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Bingers with solid advice on how to spend your precious time. Film and TV news, behind the scenes, and lots of tea, honey.

Bingers with solid advice on how to spend your precious time. Film and TV news, behind the scenes, and lots of tea, honey.


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Bingers with solid advice on how to spend your precious time. Film and TV news, behind the scenes, and lots of tea, honey.






Goodbye, Friend

Ashland Podcast has come to an end. Andre, Ian, and Lisa explain why it was time to wrap up the podcast and move on. We had a blast throughout the years obsessing over Game of Thrones and Mr. Robot and myriad other things. And we're grateful that you came along for the ride. Come ring out rotten old 2020 with us. We'll be back one day. As a new thing. But for now, we must be going. Raise a glass.


Dying Breed

SPOILERS! Director Adam John Brummond and leading actor Travis Myers join us to discuss Dying Breed, a film about another pandemic no one is talking about. The film is heartbreaking, right on time, and an absolute must watch. Beautifully shot, superbly acted, and real. We also discuss how the film was made in the blistering cold of Minnesota farm country, what productive collaboration looks like, and how everyone pretty much crash lands when they move to LA. See Dying Breed on Amazon Prime...


2020 Presidential Election Part 2

Biden wins, but not so fast ole 45 says. What now? Andre, Ian, and Lisa celebrate the new presidency, but wonder what lies in wait? Nah, dawg. We're going to take this moment to dance and jiggle, holler, carry on, and pop fans and bottles. But seriously, though, they're not going anywhere are they?


2020 Presidential Election Part 1

Just like you, we're glued to the TV wondering what we're getting Steve Kornacki and John King for Christmas. With the final decision not locked, we talk about where we think the U.S. is headed. We also have an announcement.


TeaTime: The Catfish

Listennn, Lisa's going to find that catfish who came for Andre. "I will find you, Teresa/Chad. Or whatever you name is!" Also... the "president" gets COVID and ain't nobody up in here sorry. Plus, Lisa and Ian prepare for an itty bitty baby in their house.


TeaTime: 2020 Is Trying Too Hard

Ian, Andre, and Lisa take time from NOT discussing The Umbrella Academy to talk about Andre's dip back into Tinder, getting rid of the old timey ghosts in Lisa and Ian's closets, Schitt's at the Emmys, Ooky Spooky Scary Season, and the way we're choosing to spend our time for our own mental health.


Skinner Myers Is Not Waiting

Skinner Myers is a lot of things. Producer, director, writer, actor, professor, father, husband, human being. What he's very good at is telling stories from the truest place in his soul. Skinner has taken his own route, doing things his own way, and he's making a path not only for himself, but also for other filmmakers. He's not waiting for permission. And he says the quiet part out loud.


Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman left us suddenly and he left the world reeling. He also left an everlasting legacy. We mourn Chad and we celebrate him.


So You Want To Be a Producer...

Talin Parseghian Middleton explains and demystifies what producers do. She tells us what the difference between a producer and a line producer is. She shares tips on how to run your house like a set. Her 6 year-old has a daily call sheet. Talin also shares what makes producing an art and a joy. And she gives some real world advice to those who want to do what she does.


A Production Designer and an Actor Walk Into a Bar...

Melisa and Travis Myers have been together for two decades. She's a production designer. He's an actor. Melisa and Travis share the ins and out of their chosen professions and how they handle production prep, collaboration, budgets, downtime during the pandemic, life in the desert, parenthood to their two year old, and what to do when you're asked to wear a Speedo to an audition.


Ashland (Trailer)



Talking with a Production Sound Mixer

What is a production sound mixer? How much do you pay attention to the sound in a film or TV show? Who's making all of that happen? We talk to a working sound mixer who also happens to be our co-host.


TeaTime: The Curse

Ian, Andre, and Lisa have one of their tea spilling sessions where they discuss lockdown life, the Emmys snubbing Mr. Robot, and the possible curse Andre's grandma placed on him, us, and now you.


Charity Ekeke

Singer, songwriter, producer, screenwriter, and future director... Charity Ekeke's career path is as unique as her music. Her latest album Life reflects Charity's joyful outlook and razor sharp depiction of current events. Ever the teacher, Charity shared some useful pro tips with us, too.


Circus of Books

Karen and Barry Mason fell into a business as a stop gap while they searched around for a real career. What they created at Circus of Books was nothing short of a mecca and First Amendment haven for their customers, employees, and the queer community that reached farther than anyone expected. Show Highlights: -Needless to say, we weren’t expected to be moved by the closure of a smut shop -It’s been two years since Andre joined the podcast ! -We start our COB discussion with a tangent...


Say I Do

We're over here in the lockdown planning Andre's big gay wedding after watching Thai, Gabriele, and Jeremiah bring some pure joy to deserving couples. Show Highlights: -Andre wants his wedding to blow the straights out of the water -Lisa tells all about her and Ian’s pirate-themed Halloween wedding -Why y’all inviting 400 people to your wedding? -We need a Queer Eye/Say I Do crossover -All of these custom-made gowns got us feeling some type of sh*t -How this show makes the weddings...



This Netflix doc shows up just how messed up Trans representation, treatment, and inclusion has been. Show highlights: -Not Mrs. Doubtfire! Everyone is guilty. Even your favs. -The stereotypes and typecasting of Trans people -Why this doc is an extremely valuable resource -It’s not just a TV show… it’s harmful. Representation matters. -What are some shows we’ve watched that got it right? -This documentary should be a series. Full stop.



SPOILERS! We're just as blown away as you are after seeing this popular musical on Disney+. Andre leads us in a discussion of the Broadway-changing phenom Hamilton. We talk about the love, the hate, and the wig snatching of Lin-Manuel Miranda's retelling of American history.



SPOILERS! Not only did Watchmen educate us about The Black Wall Street Massacre of 1921, it also enlightened us about the many abuses and facets of law enforcement. Also, Regina King is a badass. But we knew that.


Queer Eye Season 5

Queer Eye season 5 showcases what we love most about the Fab Five. But, we're missing that season 1 magic. Come listen to the discussion and see if you agree.