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Creative Riding Episode 121 "Rock On"

Episode 121... not called Freaky Styley after all... Hey all, we have got a great show for you this week. Wiggins catches us up on the Ramming Speed Racing Classic/Small Bike Track day. Sounds like it was a blast, and Wiggins needs new tires. We'll get you geared up for some industry news and a shout out to (hopefully) Sarah who sent us some info regarding Ohio backroads. if you navigate the web to you'll find some really interesting and historically significant routes...


Creative Riding Episode 120

Hello there. Welcome to episode 120! Aptly named... uh, 120. On this episode Wiggins is back in the studio. Thanks to Atlantis Motor Garage for hosting and J Diggs from Diggs & Ghost for sitting in with us last week. On this week's show we get back to basics and talk shop in the garage. 1. We get an update on Wiggins' wrist injury ahead of the RammingSpeed track day at Willow Springs, and the Hippy Killer Hoedown round of the RSD SHNC. He had a fridge watch on over his cast... lol. 2....


Creative Riding Episode 119 "The Vortex"

Motorcycles, sharing, caring, and the homeless....It's all in this episode of Creative Riding Welcome to episode 119!! On the Episode we are coming to you live from Atlantis Motor Garage in the heart of Silverlake. Co-host Diggs is along for the ride, and helps facilitate the fun. There is a full cast and crew, and we talk about what Atlantis Motor Garage is and where they started. There are a couple of people who are fighting over a microphone the whole time, and you'll hear what didn't...


Creative Riding Episode 118 "Mil-Taco-ee Rivets"

Motorcycles, Rivets, Women Riders, Challenge, Tacos! Welcome to episode 118 of Creative Riding. Sit back and enjoy two buffoons as they wade through the murky waters of the motoswamp that is - The Motorcycle Industry!! There will be motorcycle news. There will be co-host updates. There will be nonsense. There will be women. And there will be much talk of tacos. It was good to be feeling 100 percent better and also to have Wiggins back in studio. Speaking of which, thanks to Kevin for...


Creative Riding Episode 117 DEAD AIRWAVES

Welcome to 117 Veggie Plate III, Daytona TT, Random Blabbage - we've got it all! Coming to you from the new digs, the studio was pulled out and erected just this morning! Editing as done on the fly! First was flung about the room! Tires were burned and throttles were turned! Come out to the Veggie Plate and Speedway Spectacular at Perris Raceway tomorrow! (In a few hours) Daytona TT Coverage and some other news. Reminder: Solstice Slam will happen June 1st this year, so email your...


Creative Riding Episode 115 "Sandra, I hope You're Happy"

Hey peeps! It's Friday. Time for another podcast In episode 115, Junky gets gobbled by a goblin, Wiggins gets smashed under an RC51, and a question gets answered. What should you do to bake bread? Should I go to Ecuador? Why is Honda loathed for their reliabilty? Why do podcasts O.D. on Harley and the future of the motor-co? Well Sandra, I hope you're happy!!!!!! Have a great weekend, and don't take yourself too seriously. This show is about getting out on two wheels, no matter what they...


Creative Riding Episode 114 "ART burn RIDE out"

Art, Burn outs, News, Music, Hooligans - this is the Creative Riding Motorcycle Podcast Welcome to episode 114 On this episode: Wiggins was still on the road (this time homeward bound) from his trip to Milwaukee for Flat out Friday and the Mama Tried show. Mrs. Riding wasn't up to the shenanigans two weeks in a row, so I pull an old fashioned one-man show. To start off with we share some news. I'll Summarize my trip to Art Ride. We've been pumping this gig since November when we...


Creative Riding Episode 113 "I tried"

Well everyone in Milwaukee- Have fun at Mama Tried and Flat Out Friday. In Cali - hope you can make it to Art Ride CA. One of us will be at each of those events. Hope to see you there. Part 1: Wiggins is out, Mrs. Riding is in. I talk with my wife about motorcycles. As a non-rider, we'll discuss some terms that non-riders might hear thrown around. Part 2: Scoots - Steady Garage ( has proven that scooters and light weight bikes can be fast and fun. Since my wife has...


Creative Riding Episode 112 "one one two"

FIM MotoE, The One, show bikes, a roast. welcome to episode 112. Welcome to episode 112 of Creative Riding. One In this episode we talk about Moto Energica. The segment was a little unplanned, but Wiggins and I go over a few press releases regarding topics that we've talked about before. Energica is providing the EgoGP for the FIM MotoE World Cup. It's based off of the beautiful Ego electric sportbike. We also talk about the Eva Street Fighter and the retro-styled Eva Esse Esse9. One On...


Creative Riding Episode 111 "Greek Week"

Before we begin, I’d like to encourage you to take a ride over to and use the link to buy yourself a mug from Zazzle! You’re worth it! In the spirit of the show, you can even customize it and send us pics. Part 1: Veggie Plate Wiggins walks us through the Veggie Plate Classic II Electric Boogaloo. You’ll hear about some flat track for sure, but I edited about 45 minutes of it out, so I’m sure you won’t hear about the Olympics, Beckergate,...


Creative Riding Episode 110 "Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk?"

Motorcycles, roasts, DIY garages, influencers, Giving a Shift about the future. This is episode 110. Hey, I didin’t even realize that the dumb dumb Superbowl was happening this weekend until I watched Jimmy Fallon just a few minutes ago. Is that still a thing? There is so much more happening this weekend, I hope I’m not alone when I say I’ll be out enjoying the twisties and blue skies. Before we begin, I’d like to encourage you to take a ride over to...


Creative Riding Episode 109 "Keep It Steady"

Motorcycles, roasts, scooters & hogs Shows, Giving a Shift about the future. This is episode 108. Well, you’ve made it to another episode. Give your self a pat on the back. On this episode we discuss listener feed back, e-mail, and other great input. We have a round of Instagram Shoutouts at the end of the show. Before we begin, I’d like to encourage you to take a ride over to and use the link to buy yourself a mug from Zazzle! You’re...


Creative Riding Episode 107 "Just as Worse"

Motorcycles, roasts, CAN-Bus, suppliers, what else? Get your info here. Well, you’ve made it to episode 107. Congrats! On this episode we discuss listener feed back. We have a round of Instagram Shoutouts at the end of the show. Before we begin, I’d like to encourage you to take a ride over to and use the link to buy yourself a mug! You’re worth it! In the spirit of the show, you can even customize it and send us pics. Part one: Wiggins...


Creative Riding Episode 106 "Rose colored glasses"

motorcycles and riding is what it's all about. no matter how sunny it is in Southern California. Welcome to episode 106 of the Creative Riding Motorcycle Podcast. On this show the co-host and I talk about the New Year's weekend. We rode with the Southern California Norton Owner's Club to Newcomb's Ranch for their annual Rose Ride. (Run for the Roses) We also talk about customizing your bike. That BikeEXIF deadline is coming up. We did a fair share of talking about the Rose Parade to be...


Creative Riding Episode 105 "Happy New Year'

Brappy New Year Junk Terdman and Hooligan Jesus talk about the last year. We look forward to bringing you some cool stuff in the new year, but until then, in the words of famous U.S. President Abraham Lincoln - "Party On Dudes". Join Creative Riding for the Run to the Roses on January 31st. We're heading out with the SoCal Norton Owners Club on their annual run up Angeles Crest to Newcomb's Ranch. Meet at Lucky Baldwin's Trappiste on Colorado Blvd (east end of the Rose Parade Route). KSU...


Creative Riding Episode 104 "Straight Blabbin"

Brappy Holidays. Chris and I sit around and straight blab for you. Yes, Jared Mees did some record breaking things this year. Yes, Ferran Cardus is a Spanish Flat Track Racer. Yes, there WAS a Vulcan 500. Yes, if you want to make it rich racing, start out really, really rich first. Yes, we all know that YOU don't use crappy tools... If none of this makes sense, sit back and listen. We're also going to get you going on your BikeEXIF build starting with the basics - the space you're going to...


Creative Riding Episode 103 "The Build Intro"

Motorcycles, Builds, Custom Tips & Tricks Welcome to episode 103 of the Creative Riding Motorcycles Podcast. There are several things that you can build: houses, bridges, collections, rapports, um... buildings. But the best things are motorized two-wheeled things that go between your legs- Motorbikes! 0:33:05= We talk to a Wisconsinian about a quick turn around on a DRZ build, plus what it's like to build a race league up north. 1:04:00 = We also have an interview with Rick Ortiz. You know...


Creative Riding Episode 102 "The Shocker"

This is the future of motorcycling. Clean 2-strokes and electric motorcycles. In this episode we talk a little news regarding Flat Track and the Superprestigio. The majority of this episode is about electric motorcycles, specifically the Zero FXS. Included in this banter is: ºThe future of motorcycling ºThe rest of the world's view on electric ºOur Impressions of the Zero FXS ºWhy video games are setting the next generation of consumers up for failure. ºWhy you shouldn't judge a book by...


Creative Riding Episode 101 "IMS Recap"

Motorcycles, Gear, Custom Builds, Interviews... it's here. Welcome to episode 101 - where you find out that I drive a stick-shift! Wiggins and I recently attended the Progressive IMS Long Beach, and since we were busy celebrating 100 episodes last week, we thought we'd give the rest of the nation a chance to catch up with the tour. Come along with us as we return to Creative Manor in the mobile studio. We'll talk about the new bikes for North America and what the OEMs are bringing to the...


Creative Riding Episode 100

This is Creative Riding, a podcast about motorcycles. Welcome to episode 100. We'll cover the last 100 episodes and review the guests and some of the topics. Enjoy with beverage of your choice. Find us here: web / email / twitter / @Creative_Rider instagram / @creativeridingpodcast facebook / @CrativeRidingPodcast tumblr/


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