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A weekly show focusing on pop culture, current events, movies, TV, life, and music. Welcome, Citizens. This is the Heroes of Noise Podcast. Let’s begin.

A weekly show focusing on pop culture, current events, movies, TV, life, and music. Welcome, Citizens. This is the Heroes of Noise Podcast. Let’s begin.


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A weekly show focusing on pop culture, current events, movies, TV, life, and music. Welcome, Citizens. This is the Heroes of Noise Podcast. Let’s begin.




Episode 147 - I Become Death, Willy's Wonderland, & Judas And The Black Messiah

Welcome to Episode 147 This week we’re joined by Joe Stark, host of Starkcast and author of “I Become Death”, available now on Amazon. In typical HON form, we talk about a little bit of everything which included channeling your creativity, the soon to be released audiobook version of “I Become Death”. BBQ Smokers, a congratulations to Johnny Bucks, Steve in Kentucky, The new Mortal Kombat trailer, and more. We do get to a couple of reviews towards the end of the episode. First up is...


Episode 146 - Interview With Martin Macphail of Blitz//Berlin, composers of the Psycho Goreman Original Score and So Much More

Welcome to Episode 146. This is a special one, ladies and gentlemen. This week we were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Martin MacPhail of the band Blitz//Berlin, who composed the original scores for movies like "Extraterrestrial", "It Stains The Sand Red", "Blade Runner 2036 "Nexus Dawn", "The Void", and most recently "P.G.: Psycho Goreman". Let's go back to a time when people sat in movie theaters. Remember that? Remember the feeling you got when you saw the trailer for Top...


Episode 145 -The Little Things, #Like, and Palmer

Greetings Heroes! Welcome to Episode 145. This week we're joined by our friend and special guest Rebekah Dahling from The Picardcast. Although she briefly joined us for a recent Patreon show, it's been a while since we've gotten the chance to catch up. We spend the first half of the show doing just that, discussing everything from Covid and everything that comes with it, Steve sleeping on WandaVision, the multiple blunders of the DCEU and Game Of Thrones, the death of Dustin Diamond, and...


Episode 144 - The Robinhood Scandal, Derek Delgaudio's In and of Itself, PG: Psycho Goreman, and Promising Young Woman

Welcome to Episode 144! This week we start the show off with a little chatter which includes addressing the recent Robinhood Scandal and speculation on what's to come. We also talk about the vaccine shortage, Middle aged actors and the inevitable turn to drama, and Steve gives his thoughts on the recent HBO Max trailer while we watch it live. When we get to what we've been watching, we give reviews of Derek DelGaudio's In and of Itself (Now on Hulu) and PG: Psycho Goreman (Now on VOD)....


Episode 143 - Night Stalker, WandaVision, Auto Woes, and An Inauguration

Welcome to Episode 143! This week it’s going to be more of a looser show. We spend some time catching up, talking about our current car situations. We follow that up with a talk about the inauguration of the 46th POTUS and what’s to come (don’t worry, it’s not THAT political). We then wrap things up with a couple of discussions / reviews of the Night Stalker miniseries (Now on Netflix) as well as WandaVision (Now streaming on Disney+). Short, simple notes get the job done this week, ladies...


Episode 142 - Armie Hammer The Cannibal?, Black Bear, and Pieces Of A Woman

Happy new year and welcome to Episode 142! We hope you’re all “enjoying” the sequel to 2020 so far. We’re 2 weeks in and it already feels like 9 months. But even though 2021 has started off with sputters (to say the least), we feel we’re starting this year off right. Before we get into the show, we wanted to let you know that we appeared on Episode 363 of Pop Culture Leftovers this past weekend. That episode was their first official episode of the year as well, so we had PLENTY (that is...


Bonus Episode: Patreon Ep 19 - Wonder Woman 1984 Review (SPOILERS)

Welcome to a bonus episode of Heroes Of Noise. As a little holiday gift to the HON Community we're making this Patreon episode available to the public. In other words, there's no paywall so feel free to enjoy it. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting Heroes of Noise on Patreon. Now then, let's get to those show notes: Hey it's Dan. Welcome to Episode 19! On the last Patreon episode of 2020 we bring in friends of the show Melissa Sloter from Wild Pretty Things podcast...


Episode 141 - Loose Talk, Some Christmas Improv, and Steve's Review of The Mandalorian Season2 (SPOILERS)

Welcome to Episode 141 We almost didn’t do a show this week but then quickly realized that we this would be the last show of 2020. So we decided to keep it loose this week and lean in to the holiday. Here’s a little of what’s to come this episode: There’s plenty more, but these are freaking show notes. Listen the the damn episode already. We wrap things up with a review of The Mandalorian Season 2 through the eyes of Steve. WARNING: IT’S ADORABLE AND FILLED WITH SPOILERS This has been a...


Episode 140 - Sound Of Metal, The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, and Freaky

Welcome to Episode 140 This week we start off with a health update as Dan is currently sick, in quarantine, and forced to stay home from work until Covid-19 results come back. Don't worry, you can't catch the Rona listening to podcasts. We push on though and before we get into reviews, these are some of the topics discussed at the top of the show: To John C Reily or Not John C Reily 80s Tv Trivia from Steve Byron Allen’s Got BANK and we discuss his and Wayne Brady's Net worth The Next...


Episode 139 - Disney Investor's Day 2020, Moonbase 8 and Heaven's Gate: Cult Of Cults

Welcome to Episode 139. It was a busy week for us last week so we're getting this one out to you late. It's also going to be a shorter show this week as we truly are squeezing this one in so we can stay at least a little consistent. Before getting into our reviews this week, we give you an update on our new website Dan built. It's now live so check it out and let us know what you think. As always we've got to do our thing so we spend some time talking about this and that. This basically...


Episode 138 - TENET ( SPOILERS), Greenland, Fatman, Zappa, Fatal Vows, Ghost Of War, and More.

Greeting, Citizens! It's that time again. No, not Christmas time. It's time to push play and catch up with ya boys on Episode 138. We've been lagging on getting reviews out to you so this week we not only hit you with some rapid fire reviews to get you started for the weekend. We bring a few biggies to the table as well. Before we get to that we get into some quick "Noise News" as we talk about Warner Bros simultaneously dropping their feature films on HBO Max the day they hit theaters....


Episode 137 - How Do You Talk To An Angel?

Greetings, Citizens! Welcome to Episode 137. This episode was recorded on November 24th, but we got it out a couple days late. So that will explain the turkey talk. We’re just calling it like it is this week: This episode has us at our most ADD. Perhaps it was the coming holiday. Maybe we just were a little too excited. Whatever the case, it was a struggle to get to the reviews this week. After we get through our usual banter and a shit ton of tangents about everything from having “adult...


Episode 136 - The Legend Of The Connect Four Kid

Welcome to Episode 136 After a week off we've returned with another show that's entirely different from what we originally set out to do. We had reviews for you this week. Really..we did. But it's us, people. You know how this works. We're very excitable when it comes to the musical arts and we tend to run with the feels when they hit us. We have confidence that you can get your review fix elsewhere this week. So sit back and listen to ya boys as they get on that grown folks music. Here's...


Episode 135 - The Mandalorian S2E01, His House, Mr Bungle Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo, and The Queen's Gambit

Greeting, Citizens! Welcome to Episode 135. This episode was recorded on 11-6-20, which was Dan's birthday. So naturally we start the show out talking about the perils of aging and not sweating it, losing your filter, hemmoroids, being a courteous patient at the prostate exam, and "super cool" stuff like that. We also announce the winners of the Video Palace: In Search Of The Eyeless Man giveaway We then go through some voicemails and emails that we've been sitting on for a while. Because...


Episode 134 - Geek Out / Freak Out 3 (With Reviews Of A Creepshow Animated Special and Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Warriors)

Greetings, Boils and Ghouls.. Welcome to Episode 134, "Geek Out / Freak Out 3". Enter if you dare. These are pretty much our favorite episodes to record as we're such huge fans of Halloween. One thing that we want to mention is that this year we decided to try our hands at some audio horror. In this episode you'll find 4 spine-tingling tales spun from the minds of your ghoulish hosts, "Steve Bloodson" and "Vampanathan Ramirez". Yes we're laying it on thick, but it's once a year. Give us a...


Episode 133 - The Wolf Of Snow Hollow, The Mortuary Collection, and Ghost Stories

Welcome to Episode 133 This week we're joined by our good friend Daniel Dominguez, vocalist for Fresno, CA Hardcore band Farooq. We 're talking everything from music to “man-crying” to the "Soft ‘A’ Pass”, to real life ghost stories. When we get into what we've been watching we have 3 reviews for you. First up we review "The Wolf Of Snow Hollow" (Now on VOD). Our second course is in the form of the new SHUDDER Original "The Mortuary Collection". Lastly, we review the 2017 thriller "Ghost...


Episode 132 - The Haunting Of Bly Manor, No Escape, and Hatchet

Welcome to Episode 132! This week we're joined by our friends Spoiler Steve and Kova from Scene-It Cast. Right off the bat we want to let you know that though it certainly would be festive, the fact that this particular episode is a "Frankenstein's Monster", at least where the audio is concerned. When it was time to put the show together it turned out that there were multiple audio issues causing entire sentences to be inaudible. The weird thing is that it was with everyone not just one...


Episode 131 - Alone, Scare Me, and Monsterland

Welcome to Episode 131. This week we're joined by first time guest Steven Farshid of the Smorgasborg podcast. It was an absolute pleasure having him with us and we had plenty to discuss. Before we get into what we've been watching this week, here are some of the topics discussed on this episode; Top 40 Farshid and Baker Street The Tik Tok Dreams challenge In HON News: Eddie Van Halen Dead At 65 Teenage Bounty Hunters Cancelled After One Season Boys Season Finale is this week It's...


Episode 130 - The Return Of Johnny Bucks

Welcome to Episode 130! This week we we're joined by our oldest podcast friend, 1 Mr. Johnny Bucks. We spend most of the show catching up with John. here are some of the topics discussed in the episode: This show definitely falls into the' loose show" category, and we like doing these. Think of them as a spotlight on our friends and listeners. We'll be doing this through the month of October. We thank you for sticking with us and all the support and kind words you give. We'll be back soon...


Episode 129 - My Octopus Teacher, Woke, Pen15 Season 2, and Ted Lasso

Greetings Citizens! Welcome to Episode 129. On the last episode in September 2020 we start things out with our usual deluge of tangents ranging from us discussing how old we are now, a potential Bali retreat, why cruises are great but not for the antisocial, Dracula gets a cloak (you'll see), and more. Before we get into what we've been watching Dan gives you a round of HON Entertainment News and these are the topics discussed: Tom Cruise Is Going To Space Oct 2021 Black Widow, Eternals,...