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The Nick Digilio Podcast from 720 WGN, The Voice of Chicago.

The Nick Digilio Podcast from 720 WGN, The Voice of Chicago.


Chicago, IL


The Nick Digilio Podcast from 720 WGN, The Voice of Chicago.






Nick Digilio’s Friday Features | 5.22.20

Nick Digilio presents this week’s “You Big Dummy,” “Straight Outta Context,” “Nick D Show Spies” and “Fly Jamz Friday”.


The Nick Digilio Show 5.21.20 | Steve Krakow’s “Secret History of Chicago Music”, Memorial Day facts, Friday Features

Hour 1: + Steve Krakow Hour 2: + Memorial Day facts Hour 3: + Esmeralda Leon + “For The Record” music trivia Hour 4: + It Came From Amazon! + Classic Carson: Steve Wright, 1989 Hour 5: + You Big Dummy + Straight Outta Context + Nick D Show Spies + Fly Jamz Friday


Florida attorney protests open beaches as the Grim Reaper

Attorney Daniel Uhlfelder made headlines earlier this month by appearing on Florida beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper, protesting the state’s opening of public beaches and inspiring copycats in other states. Uhlfelder explains his reasoning behind his appearances and concern for his fellow Floridians.


The Nick Digilio Show 5.20.20 | The Florida “Grim Reaper”, how we feel about reopening, petty pranks we pulled on our exes

Hour 1: + Willis Tower goes dark + Famous neighbors Hour 2: + Dr. Carole Lieberman on the psychology of re-opening + Famous neighbors (cont.) Hour 3: + Daniel Uhlfelder, the Florida “Grim Reaper” + Listener’s secret expertise Hour 4: + Listener’s secret expertise (cont.) + Classic Carson: Darryl Sivad, 1986 Hour 5: + Quarrels […]


The world’s only “asparamancer” predicts your future in asparagus

Jemima Packington possesses an unusual ability to predict the future with her favorite vegetable: asparagus. She joins Nick Digilio from Bath, England to discuss her unique talent and talk about some of her predictions for 2020.


Is it time for a new star on the Chicago flag?

2020 has been an unprecedented year for Chicago and changed the lives of millions is the city; should our city flag reflect the struggle? Author Edward McClelland joins Nick Digilio to talk about the history of one of the world’s most iconic flags and attempts over the years to add another star to this symbol […]


The Nick Digilio Show 5.19.20 | A fifth star on the Chicago flag, UFO culture, predicting the future with asparagus

Hour 1: + Edward McClelland on adding a fifth star to the Chicago flag Hour 2: + Cost effective substitutions for everyday items Hour 3: + MJ Banias, author and journalist covering UFOs and the paranormal Hour 4: + Jemima Packington, The Asparamancer + Classic Carson: Rita Rudner Hour 5: + Greatest American Inventions + […]


The Nick Digilio Show 5.18.20 | Protecting grocery store workers, wrestling news with Marty DeRosa, twisted toys from our youth

Hour 1: + Zach Koutsky, Legislative and Political Director at Local 881 UFCW Hour 2: + Marty DeRosa, Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling Podcast + Drive Thru Zoo! Hour 3: + Bizarre retro toys Hour 4: + Bizarre retro toys + Classic Carson: Rosanne Barr Hour 5: + Million dollar ideas


Monday Morning Movie Reviews | “Scoob!”, “Capone” and the best animated films you can stream

Expert film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy round up what you should (and shouldn’t) be watching. This week, Erik and Steve bring you their thoughts on VOD releases of Scoob!, Castle in the Ground and Capone. Plus, catch up on some animated films that are great for the whole family and some just for […]


The Nick Digilio Show 5.17.20 | Our rainy day songs, reviews of “Capone” and “Scoob!”, common pet peeves

Hour 1: + The best rainy day songs Hour 2: + Monday Morning Movie Reviews – “Scoob!”, “Castle in the Ground”, “Capone” + The best animated movies you can stream Hour 3: + Common pet peeves Hour 4: + Common pet peeves (cont.) + Classic Carson: Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters, 1991 Hour 5: + […]


Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke | 5.18.20

Nick Digilio’s Dad delivers his joke of the week.


Actor David Dastmalchian talks new comic book, “The Dark Knight” and “Dune”

A star of stage and screen, David Dastmalchian joins Nick Digilio to talk about his beginnings as an actor in Chicago, his breakout role in “The Dark Knight” and his venture into the world of comic books with “Count Crawley”.


Michael Palascak looks on the bright side with his new web series for National Lampoon

A veteran of Chicago comedy, Michael Palascak has a new video venture with “The Bright Side”: a lighthearted look at some of our biggest worries like dating, debt and the ending of “Inception”.


The Nick Digilio Show 5.14.20 | David Dastmalchian, Michael Palascak, annoying phrases we over-use

Hour 1: + David Dastmalchian Hour 2: + David Dastmalchian (cont.) + Michael Palascak Hour 3: + Local store announces demolition + Our favorite Chicago businesses Hour 4: + Annoying phrases we over-use + Classic Carson: Betty White and Johnny Carson as Adam and Eve Hour 5: + Friday Features


Nick Digilio’s Friday Features | 5.15.20

Nick Digilio presents this week’s “You Big Dummy,” “Straight Outta Context,” “Nick D Show Spies” and “Fly Jamz Friday”.


TV Talk | “The Happy Days of Garry Marshall”, “Becoming” and “Snowpiercer”

Nick and Dan convene for their bi-weekly round-up of what you should (or shouldn’t) be tuning into on TV. This time, Dan digs into the ABC special on the life of Garry Marshall and adaptations of Michelle Obama’s memoir, “Becoming”, and “Snowpierecer”. You can read all of Dan’s thoughts over at The Fien Print and follow him […]


The Nick Digilio Show 5.13.20 | Mind Benders puzzles and games, TV Talk with Dan Fienberg

Hour 1: + Amy and Joel Bender, Mind Benders Puzzles and Games Hour 2 + Dan Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter Hour 3: + Dan Fienberg (cont.) + Shows that should have virtual episodes Hour 4: + Shows that should have virtual episodes (cont.) + Classic Carson: Foster Brooks, 1975 + Mannequins in a Michelin star […]


Former “Match Game” writer Dick DeBartolo talks gadgets, toy trains and more

Dick DeBartolo returns to the Nick Digilio Show to talk about the new gadgets he has taken for a spin and his time working on the classic game show, “Match Game”. Follow Dick’s adventures in the world of gadgets at To download this or any of Nick’s podcast visit our iTunes page. Like us on Facebook (/nickdshow) and […]


The Nick Digilio Show 5.12.20 | Trucking news from the open road, Dick DeBartolo, food stories from The Takeout

Hour 1: + Trucking news with Mark Reddig of Land Line Now Hour 2: + Dick DeBartolo Hour 3: + Aimee Levitt, The Takeout Hour 4: + Idiots who went way too far to achieve their goals + Classic Carson: Art Fern Tea Time Movie Hour 5: + Artificial intelligence horror stories + Know Your […]


The Nick Digilio Show 5.11.20 | Dream analysis, Mysterious Chicago tours and remembering Jerry Stiller

Hour 1: + The best of Jerry Stiller Hour 2: + Layne Dalfen, Dream Analyst Hour 3: + Adam Selzer, Mysterious Chicago Tours Hour 4: + Tourist traps from every state + Classic Carson: Betty White Hour 5: + Tourist traps from every state (cont.)