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A weekly show focusing on pop culture, current events, movies, TV, music, comics, and whatever else we deem worthy. Welcome, Citizens. This is the Heroes of Noise Podcast. Let’s begin. Hosted by Steve and Dan

A weekly show focusing on pop culture, current events, movies, TV, music, comics, and whatever else we deem worthy. Welcome, Citizens. This is the Heroes of Noise Podcast. Let’s begin. Hosted by Steve and Dan


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A weekly show focusing on pop culture, current events, movies, TV, music, comics, and whatever else we deem worthy. Welcome, Citizens. This is the Heroes of Noise Podcast. Let’s begin. Hosted by Steve and Dan




Episode 128 - Man Of Steel, The Boys S2 (so far), Cobra Kai, The GoGos, Spree, #ALIVE, & The Babysitter: KillerQueen

Welcome to Episode 128. Yes we know we're tardy but we will keep telling you that this is only temporary. This week we'll just blame 2020 because these days you can literally blame EVERYTHING on 2020. But all of that doesn't matter now because ya boys have finally arrived. This week we spend less time on tangents and music and more time talking about what we've watched over the last week. The best part is that we both watched all but one of the films discussed on this episode. Nobody...


Episode 127 - California Fires, Vietnam War Stories, and Another Round Of Battle Royale

Greetings Citizens! Welcome to Episode 127. Once again please pardon our tardiness. Day jobs are a bitch sometimes and being that we're not getting paid to do this full time, sometimes the jobs gotta come first. We were incredibly strapped for time last week but we wanted to get something out to you. We planned on it coming out this weekend but ..well, see above. This week we bring you a shorter show but it still 100% HON. We held off on the movie reviews this week (128 will be chalk full...


Episode 126 - Poor offerings, Class Action Park Review , and Quick Thoughts on Away and Raised By Wolves

Greetings, Citizens! Dan here. Welcome to Episode 126. This week we kept it loose, press "record", and see where that took us. As a result it pretty much came out like any other show we've done. That means the tangents are flowing as strong as ever. Here's a list of some of the topics discussed on this episode: I also give a review of the new HBOMax documentary "Class Action Park" , and briefly talk about "Away" (Now on Netflix), and the new HBO Max Series "Raised By Wolves". Time to...


Episode 125 - Lovecraft Country, Uncle Peckerhead, The Boys S2, Ted Lasso, Arctic Son: Fulfilling The Dream, The Pale Door, 1BR, Bill and Ted Face The Music, & Metallica S&M 2

Greetings, Citizens! Ya boys are back with another one. Since there was no show last week we knew we had to bring it this week. That's what we're giving you over 2.5 hours worth of HON. We do however start things out on a somber note as we address the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman. This one hit hard. 2020 is relentless. We then give you a full on tutorial on how to get fired from Taco Bell. We've both done it and we feel we're pretty good ta it. Henry Cavill comes up and we suddenly...


Episode 124 - The Battle Royale Continues

Greetings, Citizens! Welcome to Episode 124. We're calling this one "The Battle Royale Continues". It seems some of you are really enjoying this game. We didn't create it, but we have a lot of fun working it out on air. The first part of the show is the normal loose conversation that you've come to expect. But when we get down to business, we have three solid round of throwing beasts into a cage and letting them fight it out. Technically we decide who has to go and who is the ultimate...


Episode 123 - General Magic, Cooked With Cannabis, Rottentail, An American Pickle, Gemini Man, TheTax Collector, The Biggest Little Farm, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Becky, & We Summon the Darkness

Greetings Citizens! Welcome to Episode 123. pardon our tardiness. If looks like you're getting 2 episodes this week. We may be late, but we always pay you back. This episode's jam packed with reviews but of course we have to do us for a bit at the top of the show. Per usual, we go off on our tangents and we think you'll be entertained. When get to what we've been watching this week, we've got a little something for everyone: General MagicCooked With CannabisRottentailAn American...


Episode 122 - The Umbrella Academy Season 2, The Rental, Sea Fever, Host, The Current Occupant, and Zoo

Greetings Citizens! Welcome to Episode 122. Pardon our late upload this week as we've both been incredibly busy. Let's get to it: This week on Episode 122 we made it a point to drop several movie reviews as we felt we haven't been bringing it lately when it comes to those. First up, Dan has watched Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy and gives his very positive thoughts on it, We then talk about Dave Franco's "The Rental" (Now on VOD), We follow it up with another thriller by the name of "Sea...


Episode 121 - A Celebrity Battle Royale, The Beach House & Ju-On: Origins

Welcome to Episode 121 This week we start the show off with some introspection as well as saying our goodbyes to Kelly Preston, John Lewis, and Michael Brooks. FYI: This does take us through the first hour of the show. In the next segment we get into a celebrity Battle Royale where we put Robert Downey Jr, Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves, and Will Smith in the cage and ask ourselves if we had to eliminate 1 actor along with their body of work, who would it be. We let their bodies of work...


Episode 120 - The Road To Farooq

Welcome to Episode 120 This week we’re joined by an old friend of Steve’s that’s become a new friend of Dan’s. Meet Daniel Dominguez: Musician, former battle rapper, producer, and lead vocalist for Fresno Hardcore Band Farooq. We spend some time learning on how Daniel and Steve met, talk about the old days of battle rapping, how Daniel discovered the Hardcore scene We also talk veganism, touring, and much more. Daniel even gets in a little face time with our “friend” and former podcast...


Episode 119 - Miss Snake Charmer, The Old Guard, Palm Springs, The One I Love, and A Rewatch of Harmony Korine's "Kids"

Greetings, Citizens! Dan Here. Welcome to the first of 2 episodes that you'll be getting this week. On Episode 119 Steve is out and I sit down with returning guests Joe Stark from Starkcast and Leftover Brian from Pop Culture Leftovers. This was actually going to be a bonus episode as we were only planning to talk about one particular movie but we ended up talking about 5. Before we get to the main event, Brian and I briefly talk about the documentary "Miss Snake Charmer" (Now on Amazon...


Patreon Episode 8 - "Whitey On The Moon"

Greetings, Citizens! Dan here. This week we're breaking a rule of ours to insure our listeners get a show in their feeds. Due to an insane work schedule I was unavailable to record a new episode of HON. So at the last minute we decided to go ahead and release one our Patreon episodes so that we could stay consistent. We want to thank our Patreon patrons for giving us pass on this one. We assure you this won't be a regular thing. You people are the best. As for the rest of you, If you like...


Episode 118 - Exhibit A, Crazy Delicious, Hamilton, Warrior Nun, Yummy, and The Golden Glove

* Right at the top we want to say that this episode was riddled with audio problems. For whatever reason everyone came in way too hot. We did all we could to correct it. It's still listenable. We're just acknowledging the sub par audio. That said... Welcome, welcome, welcome to Episode 118. This week we're once again joined by Quinton Taylor Roberts From The Reel Zodiac Podcast. It's always great talking Quinton and this episode was no different. Be sure to subscribe to The Reel Zodiac...


Episode 117 - America To Me, Unsolved Mysteries, Twilight Zone S2, Floor Is Lava, Holey Moley S2, 7500, and You Should Have Left

Welcome to Episode 117! This week we're joined by Joe Stark from Starkcast and Number One Comic Books. Joe is a great conversationalist and much like Starkcast where the conversation flows freely, we also let it all flow out (You'll learn some things today. That's a guarantee). Here are some of the topics discussed on this episode: Alone As far as what we've been watching or reading, in classic HON form we gabbed almost the entire episode. We did do a lightning round of reviews before we...


Episode 116 - Alone Season 6, The King Of Staten Island, & An Interview With The Prince Of Darkness

Greetings Citizens! Welcome to episode 116. This week we not only bring you reviews of season 6 of "Alone" (now on Netflix) and "The King Of Staten Island" starring Pete Davidson. This week we bring you an exclusive interview. An interview over 2000 years in the making. Ladies and gentlemen... This week Steve sits down for an Interview with none other than The Prince of Darkness, a.k.a. Satan. There's been a lot of weird happenings in the Ramirez household and because of this Dan was able...


Episode 115 - Bill And Ted Face The Music Trailer, Just Mercy, Astronomy Club, Murder In The Front Row, Bruce Lee: Be Water, and Trax To TheFuture

Greetings, Citizens! Welcome to Episode 115. We have a slightly shorter show for you this week, but we assure you that it's packed with quality HON content. We wouldn't do you like that. Some of the topics discussed on this episode include: As Far as what we've been watching goes, we've both seen "Just Mercy" and give our review, Dan talks about the 2019 Rock Documentary "Murder In The Front Row" about the 1980s Bay Area Thrash movement, Steve talks about the Netflix Original "Astronomy...


Episode 114 - #BlackLivesMatter

Welcome to a very special Episode 114. This week we're joined by Christina J from the Black Girl Couch Reviews podcast. We feel it's only fair to warn you that there is no talk of pop culture on this episode. Quite frankly this one is politically charged. We understand if you choose not to listen to it but we hope that you do. Also: If you're worried the show is about to transform into a political podcast don't worry. We'll be back on our regular bullshit next week. Now then, We stepped...


Episode 113 - Schitt's Creek, A Zencastr Review, and The Next Generation Of Music

Welcome to Episode 113 This week we were keeping it loose, hitting "record" and going off the cuff for the most part. Outside of a Zencastr review from Dan and a quick discussion about Schitt's Creek we let the rest happen organically. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not. You decide. Just some of the topics discussed this week: We'll keep the notes short and sweet this week. Hope everyone has a great weekend. We'll talk to you again soon. 🤘🏽✊🏾 Heroes of Noise Podcast...


Episode 112 - Oculus Go, Animals We'd Fight, and A Spoiler Review of Dead To Me

Greetings, Citizens! This week we're joined by Paul Hart from Animated Batcast, Books From The Hart, and Movies From The Hart. It's always great talking to Paul and as usual we went all over the place. We even got a special appearance from his adorable daughter. Some of the topics discussed on Episode 112 are as follows: Paul also tells us heart warming story and you'll just have to listen to find out what it is. We wrap things up with a spoiler review of "Dead To Me" (Now on...


Episode 111- Hudson On Fire

Greetings, Citizens! Dan Here Welcome to Episode 111! This week we take a break from having guests and sit down for a loose discussion that ranges from Steve trying to pull me out of a Covid Funk, audio engineering, the quest to have Kevin Smith on the show, Celebrity Photo Ops, and of course whether or not Steve could take Sly Stallone. Steve drops a surprise review of Dave, and we cap things off with some entertainment news. That's the show, folks but you know it's more than that. We hope...



Greetings, Citizens! Welcome to Episode 110! We have a special episode for you this week as we're joined by Melissa Sloter from Wild Pretty Things podcast as well as Christina J from Black Girl Couch Reviews podcast. These 2 are pros and we had so much fun talking with them. The conversation we had was all over the place in the best way. Some of the topics discussed are as follows: Of course this is just a sample of where our conversation went. We wrap things up with a review of the new...