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Like a 10mm socket, it's the show you've always been looking for.

Like a 10mm socket, it's the show you've always been looking for.


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Like a 10mm socket, it's the show you've always been looking for.




Creative Riding Episode 242 Connie Hangs Out

Happy Holidays creative riders! We hope your next couple of weeks are fun and festive. Before you wash down left overs and fruitcake with spiked eggnog, have a listen to this week's show. Stick around after the show for a new product announcement from Klobman's. Thanks everyone! Connie hangs out this week. She is half of the Girl on a Moto podcast. We talk about riding and missing our friends in 2020. We also talk about her and Beulah's successes and events that they have coordinated. There...


Creative Riding Episode 241 Cait Drops In

Hey Folks! On this week's show Cait drops in to talk about two wheels, quilting, organizing and so much more. There was not enough time to spend with her on this week's show, so we're definitely going to try and have her on again... despite what t0b0r says. Thanks for all of the feedback on our weekly questions. Some of our favorites have been using three emojis to describe this show, and how you would explain it to your mom. To contact Cait and get in on her quilt raffle (hurry - it's time...


Creative Riding Episode 240 "later than a gaiter"

On this week's show Patron Paul joins the show to talk about this year with Junky, t0b0r and Larry. We yap about his VFR, riding, not riding and a bunch of crap that happened in 2020. t0b0r says nothing, Junky says a lot, Paul says some, and Larry is not in the studio, but he is talked to anyways. Sit back and see if you can tell that the show was re-recorded 3 times and cut from three and a half hours to it's current length. Have fun and don't forget those that have been hanging around in...


Creative Riding Episode 239 "Shorty"

Hey Peeps. Have a great week You can engage the next generation of riders and ignite a rich imagination, all while learning with your favorite little one. reading that's fun for kids of all ages! Find out more at : Book a bike. Ride the World. Our favorite peer-to-peer rental service has made riding easier! If you aren't on Twisted Road yet, use the code WIGGINS when you register and receive a FREE DAY of riding!! If you're already a user, get a $25 credit when you...


Creative Riding Episode 238 "To Ride, Or Not To Ride"

On this week's show - We get locked out of the Burbank Studios again We get a new Patreon Supporter, which prompts a song We talk about Riding or Not Riding - YOU DECIDE!! DESICION 2020 COUNTDOWN!!! Thanks to our supporters on Patreon. Without them the show would not be possible. IF you want to become a patron, visit tell a friend about the show! You can find us on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tune In, Stitcher, Google and many other podcast apps. To contact...


Creatvie Riding Spooky Spokes V

Welcome to the final installment of Spooky Spokes This year we have a special paranormal personality on the show as well as our listener submissions. Enjoy! Thanks to our supporters on Patreon. Without them the show would not be possible. IF you want to become a patron, visit tell a friend about the show! You can find us on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tune In, Stitcher, Google and many other podcast apps. To contact the show:


Creative Riding Episode 237 "Don't waste a nap or..."

HEY! There is one more week until Spooky Spokes goes live!! Get out and ride! Don't waste a nap or a chance to ride! Also, don't waste a nap or a chance to get ghosted. Submit your Spooky Spokes entry before Midnight 10/30/20 to: ON this week's show t0b0r the sentient Robot is .... altered. Junky reflects on the year. Despite many things going sideways there have been some great things happening in the world and hopefully in everyone's personal lives. If...


Creative Riding Episode 236 "Blue Line Special"

Hey there, here's another episode. Just a reminder: Thank you, Patreon supporters for your continued support through this entire year. You have kept the show going. Without you the show would not be possible. IF you want to become a patron, visit On this week's show there is a little News: Supercharged future? Rossi crashes three times. Four if you count Covid-19. AFT Final results Endurocross at Glen Helen Junky's rhetoric this week is based on Video Game...


Weekly Wiggins 12

Weekly Wiggins Wacky Bike Syndrome. Wiggins: @wiggzero9 @Field_Initiative_Knives


Creative Riding Episode 235 "It October!"

Hello and Welcome to the first episode of October. A time when the air chills and the riding slows down. Unless you're in Southern California where we always burnin!!! On this week's show there is some general bologna. It's a Junky ramble fest, dontcha know!? . We also talk to a friend of the show about BMWs. You can find some of his YouTube stuff here: . October also brings the fifth installment of the Spooky Spokes spectacular to the Creative Riding...


Weekly Wiggins 11

¡Attention! Weekly Wiggins is now its own show on the Moto1 Podcast network!! It's still a great Creative Riding featurette, but now it is available alone on Anchor and Spotify, and will be distributed on other platforms soon! Wiggins: @wiggzero9 @Field_Initiative_Knives


Creative Riding Episode 234 "Repost Ohio"

On this week's show, we step back in time to talk with Sarah Guthrie, a creative and talented rider from oHIo. You can find her motorcycle travels on social media at @serpentsbonesohio and her music here: I also read her book on Kindle, Homeschooler v Middle School on Kindle. It was a quick and entertaining read that is perfect for an overnight ride. Thanks for listening to the show!! You can engage the next generation of...


Creative Riding Episode 233 "Hot Snow"

On this week's show, we talk about Hot Snow - It's not the latest White Claw flavor, it's what's falling down on Junky's house and the Creative Riding studios. Enjoy your labor day festivities, and hope it's not too hot or too wet to ride. That came out wrong, but you know what I mean. Spooky spokes is coming up in about a month. Get out and get scared. Then get your story to us for a chance to win some stuff. You can engage the next generation of riders and ignite a rich imagination, all...


Creative Riding Episode 232 Gen -X: Between Boomers and Bloomers

What do Jack White, Hustler Magazine, Roland Sands, Ducati 860GT and Junky Thurdmanne have in common? Listen to this week's show to find out. Gen-X vs Motorcycles : Between Boomers and Bloomers explores some of the best traits of Gen-X Spooky Spokes: Creative Riding's annual scary story show is only about a month and a half away. please share your creepy ride stories with us! Tell em Large Marge sent ya! To contact the show: (740)563-2858 FB/IG:...


Weekly Wiggins 10

Pioneer Blvd Tell Someone you love them, buy a gun, wear a mask, ride a motorcycle.


Creative Riding Episode 231 Shooting

Episode 231 with Junky Be sure to join or facebook page for COB/RA - Community Organized Bikes/Rider Artwork. We wanna see your bike or your bike art. Spooky Spokes is coming up soon. Think of a scary ride that you have gone on, or go find a ghost and take them on a ride looking for sasquatch. Either way, send us your scary ride story. Record it on your smart phone or email it to You can even call 740-563-2858 and leave it on our spooky spokes hotline.


Weekly Wiggins 9

Wiggins returns! In his first Weekly Wiggins in five months, Chris the Wiggins tell it how it is!! To Contact Chris - To contact the show: (740)563-2858 FB/IG: @creativeridingpodcast Twitter: @Creative_Rider Wiggins: @wiggzero9 @Field_Initiative_Knives


Creative Riding Episode 230 Which Brand is Best

Segment 1: What's going on? Junk is almost on fire at the studio, and not because of the fire raging on the hill behind him. Segment 2: News - Racing and Engine Building Segment 3: Which Brand is the best? I took a few things into consideration: Market saturation Segment variety Overall sustainability next week I will get into the options, features, farkles and sparkles Segment 4: Off Track - I forget what I did for this one, Segment 5: Junky’s tips - But I combined it with this one.. Please...


Creative Riding Episode 229 When Titans Fall

Welcome to episode 229 of Creative Riding When Titans Fall is an editorial view at the slow decline of a modern empire through the lens of myth and historical perspective. Segment One -this episode start out with a rant. beware. Segment Two: News: CBR600RR, Long Way Up, Markets Down, etc. Segment 3: When Titans Fall: A look at modern Titans that are gone or going Segment 4: Off Track - Conservation: What's with the trees? Segment 5: Junky's Tips - count your calories, look like Jax Teller...


Creative Riding Episode 228 " Nostalgic Feeling"

Creative Riding has moved to Sundays! Expectations of Nostalgia We all know that the CB750 was the first UJM, and first affordable production bike with disc brakes. Everyone remembers that the 750 Norton was affectionately called the Harley Killer for a reason. But does anyone remember the Spanish word for suitcase? Exactly. And like a word whose meaning we forget because we have not had purpose for its use in some time, vague memories and feelings of nostalgia can quickly overwrite hard...