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A weekly fan-based podcast discussing ,pop culture ,TV, movies, music, & anything else we deem worthy. Hosts: Steve and Dan

A weekly fan-based podcast discussing ,pop culture ,TV, movies, music, & anything else we deem worthy. Hosts: Steve and Dan
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A weekly fan-based podcast discussing ,pop culture ,TV, movies, music, & anything else we deem worthy. Hosts: Steve and Dan




Episode 47 - Jim Breuer: More Than Me, You Might Be The Killer, Bad Blood, Steve's Take On Thoroughbreds, & A Metallica Quiz

Ladies and Gentlemen, People of Earth: The time has come for yet ANOTHER submission into the archives. The Heroes of Noise are back with Episode 47. On this episode Dan talks about checking out Jim Breuer live and the follow up viewing of Jim Breuer: More Than Me. He also talks about his viewing of the Shudder exclusive: You Might Be The Killer. Steve takes Dan's advice and watches Thoroughbreds and also gives his thoughts on Bad Blood Starring Kim Coates. We cap things off with Steve...


Episode 46 - Crazy Rich Asians, Deadwax, Inside Jokes, The House W/ A Clock In It's Walls, and Can You Ever Forgive Me

Greetings, Citizens! Here's a another episode from the podcast that just won't stop, Ya boys, the dynamic duo, otherwise known as the Heroes of Noise. Welcome back. This week on Episode 46 we give you yet again, a quicker show than usual. Be patient please as Steve is in the middle of finals week and is devoting the majority of his time to higher learning. Once vacation starts for him, it's on. We assure you. On Episode 46 we discuss the Shudder Original series Deadwax, Inside Jokes on...


Episode 45 - Keepin It Loose (A Quick Sit-down)

Greetings, citizens! It's that time again. Welcome to Episode 45 of Heroes of Noise. This week we give you a looser podcast. It's similar to our Pregame shows, which we haven't done for a while now. We do plan on getting back to them soon, giving you 2 shows a week. To be honest, we just felt like doing something like this and we'll be getting back to it next week. Topics discussed on this episode: Kevin SmithRobert RodriguezCreed 2Sylvester Stalloneretiring RockyTessa ThompsonConstance...


Episode 44 - Creed 2, Widows, Cam, Searching, and Red Dead Redemption 2

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Citizens! Ya boys are back and we apologize for our tardiness. We got caught up in the holiday shuffle and we needed to put things off for a few days. Nevertheless, it's time to bring it. Welcome to Episode 44 of Heroes of Noise. This week we discuss the Netflix / Blumhouse original movie "Cam", Steve has seen "Searching" starring John Cho and want's to talk about it, Dan has jumped on the Red Dead Redemption 2 train and is loving it. Lastly, we close out the...


Episode 43- Homecoming, Bodyguard, Superstore, The Eighties, Beastie Boys Book, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald, and Overlord

Greetings, true believers! Welcome to Episode 43. Hope you liked the Stan Lee tribute we did in the intro. We were going to talk about his death a lot more but ran out of time. So unfortunately you just get the intro and a few words at the end. Sometimes it's not good to bury the lede. RIP, Stan. You'll be missed by many. Before we give you the breakdown, we'd like to apologize for the sound quality on this episode. We had to record in a different fashion than we normally do and as a...


Episode 42 - The Night Comes For Us, Private Life, Ghost Stories, Rita, and Bohemian Rhapsody

Greetings citizens! Episode 42 came out a little late as you can probably tell. Our apologies for keeping you waiting. This week on Heroes of Noise We discuss last Halloween and we give a list of "deal breakers" when it comes to trick or treating. We also discuss Dan's wife's new obsession with Hallmark Christmas movies and take a stab at writing a few ourselves. Regarding what we've been watching, Steve gives his thoughts on his latest viewings. They include The Night Comes For Us,...


Episode 41 - Halloween Special : "Geek Out / Freak Out 2" with your hosts "Steve Bloodson" and "Vampaniel Ramirez"

Good evening, children of the night.... This week Heroes of Noise proudly present our second annual Halloween special: "Geek Out / Freak Out 2", with your hosts: "Steve Bloodson" and "Vampaniel Ramirez" On this episode, we discuss our recent visit to Halloween Horror Nights and give our "reboos" on each maze. We've been waiting a week to do this. We also give our "reboos" of Trick 'r Treat Haunted Hellraiser Hellbound:Hellraiser 2 and Halloween 2018 We end the show with an...


Episode 40 - Steve Embraces Doctor Who, My Dinner With Hervé, Hip-Hop Evolution S2E01

Greetings, Citizens! We hope you're well. It's a shorter and looser podcast this week and we explain why at the top of the show. We recorded this when we were both exhausted so if we seem off...we are. That's not to say that we didn't bring it as much as we could This week, Steve has finally embraced "Doctor Who" and it's all because of "Blink". More on that in the coming episodes.Dan watched "My Dinner With Hervé" and gives a quick review. He also saw the first episode of "Hip-Hop...


Episode 39 - S11 Pilot of Doctor Who, The Haunting of Hill House, Apostle, Titans, The Man In The High Castle, Camping, & Haunters: The Art of the Scare

People of Planet Earth, what is CRACKIN'?! Ya boys are back with yet another episode of Heroes of Noise. We'll start of by saying that this episode should have been longer. Much longer. Thing is, we were plagued by multiple technical difficulties and had to edit the show down for the sake of quality. But that's not to say we don't give you close to 2 hours of what we do best. This week we briefly discuss the pilot episode of Season 11 of Doctor Who starring Jodie Whittaker as the first...


Episode 38 - The Boys Trailer, Coheed & Cambria The Unheavenly Creatures, Mandy, Big Mouth S2, American Nightmares, A Star Is Born

Greetings Citizens! After Dan's absence last week, the Heroes have returned with another jam packed episode. This week Dan talks about what huge event kept him from recording last week. We also discuss what we've been watching and listening to. We share our excitement about the upcoming Amazon Series "The Boys" and the recent trailer dropped at New York Comic Con. Dan is over the moon about the new Coheed and Cambria album "Vaxis: Act 1 The Unheavenly Creatures". We talk about Nic Cage's...


Bonus Episode: Hollerin With Hudson

Greetings citizens. Welcome to a special solo episode featuring one Steve Hudson. We're calling this one Hollerin with Hudson. Steve stepped up with Dan out last week and brought some fire for you. You're not ready for this. We'll be back next week with our regular episode . Until then, listen to these golden tones. Peace! Heroes of Noise Podcast Contact and Show Info: Website: www.heroesofnoise.com Email: HeroesofNoisePodcast@gmail.com Show Twitter: @HeroesofNoise Facebook: Heroes of...


Episode 37 - Further Speculation about Superman and DC, Machine Gun Kelly vs Eminem: Our Verdict, Outkast Speakerboxx/ The Love Below Turns 15, Greatest Diss Tracks

Greetings, Citizens. Your friendly neighborhood Heroes of Noise are back with another one for your ear holes. Quick story: This episode started out like any other. We had our notes, we had multiple shows and movies ready to review, we were ready. We were doing our thing, then...something happened and all of that was dropped for a long discussion about the Machine Gun Kelly/ Eminem beef as well as a walk down Hip Hop's memory lane. We pretty much dedicated the entirety of the show to music....


Bonus Episode: Interview With Summer of 84 Screenwriters Matt Leslie and Stephen J Smith [SPOILERS]

WARNING: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS MULTIPLE SPOILERS ABOUT SUMMER OF 84. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET, A) WHAT'S YOU'RE PROBLEM AND B) FIX THAT NOW AND THEN COME BACK TO THIS. On this bonus episode of Heroes of Noise Dan sits down with screenwriters Matt Leslie and Stephen J Smith to talk about all things Summer of 84. Learn how they met, their introduction to RKSS, the casting process, future endeavors and more. These guys were great and we wholeheartedly thank them for stopping by Heroes...


Episode 36 - Sons of Anarchy Rewatch, DC Universe First Impressions, Superfriends, Wonder Woman, & Forever

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Heroes of Noise are back with yet another podcast. We've got no plans of stopping either. Not too many reviews this week but we do get into a discussion about Dan's Sons of Anarchy Rewatch and his feelings about Mayans MC so far. He also gives his first impressions of the launch of DC Universe and his love of retro tv that includes Superfriends as well as 1975's Wonder Woman starring Linda Carter. Steve brings the new Amazon series Forever to the discussion as...


Episode 35 - Eighth Grade, The Purge TV Series, Paradise PD, Terrifier, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, and Summer of 84

People of Earth: Your friendly neighborhood Heroes of Noise are back once again. This week we have a lot of show for you. You know we got to get our tangents in, and this week will be no different. This time we get into some weird shit. Steve introduces Dan to ASMR and the topic of foot herpes (is that a thing?) comes up. We also discuss Eighth Grade, The Purge TV Series, Paradise PD, Terrifier, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, and Summer of 84 Lastly, we have a new segment for you called...


Episode 34 - DC Universe, Jack Ryan, Ozark Season 2, Kidding, and You're The Worst

As promised, ya boys are back! It really has been too long and we promise to not disappear like that any time soon. Welcome back to The Heroes of Noise Podcast! This week on HON, we discuss Dan's recent purchase of DC Universe and what it brings. We also discuss Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime Video), Ozark Season 2 (Netflix), Jim Carey's new Showtime series Kidding. Lastly, although we arrived late to the party thanks to a recommendation, we are now fully into You're The Worst (FX /...


Episode 33 - Won't You Be My Neighbor, Sharp Objects, and Sorry To Bother You

Yo! Remember us?! Ya boys are back and we're sorry for our hiatus. We explain it all at the top of the show. Fret not, Citizens. We won't be doing that again any time soon. This week on Heroes of Noise we have a quick catch up with the listeners prior to talking about the Fred Rogers Documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor?". Dan gives his take on HBO's "Sharp Objects", and then we discuss the movie that everybody should be talking about, "Sorry To Bother You". We hope you enjoy this week's...


Episode 32 - Some Quick Reviews, Celebrity Encounters, Travel Aspirations, and the Chris Hardwick Shake-Up

Happy Belated Father's Day! This week we hit you with a pregame-style show. That's not to say we don't discuss any pop culture. It just means we don't go quite as in depth as we normally do. Dan gives a very quick review of Tag, we discuss the movie "The Jerk", which is Dan's all time favorite movie (more to come on this one. We plan to dedicate an entire show to this movie. We also talk about past celebrity encounters, travel aspirations among other things We eventually end up discussing...


Episode 31 - Marvel's Cloak and Dagger, Cargo, Sweetbitter: The Verdict Is In and the Debate Continues, PREACHER Season 3 Preview, and Coheed and Cambria's new single "The Dark Sentencer"

We're not going to lie to you: The first hour of this podcast has absolutely NOTHING to do with our advertised content. We ended up putting our pregame at the top of the show. No worries though if you're only here for the pop culture. We've got you covered. We've included a timeline so you can jump to where you want to be. But seriously, why would you do that? This week on Heroes of Noise we discuss Marvel's Cloak and Dagger, Cargo, The final verdict on Sweetbitter and yes, there is a...


Episode 30 - The Cross Promotion Episode

Greeting, Citizens! This week we relaunched our other podcast, The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast You know what? It felt damn good to be back. So good in fact that we decided to use our PREACHER Season 3 Pregame (see what we did there?) as Episode 30. No, we're not being lazy. We just wanted to use this to cross promote and quite possibly turn some of you good people on to a great show and what is looking to be a great season. Possibly the best yet. We'll be back next week with a...