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A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.

A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.
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A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.




Is "hey guys" anti-feminist?; & why we are better people than our worst joke

Jeremy Hunt forgot his wife's nationality; someone tried to book 6 hotel rooms at The High Low (us neither); & Dolly smashed a glass of wine all over CJ's recording equipment. Hola August: the summer madness has officially begun! We discuss Jane Garvey's comment on Radio 4's Woman's Hour this week: that "hey guys" should not be used when a gathering includes women. Is "guys" an anti-feminist collective term; or has it evolved into unisex slang? And are there any non-gross...


On Plane Bae; and Teaching Children About Mental Health

We might be a little delayed - much like a Ryanair flight - but we got there in the end. Yup, that’s a pun; we’re talking about Plane Bae. Unfolding like a modern meet-cute, the tweet story of a ‘romance’ observed by another passenger over the course of over 50 tweets-gone viral, Plane Bae soon morphed into a cautionary tale of consent, privacy and doxxing. What does this incident reveal to us, except, yet again, that the internet is misogynistic? Also today, we discuss two news stories...


An Author Special with Yomi Adegoke & Elizabeth Uviebinené of Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible

The POTUS hit the UK for his week of ridicule: the balloon; the march; the press conference and *that* video gone viral of Trump barging in front of the Queen. Meanwhile, Dolly discovers a new music hero (David Keenan) and Pandora reads her first ‘work-help’ book (The Discomfort Zone by Farrah Storr.) Oh, and Love Island fans: Undercover Lover is your new favourite podcast. You’re welcome. Today we are honoured to host Yomi Adegoke & Elizabeth Uviebinené, the writers of Slay In Your Lane:...


Trump’s Baby Balloon; & Why ‘Natural’ Beauty Is A Damaging Stereotype

There’s a ton of cabinet reshuffles this week and baby Trump - all 6-foot helium-filled malevolence - is flying over London. Is the balloon a meaningful protest; or is it a childish blimp that could ruin a trade agreement with the US? And aren’t there leaders (Erdogan, for example) whose visit to the UK we should protest more? Also this week, Justin Bieber’s engaged! Kylie Jenner’s almost a billionaire! Cardi(gan) B has had a baby called Kulture! In (more important) news, we discuss...


The Dangers of Self-Deprecation; & A Deep-Dive Into ‘Nanette’

It’s the week that England broke their penalty curse; Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne broke up; Roman Polanski (yup, he who is wanted for statutory rape) sat FROW at Miu Miu; and let’s not forget! There’s a bumper session of Ask The High Low. We resisted doing it in Joan and Jericha’s voices - but it was hard. We’ve never had something recommended so much to The High Low - via email; Twitter; Instagram DM - as much as we had ‘Nanette’ a stand-up show performed by Australian comic, Hannah...


Fame, Fortune and Phone Sex, with Actor and Memoirist, Gabourey Sidibe

In today's episode, we discuss that jacket worn by Melania Trump whilst visiting an immigrant children's camp in Texas; Lionel Shriver's follow-up to her anti-diversity rant; Johnny Depp's bonkers Rolling Stone interview; Dolly's new favourite podcast Dear Joan and Jericha; and why mindfulness should be less about emptying your mind - than filling it. Also today, we host the Oscar-nominated actor, producer and now memoirist, Gabourey Sidibe. Her book, This Is Just My Face, Try Not To...


Clemmie Hooper on Misogyny on Social Media; & The World Cup

We speak to Clemmie Hooper - aka the midwife and influencer Mother of Daughters, who recently suspended her Instagram account after the trolling got too much - about why men and women are not equal in the eyes of social media. Why doesn’t her husband, Simon (aka Father of Daughters), who exists in exactly the same family and has twice the amount of followers, get nearly so much abuse? We talk misogyny and mothering; why women aren’t allowed to be financially successful in the same way men...


The Curious Tale of Anna Delvey & Love Island’s Body Problem

It’s a live podcast brought to you from the Möet & Chandon Summer House, in London! This week we are discussing the story gone viral, of party-girl-fraud, Anna Delvey. Are we living through the golden age of scamming? Also today, Love Island and it’s golden homogenised beauty types. Do producers of structured reality shows owe us a more realistic body type; or should we expect nothing less from a show which is a platform for Instagram influencers-in-waiting? BooHooMan...


Greer’s Fall From Grace; Issa Rae on Kanye; & SATC's 20 Yr Anniversary

What does a trailblazer owe us? That’s a question we’re pondering this week, as we discuss actor Issa Rae’s spicy monologue on Kanye West - who many believe is betraying his black identity, in support of Trumpian conservatism - and Germaine Greer’s controversial views on rape. Once a radical second-wave feminist, is she in danger of becoming a parody? Also this week, we discuss the misogyny in social media; the concept of ‘moral triumphalism’; why processed food feels like a cuddle; and...


Domestic is Not A Dirty Word: An Author Special With The Great American Novelist, Meg Wolitzer

It’s National Biscuit Day! One of (but not the only) favourite day in Dolly’s calendar. We discuss the huge response to our segment on Ireland’s abortion referendum (they repealed!) and issue some vital corrections; natter about why we’re in the golden age of telly; and debate whether a role model - specifically, footballer Raheem Sterling and his gun tattoo - has to reflect societal concerns. Also today, we host one of our favourite authors Meg Wolitzer, whose novel, The Female...


Ireland’s abortion referendum; and a deep-dive into the royal wedding

This week, we discuss why Ireland’s proposed repeal of the 8th amendment on 25th May, is so important. We learn about Ireland’s history (from the brutal 'symphysiotomy’ procedure, to the abuse of unmarried mothers in mother and baby homes like Bon Secours) and talk to Irish writer, Caroline O’Donoghue about what pro-choice campaigners learned from Brexit’s liberal echo chamber. And of COURSE, we discuss the royal wedding. From the funny bits (he-llo Bishop Michael Curry) to the starry...


A Live Episode with Google on Georgina Chapman’s Interview About Ex-Husband, Harvey Weinstein; & Cannes Selfie Ban

It’s another live episode, recorded at The Old Selfridges Hotel in collaboration with Google Pixel 2. Dolly’s hungover, Pandora’s no longer pregnant - so some things have changed since our last live episode; but some things have stayed the same. We discuss Georgina Chapman’s first ever interview about her ex-husband Harvey Weinstein in US Vogue, 5 months after allegations broke, triggering MeToo. Was this the right outlet for fashion designer Georgina, to give this interview? Is it a PR...


The Rachel Divide; & Dissecting The Met Gala

It’s a week of controversy: Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who says she’s black, is back in the public eye thanks to a Netflix documentary, The Rachel Divide. What trauma led to her fraudulent ‘transracial’ identity? And why does Rachel refuse to back down? We called up gal-dem deputy editor and Guardian writer Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff to discuss the documentary - and whether or not Netflix were right to air it. Also on today’s agenda: the glitzy annual Met Gala and it’s ‘Catholic’ theme,...


Kanye’s Basic Tweets; and an Author Special with Trans Activist and Writer, Juno Dawson

Amber Rudd’s resignation; Mary Beard’s sparkly sneaks; Kanye’s ‘basic Plato’ tweets - oh and the news that beer goggles really DO exist. Yup, it’s just another week at The High Low. This week sees the return of the author special, with trans activist and YA author, Juno Dawson, whose 14th book about a teenage heroin addict, Clean, had us both hooked. We discuss addiction, privilege, teenhood and trans issues with Juno, whilst her miniature chihuahua Prince, looked on. Links Milk &...


The Duchess of Cambridge’s Problematic Post-Partum Money Shot; & Is Millie Bobby Brown Too Young for Time’s 100 list?

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to another baby prince, but all anyone’s talking about is that bouncy blow dry, that red dress and those heels - a mere 7 hours after she gave birth. Is this glamorous portrayal of new motherhood doing a disservice to mothers and the trauma of birth? Why is it an inevitable part of Kate’s role as a princess? And could it in fact be a form of protection? Also today: we discuss Millie Bobby Brown’s inclusion on Time’s 100 Most Influential List. The 14...


Crediting your sources in the internet age & why we all love to hate Coachella

Some excellent e-mails on voice notes in The High Low mailbag this week - turns out The HL listeners are more than a little bit obsessed with voice notes. On this week’s agenda: a butt-load of article recommendations from Pandora (Christie Watson’s book about the NHS had Pandora in a puddle), some stellar advice from Dolly on how to survive your social life sober, a hefty discussion on miscreditation and appropriation in the internet age and - the big stuff - why we all love to hate...


Loneliness in the young & why we should all be a bit more like Neville Southall

Well, THANK YOU High Lowers - last week’s episode pushed us over 2 million downloads and up to No.3 on the iTunes podcast charts. The mailbag was also bulging this week: some helpful kind corrections; some not-so-helpful - and we’ve got a little something to say on that.... This week we discuss the results of The ONS’s report into loneliness, which has revealed that - contrary to popular belief - it is not pensioners who are society’s most lonely, but 16-24 year olds. Is social media to...


The Abnormal Arc of The Weightloss Reality Star; And The Travesty That is the Ulster Rugby Rape Case

The High Low is back! Where did those 6 weeks go? Dolly’s been on a nationwide book tour; Pandora’s birthed a tiny dictator. We round-up all the articles, programmes and podcasts we’ve been enjoying during our hiatus, as well as the topics that made us miss The High Low. On today’s agenda: the depressing arc of the weightloss celebrity and the esoteric nature of reality TV (Dolly compares it to an old-fashioned Italian family - Pandora wonders if that is a good thing); and the...


Feminism & Hollywood post-MeToo: The High Low Meets Actor & Producer Margot Robbie

The High Low is going on maternity leave - or maturity leave, as Pandora accidentally e-mailed someone this week - for 6 weeks, so we’ve decided to go out with a bang, with an interview with the Oscar nominated actor and producer, Margot Robbie. We discuss I, Tonya, about American figure skater, Tonya Harding, with the Australian A-Lister, how she plans to put women centre stage via her production company, LuckyChap productions and what Hollywood really looks like, post MeToo. Also this...


Quincy Jones; SATC Feuds; & Author Laura Freeman on how reading cured her anorexia

An explosive Quincy Jones interview via Vulture; an even more explosive Sex and The City row via Kim Cattrall (just try and get Dolly to shut up about it); and some fun Valentine’s Day facts for you: did you know that 5% more babies are conceived during Valentines week than any other time (Christmas comes second); and that 52% of people are choosing to stay at home for Valentine’s - or Galentines - this year? Also, old people are having more sex than ever and Dolly’s very happy about...