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A weekly show focusing on pop culture, current events, movies, TV, life, and music. Welcome, Citizens. This is the Heroes of Noise Podcast. Let’s begin.

A weekly show focusing on pop culture, current events, movies, TV, life, and music. Welcome, Citizens. This is the Heroes of Noise Podcast. Let’s begin.


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A weekly show focusing on pop culture, current events, movies, TV, life, and music. Welcome, Citizens. This is the Heroes of Noise Podcast. Let’s begin.




Episode 171 - There's Someone Inside Your House, The Voyeurs, Superhost, V/H/S/94, and Halloween Kills

Welcome to Episode 171 This week we keep the opening banter short and get to what we've been watching over the past week a little quicker. This week it's all about thrillers and killers. Dan gives 2 quick reviews for movies Steve hasn't seen yet. The first being the Netflix original "There's Someone Inside Your House", and the second being the Amazon Prime Video original "The Voyeurs". When we get into what we've both seen, we start off with the Shudder original "Superhost". We follow that...


Episode 170 - Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings, Squid Games, The Many Saints of Newark, and Stuck In The Middle (The Game)

Welcome to Episode 170 This week Dan is back on his bullshit with his 3d printer and talks about his recent creations, We've both been stood up by Steve's son as he decided to take his new girlfriend to Halloween Horror Nights instead of come with us. We also continue our discussion about plans to go to HHN ourselves. Dan gives Steve the business about his Tik Tok account and talks him into an impromptu game of "Stuck In The Middle", the game where lyrics are randomly grabbed from an odd...


Episode 169 - Y: The Last Man, Volk, Attack On Titan, Reservation Dogs, and Midnight Mass (SPOILERS)

Welcome to Episode 169! Last episode was a bit of a false start, as we thought we were back in business. Unfortunately Dan got pretty sick and had to take a couple more weeks off. But he's back, he's better, and ready to do what HON does, which brings us to the next paragraph. Here's some of what we're talking about on this episode: Here's what we've watched and or listened to this week: Y The Last ManAttack on TitanReservation DogsMidnight Mass Thanks to Volk for letting us play their...


Episode 168 - "A Fine How Do You Do"

Welcome to Episode 168! After a month-long absence HON is back. This week we do some necessary catching up as we haven't really spoken much over our hiatus. Here's a bit of what we're talking about in this one: We don't do any full on reviews on this one, but we do talk about some of the things we've seen while we were away They include: We'll keep the notes short and sweet, and just say we're glad to be back and don't plan on any long hiatuses in the near future. Thanks for sticking with...


Episode 167 - "Blood Red Sky" & "Old" Reviews (Spoilers)

Welcome to Episode 167 This week we start off talking about music pretty much from the get go. We discuss recording "artist" DaBaby. It's mostly us making fun of his name, but this leads us into one of our "Old Men on New Music" discussions. Also on the show, Dan comes to the realization that "Satanic stuff is awesome", singer Aaron Lewis has a new song with an old agenda and we're not having it, There are definitely cooler ways way to die, Tales from the Muay Thai Kid, and more. In Noise...


Episode 166 - Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Ted Lasso Season2, Dee Gees, Pig, The Forever Purge, and McCartney 3,2,1

Welcome to Episode 166! This week we're not alone as longtime friend of the show Quinton Roberts of The Reel Zodiac podcast joins us to catch up, laugh, and review some content. It's always a pleasure having Quinton with us and this time was no exception. First up Dan gives a short review of Kevin Smith's 'Masters of the Universe: Revelation' (Now on Netflix). He keeps it pretty vague as he's the only one who's seen it. This also applies to 'Ted Lasso' S2E01 (AppleTV+). *At the time of...


Episode 165 - Black Widow and Wrong Turn

Welcome to Episode 165 In our continued scramble for a normalized recording schedule, we waited until Sunday to record this episode. We both needed to see "Black Widow" and couldn't let the episode happen without talking about it. This week we not only have a "Black Widow" review for you but we also discuss the 2021 reboot "Wrong Turn", directed by Mike P. Nelson. We'll keep the notes short this time and let you get to listening. We'll be back later this week with another episode. If...


Episode 164 - This Is Pop, Fear Street Part 1: 1994, The Tomorrow War, and Werewolves Within

Welcome to Episode 164 (Recorded 7/4/21) We hope everyone had a great Independence Day (if you're American, that is). If you're not American than we hope you had a great weekend just the same. On this week's show we bring you 4 reviews: "This is Pop"Uncover the real stories behind your favorite pop songs as this docuseries charts the impact of the festival scene, Auto-Tune, boy bands and more"Fear St Part1 1994"A circle of teenage friends accidentally encounter the ancient evil...


Episode 163 - Dave S2E03, Hoarders, Physical, and Wrath of Man

Welcome to a snack-sized episode of HON Episode 163 clocks in at just over an hour, but we think it feels like a good 90 minutes. Quality over quantity, ya know? Before we get into what we've watched over the past week, a few subjects are discussed. Some of them include: As far as the reviews go: That brings us to the end of another Episode, but fret not, faithful listener. HON will be back later this week with Patreon episodes 27 and 28, as well as Episode 164 on our main feed. we got...


Bonus Episode: Interview with Paris Themmen (Mike Teavee) of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Yo! Dan here. Welcome to a special bonus episode of Heroes of Noise. On this episode I, along with Brian from Pop Culture Leftovers and Brooke Daugherty from The Picardcast sit down with Paris Themmen, better known as Mike Teavee from #WillyWonkaandtheChocolateFactory. We talk about all things Wonka, including the 50th anniversary release of the film on 4K Ultra Blu-ray and Digital. * This is actually a PCL episode, but Brian is a good guy and allowed me to publish the interview on the HON...


Episode 162 - Dave S2, Awake, and Alone

Welcome to Episode 162 This week ya boys spend a lot of time catching up with each other as we felt it was needed. We spend the first hour talking about an assortment of subjects before getting to the reviews. Here's a bit of what we're talking about: Because we spend so much time talking about non -review subjects on this episode, it will be one of the only times that we leave time stamps for the reviews. We get it. We're tardy, and you've got shit to do. So here you go: Reviews Dave -...


Episode 161 - Gangs of London, Sweet Tooth, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, and Loki S1E01

Welcome to Episode 161 Pardon the tardiness. This was meant to come out a little earlier but it didn't due to internet issues. Anyway, we'll keep the notes short. This week we hit you with the following reviews: We hope you enjoy this week's episode. Look out for Episode 162 later in the week. Peace! Become A Patreon Patron You can help support the show , get exclusive podcast episodes, and get some sweet stuff back in the process by joining us on Patreon Click here to find out...


Episode 160 - A Quiet Place 2, Cruella, Friends: The Reunion, and Love and Monsters

Welcome to Episode 160 This one starts out on an interesting note as Steve and Dan discuss a future Alanis Morissette concert date. We'll leave it at that and let you listen. But yes, the frustration in Dan's voice is real. This wasn't for entertainment purposes, we assure you. What are your thoughts on the matter? Be sure to let us know. It always makes for great podcasting if you shoot us some voicemails. Speaking of voicemail, we play one from our friend Paul Hart who just wanted to...


Episode 159 - The Unholy, Spiral, Snowfall, Mare of Easttown, Marvel's M.O.D.O.K., 1971- The Year That Music Changed Everything, Mythic Quest S2, and Seth Rogen's Yearbook

Welcome to Episode 159. After a week off we're back with a little bit of a shorter show. Unfortunately Steve was pressed for time this week so we pretty much try to get everything that we watched this week into the conversation right from jump. What you're getting this week is a bunch of quick reviews. We just wanted you to know what we watched and if we think they're worth your time. Movies / TV Shows mentioned in the podcast include: "The Unholy" (VOD / in Theaters), "Spiral" (In...


Episode 158 - Animal vs Man and A Battle of Rock Singers

Welcome to Episode 158 This week we start things off talking about the new CDC guidelines and what they mean to us. From there, as usual, we go all over the place. Here are some of the topics we discuss this week: A Den, A Study, and a Hairless Cat The end of the phrase "Master Bedroom" A hypothetical Helicopter ride in the name of justice "Phomunda" Life hacks for chafing Steve’s Gym clothes woes A Kevin Shanks inspired animal fighting discussion Battle of the Rock Singers That's...


Episode 157 - Without Remorse, Jupiter's Legacy, There Is No "I" in Threesome, Trafficked with Mariana Van Zeller, Generation Hustle, and The Good Fight

Welcome to Episode 157 This week we get to talking right away and start the conversation talking colleges and cruise ships, Steve's has recruited a maid service and shares his experience with that, Ben Affleck has new dating woes even though he's freaking Ben Affleck, and then we somehow find a way to pit DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince up against Hall and Oates. No, seriously. When it comes to what we've been watching: Dan gives his review of 'Without Remorse' starring Michael B...


Episode 156 - Nobody, Stowaway, Mortal Kombat, and HON vs the Five-O

Welcome to Episode 156 This week we're back with 3 reviews coming in the forms of "Nobody" (VOD), "Stowaway" (Netflix), and "Mortal Kombat" (HBO Max) Before all that though we get into a few topics including the both of us having a couple of "crappy" days (one of us more than the other), the tacky move of upgrading your own wedding ring, HON vs the Five-O, and a new Jordan Peele movie. We also read some listener mail and a couple of iTunes reviews. We hope you all enjoy this episode as...


Episode 155 - R.I.P. Shock G, Black Rob, and Jim Steinman, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale, For All Mankind S2 Finale, Lost rewatch, and The Boys From County Hell

Welcome to Episode 155 This week we turn on our mics, press "record", and give you a show that we're calling "Something Out Of Nothing". However, that's not to say we bring nothing to the table this week. We start the show out saying goodbye to not one, but THREE entertainment icons. The world seems emptier as we lost writer and producer Jim Steinman, Shock g of Digital Underground, and Black Rob all in one week. Terrible. This sends us down a music rabbit hole that has us talking about...


Episode 154 - Happy Birthday, Steve, Dogecoin To The Moon, Them, Here's Negan, Creepshow Season2, and More.

Welcome to Episode 154 This week we start off by celebrating Steve's birthday. Steve talks about a very special gift ge got from his lady and we also spend some time listening to birthday voicemails from our friends and then we get back to the show. Seriously, he's had 42 other birthdays already. How much time do we have to spend on this? (Just kidding) Dan talks about his experience with Dogecoin, the recent pump from $.07 to $.47, and how it's going for him so far. Steve talks about...


Episode 153 - R.I.P DMX, Who Dis? Game, Made For Love, Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula, and The Real World Homecoming: New York

Welcome to Episode 153 This week we start off by saying goodbye to the one and only DMX who died of a heart attack earlier this week. As the show roles on the banter takes us into Noise News. Dan gives the lowdown on Disneyland Reopening: Avengers Campus to Open on June 4 at California Adventure Prince’s New Posthumous Album AI Software Wrote a ‘New’ Nirvana Song Rapper will.i.am is selling a smart mask for $299 Before we get into a couple of reviews, Dan plays a game of "Who Dis?" with...