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Podcast – Content as a Brand Builder: Part 2 Interview with Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle – Film Insight S03E04

Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle is back for Part 2 of our interview! In this episode, we talk about Alex’s use of previous content to market his latest project on Seed & Spark, a crowdfunding site for independent films, and as perks to incentivize contributions. We also hear a great anecdote which relates his …


Podcast – Content as a Brand Builder: Part 1 Interview with Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle – Film Insight S03E03

Our guest, Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle, was gracious enough to do a second take with us when we had technical difficulties with our first interview. On our second go, we talked about so much more that we’re splitting this up into two episodes! Part 1 is all about building up a content library to …


Podcast- Uncompromising Success: Making the Hollywood Dream a Reality with Angie Wang- Film Insight S03E02

Photo Credit: SF Gate In this episode, Ben interviews Angie Wang, the filmmaker behind Cardinal X! Angie talks about the experience of switching careers -from sales to film- and how she used her sales skills to drum up support for her first feature. Angie’s unique story and colorful language make for an entertaining and informative …


Podcast – Content Marketing with Jeremiah Boehner – Film Insight S03E01

Welcome Back to the Film Insight Podcast! We’re happy to have Jeremiah Boehner on to talk about content marketing and a way for filmmakers to finance their ongoing operations by working with brands to create content to market their products. As you’ll hear in the interview, creating content for brands isn’t as droll as it used …


Film Insight Season 2 – Episode 11 – Jim Cummings

This week on Film Insight, we have Two Time SXSW Speaker and avid Film Insight listener Jim Cummings. We talk about some of the seedier sides of studio advertising, how to make a viral video, and the decline in storytelling. In talks of the digital revolution, we discuss how while filmmaking has been democratized, yet …


Film Insight Season 2 – Episode 10 – Barry Freeman

Ratings are a tricky and often overlooked subject for filmmakers. It’s an area that is far too often shrouded in mystery. This week, Randy and Ben talk to Barry Freeman, who spent 10 years on the ratings board at the MPAA, appeared in This Film is Not Yet Rated, and currently makes his living as …


Film Insight Season 2 Episode 9 – Leah Meyerhoff.

The In this week’s episode of Film Insight, Randy and Ben speak to Leah Meyerhoff about Theatrical Distribution for her Independent Film, as well as the importance of community building. Leah just released her independent feature film I Believe in Unicorns which premiered at South by Southwest (SXSW). We also talk about ways for independent …


Season 2 Episode 8 -David DiVona of Proven Entertainment

In this Week’s episode of Film Insight, Ben interviews David DiVona of Proven Entertainment. Proven is one of the few companies actively acquiring webseries and getting them wider distribution. This is the first full on Distributor we’ve had on Film Insight, and he provides excellent information all aspiring filmmakers really should know, and thing that …


Film Insight Season 2 Episode 7 – LA Macabre

More In This week’s Episode of Film Insight, Ben and Randy decompress about the Recent SF Web Fest, and Ben interviews the guys behind LA Macabre. LA Macabre is a horror webseries currently doing a crowdfunding campaign for it’s second season. In the interview, we talk about how the guys went about building their audience, marketing …


Film Insight Season 2 Episode 6 – Claudia Christian and Adam Schoemer

More In This week’s Episode Ben and Randy interview Claudia Christian and Adam Schomer who produced and Directed the Documentary “One Little Pill.” Claudia is best known for her role as Commander Susan Ivanova on TV’s Babylon 5. The documentary is follows the lives of several people who have suffered from alcoholism, and have been …


Making Waves with your Webseries Part 3 – Distribution

In this week's episode, The Panel from BAWIFM speaks on web festivals and webseries distribution


Film Insight Episode 4: Marsha Levine on Product Placement

Randy and Ben talk withMarsha Levine, owner of A-List Entertainment, a LA-based product placement agency. Definitely helpful to know how product placement (and clearance for brands) happens, even for indie films!


Film Insight Episode 3: Marc Smolowitz on Producing

Randy and Ben have a jam-packed discussion withMarc Smolowitz, award winning Bay Area producer/director. He rouses us with inspirational messages to young producers! He wows us with his tech background and the inevitable return to his passion! Don’t miss even the tiniest bit of it!


Film Insight Episode F1: Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival

Randy goes solo to theSebastopol Documentary Film Festivalto find out more about the documentarian lifestyle and some of the interesting community of folks who make the festival happen! Randy speaks withDoug Pray, director of the film“Levitated Mass”, as well as Erica Ginsberg, executive director ofDocs In Progressabout improving your pitch,and finallyPapagena Robbinsfrom Concordia University about … Continue reading Film Insight Episode F1: Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival →