with Communication at the heart of it all. Easy to manage settings to adapt to needs, differentiate school resources, instant translating, guiding messages, and offer peace of mind for access to organized info. Klassly has helped millions of parents connect with teachers on an app created by two dads who just wanted to be better involved. Today 94% of parents engage weekly, and teachers feel the benefits of improved relationships with the students. Link to the WebApp : Link to The website: The App is free, you can find it on the apple store and google play store. Want to learn more about edu-Me? Check out our website, Punam's TEDx Talk, and grab a copy of her book! Support the Show.


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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Communication is the best way to ensure that our children are receiving the support they need from their team of teachers, parents, and administrators. But how do we do it effectively? Who should be at the 'table' to discuss a particular instance or issue? In this edu-sode, we discuss how parents have a crucial role in communication as their child is the recipient of the decisions, so they must check in with their child's teacher, ask their child pertinent questions, and offer solution-oriented ideas in a non-threatening way to facilitate a strong relationship between all parties. The child will see the support, understand their responsibility, and perform at a higher level. Be sure to check out my book, Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond, and tune into my TEDx Talk, The Key to Enhancing Student Success for more information about edu-Me's work. Support the Show.


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Orientation for Orientation

Orientation or Open House is just around the corner. It's an exciting yet overwhelming time of the year. What is your routine with your child? Do you stay back and get caught up on tasks? Do you send your child alone? Do you know what's expected of your child for the year? Adam Lane, Principal at Haines City High School, Florida and Florida Principal of the Year, joins us in this episode to discuss everything we need to know to get our children's school year off on the right foot. His practical strategies are easy to implement, simple to follow, and necessary to ensure a successful school year. Meeting your child's teachers, knowing their schedule, understanding transportation options, and the extracurricular activities offered on campus are just of few of Adam's strategies. Listen in to learn more about his visionary approach to student retention and success. Adam is also a professional speaker and a guitar enthusiast and loves to share his strategies with other parents, schools, and districts. To learn more about his work, check out To learn more about edu-Me, click here. Support the Show.


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Children Deserve Better

My heart is heavy with sadness and anger this week. I cannot get these mass shootings out of my mind. It's been all-consuming and inconceivable that we are unwilling to have a conversation to find a way to save people. I'm all for your 2nd Amendment Rights. I'm not ok with these assault rifles being used to kill anyone, especially those elderly grocery shopping, Asian Americans worshipping, and young children, babies, in school. People engaging in their everyday activities. Shouldn't they feel safe doing so?? When does it stop? Why does it keep happening? This short episode is sharing how I feel about these incidents and that we all have a responsibility to make better choices to protect ourselves. It's raw and emotional. Click here for the transcript. Support the Show.


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Teacher Retention is Everyone's Responsibility

Let's face it. Teachers are the most underappreciated group of professionals in our country. They are continuously scrutinized, overworked, and bombarded from all sides. Yet, they are the most resilient, caring, and empathetic people who deeply care about the future of our society. So, as the mass exodus of teachers is occurring nationwide, how do we keep them motivated and in their classrooms? Florida 2017 Teacher of the Year, Jessica Solano, joins us in the studio to discuss the innovative, exciting ways Polk County, Florida is retaining their teachers through their Ambassador program, listening to their teachers' needs, and how parents can also lend a hand in helping teachers. Jessica was the very first guest on edu-Me back in October 2019. Since then, she has grown her Teacher Recruitment and Retention division into a model that is being sought after around the country. Know of a school/district that could benefit from her expertise? Contact her here. Also, check out my TEDx Talk, a parallel conversation from the parent's point of view. Click here. Time Stamps: 3:05 - Intro 5:20 - How teachers find value in their work 9:20 - Teacher Ambassador Program 18:55 - Teacher Input 20:25 - Consistency is a challenge 23:10 - Parent Responsibility Support the Show.


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What's Your Plan B in Education?

Parents have learned a lot about how to best meet their children's educational needs over the past few years. What is the best environment. What is the best time of day for maximizing comprehension. What are the resources that best equip their child. Regardless of what type of school your child is in, there are more options today than ever. Brent Goldman, CEO of Xceed Preparatory Academy, joins us this week to discuss a flexible personalized learning model that he created that addresses learning and student success in a way that is counter-intuitive to many of us but necessary for some students who need and crave a different model that focuses more on achieving the ultimate goal of learning through the child's best academic and personal schedule. Brent's takeaway? "You don't have to be satisfied with the status quo." Learn more about Xceed Preparatory Academy here. Time Stamps: 0:00 - Intro 1:50 - Understanding Xceed Preparatory Academy 8:00 - Teachers as mentors, models, and motivators 10:05 - Diversity in student population 14:10 - Students included in academic planning 17:20 - How all students, regardless of finances or need, are able to attend such a program 20:25 - Meeting academic needs and resources for student success 27:30 - Parent engagement at Xceed 31:30 - Student socialization and program extracurriculars 36:00 - Contact Brent 36:25 - Brent's golden nugget Learn more about your host! Have you watched Punam's TEDx Talk, The Key to Enhancing Student Success? Click here. Have you ordered Punam's book, Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond? Click here. Support the Show.


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Equal Access for All with Dr. Hokehe Eko

So often we look at a child who is misbehaving and immediately think, "Wow, they need some help, maybe even medication." Or, "Surely they know better." It's an unfortunate part of how we make assumptions about people and their actions. Dr. Hokehe Eko, a Board Certified Pediatrician and Holistic ADHD Consultant, joins us this week to discuss how we need to do a deeper dive into a child's life, experiences, and trauma to determine whether the behavior is because of their environment or a chemical imbalance that needs to be addressed by medication. She shares that, in order to understand the child, physicians need to inquire about their home life and any experiences that could have led to this behavior. Dr. Eko even shares that a mother's trauma prior to pregnancy can affect a child's behavior. Mind blown, right!? This episode will enlighten you and give you pause the next time you see a child acting out. You'll now be asking, "I wonder what that child is missing in their life that they're asking for." Time stamps: 3:23 - What do you want to be when you grow up? 6:35 - How the brain handles trauma 9:20 - Environmental causes of ADHD 11:45 - Nutrition can affect behavior 15:15 - Cayenne or onions for nosebleeds?? 17:56 - Kits For Hope 25:00 - School Labels 29:37 - Golden Nugget: Specific Praise to children Support the Show.


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Indi's Journey (Encore episode)

In light of the recent anti-LGBTQ bills in states throughout the country, it seems only appropriate to have an encore presentation of Indi's journey. My son, India, was always quiet, shy, but highly accomplished. He is kind. He is compassionate. He is a hard worker. He is a good friend to all. He is gay. His attributes make him a productive member of society. His sexual orientation is only one part of who is personality. It does not, in any way, impact his professional goals or how he interacts with others. These bills introduced throughout the US only create more division between people. I can understand that differences make people nervous. What I cannot understand is why someone would take their inhibitions and force them on those whom they don't want to learn about. As my kids tell me, "It sounds like a YOU problem". Our episode this week is Indi's journey of his coming out. There is a lot of honesty and emotion in our conversation. If you're looking for direction or an ear, you'll want to talk with him! Support the Show.


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Thriving and Exceling in School

It sounds overwhelming to expect our children to thrive and excel in schools right now. Even though the world seems to be getting back to some normalcy, our children are still reeling from the aftermath of two years of uncertainty, hybrid classrooms, and the mental toll it has taken on them. But parents have the opportunity to help them navigate these challenging times. In a recent article published in Authority Magazine, Punam shared her strategies to help parents guide their children in a kind, compassionate, and empathetic way. After listening to the episode, check out the full article here. Time Stamps 1:00 - Thrive and Excel 2:05 - Children need to know your expectations 3:44 - Speak with your child 5:44 - Communicate and build relationships 8:20 - Do vs. Does 8:34 - Support your child in public 10:55 - Safe fails Support the Show.


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Improving the US Education System

We all have an opinion on what we would like to change in our education system. Things that would simplify the process and increase student productivity and success. This episode focuses on Punam's strategies for improving the US education system. Excerpted from a recent article in Authority Magazine, she breaks out five (5) important areas that, if implemented, could change the trajectory of the education our children receive. Time Stamps 1:32 - Overview of the US Education system 2:15 - What are we doing well? 2:26 - Our heroes 3:43 - Data 4:29 - Flexibility 5:09 - Technology (thank goodness!) 5:49 - Cultural needs 7:10 - Prioritizing where we are right now 9:10 - Changing of the tide 10:14 - Breaking point 11:29 - Children need a team 12:45 - Value our teachers (yes!!) 15:40 - Decision-makers 16:38 - Student-focused 17:46 - Business involvement 19:08 - Financial Support Click here to read the full article. Be sure to like and share with your friends! Support the Show.


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Teachers are Our Teammates

Teachers are our teammates. They go to school each day with the motivation to impart knowledge to our children. They work long hours teaching, grading, understanding curricula, and helping guide our children. Ryan Pelkey, teacher extraordinaire, joins us for this episode to share how he has created a team approach to education. As the Athletic Director at his school, he has reached out, held town halls, and personally walked his parents through the challenges parents have faced in schools. Ryan is the author of The Boy Who Lost His Ears and has led several initiatives that have encouraged student outreach and community service. His Tie Drive and Gift Card Campaign are just two of his projects. Don't know what I'm talking about? Listen in and find out! Support Ryan by purchasing his book, and be sure to reach out to your child's teacher to become a part of the team! Support the Show.


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Books, Music, and Controversy

Trigger episode. The temperature is rising, again. The discussion of banning books is back in the spotlight and it seems the conversation is hitting its peak. This episode discusses the negative impact of banning books on our children's understanding of the world, the empathy they need to have to create relationships, and the importance of parent engagement and teaching their children about challenging issues. My strong belief is that children learn about these sensitive topics early and the more we educate them from reputable sources, e.g, books, teachers, parents, the better equipped they are to manage their understanding of them. As far as music goes, think about the Beatles, Madonna, or Rick James and the language used in their songs. What do we do when if we think they are controversial? We change the station or, better yet, turn the radio off. We need to do the same for books. This is an emotional episode that will trigger some to feel uncomfortable. But, listen to the whole episode to gain a new perspective. It will be the start of a conversation that we desperately need! Support the Show.


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Tapping for your Health with Dr. Katie Nall

If you've never heard of tapping, then Dr. Nall is about to enlighten you. She holds degrees in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and math education but has found her passion in tapping and has been tapping for years. In our interview, she shares the impact this technique has on our body and mind. Tapping, also called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), helps you get rid of negative feelings and emotions through WAFFLES (Worries, Anxiety, Fear, Frustration, Lethargy, and Exhaustion). Our conversation led us through how parents can use tapping to diffuse stressful situations. It can even help our children learn to calm themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed and anxious. This was the first we at edu-Me had heard of this and were amazed at the benefits. And since it's non-invasive, it can be done anywhere! Dr. Nall is a TEDx Speaker, a Master Trainer, and Advanced Certified Practioner in trauma and quantum tapping. Find out more about her at You'll be glad you did! Support the Show.