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A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.

A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.
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A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.




Why We Should Be Cautious Of Banning Songs; & The Internet’s Abuse Against Women

It was the week of Knickers (the cow too big for the abattoir), a Guardian long-read about poo (much to Dolly’s dismay) and Ada Hegerberg, the Norwegian Ballon d’Or winner who coolly refused to twerk. This episode, we discuss the proposed ban of the Christmas song, ‘Baby It’s Cold Out Here’, on account of its supposed coercion (“I really must go”) and connotations of date-rape (“what’s in this drink?”) But, when you dig into the lyrics and read what music historians have to say - it turns...


A LIVE Episode on 'Emotional Labour' - The New Gas-Lighting? - & How We Discuss Our Bodies on Social Media

We're back at Google's Curiosity Rooms to celebrate the launch of their Google Pixel 3 phone and we're still not over Baby Shark. On the agenda today: the zeitgeisty new buzz-phrase 'emotional labour'. What does it mean and are we using it correctly? We also discuss Sarah Michelle Gellar's thanksgiving gaffe, after she shared a pic of her in her underwear, as a 'warning' not to over-eat at Thanksgiving. Do women in the public eye hold responsibility for how we feel about their bodies? Plus,...


M&S Undiesgate; Lena Dunham's Bare-All Interview; & The Missionary Killed By A Tribe

The Baby Shark ear-worm; Joanna Lumley saying the word 'waz'; and the Chinese man who got so drunk on Black Friday (aka Single's Day in China) he bought a salamander and a tiny Thai pig. Oh, it's a good week at The High Low. Today we discuss M&S's Christmas display - a woman in red lace underwear next to a man in a suit - which one Twitter user gone viral called "vomit-inducing." Is it? We also discuss John Allen Chau, the American missionary killed by the isolated Sentinelese tribe and...


The Curious Case of Mrs Hinch; & Comedy's Diversity Issue

It was the week of the BBC's 100 Women of the Year list, Hockney's record-breaking art sale and the story of Deke Duncan, a radio jockey playing to an audience of one (Dolly's spirit animal.) On today's agenda, the 'cleanfluencer' phenomenon, Mrs Hinch - who has over 1.3 million IG followers and shares videos of herself cleaning. Why DO people go so potty for her? Does she offer an ordered escape from a terrifyingly messy world? And we discuss Lolly Adefope's wry joke about a whitewashed...


Collins Word of The Year; Iceland's Banned Xmas Ad; & Why Do 46% of Men Remove Their Body Hair?

It's World Kindness Day & Dolly has a beautiful poem to kick us off, whilst Pandora has a new Spotify suggestion for everyone who went nutty for French Chill. 46% of men remove their body hair, up from 36% in 2017. Is it the fusion of porn culture and pop culture? Plus we discuss Collins dictionary's word of the year - 'single-use.' What were the other contenders? Are you a plogger? Lastly, Iceland's Christmas ad, banned for being political, after the supermarket re-branded a Greenpeace...


A Deep-Dive Into The Epidemic of Anxiety, with Author Olivia Sudjic

From Prince George memes (@garyjanetti) to vegan abuse (last week journalist William Sitwell was sacked from the Waitrose Food magazine, for his jokes about killing vegans) via the healthiest/ unhealthiest high streets in the UK, as voted by The Royal Society of Public Health. Edinburgh won, Grimsby lost, and you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out why. Today we have author Olivia Sudjic on the show to discuss her new essay, Exposure, about the anxiety that threatened to engulf her...


We Talk Mini Skirts; Philip Green; & The Role of Injunctions in Modern Society

Since we’ve been gone, Apple has added cream cheese to its emoji bagel after furious complaints (we discuss what we have on OUR bagels and spoiler alert: it’s not cream cheese, Apple); Urban Outfitters has produced an “influencer’ Halloween costume of crop top and leggings; and, of course, a new scandal which features a megalomaniac at its centre, has broken: Arcadia chairman, Philip Green, has been accused of sexual and racial harassment after peer Lord Hain exercised his parliamentary...


An Author Special with Lindsey Hilsum, On Marie Colvin and War Journalism

By the time she died in Syria, in 2012, Marie Colvin was one of the world’s most renowned and courageous war correspondents. Recognised for her trademark eye patch - the consequence of a grenade in Sri Lanka, in 2001 - and revered as a journalist, with a 25 year tenure at The Sunday Times, Marie Colvin had a personal life as tumultuous as the war zones she covered. With the help of 300 of Marie’s journals, her friend and colleague, Channel 4’s International Editor, Lindsey Hilsum, has...


Why 1/3 of Gen Z Don’t Drink; & How Feelings Took Over The World

Everyone’s talking about Kanye’s nutty meeting with Trump in The Oval Office last week; whilst Melania, in her most frank televised interview yet, described herself as the most bullied person in the world. Meanwhile, Fendi has made a £750 scarf which looks like a vulva (transcendental experience of being ‘born again’ presumably baked in to the price), the Duchess of Sussex is having a baby and we discuss the juiciest tidbits of the 850-guest royal wedding that we both, accidentally, got...


Strictly’s Scandal, Johnny Depp’s GQ Cover & The Nothingburger

It’s our favourite time of year: The OED have released their new admissions. Are you feeling bongga? Or are you - whisper it - just a nothingburger? We also discuss the Banksy that shredded itself; Brett Kavanaugh’s ascendancy into The Supreme Court; Taylor Swift’s Instagram politics; and that time Trump walked around with a wad of bog roll stuck to his shoe. It’s the little things. This episode concerns two men accused of domestic abuse - comedian Seann Walsh, and Johnny Depp who...


On Brett Kavanaugh; & Why Women Can’t (And Don’t Want To) Have It All

Hello October! It’s Dolly’s favourite month of the year. If she were reincarnated, says Pandora, it would be as a knee-high boot. This week we discuss MeToo’s infighting - as Asia Argento unveils a new bloody dagger tattoo aimed at Rose McGowan; Pret’s tragic error and the 14 allergens that all foodstuffs should be labelled with; and why the Nobel peace prize should be taken away from Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi despite the organisation’s novel explanation as to why it hasn’t. Masses...


An Author Special with The Guilty Feminist creator and host, Deborah Frances-White

New Zealand PM Jacinda Arden made history when she took baby Neve to the UN Assembly in NYC this week; meanwhile, Trump made world leaders laugh out loud with his address (“that’s not what I was expecting” he replied, surprised at the lols.) In the domestic landscape, Dolly discovers a great new podcast and Pandora reads a unnerving but thought-provoking book. Also this week, we host comedian and podcast supremo, Deborah Frances-White, creator and host of The Guilty Feminist. The podcast...


Carrie Symonds & ‘the scarlet woman’; & the end of Big Brother

The High Low inbox was full of people asking us to cover the media coverage of Carrie Symonds, the former Tory comms director accused of having an affair with Boris Johnson. We discuss the ‘scarlet woman’ trope, historically embodied by Monica Lewinsky, the then intern who was globally shamed for her affair with Bill Clinton (if you haven’t watched her 2015 TED talk yet - DO IT.) Let’s stop with the ‘tabloidese’ whereby women accused of having affairs with famous, married men are...


Serena Williams & Kirstie Allsopp: Why Women Aren’t Allowed To Get Angry

Roxanne Pallett has been cast (and since left) Celebrity Island since our last record (exploitative, much?) and Hurricane Florence is heading towards the USA. Meanwhile, 2 more people have attempted to make bookings at The High Low hotel. Our towels must be reeeeeally soft, or something. Today, we discuss Serena Williams’s epic tantrum at the US Open final - and how it overshadowed Naomi Osaka’s first Grand Slam win. The most interesting part of the narrative isn’t the tantrum, itself: but...


A Bumper Back to School Book Special & Thoughts on the Roxanne Pallet Assault Allegations

We’re back! We wish we were still on the sun lounger, but here we are, at your disposal - with a giant book chat of what we have enjoyed in the last month. Also today, we discuss the social media trolling of the late Sinéad McNamara and Instagram influencer Scarlett Dixon; and Celebrity Big Brother’s biggest controversy yet - after soap actor Roxanne Pallet accused fellow contestant and actor Ryan Thomas of assault, which footage revealed to have never happened. The fall-out has been swift;...


Is "hey guys" anti-feminist?; & why we are better people than our worst joke

Jeremy Hunt forgot his wife's nationality; someone tried to book 6 hotel rooms at The High Low (us neither); & Dolly smashed a glass of wine all over CJ's recording equipment. Hola August: the summer madness has officially begun! We discuss Jane Garvey's comment on Radio 4's Woman's Hour this week: that "hey guys" should not be used when a gathering includes women. Is "guys" an anti-feminist collective term; or has it evolved into unisex slang? And are there any non-gross...


On Plane Bae; and Teaching Children About Mental Health

We might be a little delayed - much like a Ryanair flight - but we got there in the end. Yup, that’s a pun; we’re talking about Plane Bae. Unfolding like a modern meet-cute, the tweet story of a ‘romance’ observed by another passenger over the course of over 50 tweets-gone viral, Plane Bae soon morphed into a cautionary tale of consent, privacy and doxxing. What does this incident reveal to us, except, yet again, that the internet is misogynistic? Also today, we discuss two news stories...


An Author Special with Yomi Adegoke & Elizabeth Uviebinené of Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible

The POTUS hit the UK for his week of ridicule: the balloon; the march; the press conference and *that* video gone viral of Trump barging in front of the Queen. Meanwhile, Dolly discovers a new music hero (David Keenan) and Pandora reads her first ‘work-help’ book (The Discomfort Zone by Farrah Storr.) Oh, and Love Island fans: Undercover Lover is your new favourite podcast. You’re welcome. Today we are honoured to host Yomi Adegoke & Elizabeth Uviebinené, the writers of Slay In Your Lane:...


Trump’s Baby Balloon; & Why ‘Natural’ Beauty Is A Damaging Stereotype

There’s a ton of cabinet reshuffles this week and baby Trump - all 6-foot helium-filled malevolence - is flying over London. Is the balloon a meaningful protest; or is it a childish blimp that could ruin a trade agreement with the US? And aren’t there leaders (Erdogan, for example) whose visit to the UK we should protest more? Also this week, Justin Bieber’s engaged! Kylie Jenner’s almost a billionaire! Cardi(gan) B has had a baby called Kulture! In (more important) news, we discuss Amanda...


The Dangers of Self-Deprecation; & A Deep-Dive Into ‘Nanette’

It’s the week that England broke their penalty curse; Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne broke up; Roman Polanski (yup, he who is wanted for statutory rape) sat FROW at Miu Miu; and let’s not forget! There’s a bumper session of Ask The High Low. We resisted doing it in Joan and Jericha’s voices - but it was hard. We’ve never had something recommended so much to The High Low - via email; Twitter; Instagram DM - as much as we had ‘Nanette’ a stand-up show performed by Australian comic, Hannah Gadsby....