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A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.

A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.
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A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.




Crediting your sources in the internet age & why we all love to hate Coachella

Some excellent e-mails on voice notes in The High Low mailbag this week - turns out The HL listeners are more than a little bit obsessed with voice notes. On this week’s agenda: a butt-load of article recommendations from Pandora (Christie Watson’s book about the NHS had Pandora in a puddle), some stellar advice from Dolly on how to survive your social life sober, a hefty discussion on miscreditation and appropriation in the internet age and - the big stuff - why we all love to hate...


Loneliness in the young & why we should all be a bit more like Neville Southall

Well, THANK YOU High Lowers - last week’s episode pushed us over 2 million downloads and up to No.3 on the iTunes podcast charts. The mailbag was also bulging this week: some helpful kind corrections; some not-so-helpful - and we’ve got a little something to say on that.... This week we discuss the results of The ONS’s report into loneliness, which has revealed that - contrary to popular belief - it is not pensioners who are society’s most lonely, but 16-24 year olds. Is social media to...


The Abnormal Arc of The Weightloss Reality Star; And The Travesty That is the Ulster Rugby Rape Case

The High Low is back! Where did those 6 weeks go? Dolly’s been on a nationwide book tour; Pandora’s birthed a tiny dictator. We round-up all the articles, programmes and podcasts we’ve been enjoying during our hiatus, as well as the topics that made us miss The High Low. On today’s agenda: the depressing arc of the weightloss celebrity and the esoteric nature of reality TV (Dolly compares it to an old-fashioned Italian family - Pandora wonders if that is a good thing); and the...


Feminism & Hollywood post-MeToo: The High Low Meets Actor & Producer Margot Robbie

The High Low is going on maternity leave - or maturity leave, as Pandora accidentally e-mailed someone this week - for 6 weeks, so we’ve decided to go out with a bang, with an interview with the Oscar nominated actor and producer, Margot Robbie. We discuss I, Tonya, about American figure skater, Tonya Harding, with the Australian A-Lister, how she plans to put women centre stage via her production company, LuckyChap productions and what Hollywood really looks like, post MeToo. Also this...


Quincy Jones; SATC Feuds; & Author Laura Freeman on how reading cured her anorexia

An explosive Quincy Jones interview via Vulture; an even more explosive Sex and The City row via Kim Cattrall (just try and get Dolly to shut up about it); and some fun Valentine’s Day facts for you: did you know that 5% more babies are conceived during Valentines week than any other time (Christmas comes second); and that 52% of people are choosing to stay at home for Valentine’s - or Galentines - this year? Also, old people are having more sex than ever and Dolly’s very happy about...


Food snobbery; the Suffragettes & Kylie Jenner’s secret pregnancy

Your usual mixed bag this week: Cheddar Man, Nutella fights and Lady Doritos. It’s the 100 year anniversary of the Suffragettes! We deliver to you some facts and a round-up of this week’s celebrations. We discuss Kylie Jenner’s secret pregnancy (her daughter, Stormi Webster was born this week.) How did the world’s most famous 20 year old - Kylie has over 100 million followers and is the richest of all of the Kardashian/Jenners - hide her pregnancy from the paps for an entire 10 months?...


Women’s unconscious bias towards other women; and Kim Kardashian’s cultural appropriation

Kim Kardashian is making all kinds of headlines this week; not because her new baby boy, Chicago, arrived via surrogacy - but because she’s sharing dozens of pics of herself in the nuddy with what she has called ‘Bo Derek’ braids aka: cornrows or Fulani braids. We discuss the knotty issue of cultural appropriation, how it exists within fashion and beauty and speak to Sharmadean Reid, the founder of WAH Nails and Beauty Stack, on why she isn’t offended by Kim’s appropriation of a black...


The UK’s New Minister for Loneliness; And Are We Children Until The Age of 25?

First thing’s first: 1 in 4 women are still skipping their smear test - please don’t be one of them. Dolly talks to Kate Sanger from Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust who emphasises the importance of smear tests in preventing cervical cancer. Also today, we discuss the UK’s newly appointed Minister for Loneliness, Tracey Crouch - and why loneliness is not just a problem in the elderly ; new evidence which suggests that psychologically we are all children until the age of not 18, but - duh duh...


An Author Special With ‘Lullaby’ Novelist, Leila Slimani (& Some Thoughts On The Babe.Net Piece Gone Viral)

Episode 43 is a pretty exciting one for The High Low - a bit of a pinch-me moment, if you will. One minute we were begging Faber & Faber for an advance copy of French novelist Leila Slimani’s cult read, Lullaby - a troubling but beautifully written read about a nanny who murders her two young charges - the next, we had Leila in our studio. The twelfth woman to win the Prix Goncourt, last year (the highest literary prize in France, previous winners include Proust) Lullaby sold a whopping...


#TimesUp - Can The Red Carpet Be A Harbinger For Social Change? And Toadmeister’s Titty-Tweets

Hello, you stable geniuses! (Or as the pedants may prefer, genii.) The Golden Globes happened on Sunday night in Hollywood and The High Low has many a point to discuss: Does the #TimesUp movement - where actors wore black dresses on the red carpet, in solidarity with victims of sexual harassment - convey a real and true political message? Can a gown be a harbinger for social change? The New York Times’ T Magazine Fashion Critic, Alexander Fury, provides an eloquent argument in favour....


Dry January & 'New Year, New Me'; And The Pregnancy Glow Myth

Happy 2018! It's the first High Low episode of the year. We've got some books, shows, podcasts and articles to recommend to you, a Queens impression from Pandora (that's the suburb in New York, not the royal OAP) and a reader question about what to do when you're a Hot Mess. In this week's episode, we discuss the shocking - or is it so shocking? - new research from Kings College Hospital in London, which reveals that 27% of pregnant women suffer from mental health problems. Is the...


The Highs & Lows of 2017 - with Journalist & Author, Stu Heritage

Happy New Year High Lowers! 2017 has been the year of covfefe, Dr Robert Kelly and of course the birth of yours truly. We have friend of The High Low’s and Guardian journalist Stu Heritage on to review the highs and lows of the past year, including Pandora’s very own and rather difficult Big Fat Quiz of the year which listeners can play at home. We talk resolutions, New Year plans and Stu’s fantastic book published earlier this year called Don’t Be A Dick, Pete. The book is a very funny...


The High Low Christmas Special

It’s a festive episode with a special High Low nativity play; written by professional screenwriter (as you will be able to tell) Dolly - and sponsored by frankincense and myrrh. As Amazon and John Lewis declare ambitions to open their end of year sales on Christmas Day itself, and the Bishop of Cambridge descends into outrage, we talk the evolution of ‘family time’ and whether online shopping during a day of rest (and/or religion) is a moral issue or merely one of ease and convenience....


What 'Cat Person' Tells Us About Female Pleasure. Plus Which Social Media Platform Is The Most Dangerous?

Pandora's been moving house and Dolly's been hosting Pretendmas (don't ask; she'll tell you all about it anyway) but there are still plenty of water cooler topics to discuss this week. From some brilliant pieces of journalism (including a heart-breaking piece by Empire Editor Terri White on the vital role a woman's refuge played in both her own childhood and in British society as a whole) to plenty of podcast recommendations from the ultimate podcat, Dolly, this week we discuss 'Cat...


On 'Women Spreading'; And The Start of Silly Season

It’s December, which means that silly season if officially upon us. Thank goodness, then, for Alabama student Kelsey who dressed up as a Christmas tree - for every single lecture. Oh, and the scientists who think they’ve found one of Santa’s bones. We discuss Christmas in all it’s technicolour madness, and whether or not it’s really anything to do with religion anymore. Also today, the hashtagged social trend of 'women spreading’ (Pandora prefers ‘fem spreading’ but also acknowledges that...


Corporate Egg-Freezing - And Whether Taylor Swift Is A Billboard for Trumpian Values

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed our special episode with Tina Brown last week - we had a huge response. We miss her already This week in the Tina-free studio, we discuss whether corporations offering to pay for women to freeze their eggs - as happening in America and soon, Australia - is a generous health benefit, or a patriarchal attempt to stave off motherhood. Shouldn’t we improve conditions and parity for working mothers (subsidised nurseries, better paternity leave, flexi-hours)...


A Special Episode with Iconic Editor Tina Brown - Creator of High Low Journalism & Our Podcast Patron Saint

Welcome to our favourite *ever* episode of The High Low - as we try not to fangirl the fuck out. For those of you with short memories, the High Low is named in homage to iconic editor Tina Brown. The creator of High Low journalism - our founding ethos of merging the trivial with the political; the irreverent with the weighty - Tina became editor of Tatler aged just 25, of Vanity Fair aged 29, and then The New Yorker, before launching the short-lived Talk and then The Daily Beast. Now, in...


The App That ‘Strips’ Women of Their Make-up; and Boris Johnson’s Comments on Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

No singing this week courtesy of Louis Theroux, but three different accents from Pandora in compensation. This week on The High Low, we discuss Boris Johnson’s buffoonery - and when being a dotard can put another woman’s life in danger. Our hearts go out to Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, 19 months into a 5 year sentence in Iran. As Boris (finally) meets Nazanin’s husband, Richard, we discuss the Foreign Secretary and why we struggle to understand the seeming impotence of the government in...


Arranged vs Forced Marriages & Kevin Spacey’s Netflix Exit

After some disruption to the schedule (namely two live recordings in a row and an author special, whilst Dolly’s enjoyed monsoon season in Thailand and practiced wellness with a monk) The High Low is back in the Acast studio. And we’ve got tons (literally tons) of reading, listening and watching recs for you, from our sojourns away. This week we discuss Kevin Spacey’s “I’m Gay” disclaimer, Netflix dropping him and whether or not you can separate the art from the artist. Will their legacy...


An Author Special on The Internet (and The Universe) with Jim Chapman

Vlogger Jim Chapman is YouTube royalty. But what happened when “the guy from the internet" turned his hand to a book? We chat animal facts (did you know that a group of baboons is called a flange?), whether or not the intent is misogynistic and why millennials have it good, with Jim Chapman. LINK: 147 Things: My User’s Guide to The Universe, by Jim Chapman, published by Pan Macmillan, is out...


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