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EarzUp! is a Disneyland podcast like no other. Twice a month, the hosts bring you the tips, tricks, and little-known facts that will make your next trip to the Disneyland Resort better than ever!

EarzUp! is a Disneyland podcast like no other. Twice a month, the hosts bring you the tips, tricks, and little-known facts that will make your next trip to the Disneyland Resort better than ever!


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EarzUp! is a Disneyland podcast like no other. Twice a month, the hosts bring you the tips, tricks, and little-known facts that will make your next trip to the Disneyland Resort better than ever!






EarzUp! In-Depth | Episode #27

There's a lot to cover this week in Disney News, and Jason and Jeremy try to cover it all. We talk about production woes with The Mandalorian, possible next moves for The Black Panther, and what's happening at the parks for Christmas.


The History of the Walt Disney Company | Pt. 5

Welcome to the final chapter of our journey into the History of the Walt Disney Company! Taren has led us all the way from inception to somewhere in the COVID-19 era, and we're a little sorry to see it go. Plus, we have some Disney News to cover that you won't want to miss!


EarzUp! In-Depth | Episode #26

It's time for another round of Disney News, and we have some good stuff to cover along with some sad stuff. We chat about some nighttime spectaculars being testing in the foreign parks, the passing of Chadwick Boseman, and how Disneyland could possibly reopen under the new California guidelines.


How Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Fits In With the Star Wars Universe

It's time to finally accept that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge isn't going anywhere. Yes, it's an amazing experience, but we can accept this and still agree that it's out of place in Disneyland, can't we? Well, we're gonna try! Jason takes us through the lore of Galaxy's Edge and how it fits into the greater Star Wars Universe. We also talk with Nick and Rob from Bantha Milk podcast, about some of the characters inhabiting Black Spire Outpost.


EarzUp! In-Depth | Episode #25

Much of the news lately centers around masks and the Disney Parks, so get ready to get funky with us! Jeremy is fresh off his trip to Walt Disney World, and he gives us his take on how safe WDW was. We also talk about Shanghai Disney's increased hours, and a bunch of other cool stuff.


The Haunted Mansion That Almost (kinda) Was

Chances are, you've never heard a Haunted Mansion story like this one - we hadn't! In the 12 years that the greatest ride in Disneyland spent gestating, there were many changes made. Not only to the storyline, but the effects, the ride - pretty much everything was different by the time the doors opened in 1969 from Ken Anderson's initial meeting with Walt back in 1957. Why is this? Well, we dive into an alternate conveyance that we hadn't heard about, and how different that would have made...


EarzUp! In-Depth | Episode #24

As things are progressing (for better or worse) at Walt Disney World, there's finally some different Disney News to talk about other than how opening up a theme park during a pandemic is not the best idea ever. We get some chatter about the Shanghai Disney nighttime spectacular, some updates on mask requirements, and a story about someone being caught with not one, but two handguns at WDW. Shockingly, this person wasn't from Florida, further proof that these truly are strange times we're...


The Best (and worst) Attractions in Each Land at the Disneyland Resort

The Disneyland Resort offers a lot in the way of attractions, but not all attractions are Imagineered equally. Brittany and Maddy join us in our quest to declare which is the best and which is the wort attraction in each land, and why. It's harder than you think, so play along and see if we're right or if we're really right! Plus, we have some Disney News to talk about!


EarzUp! In-Depth | Episode #23

It's time for more Disney News! Jason and Jeremy are back with more news from the Disney family of parks and resorts! Or something like that. Jer keys us in on some Twitter drama involving the NBA and their take-over of the ESPN Zone, while Jason feels like yelling about masks. Yes, again. It's a thing and it probably needs to stop. Photo courtesy of Disney


What To Do At The Disney Resorts (Without Going Into the Parks)

There is so much more to the Disney Resorts than simply a place to rest up in between park hopping sessions. Today on the show, Jeremy from SpectroRadio leads us through several great activities that don't need park tickets to enjoy. Plus, we chat with our pal Tracie Timmer from the Walt Disney Family Museum again! Tracie gives us the details on their brand new app, as well as everything they have planned to celebrate Disneyland 65th anniversary on July 17th.


The History of Big Thunder Mountain

It's not often that Disney rides are steeped in a clash between Imagineers, but sometimes it's conflict that makes ideas happen. On today's show, we go into the history of Big Thunder Mountain and how this old western mine train came to be so haunted in the first place. We also talk about Disneyland pushing their opening date back, and all the drama surrounding Splash Mountain.


EarzUp! In-depth | Episode #22

It's time for another round of Disney News, and boy, is there a lot to talk about. Hong Kong Disney is now officially open, and we go into detail on just why that was and why we are still waiting on Disneyland to crack it's gates, possibly. We talk about some news coming out of Disneyland Paris, for you continental types. Plus we talk about those "relaxation zones" that will be at Walt Disney World, and you can just guess as to what Jason thinks of them. Photo courtesy of Disney


Top 5 Underappreciated Attractions at the Disneyland Resort

We all know the heavy hitters of the Disneyland Resort: Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, etc. But what about the rides and attractions that aren't given their dues? On today's show, we run through our top 5 rides and attractions that are underappreciated for one reason or another, and why we think that is. It's a good way to look at that stinker of a ride in a different way, and hopefully find a new way to ride it.


The Music of Space Mountain

Space Mountain is the total package: creative unique music unlike anywhere else in the parks, a thrilling ride that somehow always makes you feel like you are riding it for the first time, and a chance to wave at the CM in the control booth, only to have them never even look at you. Jeremy from SpectroRadio takes us through the music of this amazing ride, and we cover some short Disney News.


EarzUp! In-Depth | Episode #21

Lots of news to talk about and yet, somehow, it's all the same. The Big Story coming out of Disney is the re-opening of Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. We also talk about the blow-back on social media (shocker) with regards to the mask policy, and how Hong Kong Disneyland is starting to prep for it's opening. Photo courtesy of Disney


All About The Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club has long intrigued us here at EarzUp! - a timeshare program within the Disney family has GOT to be done well, right? Well, we're about to find out! Miles joins us to tell us all the details on the DVC and helps us sort out if it's the right thing for us to "invest" in. You might remember Miles from our "Modeling Disney" show way back in 2015, and in addition to being a wiz at 3D modeling, he also happens to be a DVC member! But before all of that, we talk with Nick...


EarzUp! In-Depth | Episode #20

It's time for more Disney News! Today on the Show, we talk about what an open Disneyland Park could actually look like, and how Disney is giving back with it's latest merchandise offering. Plus some other nonsense that escapes me now. Side note: this photo has nothing to do with the episode. I just really like it. Photo courtesy of Disney


Let’s Plan A 3rd Gate At Disneyland

The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim is lacking in space - that's nothing new. Even so, we decided to throw logistics to the wind and come up with our own ideas for a third park at Disneyland! Where would it go? That's for other minds to figure out. We're just here to do some armchair designing! Plus, we chat with Tracie Timmer, Senior Public Programs Coordinator for the Walt Disney Family Museum, on their new "Happily Ever After Hours" virtual series of talks with various Disney luminaries. It...


EarzUp! In-Depth | Episode #19

As the small trickle of Disney news continues, Jeremy and Jason mine the internet for the full stories behind the stories! Or something like that. We have some good topics today, like Disney Plus editing movies before putting them on the service, and some updates on runDisney dates.


The Music of the Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is really all about the music. Some of the most iconic songs in the Disney catalog come from this movie, and today, Jeremy from SpectroRadio takes us through them. From conception to demo to final draft, it's surprising how little they changed, to be honest! So grab your forks, comb your hair, and get ready for the only way to be drug down into the sea ... listening to The Little Mermaid! Photo of "Ariel's Undersea Adventure" courtesy of Disney