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Episode 47 - Ice Cream, Anyone? (SDCC 2019)

This episode was recorded in front of a live, marina audience. That audience consisted of ice cream peddlers, pedicab drivers, Marvel fans on a boat, and entitled ladies who thought they could just walk right into San Diego Comic-Con and interview a chef. Opening clip courtesy of Betty Gilpin, from the Entertainment Weekly Women Who Kick Ass panel. Join Liz and Mel as they talk - FACE TO FACE! - about the first few days of SDCC, no longer feeling beholden to The CW, Batwoman's lollipop head,...


Episode 44 - Boy Band Ride or Die

IT'S THE FIRST EPISODE OF YEAR 02 OF FANPALS! This episode is brought to you by Laurens, because our guest is the Lauren that made our logo, which means the entire front end of our show is done by Laurens. We love Laurens. Guest Lauren shared with us her deep and abiding love for music fandoms (especially boy bands, if you couldn't already tell by the title) and her current obsession with podcasts. Rough time stamps for topic changes (though these don't account for each and every tangent,...


Episode 43 - You Owe Your Life to Glee

ANOTHER EPISODE WE RECORDED IN APRIL! No, you can't tell that Liz took a break from editing/posting episodes in May. <.< Whatevs, this chat with Karen Rought (@karen_rought) of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast and Hypable fame ages as well as a fine wine. Rough time stamps for topic changes (though these don't account for each and every tangent, that would be impossible): 1:15 - Guest intro 5:00 - Brief hockey chat 7:15 - The beginnings of Karen's fandom journey aka when she got into Harry...


Episode 42 - Fanon Jesus is Better Than Canon Jesus

As you can tell from the hockey chat in this episode, we recorded this waaaaay back in April. Guest Mel (aka @jane_anon, a host of @nerdsofpreycast, Confab Con con comm member) joined us to talk about anime, the wild early days of SPN fandom, and so many other things. Rough time stamps for topic changes (though these don't account for each and every tangent, that would be impossible): 0:50 - Guest intro 4:55 - X-Files 7:15 - Cowboy Bebop 9:05 - Vampire Appreciation Club 12:10 - Harry Potter...


Episode 41 - Swung Both Rays

A million years ago, the Fanpals recorded an episode with guest Celli. It has finally been edited and it's now live. And it was worth we wait (we think). Rough time stamps for topic changes (though these don't account for each and every tangent, that would be impossible): 2:30 - Intro to Celli and also Brandon Bollig 12:00 - Early fandom memories (classic Trek & BSG) 16:45 - Due South & Highlander 29:30 - Tangent about how time is wacky 35:00 - Back to Highlander! 39:30 - Buffy the Vampire...


Episode 40 - So Many Questions About Fish Carcasses

WE'RE BACK! Your Fanpals decided to go guestless to catch up on all the new stuff they're into, or old stuff that they've been going back to. It's a Fanpals State of Fandom, so to speak. Here are the rough time stamps for the episode, in case you want to only listen to one part: 14:00 - Theme intro (everything before that is catching up on life and talking about the weather) 16:05 - Endgame chat, because we never got to talk about it together 31:20 - What Mel is reading & watching (Dramione,...


Episode 39 - There Is Always a Reason For Butt Stuff

In this week's episode, Liz drags guests Meg and Renee to therapy because EVERYTHING IS ENDING. We watched the Supernatural finale (the penultimate finale!) AND Avengers: Endgame this weekend, and we needed to talk about it. Like, a lot. Like, a lot a lot. THERE ARE SPOILERS ALL OVER THIS EPISODE. From basically moment one. So if you do not want to be spoiled for the season finale of Supernatural or Avengers: Endgame, then give this one a miss pals. Here are the rough time stamps for the...


Episode 38 - Dibs On That Band Name

Last month Lauren went to her first big convention with Liz, so the Fanpals talk about that and other things this week. Here are some rough timestamps for topic changes (though remember we love a good tangent): 2:45 - Intro and random real life chat 10:00 - Segue to topic and Lauren's visit with Liz's cat 13:30 - Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 24:30 - Lauren's con newb insights 27:00 - Twisted Toonz and John Barrowman 34:45 - Kids in cosplay 41:15 - Fandom confession 44:00 - Tyler...


Episode 37 - Too Much Priquid

Fanpals do memes! We've always wondered what our house elf names would be. Memes start at 11:30, before that we do a fandom confession and just a little bit of yelling about Gritty. As we do. If you want to be a guest on Fanpals, let us know! You can email us at, or tweet us @fanpalspodcast. And join in the conversation online with the hashtag #Fanpals. WE LOVE YOU. <3, Mel, Liz, and Lauren


Episode 36 - Eyeliner Sets My Spirit Free

Finally, the kdrama episode! You may not know this, but this episode has been almost four months in the making. Partlygood joins the Fanpals for the third time (though this is the first you're hearing her) to talk about Hindi films, kdramas, and so much more. Rough time stops for topic changes (though these don't account for each and every tangent, that would be impossible): 1:15 - guest intro (re-intro?) 3:30 - potions chat 6:00 - My Little Pony, Quantum Leap, and Star Trek: The Next...


Episode 35 - Black Girl Hockey Club: The Realness

From a Dallas Stars initiation in a San Diego hotel room to learning the sport and applying that knowledge to a Supernatural hockey AU, Renee Hess's hockey fandom has been a whirlwind that led her to starting the Black Girl Hockey Club. Learn more about the creation of the BGHC (more than she's shared with all the real professionals she's had interviews with) and the future of the organization as Renee tries to get a word in edgewise with the giddy cohosts of Fanpals. We talk creating...


Episode 34 - On Mourning Celebrity Deaths

Content/trigger warnings: death, suicide After Luke Perry died suddenly this past week, Liz needed to talk through her feelings about him, and celebrity deaths in general. Thank goodness for the Fanpals, including recurring guest Meg, who stepped in to talk things through. Don't worry, the episode isn't a total downer. We tried to end with a little lighthearted conversation about the parents we love on teenage shows (and other shows as well). But mostly this episode is therapy. If you're...


Episode 33 - Train, What Train?

DID YOU MISS US? One of Liz's Queer as Folk fanpals joins us this week, and Liz made it all the way through the episode without having a breakdown! Granted, we talked about more than just QaF. Aimee is a fan of boy bands, theater, and so much more. Time stamps for topic changes (though these are pretty rough, since we don't stick to one thing for too long): 1:10 - Days of Our Wives 2:00 - Guest intro 2:45 - Fandom confession 8:30 - Aimee's fandom history (starting with Hanson and The...


Episode 32 - Headlocked

Liz got to interview Mike Kingston of Headlocked Comics about his comic and other projects, as well as the state of wrestling as a whole. There's a lot of overlap between comic book fandom and wrestling fandom, which makes sense if you look at the storytelling techniques of both forms of entertainment. The interview starts at 31:00, and it's a good conversation even if you aren't into wrestling. And who knows, maybe you'll listen to it and decide to give sports entertainment a shot! Before...


Episode 31 - Taking Advantage of Our Depravity

Fanpals' guest this week is Lyn, who was one of the founders of Keysmash. She talks about her various fannish interests, and only prompts a few tangents from the Fanpals along the way. Time stamps for topic changes (though these are pretty rough, since we don't stick to one thing for too long): 1:15 - Guest intro 3:50 - Blackhawks conventions 8:05 - The Robert Buckley story (sorry, Steph) 11:30 - Lyn's fandom history, and the brief backstory of lemons and limes 15:30 - Gritty tangent...


Episode 30 - Ooh I Touched a Butt

Mel, Liz, and Lauren share some of their plotbunnies and WIP premises in this week's episode. And they're up for adoption! From Supernatural gen to hockey porn, our bunnies land anywhere on the spectrum from G- to X-rated. And like regular bunnies, they breed! The more we talk about ideas in different fandoms, the more ideas we come up with. Do any of our bunnies sound interesting to you? Feel free to write the fic and link us. Go to and comment on the supplemental post if...


Episode 29 - Fan Families

Liz FINALLY gets her wish of interviewing fan families. The first Fan Families guests are fanmom Leiah and her mini-me Lily. They talk Harry Potter (with bonus strong opinion eyebrows), conventions, and BTS. Are we introverted because we're fanpeople or are we fanpeople because we're introverted? The Fanpals discuss all this and more with Leiah and Lily. Listen until the end to hear Lily's excellent explanation of being a fan. Listen all the way to very end to hear Leiah mildly horrify her...


Episode 28 - Broaden Lauren's Horizons

In last week's episode Lauren stated that one of her 2019 goals is to watch a television show. Yes, just one. Listen in as Mel and Liz try to convince her to watch one of their shows. Will Lauren actually watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Doubtful. But Liz had to try. Mel also has a great list of "honorable mentions" shows that don't meet Lauren's criteria. No ongoing shows, what????? Do you have any suggestions for TV Lauren - or Liz, or Mel - should get into? Let us know! You can email...


Episode 27 - Goals and Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Your Fanpals have some goals and resolutions for 2019 that they'd like to share with you. Some are fannish, some are more geared towards real life, but they're all important and hopefully achievable. Do you set goals or resolutions or the symbolic clean slate of the calendar flipping to a new year? Share with us! Cheers to you, dears, and to a new year that is hopefully better but at least not any shittier than the one before. <3, Mel, Liz, and Lauren P.S. We'd love for you...


Episode 26 - Chocolate Starfish

It's finally time for your Fanpals to talk about their favorite fic. Listen in for a discussion of their go-to stories for laughing, crying, feeling good, and Feeling Good (if you catch our totally subtle drift). Links included here because there's no supplemental post this week (Keysmash is on holiday hiatus). Enjoy!