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Ella Enchanted

Our first adaptation that I couldn't find a single person in my life who thinks the movie was a faithful representation of the book. Ella Enchanted is a wonderful book, and an ok movie on its own. But when comparing the movie to the book it is just sad. Listen in to hear why we enjoy the book so much more. And let us know what you think.



The classic and beloved picture book Shrek, by William Steig, was made into an Academy Award winning movie of the same name. So how did DreamWorks do at adapting this short children's book to a full length movie? Listen in as we discuss the characters, plots, themes and humor of Shrek, the book and the movie.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

This episode Alicia is joined by her mom, Helen, to discuss the L. Frank Baum classic and compare it to its 1939 movie counterpart, starring Judy Garland. We focus on scenes we wish made it into the movie, changes to our favorite characters, and the themes present in the book and how they were presented in the movie.


Jurassic Park

Today we are joined by Lindsey Hannan to introduce this podcast and discuss Jurassic Park, it's sequel, The Lost World, and 4 of the 5 movies that these books have spawned. We discuss scenes we wish had made it to the movie, characters we actually like better in the movie, and themes that made it from the book to the movie. Oh and we try to use as many iconic Jurassic Park quotes as possible. Listen in and see if we can decide if the book is truly better than the movie.