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U.S. (American) Fast Food Restaurants in Iceland

This post is meant to give you a list of the U.S. Fast Food Restaurants in Iceland and how I have noticed they may be similar or different from the ones in the states based on menus I have seen. Just note that I’m not going over every possible menu. Also, I must use Instagram as my menu checker. Due to IP restrictions, I can’t see the websites for fast food restaurants in the US. I’ll just be pointing out some interesting differences. Of course, menus are subject to change and this...

2022 Iceland Wrap-Up: Top News Stories & More

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a fun start to the 2023. I thought it would be fun to share a wrap of 2022 with some major news stories from Iceland and some of my favorite episodes that I published last year. There were certainly a lot of ups and downs throughout the year, but such is life. Local Icelandic Companies The sponsors of this episode are Go Car Rental Iceland and Cintamani. Go Car Rent Iceland is an awesome car rental company that has great customer service, a large variety...


Win a Trip to Iceland!

I'm excited to announce the opportunity for you to win a trip to Iceland. I teamed up with Go Car Rental Iceland to bring a little bit more extra magic to this holiday season. Below are all the details for the giveaway. The Winner of a Trip to Iceland will Receive: A 4x4 SUV rental for 7-days from Go Car Rental IcelandA $700 flight voucherAn authentic Icelandic lopapeysa (sweater) for you & a loved oneA one-hour trip planning call with meA bag of Icelandic goodies upon arrival for your...


Iceland Packing List for Winter – The Essentials + Free Checklist

Winter in Iceland can range from a somewhat calm wnter wonderland to blizzard like conditions that force you to stay off the road. Even though the temperatures here are milder than what most peple assume (an average of around 0 degrees celsius in Reykjavik), packing appropriately for winter in Iceland is crucial for staying warm and dry. Just note that the farther north you go, it is normally colder and snowier/icier. Granted you will encounter plenty of ice in the south too.While I do focus...


Can an Eruption of Katla Volcano Impact the World?

I’m delving into a fascinating and kind of scary possibility. Vík í Mýrdal is a small town in South Iceland that has become a popular place for tourists to stop to see the area’s famous black sand beach, to stay the night if they need accommodations, and so on.However, most visitors don’t know about the potential danger that looms over this town of just over 800 residents. Katla volcano, which is about 26 kilometers or 16 miles from the town, poses a threat not only to the town if it erupts...


Expensive Mistakes to Avoid in Iceland

In this post/podcast episode, I’m sharing some common expensive mistakes that many travelers in Iceland make unknowingly. If you’ve already planned a trip here, then you’re well aware that traveling to and around Iceland can quickly drain money from your bank account.While it’s true that the country is quite expensive, your experience doesn’t have to break the bank. In a future episode, I plan to share a trip budget breakdown, so make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss out on that.All...


Meg Matich – American Poet & Translator Based in Reykjavík, Iceland

Meg Matich is a poet and translator in Reykjavik. She earned her Master’s of Fine Arts from Columbia University and has received support for her work from the Banff Centre, PEN America, and the Fulbright Commission, and she is a frequent collaborator with Reykjavik UNESCO and a friend of UNESCO Lviv. Meg is the author of the poetry chapbook COLD (2022 Eulalia Books). Among other projects, Meg has collaborated with poet Magnús Sigurðsson on an anthology of Icelandic poetry, translated a book...

5 Easy Winter Day Trips From Reykjavík

This week I am sharing some fun and easy winter day trips from Reykjavík that you can enjoy during your visit. The days have become noticeably shorter and soon the nights will be very long, which is something that Icelandic winter is known for. While it is more than possible to travel the ring road (the road that goes around the whole country) of Iceland during winter, I often find that a decent number of visitors during this season use Reykjavík as their base and are interested in day trips...


One of the Most Influential Icelandic Authors of Her Generation – Auður Jónsdóttir

Auður Jónsdóttir is one of the most accomplished and influential authors writing in Iceland today. Her novels have inspired interest in Iceland, as well as abroad, for their rare blend of incisive frankness and humor. She won the Icelandic Literary Prize for The People in the Basement and the Icelandic Women's Literature Prize for Secretaries to the Spirits. Both novels were nominated for the Nordic Council's Literature Prize.Auður's latest novel, Quake (Stóri skjálfti), became her most...

7 Dangerous Mistakes Tourists Make While Driving in Iceland

Iceland is considered the safest and most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index published by the Institute for Economics and Peace. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that visitors to the country need to keep in mind when traveling around the country. Unfortunately, there are mistakes made by tourists each year that range from almost causing accidents to ones that end in fatalities. This episode is in no way meant to scare anyone who plans to rent...


What I Love & Hate About Learning Icelandic

The words “love“ and “hate“ are very strong words. To be fair, I don‘t actually love or hate any part of learning the Icelandic language but those words work much better in a title than what I “enjoy the most“ and what I “strongly dislike“. So, just take those words with a big grain salt. Regarding some backstory, I have been learning Icelandic off and on since I moved in 2016. It certainly has not been a linear journey, and I‘ve had many ups and downs but progress is happening. 5 Things I...

How & Where to See The Northern Lights in Iceland

The Northern Lights season in Iceland is almost upon us! I've packed this episode with loads of information to help you have the highest possible chance of seeing this spectacular natural phenomenon. While it is possible to take a tour to see them, I am a big fan of seeing them on my own. I’ll be sharing some awesome places that you can drive to in the country to view them.I decided to also share some background information about the northern lights, including why they appear, the best time...


Is the Meradalir Volcanic Eruption in Iceland Over?

It seems that the eruption that started in early August in Meradalir valley on the Reykjanes Peninsula is already over! After about a month of volcanic activity and people flocking to the site to see an amazing display of molten hot lava spew from the earth, the show has coming to s screeching halt. It’s been a few weeks since there has been any detectable activity Meradalir Volcanic Eruption in Iceland was Short-Lived The eruption last year, which is pretty much right next to this one,...


How to Drive on F-Roads in Iceland: Everything to Know

I’m focusing on F-roads in this episode because they provide access to parts of the country that most visitors to Iceland never see. While that might sound appealing to most people listening, driving on these roads are often challenging and can even be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. I hit on this topic a little bit in my Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car in Iceland episode. I recommend checking that episode out so you can be as prepared as possible when you go to book. F-Road...


7 Must-See Places in North Iceland: The Diamond Circle

Like the south of the country, north Iceland has plenty of amazing natural sites to visit. All of the places I’m sharing are free of charge and will provide hours, if not days, of fun activities. If you’re not familiar with north Iceland, there is a route up there called the Diamond Circle.If you think that sounds familiar, then you might be thinking of the Golden Circle, which is in the south. The Golden Circle came first and I have a theory about why the north has called this route the...


5 Ways USA Culture Confuses Icelanders

As a native New Yorker that has traveled to a decent number of places in the United States before moving to Iceland in 2016, I’ve noticed some fascinating differences between the cultures.In this post, I’m pointing out 5 things about USA culture that confuses Icelanders. These are things I’ve specifically been asked by Icelanders about the US. Here are 5 Things that Confuse Icelanders About the USA 1. Only a Two-Party Political System in the USA Iceland and the USA have some similarities...


How to Visit Hveradalir – A Geothermal Gem in the Icelandic Highlands

Hveradalir is one of Iceland’s largest geothermal areas, but it’s tucked away in Iceland’s highlands. To access anywhere in the highlands of this country, you must drive on F-roads, which are unpaved, rough and often require you to cross rivers.I’m planning to do a whole episode on F-roads because it’s important to understand how to navigate them safely, but just know that some rivers that run across F-roads are so deep that they can drown the engine if you don’t have a snorkel and a...


A New Volcanic Eruption Has Started in Iceland

After thousands of earthquakes and lots of speculation, a new eruption has happened on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It’s in the same area as the eruption last year and it is not posing a threat to any people or towns. Well, that is the current situation. The authorities are constantly monitoring the site. People have been discouraged from going there because it’s not yet been deemed safe. However, people have shown up already.While there is no idea how long this eruption will last, it’s exciting...

The Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car in Iceland

I decided to focus on everything you need to know when renting a car in Iceland because I get a lot of questions about this from travelers. I did my best to be very thorough in this episode because there are so many things you need to keep in mind. For links or additional information, I recommend checking out the show notes of this episode below. Iceland Rental Car Guide Table of Contents Is it Worth it to Rent a Car in Iceland?Go Car Rental IcelandWhen to Book Your Rental CarPrice...


15 Strange Facts About Iceland

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is full of fascinating and sometimes strange facts. In this podcast episode, I’m sharing 15 surprising facts about this country that you probably have never heard about. I know that I was surprised by many of them when I first heard them, and I hope that you enjoy learning something new about the country. 15 Strange Facts About Iceland Most of Iceland is uninhabited Beer was illegal in the country for 74 years During the month of Þorri, many Icelanders come...