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Welcome to Craft Beer Adventure Club, a weekly podcast where Adam and Josh travel America exploring amazing beers and breweries. Each week we pick four beers and work through them right there and then. Expect interviews, goofs, drunk stories and beer reviews. #craftbeerac

Welcome to Craft Beer Adventure Club, a weekly podcast where Adam and Josh travel America exploring amazing beers and breweries. Each week we pick four beers and work through them right there and then. Expect interviews, goofs, drunk stories and beer reviews. #craftbeerac


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Welcome to Craft Beer Adventure Club, a weekly podcast where Adam and Josh travel America exploring amazing beers and breweries. Each week we pick four beers and work through them right there and then. Expect interviews, goofs, drunk stories and beer reviews. #craftbeerac






019 - Barrels. Balance. Brettanomyces. The big beer 3.

As we head towards our 20th episode and an extra special guest (SO EXCITED), Adam and I sit down to prepare with some barrel aged limited release beers. As is custom - the conversation topics and reviews quickly get out of hand. Enjoy this inbetweenysode full of facts, not facts, amazing beers, and the usual loose antics. Expect talk about barrel aging. Expect impressions. Expect sweet sweet 14% goodness, and expect the unexpected. ENJOY!


018 - At Imperial Western Brewing w/ Devon Randall

Our first interview of 2019, and we’re starting strong! We sit down with the incredible Devon Randall, Brewmaster of Imperial Western brewing/Arts District Brewing, as we discuss her rise from sweeping brewery floors in San Diego to running breweries for two of L.A.’s must-visit spots. Devon is awesome, insightful, full of history and clearly super passionate about the beers she makes and the environment in which she makes them. As always, we worked our way through the tap list and it was no...


017 - Thanksgiving - with extra segments and a sweet 19% death juice

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! In this week's thanksgiving special, we really stretch out the theme of ‘festive’ for all that it is worth with some amazing holiday beers, party games and classic this time of year nonsense. And in the more exciting news - We recently surpassed a subscriber target (thank you team!) and so decided we needed to be more ‘professional’ and add more ‘segments’. As you can imagine, we weren’t at all - and we added too many. ENJOY! (AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS)


015 - At Indie Brew Co w/ Connor Forbes & Aaron Kaufman

We're back baby! Did you miss us? We missed us. After a short hiatus due to a honeymoon (Congrats to Adam!)and a T.V show filming (Craft Beer Adventure Club is now on Drink TV!) we are back in the saddle and ready to resume regular scheduling. Oh it feels good to be back! To start - please enjoy our interview with the HILARIOUS and outrageously cool folks from Indie brew Co. And O.K, Granted, we recorded this around 3 months ago - however not one of us makes a reference to anything post-2005...


014 - A Sentient Pile Of Gold (and Craft Beer) - An Inbetweenisode

It’s another Inbetweenisode people! Adam and Josh catch up about everything going on in their lives over a couple of choice beers. As always - they record their booze rants and beer thoughts. Talking points this week: Josh feels the loss of Jason Mraz from the avocado industry. Adam Beatboxes. They dive into the history of Stone, Pizza Port and Port brewing and how they all magically intertwine… They discover a green book that doesn’t seem to exist. Adam loves Pikachu coffee art. They drink...


013 - At Pacific Plate Brewing with the wonderful Stephen Kooshian

In this weeks *ahem* very slightly delayed episode (sorry guys!) we sat down with Stephen Kooshian of Pacific Plate Brewing out of Monrovia, California to discuss Bavarian beers, Armenian coffee, the fabled lesser Steve ( who might just be greater Steve - you can decide), and what it takes to run a brewery. The guys go head to head on some nerdy beer history while working through a glorious and wonderfully varied tap list, with Adam dropping only one microphone and Josh only over knocking...


012 - At Telegraph And Epic Brewing w/ Telegraph's Brian Thompson and Epic's Jeff Campbell

In a heart-wrenching first solo adventure, Josh heads to Santa Barbara's Telegraph Brewing to meet founder Brian Thompson alongside Epic Brewings' Jeff Campbell to discuss their recent merger, sour beers, what to expect from the future and to work their way through such a sexy beer list it was hard to leave! We also delve into Brians beery past and take a look at an incredible career (so far!) from before Telegraph to the pairing with Epic. As lovers of both these breweries, it was cool to...


011 -At Dry River Brewing - Slow Sour Beers and Sweet Fast Laughs with Naga Reshi & Garrett Margolis

This week the boys' adventure to Dry River Brewing in Downtown L.A. to drink Turmeric (we still have the stains to prove it), call each other names and laugh (a lot) with owner/head brewer and all-around interesting dude Naga Reshi, accompanied by his brewing partner and also stand up guy - Garrett Margolis. We delve into what it really takes to brew decent sour beers (and how long) and how building a community out of helping one another can affect the beers you brew and the path you take in...


010 - Spitting Wine Like a Viper - an Inbetweenisode

Well gosh darn it, would you look at that! Adam and Josh managed 10 whole episodes! This week, the boys sit down after a long afternoon of bottling their beer to continue drinking and to marvel at their creations (If they could put them on the fridge, they totally would) and just generally catch up about the past 10 episodes, and what the future has in store. They cover some red-hot topics, such as: Bro-ing out while brewing, bro / Coconut finally gets invited to the partay! / Adams glorious...


009 - Ommegang and OffShoot Beer Co Have Made Some Wonderful Beer

This week the boys adventure to Josh's place for an 'inbetweenysode' to check in and see how the adventure is going so far. We hit all the hot topics, such as GOT's The Night King joining NBC's 'This Is Us', Ludacris, Hot novels from 2012, Ludacris again, and oh yeah - we share out thoughts on some big beers and a crazy lazy HAZY Patrick Swayze, Jay Z style beer. THE BEERS THIS WEEK: Ommegang - The Night King + Offshoot BeerCo - Relax


008 - At Iron Triangle Brewing - Beers and Lore With Kale Bittner and Josiah Blomquist

This week the boys' adventure to Iron Triangle Brewing in Downtown LA to hang out with Head Brewer Josiah and Brewery COO Kale, and learn all about their beers, their history, their home-brewing backgrounds and Wisconsin Lumberjack Folklore. Wait...what? Seriously. It's a riot. THE BEERS THIS WEEK: Iron Triangle - Pun King / Sluice Gate / Hodag / Dark / Rusty Rivet


007 - At Macleod Brewery - A Session With Owners Jennifer & Alastair

This week the boys adventure to Macleod Ales in Van Nuys to meet owners Alastair and Jennifer and stuck into some authentic Cask Ale! Talking points include: epic bagpipe tunes, English pub quizzes, SCOTLAND!!, bootstrapping your equipment and how a brewery and its customers can quickly become more like a family... THE BEERS THIS WEEK: Nearly ALL OF THEM and an extra special Collab...


006 - At Frogtown Brewery - An Interview With Mike Voss

This week the boys adventure to Frogtown Brewery in Los Angeles to interview co-founder Mike Voss, while working their way through the tap list. They talk pumpkin tossing, baby waiters, experimental beers and what to do about your god complex. THE BEERS THIS WEEK: All Frogtown (obviously) - Azacca Horizon, Coconaut, Captain Fox, Dark Times (Nitro), Hazy River.


003 - An Alpine Beer / Clown Shoes Double Whammy

This week, Adam and Josh steer away from the obviously hoppy and go for beers a little bit different. Adam fights a dragon, Josh thinks the podcast needs more trumpet, and Sean Bean makes an appearence. THE BEERS THIS WEEK: Alpine Beer - Mandarin Nectar / Alpine Beer - Duet / Clown Shoes - The Barista / Clown Shoes - Blaecorn Unidragon


003 - A Smog City Brewery Selection

This week, the boys drink and discuss a selection of Smog City's finest, come up with a word for a dog that can live forever and invent the vodka jacuzzi. THE BEERS THIS WEEK: Smog City - Sabre-toothed Squirrel / Smog City - Amarilla Gorilla / Smog City + 21st Amendment - California Love / Smog City: The Nothing


001 - Welcome, to Craft Beer Adventure Club!

Welcome to the very first Craft Beer Adventure Club! This week, the boys talk extreme beer festivals, overdoing tastings, and starting a rap career... THE BEERS THIS WEEK: Ninkasi - Tricerahops DIPA / Solarc Brewing - Earl / Clown Shoes - Undead Party Crasher / Ommegang - Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms