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Discussing the highs, lows and in-betweens of life as an actor. What's it like being one of the 98% of actors not currently employed. Hosted by Actors Oliver Powell & Emily Chase.

Discussing the highs, lows and in-betweens of life as an actor. What's it like being one of the 98% of actors not currently employed. Hosted by Actors Oliver Powell & Emily Chase.


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Discussing the highs, lows and in-betweens of life as an actor. What's it like being one of the 98% of actors not currently employed. Hosted by Actors Oliver Powell & Emily Chase.




Ep. 22 - Amer Chadha-Patel

In episode 22 we talk to Actor/Writer/Director/Musician/Comedian... Well let's just say he's a man of many talents. Through our chat with the hilarious Amer, we explore his recent return to acting and his recent brush with Hollywood after booking a pilot for a big network. #CarrotBreak


Ep. 21 - Pete Bartlett

On today's episode we talk to one of the U.K.'s leading headshot photographers, Pete Bartlett, about his career and what he thinks makes a great headshot.


Ep. 20 - Rachel Sheridan

We made it. 20 episodes! This week, we chat to Casting Director Rachel Sheridan about her career, her process and how deciding to quit acting led to a career she absolutely loves.


Ep. 19 - Olivia Hallinan

In this episode we chat to Actress Olivia Hallinan (Sugar Rush, Lark Rise to Candleford) about the ups and downs of being a child actor and how she navigated her way into a sustainable acting career as an adult.


Interval - 3

A mini episode looking back at some of our recent discussions. We also talk about some new segments we're hoping will become regular features of the podcast, such as our 'actor's surgery'.


Ep. 18 - Laura Whitmore

In today's episode we get distracted - a lot - by Mick the dog as we chat with Actress and Presenter Laura Whitmore about her eclectic career. Laura tells us how she got started, how she's rediscovering her roots and how she's finally no longer afraid to say "I'm an actor".


Ep. 17.5 - The Oscars

In this week's micro episode we do a luke warm 'hot take' on this year's Oscar winners. Ollie realises he's seen hardly any of the nominated films and Emily realises this is why we don't usually do 'on the fly' episodes. Expect searing critical analysis (don't) and insight on how to become a millionaire (There is none).


Ep. 17 - Nicky Bligh

After a slightly longer than planned hiatus (Sorry) we're back with a great episode and a brilliant guest. Casting Director Nicky Bligh tells us how she got started in casting, how she approaches her work and most importantly if she's a dog or a cat person. Dont @ us!


Ep. 16 - Listener Chats Pt.1

On a special festive edition of the podcast we're joined by 3 great guests, each discussing a topic of their choosing. Jayne Aguire tells us about her experiences in the make-up trailer as an actress of colour, Mark Oosterveen asks whether it's possible for a male actor to be objectified after a recent review he read and Laura Evelyn (Currently appearing in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch) talks about her career and learning the lingo when you're on set.


Ep. 15 - The Agent Relationship

On this week's epsiode we finally get into it. Agents. We discuss our experiences with previous agents and how communication and an open relationship can only be a good thing for your career.


Ep. 14 - From Everywhere & Nowhere? (With Elena Saurel)

We loved chatting to actress Elena Saurel (Gold Digger, Girlfriends, Living the Dream. We talked about astrology, summer camp and finding acting work in the UK when you dont have a British accent.


Ep. 13 - The Casting Conundrum (w/Sophie Kingston-Smith)

On episode 13 we're joined by Sophie Kingston-Smith, who is currently Casting Associate to Rose Wicksteed (Genius, The Nun). In a brilliant & insightful chat Sophie tells us what first drew her to casting and how the uncertainty of her own freelance career has a lot of similarities with that of an actor.


Ep. 12 - The Parent Trap

We had a great time chatting to actors Babou Ceesay & Lainy Boyle about how they juggle parenting with their acting careers. They both had lots of practical enlightening thoughts as we ask - How does becoming parents impact your acting career?


Ep. 11 - Yes and... (W/ Katharine Bennett-Fox)

In episode 11 we're joined by the utterly brilliant actress & improvisor Katharine Bennett-Fox. Katharine tells us how she started improvising to help deal with a rough time in her life, how it's helped her as an actress and all about her time performing with improv school & theatre - The Free Association (The FA).


Interval - 2

In Interval 2 we discuss the previous 5 episodes and the developments since recording them. Oh, and Ollie has a big rant about a recent commercial casting. Big. Huge.


Ep. 10 - The Social Network

The idea of having to 'network' makes most of us feel physically sick. However, we're told it's a crucial part of the job and you have to do it to get ahead. So, just how important is it? AND how does the continued rise of social networking platforms help or limit our ability to interact with the industry efficiently? This week we discuss the idea of networking and how best to do it. To network or not network, that is the question!


Ep. 9 - Headshots? The good, the bad & the ugly.

We're doing it... we're finally talking about headshots. The good, the bad and the very often ugly. We discuss our personal experiences of the many different headshots we've had over the years and ask THE question. Headshots - How important are they really?


Ep. 8 - The Juggling Act w/Emily Lloyd-Saini

Emily Lloyd-Saini is an Actress, Comedian, Writer, Improvisor and Radio Host; so when it comes to juggling, she's got more than a few balls in the air. Luckily that's exactly what we're discussing this week - juggling a multi-faceted career. It's almost as if we plan it!


Ep. 7 - Great Expectations

In our first listener suggested topic, we discuss 'expectations'. How do you manage your expectations for auditions, careers and those of the people around you?... All without becoming consumed with bitterness when reality has something else in store for you.


Ep. 6 - Taking Creative Control

After the briefest of breaks we return to talk about how you can set about creating your own work and regale you with stories from our chequered pasts of trying to create not wait to varying levels of success!