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A Podcast about wrist watches. Suitable for all ages.

A Podcast about wrist watches. Suitable for all ages.
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A Podcast about wrist watches. Suitable for all ages.






Episode #12 - How To Get Your Wife or Girlfriend to Understand Your Nasty Habit

In this week's episode Perpetual Girl is gonna try and help you guys with wives or girlfriends who just don't understand your watch collecting hobby. She'll focus not just on getting them to understand it, but actually offer up ways to get them involved and actively sharing the hobby with you. While these tips and tricks may not work for all of you, we hope it will at least help some of you share this amazing hobby with your significant other. Enjoy the show! Follow the show on Instagram at...


Episode #11 - Beaters, Thrashed Straps, and Traveling With Your Watches

In this week's episode Ranch Racer and Perpetual Girl discuss their thoughts on the often used term "beater watch". What makes a watch a beater? Is it the same criteria for everyone? NOT! They also chat about their thoughts on nasty beat-up straps on really nice watches. Ok or not ok? Well, it's neither since it's just personal opinion right? :-) Finally they go into traveling with your watches and discuss the topic of homages. Visit for links and photos for this show. Hope...


Episode #10 - The Random Topics Episode

In this episode Perpetual Girl and Ranch Racer go totally random. From watch winders to watches and jewelry to Rolex, pretty much any topic is fair game in this one. Today Perpetual Girl is wearing her Technomarine UF6 quartz chronograph and Ranch Racer is trying out the Spinnaker Bradner which is in for review. Hope you all enjoy the show! Follow the show on Instagram at @lovenwatches. Follow RR at @ranchracer and PG at @perpetualgirl. Stock Media provided by GrantTregellasMusic / Pond5


Episode #2 - Quartz vs. Mechanical: Are women getting a raw deal?

Ranch Racer and Perpetual Girl kick off Episode #2 with PG talking about the fact that she feels the need to clean off the ranch manure, take a shower, and make herself “presentable” while recording a Podcast. Double R is TOTALLY cool with that! Remember, a shower a week whether you need it or not. ;-) Then the duo jump into the wrist checks. First up we have PG who started the day out with one of her Citizen solar powered watches, but then switched to her Omega Speedmaster 38 to, believe it...


Episode #1 - Intro to Love 'N Watches

Welcome to Episode 1! Ranch Racer and Perpetual Girl (hereafter referred to as “Double R” and “PG”) introduce themselves and try to explain their sick addiction to watches. Ranchracer is the baby in this relationship, and it’s clearly determined that this whole watch collecting business is Perpetualgirl’s fault. The team does NOT discriminate against any watch. They love it all and will discuss it all on the Podcast. As a bonus, you get to hear the printer calibrate itself live during the...