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A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.

A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.
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A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.




*EPISODE 100* Why Do Brits Hate Other Brits Abroad? & The Influencer Engagement #Sponcon Furore

‘Twas the week of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’ sofa row, the ‘tube pusher’ is charged with attempted murder and the president of Colombia warns against the hypocrisy of the “woke who do coke”. Dolly’s obsessed with Pink Gin Lady - her new summer meme - and Pandora’s perturbed by Charmin’s industrial-sized ‘Forever Roll’ for millennials (do we hate shopping for basic sanitation? Or do we just shit more?) In this week’s ep we discuss the #sponcon leak that blew up the internet - after...


An Author Special with anti-FGM Campaigner Nimko Ali on What We’re Told Not To Talk About

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has undertaken her 3rd hunger strike (joined by husband Richard) and ship captain Pia Klemp, who rescued drowning migrants, faces 20 years in prison. On the other end of the news spectrum, Kylie Jenner has been criticised for her Handmaid’s Tale fancy dress party (including Under His Eye tequila) and Missguided have sold out of their 100% plastic £1 bikini. And Dolly’s got a new story from Orkney, naturally. Today’s author is the utterly brilliant Nimko Ali OBE, am...


Pride Month; & the Complex Conundrum of Euthanasia

*Apologies for some slight sound issues this week* Dolly's lost her passport and Michael Gove's nose is feeling regretful. We talk Sally Challen, humpback whales and why sleep apps could make your sleeping worse. And we deep-dive into pride month and discuss the fallacy that is the proposed straight pride march, particularly in the wake of recent homophobic hate crimes in the UK. Also, the euthanasia that never was: after the false news story about 17 year old Dutch teenager, Noa Pothoven,...


Should Celebrities Be Involved In Prison Reform?; & The Lunacy of Hen/Stag Season

There's been a garden gnome heist and Trump's on his state visit (those are inter-connected stories, naturally.) Love Island is back - but is there any actual body diversity? We discuss Kim Kardashian-West's campaign for clemency for convicted murderer and death row inmate, Kevin Cooper. Should celebrities lend their weight to social reform; or is this signify a dangerous "mission creep"? And it's silly season: that of hens and stags. With the help of YOU, our brilliant High Low listeners,...


What The Moby-Natalie Portman Row Reveals About Entitlement & Truth-Telling; & Are Women Without Children Happier?

Dolly talks bird-feeding and rabid Game of Thrones fans who want to re-make the ending; Pandora ponders what Spice Girl merch to get her hands on; and we discuss Oxbridge's first appointment of its first black female master. In this episode, a talk-gone-viral from Hay Festival, by behavioural scientist and LSE scientist Paul Dolan, who claimed that women without a spouse and children are happier. We call on the words of Grace Dent, Corinne Fisher and Terri Gross; Simone de Beauvoir and...


Alabama's Abortion Ban; & The Trouble with Uber's New 'Silence' Mode

Grumpy Cat has died and we came last (again) in Eurovision. This week Dolly's down a Doris Day content-hole and Pandora's bewitched by the Instagram account @90sanxiety. We discuss Alabama's new abortion ban - the most restrictive in the States - voted in by 25 white men and reflect on the ongoing battle for agency in Northern Ireland, which sees 28 women travel to England every single day, for an abortion. Donate here to Abortion Support Network -...


The concept of ‘workism’ & Bryony Gordon on mental health in teen girls

Pandora’s listened to a podcast on ‘workism’ - the idea that work is now the cornerstone of your identity - and it’s changed her life; meanwhile, Dolly’s tits deep in Doris Day nostalgia. We talk Danny Baker’s racist tweet, why maternity clothes should be modelled by pregnant models, the Philippines’ proposed ban on gossip. How many mins do you gossip each day? A new study tells us the answer. And we host journalist, author and mental health campaigner Bryony Gordon to discuss her new book...


An Author Special with Rosie Price on the effects of trauma on the mind and body

The new royal baby, the Caster Semenya furore, the 'hogspital' and the proposed raise to the minimum wage - oh, and 86% of people have revealed that they are disappointed by the Mona Lisa. Sorry, Lis. Dolly's discovered tribute bands and Pandora's tits-deep in Refinery 29's Money Diaries series. Also today we have an author special with Rosie Price, the author of sensational debut fiction, What Red Was. A book about family, friendship, privilege and class, at the centre of the narrative is...


A Bumper Spring Book Special

Welcome back to the summer term, High Lowers! We recap some news and bring you a boat load of televisual, podcast and - mainly - book recommendations. Plus, Dolly falls for the ultimate whale hoax/ocean con. Enjoy. E-mail Tweet @thehighlowshow American Marriage, by Tarayi Jones This is The Story of a Happy Marriage, by Ann Patchett My Sister, the Serial Killer, by Oyinkan Braithwaite Three Women, by Lisa Taddeo Bad Behaviour, by Mary Gaitskill Trick Mirror,...


An Author Special About Navigating and Embracing Failure with Elizabeth Day

We discuss Lorraine Kelly’s “performative construct”, Dolly’s piece about I’m In Trouble syndrome and what we don’t know - and need to know - about women in prison, rehabilitation and reform. And we deep-dive into perfectionism, failure and why society needs to re-frame the idea of “childless” women, with novelist and High Low returning guest, Elizabeth Day, whose memoir How To Fail comes out on April 4th. Tweet @thehighlowshow E-mail The High Low is now on...


An Interview With Director Dan Reed About Leaving Neverland

We ring up director Dan Reed to discuss his sensational documentary, Leaving Neverland, which is all anyone else is talking about. We deep-dive into the allegations against Michael Jackson - so long, brushed over - and what Reed's documentary teaches us about child sex abuse, trauma, grooming, the aura of celebrity and how the internet has changed popular culture - and accountability - for the better. E-mail Tweet @thehighlowshow SARC information:...


An author special with Fatima Bhutto on radicalism & what the West doesn’t understand about ISIS

*** PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded several days before it was announced that Shamima Begum's baby had died, which is why it is not discussed in this episode *** This is one of the most important - and certainly prescient - author specials we’ve ever had. The journalist and author Fatima Bhutto (the niece and granddaughter of two Pakistani Prime Ministers and the daughter of a political exile) joins us to discuss her new novel, The Runaways, about the radicalisation of 3 teenagers....


A LIVE episode on Emma Thompson’s Open Letter & Discovering Self-Discipline

We’re live from Pandora jewellery’s flagship store in London on Friday 1st March, in partnership with Ovacome for Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Aaaand this week we bring you Emma Thompson’s open letter to The LA Times after she quit an animated movie in protest against the studio’s new hire (a man accused of multiple counts of sexual harassment) and we do a deep-dive into self-discipline. Pandora’s discovered the Pomodoro technique; but is Dolly a fan of self-imposed rules? Take a listen...


Separating the Intrinsic from the Extrinsic; & An Author Special with Candice Carty-Williams

The High Low turns TWO this week! Excuse us while we wallow in (the admittedly shallow) nostalgia of it all. This week we discuss the Oscars; the ongoing case of Shamima Begum’s citizenship; the Insta-tributes to Karl Lagerfeld; and the Martin Scorsese fan who wants to erase a film ending he doesn’t like. Where does our ability to meme popular culture end; and how will it affect problematic art? Is Animal Hospital without Rolf, just a koala hanging in mid-air? Today we have an author...


The Complicated Case of Shamima Begum; & Why The ‘Tortured Artist’ Debate Should Be Retired

*** PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded about 8 hours before it was announced that Shamima Begum had been denied entry back to the UK and was stripped of her British citizenship.*** This week, we discuss the most flammable news story of the week: the return of Shamima Begum, the 19 year old Londoner who fled to the Islamic State 4 years ago and returned to have her 3rd baby in the UK. Home Secretary Sajid Javid wants to deny her entry - but should a humane society seek to rehabilitate?...


Valentine's Day, Liam Neeson's Race Row & A Most Literary Liar

We couldn't not discuss Liam Neeson's race row and The New Yorker long-read setting the publishing world alight: about best-selling novelist Dan Mallory, aka AJ Finn, who built his career on an extensive web of lies. How did it take a decade for anyone to see through his deception? And what does it tell us about the publishing world - and ourselves? Also today, we discuss Valentine's Day (and reveal our best and worst and our plans for this year), the diversity of vaginas and the M&S love...


Fyre Festival, Sex Education & A Bumper Book Chat

We’re back! Have you missed us? Dolly’s tits-deep in her Everything I Know About Love tour (buy tickets here: and the paperback is out now) and Pandora’s essay, The Authentic Lie, for independent crowd-funding publisher, The Pound Project, is now open for pledging. Buy in online or mini book form, here! (Plus, there’s a foreword by Elizabeth Day.) This week we discuss...


A Pretty Daft End to 2018

It’s our favourite time of year: Betwixtmas. We hope you’re face-planted on the sofa, whilst we waltz down your ears with this end of year episode. Dolly devises a very silly quiz which *sort* of refers to things that happened in 2018 and sort of includes rogue personal questions about her internet provider. The High Low is taking a winter holiday, so here’s what’s on our bookshelf to devour — whilst the pod is sunning itself with a cocky by the pool, restoring and renewing its energy for a...


A Jolly Christmas Special

It’s Chriiiiiiiistmas! From cracker jokes to festive songs; Yuletide readings and actual Christmas cards from the ACTUAL ye olde mail bag; a host of Christmas surveys unpicked and the ultimate question: should a parent ever tell their kid Father Christmas doesn’t exist? Also today, a ton of recs and a quick-fire festive round of Ask The High Low. The Pact We Made, by Layla AlAmmar Hannah Gadsby meets Roxane Gay for The...


Why We Should Be Cautious Of Banning Songs; & The Internet’s Abuse Against Women

It was the week of Knickers (the cow too big for the abattoir), a Guardian long-read about poo (much to Dolly’s dismay) and Ada Hegerberg, the Norwegian Ballon d’Or winner who coolly refused to twerk. This episode, we discuss the proposed ban of the Christmas song, ‘Baby It’s Cold Out Here’, on account of its supposed coercion (“I really must go”) and connotations of date-rape (“what’s in this drink?”) But, when you dig into the lyrics and read what music historians have to say - it turns...