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creative riding episode 143 "Car Cast/Mad as Hell"

Welcome to episode 143... the "I love you" of episodes. If you listen to the banter on this show and decide that you like it, consider becoming a patron. It only takes a few minutes and gathers less information than a SnapChat account. Head over to to find out more. We have patronage starting at $1/month, and some pretty cool benefits. In this episode, the venerable Chris Wiggins and I talk about some stuff including but not limited to: •Harley-Davidson goods...


Creative Riding Episode 142 "Agspolutely"

Welcome to another glorious week of being Creative and listening to a Podcast. On this episode we have News, Current Events, Bananas, a guest and a game. Sit back and enjoy! please leave us a review and if you'd like behind the scenes audio and much more, become a supporter on find us in iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and more!!


Creative Riding Episode 141 "Ohio/Wisconsin"

Hey there, and welcome to another episode of your favorite podcast called Creative Riding. On this show we interview a singer/songwriter, adventurer, artist, teacher, dancer, screenwriter/author, biker, and a campsite owner. Should I take the time to mention that it's all the same person!? Grab a snack and a notepad. We talk about all sorts of stuff, and you're going to want to keep track! links: @serpentbonesohio on IG and a dose of...


Creative Riding Episode 140 "right off the starting flag"

Welcome to Episode 140! I hope this is a great episode! Shout out to everyone celebrating H-D's 115th anniversary. Looks like fun, and a lot of entertainment to behold. On this show: A couple of notes from last week's annual Harley-Davidson Dealer's Meeting. There were some key points that were interesting to me News: H-D plant in Kansas City has begun the scaling down operations H-D breaks ties with Alta Motors AK-47 maker ventures into EVs China makes giga cites to support giga factories...


Creative Riding Episode 139 "They Don't Make These In Goshen"

Welcome to Episode 139. Wiggins Is back. He weighs in like only Chris Wiggins can. Wiggins: Germany, Nordschleife, racing, crappy cars, flat track racing, Sportster Stomp. Harley-Davidson 115th, and moar!! IG: @wiggzero9 / @fieldinitiativeknives M: Junk: Current events, Bikes and Bombers Vii, have a great weekend! IG: @creativeridingpodcast T: @Creative_Rider FB: @CreativeRidingPodcast M: Other resources and thanks for this show: Sportster...


Creative Riding Episode 138 "Nagano"

Welcome to episode 138, the Nagano one. Happy Friday everyone. I hope you're ready for some racing and news and straight up blabbing. I start off this week's show with last weekend's ride. I traveled down to San Diego, a border town with a clandestine moto-culture. The splintered and disparate community there is what the first segment is about. I traveled down to help Dave & Jen, owners of Cerberus Moto, with moving some of their former livelihood out of their DIY garage. It is with great...


Creative Riding Episode 137 "Jetlagged"

Hello. This is episode 137 I am about to eat a pillow. I have been back in California for about 24 hours. 4 of those on a plane and in a car. I am jet lagged and tired. Wiggins is not in the country, and frankly, I don't think my brain is either. I learned a lot on my visit to Virginia/Washington D.C. Lots about electric charging, ITS infrastructure, and lots about 'Murica. I ranted in the beginning and edited it out, so if you hear me talking about my "historical rant" later in the show,...


Creative Riding Episode 136 " The Future was Monday"

Welcome to Episode 136 This week Wiggins and I discuss tea and the American Revolution. I'm a bad liar. We do talk about "T" (transportation) and the Revelation (Harley's cheeky name for their EV) As far as the show goes, that's it. Stick around for the opinions, stay for the misinformation and guessing - especially when it comes to stats! If you can make it all the way to the end of the show, you'll hear Patreon shout outs and corrections. Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend....


Creative Riding Episode 135 "Playing Catch-Up"

Yo, peeps Welcome to Episode 135. This is the episode where we catch up with Chris Wiggins regarding his absence and his X-Games adventure. There may also be news and some e-mails. You have to listen find out. If you have something to say regarding this week's show, copy this into your e-mail thingy: thanks for listening to this week's show about Flat Track, the new Honda Goldwing, Listener e-mails, race crashes, Ducatis, Wiggin's world and much much more.


Creative Riding Episode 133 " Friday the 13th"

Well, It's Friday again. Not only that, it's Friday the 13th Wiggins is out, my voice is fried, I lost a challenge, and last week's episode was not really 133... did I mention that it's Friday the 13th? This week the Motorcycle Podcaster's Challenge ended. I'll talk about the results and some of the difficulties I faced. I can't wait to talk to my team mates about what their personal struggles were. News: Ducati/AUDI working on V2V/X inter-vehicle communications. A member of the Dunlop...


Creative Riding Episode 132 "One Hot Summer Day"

Welcome to a very hot podcast... the hottest one yet. It's 115 here in SoCal today. We hope you had a great 4th of July if you're here in the USA. We did!! On this week's show, Wiggins and I give our apologies to the people who are waiting on shipments! Patrons, Slam winners, and Knife orders alike... you goods will make it there soon. We also discuss the Motorcycle Podcaster's Challenge. What a challenge it has turned out to be! Girl on a Moto put us down a notch, and the township,...


Creative Riding Episode 131 "Chompy Chew Chew"

This week Wiggins and i are out to dinner. Specials thanks to all of our Patreon supporters! On this episode I'd like to thank all of the support, from Patrons to Global Listeners and all of the MPC admin. Most of all, Mrs. Creative Riding for helping out with the challenge this year. It's the end of the first week of the MPC 2018 and we're roaring into week two with all guns blazing. There are some stats and hopefully stories to follow. GMG: You know what really Grinds my Geeres? I'll tell...


Creative Riding Episode 130 Summer and the MPC

Episode 130 of the creative riding motorcycles podcasting... this was not written by a robot. Welcome back to another glorious week of the *Worlds Best Motorcycle Podcast (*produced within ear-shot of Irwindale Speedway. Opinions are those of the producer, not even the co-hosts and guests. Not available in all regions) There is a lot that has happened over the course of the last 2 or 3 weeks that we have not talked about. The news blotter is getting blotty, and the mail bag is getting heavy...


Creative Riding Episode 129 "40 40 20"

Welcome to episode 129 Races, Rides, Rants, Reunions - this episode has it all!! Co-Host Chris Wiggins lands back in the studio this week to tell us what's been going on for the last week (2 episodes though) In his absence we talked to the clowns behind Stock is For Squares (Stretch and Slade), and many people yelled at their podcast devices while we got some of the facts partially mediocre. The First 40: This week Wiggins is back to talk about Racing Flat Track in KentArkLahomEssee, and...


Creative Riding Episode 128 Stock vs Squares

Welcome to Creative Riding. Brought to you by our Patreon supporters. On this episode we get a helping hand to talk about Power Adders. Power WHAT!? You heard me!! We have some knowledgeable experts step up to the podium and shoot the bull, all the while explaining what type of mechanical and chemical power adders are available for your go-fast needs. We might even talk about some other funny stuff, but who knows. if you'd like to contact the show: or...


Creative Riding Episode 127 "Solstice Slam III"

It's The Slam! Get out the Ham! That doesn't even make sense, but hopefully you enjoy what other listeners have to say. Kick back, enjoy some stories from some of our peers. Have a great weekend! Social Facebook: @CreativeRidingPodcast Instagram: @creativeridingpodcast @wiggzero9 Twitter: @Creative_Rider Tumblr: creative-riding Mail web Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Google Play or where ever you get...


Creative Riding Episode 126 Two Wheel Time Machine

Time travel, adventure, old world technology, did I mention times travel? Welcome to Episode 126 of the Creative Riding Podcast. On this week's show, we have a very special guest on. He's known as Yeti, and he's made a living out of, well - living! He is also a long-time friend and a dear one at that. This week we're going to jump on a two-wheeled time machine and travel back to Yeti's roots, and find out how he got to where he is today. Wiggins is going to hop in here later. He JUST got...


Creative Riding Episode 125 "Talky Talk-a-Talk"

This week we talk, and talk, and talk. Luckily MOST of it motorcycle related. Welcome to Episode 125 of the Podcast called Creative Riding On this week’s show Chris wanted to keep it under 2 hours. And then talked for over two hours. That’s how we roll here at Creative Riding studios… always going above and beyond our own expectations. And hopefully yours. Segement 1: Open segment. I talk about riding and electronics stores. Chris updates us on Trusty Rusty’s new design. S*** about to get...


Creative Riding Episode 124 "Ten Year Bikes"

Scooters, Classics, Antiques, Long Range Rides, Carver's climb. We've got that and more in this episode of Creative Riding. Episode 124: Ten Year Bikes The main topic of today's show revolves around bikes that have persisted, for one reason or another, for the better part of a decade. Almost completely unchanged save for color or decals, we talk about the pros and cons of these long-running production staples. Before we get to all that: Intro: Check out Chris' knife making endeavor on...


Creative Riding Episode 123 Wiggins World

Welcome to episode 123. NOT "10 year bikes" Wiggins takes the helm and talks about his latest commute on two wheels. Hint: it was on street and dirt. News: I ask Wiggins one question about Ford news... he guides us off the beaten path and we squirrel hole into a whirlwind of cheap scoots, outsourced manufacturing, Walmart, China, Rusty Butcher handmade goods, Japan, Harley Davidson, Nixon, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I don't even know where we go, but somehow we DO talk about Flat...