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#54 - Interview Questions for Ula & Mid Autumn Festival Stories

IN this episode we discuss Ula's upcoming job interview and 7 questions that are very useful when talking to a potential employer. Ula is nervous of course. We also discuss the stories around Mid Autumn Festival here in Taiwan and why is celebrated and why we eat moon cakes. All spoken in Chinese and English, a.k.a Chinglish. Enjoy.


#53 - Name 3 things & Trends

In this episode we discuss whats currently trending in regards to popular cultural things around the world. We also play a game where we have to think of three to five words within a certain amount of time. nerve wracking. Support us / Hangout With us!


#52 - Space, Planets and Astronauts

In this episode we discuss the Chinese for space and the planets and a bunch of Gods. Also where the meaning of the word in both English and Chinese. We also discuss theoretical questions as always and get a bit deep again. We had to cut this one a little short because of heavy rain, but we will make up for it next time. :) Hangout with Us: Donate (If you like what we do but dont fancy hanging out yet): Ai nimen


#51 - Personality, Introverts and Extroverts

In this episode we discuss personalities at length in Chinese and English as always. We talk about interviews and how we hate them. We also dip into discussions about introverts and extroverts and the types of personality traits each has. This episode should have gotten to that phone box and done exactly what the deep scary voice said. It didn't. So it paid the price.


#50 - Not The End Of The Road

This episode was brought to you by our Patrons. This is the 50th episode of the podcast, it's only taken a whole year to get here, and we still don't know many of you listeners! BUT we want to. Make yourself known, come and hangout with us, or join the WhatsApp group. Be brave. put your Chinese to the test. Make mistakes, it makes people smile - Ija (Hangouteer).


#49 - Procrastination, Gift Giving Culture & Fears | East and West

IN this episode we touch on procrastination and focus. The 5 second rule, gift giving culture in Taiwan and the west. We also discuss our weird fears. This episode went on an epic journey, only to discover itself. After walking three days and three nights, it found a wide, beautiful, silver surfaced lake high in the Alduin mountains. It starred at itself under the glimmering nights sky and asked the fabled question. "Who am I?". To its surprise the river answered. "You are the result of two...


#48 - Food, Relationship & Business | East vs West

We discuss the differences in culture between west and east. We touch on topics such as sex, business, food, schooling, relationships and more. This episode was dug up on the shores of Cavernous Cape, a forsaken island only ever visited by one other pirate. The infamous Captain Skilly Wigg. The Buried Bones and its crew had been sailing for thirty days and thirty nights to find Cavernous Cape. When they did the chest was guarded by hideous undead pirates from Skilly Wiggs crew. Many perished...


#47 - Table Manners in Taiwan & UK + Lefties

We discuss Taiwan's table manners versus England's. We also touch on other topics revolving around cultural manners, then we digress a bit about lefties and righties. This podcast was taken from the table of a giant while he slumbered. Jack, a gallant but reckless young man had climbed miles and miles to reach the ancient castle in search of an infamous golden goose. He instead found a golden podcast next to a sleeping giant. The podcast would give gifts of Chinese gold whenever you listened...


#46 - Japanese & Taiwanese Culture & Mouthfull!

In this episode we discuss the differences (in our opinion)between Japan and Taiwanese culture and some other interesting tidbits. This episode was made by the legendary Japanese podcast maker, Hattori Podzo. He only creates one podcast every ten years, but folds the sounds ten times, forming a unique and miraculous auditory experience for the user. He calls it tempered sound. We call it genius. All selected and delivered to your ears in soothing yet refreshing Chinglish. Chinese and English.


Service Update - SORRY IT'S RAINING

Hi guys! This is just a quick service update as to why we haven't made a podcast in a week and a bit. Apologies to those who listen regularly and expect more regular episodes. We explain all in this 5 minute update.


#45 - Bilingual Kids & Habits

In this episode we discuss having bilingual children and how we are raising ours to understand 3 languages. Then we move onto a large a deep discussion about habits in Taiwan vs UK. This episode was found inside the krakens belly along with an ancient ship from Greece. It was found after the carcass washed up along San Fransisco bay and was discovered by joggers in the early hours of the morning. It's now on display above all the other Chinese and English podcasts. Enjoy.


#44 - Superstitions, 迷信 Míxìn, Reincarnation & Pride

In this episode we go deep. real deep. Into the depths of superstitions and then reincarnation. We discuss the Taiwanese superstitions and others from around the world. We talk about family and relationships at the end which ends up on some reasonably sound advice (in our opinion) about staying passionate about each other. This Chinese and English episode was discovered in a shipwreck, deep in the Atlantic ocean. It was found by Russian deep sea divers and hauled up over six miles of...


#43 - What Does Success Look Like To You? Dinner with the Dead & History

In this episode we talk about if we could have dinner with someone who is alive or dead whom would it be, we also talk about time periods we would love to go back to or go forward to. Ula opens up about her mum and we find some deep meaning in reflecting on life in general. We learn Chinese words for life and life span, success and failure, working, business and happiness. This episode was found in a field, hidden in the rolling green hills of England. It was dug up by an expert team of...


#42 - We're Back! Talents,Together Bucket Lists & New Hangouteers

In this episode of the Mandarin Monkey podcast we are officially back after being sick for a couple of weeks. AND being busy with our day job. But the fire of Hades himself couldn't stop us from making one today. We discuss our together bucket list, the movies we could watch over and over again and couldn't, we discuss talents we wish we could have and new exciting relationships that are developing. This episode of the podcast was created in an angels bedroom, shot from the bow of Artemis...


#41 - Give us your Introductions, Feeling happier & Focus

In this episode we talk about how to introduce yourself...well we ask you to introduce yourself and offer to help you out with correction and improvement. We also discuss how we like to relax and let go of stress. We talk about how certain situations make us feel and how to overcome them, and about our best and worst personality traits. All in Chinglish...Chinese and English. This episode was brought to us by a Norse God whom found the MP3 file on his hammer. The lightening God told us to...


#40 - Special Guest Dan - Most Valuable Advice - Ten Questions - Sorry for Audio Quality

(Sorry for bad audio quality)In this episode we talk to Dan who is one of our Patrons and regular Hangout guests (Hangouteers), we ask him 10 questions about his current learning methods, what works and doesn't work, materials and resources he uses to learn Chinese and what advise he would give new learners starting to learn Mandarin from the get go. Expect more of these. This episode has audio issues because of a technical error our side. Sorry. We have noted and fixed the error post this...


#39 - Danzi & Zi, Stressing & The Perfect School

In this episode, the 39th incarnation of the infamous Mandarin Monkey Podcast we discuss our upcoming guest, different meanings for different words in Chinese and English, playing games to help your learning of Mandarin. Our favourite item and the perfect school system. All spoken in the silky soft tones of Chinglish, wrapped in silver taken from the belly of an ancient treasure crab and smelted into a river of language to caress your ear canals. Enjoy.


#38 Summer vacation, Horror film review, Ránhòu Linking words (Conjunctions)

In this podcast session we speak about Annabelle 2, The Tag Along Taiwanese horror movies set in the city we live in (Taichung). Ránhòu we also spoke about the BMPCC 4K (our newly purchased camera) and its accessories. Ránhòu we discuss the upcoming Summer vacation and a little bit about our new schedule. Ránhòu we also discuss LINKING WORDS/CONJUNCTIONS in Mandarin Chinese and give you a little test with a bunch of example sentences that may help you out making your Chinese sentences just a...


#37 - Parenting, Eastern & Western Teenage Culture, Sea of Thieves & Searching

Hey all, we discuss a whole bunch of things in this Chinese/Mandarin/English/Chinglish podcast. First of which is a new games that we have played called Sea of Thieves. Then we move rapidly onto another exciting topic. The differences between eastern and western cultures, specifically within the teenage arena. We discover some new Chinese words we talk about parenting and get quick deep. We also discuss a little about Chinese history and learning. Schooling systems in Taiwan and China versus...


#36 - Special guest Darian Vela - Tools, Why, How and Digressions

SO this is the 1 hour 40 minute podcast we recorded straight after the over 2 hour Google video hangout with had with Darian this gone Sunday. Great fun to record. The sound quality is a bit ergh, so we apologize but its bearable. And we are working on a solution to improve that side of things. We speak Chinese, we speak English we speak Chinglish. As usual we do digress a few times but we are mainly discussing how and why Darian is learning Chinese. Hope you enjoy.