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Episode 82: Brooke McGlothlin on Praying for Boys

PRAYING FOR BOYS Raising children is a challenge. Boys certainly aren’t an exception. They are hard wired to be rambunctious, daring, and even willing to challenge us as parents. Today you are going to hear from Brooke McGlothlin. Brooke is the President and Co-Founder of The MOB Society and the author of Gospel Centered Mom,...


Episode 81: Tyler Hogan – Confessions of a Homeschool Graduate

Confessions of a Homeschool Graduate Tyler Hogan is a homeschool graduate whose parents ran the Bright Ideas Press homeschool curriculum publishing company of which Tyler is now the head of curriculum development for. Tyler is going to talk about what it means to be a homeschool graduate and his experiences along the way. He is going...


Episode 80: Scott Dix on Anthony Comstock: The Forgotten Story of America’s Most Successful Christian Social Reformer

Anthony Comstock: The Forgotten Story of America’s Most Successful Christian Social Reformer Before there was Margaret Sanger, there was Anthony Comstock. Comstock accomplished almost overnight what it took Sanger and others over 100 years to undo. Comstock was the prime-mover being the 1873 Post Office Act which banned obscenity and abortion, as well as contraception....


Episode 79: Kathie Morrissey -Building Character in our Children

Building Character in our Children We have another wonderful guest for you today, Kathie Morrissey of The Character Corner. This interview was recorded in February of 2014, but the message Kathie gives is timebound Biblical advice. Character is formed in children and as they grow into adults. It is something that is learned, so we...


Episode 78: Meredith Curtis- Wonderful, Wacky Teenagers

Wonderful, Wacky Teenagers Even the godliest of children can be a little wacky when they hit puberty. With hormones rushing through their bloodstream, teens can be highly emotional, need more sleep, and have serious lapses in judgment. Yet, they are wonderful, interesting, funny, energetic, and enchanting. If they fall in love with Jesus, they are...


Episode 77: Jay Schabacker on his book Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation

Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation Today we will be talking about Jay Schabacker ’s book “Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation.” Jay will be talking about God’s wonderful design of the world and why it’s important to understand purposeful design. As the description of the book points out, Purposeful Design beautifully reveals the principles...


Episode 76: Colleen Kessler on Homeschooling Gifted & Emotionally Intense Children

Homeschooling Gifted & Emotionally Intense Children Many parents question if their child is gifted and whether or not they should even homeschool their children. Gifted children do come with their own challenges. Usually gifted children are emotionally intense. We often don’t know how to keep them motivated or even if we can meet their needs. Well...


Episode 75: David & Lisa Nehring discuss Awareness of Trends & Challenges in Homeschooling

Awareness of Trends & Challenges in Homeschooling The way education goes is the way our country goes. That is the message from David and Lisa Nehring today. There is a lot to be concerned with in education, much of which is why we homeschool. It is important for us to pay attention. Everything that happens...


Episode 74: Karen Childress talks about Homeschooling your High-Schooler and College Preparation

Homeschooling your High-Schooler and College Preparation Today we are going to be speaking with Karen Childress about homeschooling your high schooler and preparing them for college. There is a lot that goes into planning your child’s high school education. It can be intimidating and complex. Karen will explain why not only are you capable and...


Episode 73: Brad Baldridge on Late Stage College Planning

Late Stage College Planning Many families are facing the challenge of college planning and more particularly, late stage college planning. There are concerns about finances, choosing a college and more. Many parents have questions and concerns about scholarships, entrance exams and more. This can be a complex and scary area to traverse. Today’s guest, Brad...


Episode 72: Kevin Swanson talks about Discipling the Next Generation and Re-establishing a Biblical Worldview

Discipling the Next Generation and Re-establishing a Biblical Worldview The Homeschooling movement in this country is vital to our future. God’s word tell us that it’s the parents responsibility to educate our children. Unfortunately, we have surrendered our children to the state and allowed a government controlled school system to tell our kids that there...


Episode 71: Leah Brooks on Great Gardening for Healthy Homeschoolers

Great Gardening for Healthy Homeschoolers God does care what we eat and Eating properly glorifies him. God’s word contains no shortage of talking about food. The Bible also tells us our body is a temple and we are to treat it as such. What is just as important is teaching our children how to eat...


Episode 70: Heather Laurie talks about Special Needs Homeschooling

Special Needs Homeschooling Today we are going to address special needs homeschooling. We need to understand that as parents of special needs children, there are options. And not only is homeschooling an option, but it is more likely a better option and sometimes the only one. Homeschooling is ideal for the special needs student and...


Episode 69: Shane Vander Hart fills us in on the Intricacies of Common Core

The Intricacies of Common Core Today we continue our discussion on common core with Shane Vander Hart, who has contributed many articles and insight on the matter. As we see how states are enticed or coerced into accepting common core, we become more understanding of why it is so controversial. Common core is used by the...


Episode 68: Matthew and Ellen Gerwitz tell us about Common Core

Common Core Hello friends. Today we are discussing common core, what it is, how it affects us and what we can do about it. Simply put, Common Core is a Federal Takeover of Education and it’s ultimate goal is to have all student follow the same national standards. This failed educational approach undermines educational quality...


Episode 67: Mark Conner talks about STEM Education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

STEM Education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics , also known as STEM, is everywhere; it involves most all of our day to day activities and shapes our everyday experiences. It will be a bigger and bigger part our future—the future of our country, and the future of our children. STEM...


Episode 66: Sonya Shafer talks about the Charlotte Mason method

The Charlotte Mason Method Today’s guest, Sonya Shafer of, tells us to teach the child, not the curriculum. This is the basis of the Charlotte Mason method. It is based on Charlotte‘s firm belief that the child is a person and we must educate that whole person, not just his or her mind. A Charlotte...


Episode 65: Lori Lane on Educating the Whole Heart of a Child

Educating the Whole Heart of a Child God’s instruction to us is to raise up our children to honor and glorify Him. To do so, we must have a heart based approach to parenting. In doing so, our children begin to ask “What is the right thing to do to honor God?” There are many...


Episode 64: William Estrada talks about Parental Rights and the Two Dangerous UN Treaties

Parental Rights and the Danger of UN Treaties We as parents should be very concerned about two treaties that many are pushing to be ratified here in the United States. They are the Coventions on the Rights of a Child and Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities. The titles of the treaties sound...


Episode 63: Rebecca Brandt talks about Planting Seeds in our Children

Planting Seeds in our Children Our mission here at the Homeschool Leadercast is to help families raise up a Generation for Christ. As Christian parents we are called and commanded to raise our children to love the Lord and make disciples of all nations. This means we must teach our children’s God’s Word, and plant...