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Creative Riding Podcast 147

Welcome to episode 147!! Creative Riding is brought to you with generous support from listeners and fellow riders like you! If you're interested in learning more, go to for details. On this episode of Creative-Riding we discuss AIM and some of the products and manufacturers that were at the 2018 exposition in Las Vegas. Wiggins is hard at work cobbling a track bike together, so legendary field producer Bri Viffer sits in on this episode. He attended on the...


Creative Riding Episode 146 : "Mother Klobman's Flattrack Hour"

Welcome to episode 146! The first hour and fifteen minutes or so is all about flat track. Why, with the 2018 AFT season wrapping up, what did ya think we'd talk about? Lots of silly season and Wiggins' usual insight into the sport. recap of the WIR Top 10 season as well. Five Second rule: We all know (or should) that you can't eat ALL foods after they hit the ground, but there are some that are still ok to blow off and pop in your mouth. What about parts? Are there parts that you can use...


Creative Riding Episode 145 "I said "Aural" not "Oral"!!

Welcome to episode 145!! Spooky Spokes is coming soon. Please submit your spooky ride story or creepy road video, etc to In this episode, Wiggins and I talk about our weekends. Wiggins initiated the inaugural Hooligan Campout. El Mirage went off without a hitch and good times abounded. The desert healed a few souls and took no victims. Junkster attended the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Orange County. I got to meet Steve Caballero, one of my skateboarding...


Creative Riding Episode 144 " In The Can"

Welcome to episode 144. In this episode, we are at Wiggins' house. He's in the bathroom for the duration of the show. You get to hear bathroom reverb, shower sounds, his pet chimp, and MUCH MUCH MOREE!!! Topic 1: 3 wheeled vehicles. Tricycles are amazing. Topic 2: Predictions. 3-4 motor shows are on the horizon. What will we predict for 2019? Topic 3: We talk about the BMW F650CS, the bike that almost escaped Adam Reed's grasp! Topic 4: Deadlines - Epic headlines in moto news that went...


creative riding episode 143 "Car Cast/Mad as Hell"

Welcome to episode 143... the "I love you" of episodes. If you listen to the banter on this show and decide that you like it, consider becoming a patron. It only takes a few minutes and gathers less information than a SnapChat account. Head over to to find out more. We have patronage starting at $1/month, and some pretty cool benefits. In this episode, the venerable Chris Wiggins and I talk about some stuff including but not limited to: •Harley-Davidson goods...


Creative Riding Episode 142 "Agspolutely"

Welcome to another glorious week of being Creative and listening to a Podcast. On this episode we have News, Current Events, Bananas, a guest and a game. Sit back and enjoy! please leave us a review and if you'd like behind the scenes audio and much more, become a supporter on find us in iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and more!!


Creative Riding Episode 141 "Ohio/Wisconsin"

Hey there, and welcome to another episode of your favorite podcast called Creative Riding. On this show we interview a singer/songwriter, adventurer, artist, teacher, dancer, screenwriter/author, biker, and a campsite owner. Should I take the time to mention that it's all the same person!? Grab a snack and a notepad. We talk about all sorts of stuff, and you're going to want to keep track! links: @serpentbonesohio on IG and a dose of...


Creative Riding Episode 129 "40 40 20"

Welcome to episode 129 Races, Rides, Rants, Reunions - this episode has it all!! Co-Host Chris Wiggins lands back in the studio this week to tell us what's been going on for the last week (2 episodes though) In his absence we talked to the clowns behind Stock is For Squares (Stretch and Slade), and many people yelled at their podcast devices while we got some of the facts partially mediocre. The First 40: This week Wiggins is back to talk about Racing Flat Track in KentArkLahomEssee, and...


Creative Riding Episode 128 Stock vs Squares

Welcome to Creative Riding. Brought to you by our Patreon supporters. On this episode we get a helping hand to talk about Power Adders. Power WHAT!? You heard me!! We have some knowledgeable experts step up to the podium and shoot the bull, all the while explaining what type of mechanical and chemical power adders are available for your go-fast needs. We might even talk about some other funny stuff, but who knows. if you'd like to contact the show: or...


Creative Riding Episode 127 "Solstice Slam III"

It's The Slam! Get out the Ham! That doesn't even make sense, but hopefully you enjoy what other listeners have to say. Kick back, enjoy some stories from some of our peers. Have a great weekend! Social Facebook: @CreativeRidingPodcast Instagram: @creativeridingpodcast @wiggzero9 Twitter: @Creative_Rider Tumblr: creative-riding Mail web Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Google Play or where ever you get...


Creative Riding Episode 126 Two Wheel Time Machine

Time travel, adventure, old world technology, did I mention times travel? Welcome to Episode 126 of the Creative Riding Podcast. On this week's show, we have a very special guest on. He's known as Yeti, and he's made a living out of, well - living! He is also a long-time friend and a dear one at that. This week we're going to jump on a two-wheeled time machine and travel back to Yeti's roots, and find out how he got to where he is today. Wiggins is going to hop in here later. He JUST got...


Creative Riding Episode 125 "Talky Talk-a-Talk"

This week we talk, and talk, and talk. Luckily MOST of it motorcycle related. Welcome to Episode 125 of the Podcast called Creative Riding On this week’s show Chris wanted to keep it under 2 hours. And then talked for over two hours. That’s how we roll here at Creative Riding studios… always going above and beyond our own expectations. And hopefully yours. Segement 1: Open segment. I talk about riding and electronics stores. Chris updates us on Trusty Rusty’s new design. S*** about to get...


Creative Riding Episode 124 "Ten Year Bikes"

Scooters, Classics, Antiques, Long Range Rides, Carver's climb. We've got that and more in this episode of Creative Riding. Episode 124: Ten Year Bikes The main topic of today's show revolves around bikes that have persisted, for one reason or another, for the better part of a decade. Almost completely unchanged save for color or decals, we talk about the pros and cons of these long-running production staples. Before we get to all that: Intro: Check out Chris' knife making endeavor on...


Creative Riding Episode 123 Wiggins World

Welcome to episode 123. NOT "10 year bikes" Wiggins takes the helm and talks about his latest commute on two wheels. Hint: it was on street and dirt. News: I ask Wiggins one question about Ford news... he guides us off the beaten path and we squirrel hole into a whirlwind of cheap scoots, outsourced manufacturing, Walmart, China, Rusty Butcher handmade goods, Japan, Harley Davidson, Nixon, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I don't even know where we go, but somehow we DO talk about Flat...


Creative Riding Episode 122 "Two Wheels, Three Bros"

Motorcycles. Racing, Concour's d'Elegance. We've got them all on this week's show. We have a special guest in the house this week to talk about motorcycles, racing, vintage stuff, and a few of the things that he promotes. Brady Walker is in the house! Who is that? Listen and find out. If you remember 2016, I traveled to the Corsa Motoclassica to watch some friends in the vintage races. That was the first year that Brady had taken over some of the promotional duties of the event. It's also...


Creative Riding Episode 121 "Rock On"

Episode 121... not called Freaky Styley after all... Hey all, we have got a great show for you this week. Wiggins catches us up on the Ramming Speed Racing Classic/Small Bike Track day. Sounds like it was a blast, and Wiggins needs new tires. We'll get you geared up for some industry news and a shout out to (hopefully) Sarah who sent us some info regarding Ohio backroads. if you navigate the web to you'll find some really interesting and historically significant routes...


Creative Riding Episode 120

Hello there. Welcome to episode 120! Aptly named... uh, 120. On this episode Wiggins is back in the studio. Thanks to Atlantis Motor Garage for hosting and J Diggs from Diggs & Ghost for sitting in with us last week. On this week's show we get back to basics and talk shop in the garage. 1. We get an update on Wiggins' wrist injury ahead of the RammingSpeed track day at Willow Springs, and the Hippy Killer Hoedown round of the RSD SHNC. He had a fridge watch on over his cast... lol. 2. There...


Creative Riding Episode 119 "The Vortex"

Motorcycles, sharing, caring, and the homeless....It's all in this episode of Creative Riding Welcome to episode 119!! On the Episode we are coming to you live from Atlantis Motor Garage in the heart of Silverlake. Co-host Diggs is along for the ride, and helps facilitate the fun. There is a full cast and crew, and we talk about what Atlantis Motor Garage is and where they started. There are a couple of people who are fighting over a microphone the whole time, and you'll hear what didn't get...


Creative Riding Episode 118 "Mil-Taco-ee Rivets"

Motorcycles, Rivets, Women Riders, Challenge, Tacos! Welcome to episode 118 of Creative Riding. Sit back and enjoy two buffoons as they wade through the murky waters of the motoswamp that is - The Motorcycle Industry!! There will be motorcycle news. There will be co-host updates. There will be nonsense. There will be women. And there will be much talk of tacos. It was good to be feeling 100 percent better and also to have Wiggins back in studio. Speaking of which, thanks to Kevin for setting...


Creative Riding Episode 117 DEAD AIRWAVES

Welcome to 117 Veggie Plate III, Daytona TT, Random Blabbage - we've got it all! Coming to you from the new digs, the studio was pulled out and erected just this morning! Editing as done on the fly! First was flung about the room! Tires were burned and throttles were turned! Come out to the Veggie Plate and Speedway Spectacular at Perris Raceway tomorrow! (In a few hours) Daytona TT Coverage and some other news. Reminder: Solstice Slam will happen June 1st this year, so email your...