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Episode 162: Welcome To The Nihilistic Playhouse

We start off on a low note as Nhat tries to cope with his somber mood. We talk tree stumps for several minutes. Does that give you any idea of how dumb this show is? Episode 162: Welcome To The Nihilistic Playhouse Who’s Shittier? Candidates: “Rock//Icon” – Rocket Coma “Radio Rebelde” – Longhare “Trust Thy […]


Episode 161: Let Me Put These Balls In Your Beer

We start off talking about our friend Adolf arriving in town to a bunch of dumbfuckery. We attend the Scallywag festival with Pennywise and Bad Religion. Tony and Adolf try bull ball beer for some dumbass reason. Nhat hates Ghost B.C. Episode 161: Let Me Put These Balls In Your Beer Who’s Shittier? Candidates: “The […]


Episode 160: There’s Always A Face Biter In The Crowd

Frakking Cat and Dustin visit our online chat. Don’t forget to wait until after the outro song to hear more… well, actually, it’s just more useless banter. Yeah, bad idea. Just move on. We play “Porn or No?” and “Pokemon or Urban Dictionary?” Episode 160: There’s Always A Face Biter In The Crowd Who’s Shittier? […]


Episode 159: The Least You Can Do Is Grow Cocks In Your Yard

Nhat talks about a dumb co-worker. Then he tries to find a penis shaped plant while Tony is obsessed with a naked man plant. Tony doesn’t think his significant other knows anything about fisting. We try to figure out which country is the top fisting one. We ruminate about the Texas dildo law. Episode 159: […]


Episode 158: Don’t Fire Until You See The Whites Of Their Eyes.. Unless They Have No Eye Whites, Then Just Shoot Whenever

Tony can’t grasp the concept of playlists for some dumbass reason. Tony talks about death, as per usual. We try to pay homage to Aretha Franklin, in the worst way possible. Tony’s dream is to meet Laetitia Casta. Nhat reveals a high-pitched Tony compilation. We play “Who’s Shittier?” and unveil the Lo Fi Book Club. […]


Episode 157: The Godfathers Of Positivity

Tony needs drugs, so he’s proposing we start taking more hallucinogens. That leads back into oujia board talk from Tony. We propose starting a second podcast, called “The Godfathers of Productivity,” which will be hugely successful because it’s more fake than anything. Nhat questions tattoos and silicone implants for corpses. We play “Who’s Shittier?” Episode […]


Episode 156: The Nigerian Rubber Yam Scam

Tony talks about his regretful return to Texas and Nhat’s nutty family. To his own surprise, he finds that he doesn’t want to lay into Adolf as much as he thought. Whataburger disappoints. Tony is extremely easily triggered staying at Nhat’s family’s place. We have Ghana news and Who’s Shittier? Episode 156: The Nigerian Rubber […]


Episode 155: A Bikini Made Of Nipples

We start off talking about the differences in our attitude over unwanted guests. We then brainstorm about more efficient headstones. Tony loafs around another Comic-Con job. Nhat thinks a bikini made of dead people’s nipples has a chance of trending. Episode 155: A Bikini Made Of Nipples Who’s Shittier? Candidates: “Confession Of An Obsession” – […]


Episode 154: Meat Curtain Jock Strap

Tony starts reminiscing about old porn stars. We wonder if meat curtains would provide cushion in a melee situation. We debut the new Ghana News intro. We play Who’s Shittier? and Guess That Lick. Episode 154: Meat Curtain Jock Strap Who’s Shittier? Candidates: “Cicada Choir” – Wasaga “Hot Mess” – The Prototypos “Writing On The […]


Episode 153: The Lost Art Of Cuntpunching

We start off having all kinds of issues with the Lo Fi Show laptop dying over and over.. clearly a sign that a higher power doesn’t want this show on.. which makes us all the more determined to shit on everyone’s earlobes. So if the beginning seems scattered, it’s because we started over three times […]


Episode 152: My Infinity Gauntlet Is A Rubber Fisting Mitten

We start off talking about toys and if Captain America buttplugs are unpatriotic. Tony doesn’t think dildos should be bumpy. We’re disappointed with the quality of the Area 51 Love Doll. Episode 152: My Infinity Gauntlet Is A Rubber Fisting Mitten Who’s Shittier? Candidates: “Bitchfield” – Sextrow “Please Don’t Be Afraid” – Teller Morose And […]


Episode 151: Ejacu-Lotion In Motion

Tony’s tired from watching Avengers: Infinity War and threatens to tell spoilers throughout the show. Some kid thinks Tony sounds like Garfield the cat. We review Kiss: Phantom of the Park and then watched Barbarella in the background. Episode 151: Ejacu-Lotion In Motion Who’s Shittier? Candidates: “Lost Love” – Marcus “Hometown Zero” – Come Home […]


Episode 150: Enthralled With Pixelated Hoo Hoos

It’s our 150th episode and it’s nothing special at all. Nhat does something completely dumb the other week and Tony’s actually not that much of a cock about it. Must be an off show. We talk about annoying Filipino laughing, and we play the 1 minute challenge and Who’s Shittier? Episode 150: Enthralled With Pixelated […]


Episode 149: Prosthetic Poop Tube

It’s our first broadcast after the show moved locations and we’re both thrown off by the shitty ambiance. Henno and Frakking Cat actually show up. Thanks to Frakking Cat for the show title. Tony pays homage to Henno with lyrics to Henno’s Lo Fi riff, but then quickly fizzles out. We debate on what we’d […]


Episode 148: Santiago, The Snooch Whisperer

Tony gets picked for his dream survey, a pot usage survey. We talk about a cocaine bear and discuss turtle men, naked mole rat men and where hamsters come from. Tony debuts Santiago, the creepy whisperer. Episode 148: Santiago, The Snooch Whisperer Intro song of the week: “The Mortal Coil” – Night In Gales Featured […]


Episode 147: Life Coach For A Cockroach

We start off discussing old school Internet sites and Tony’s imminent death. We then talk about violence in the news, news being stressful, high blood pressure and old, classic porn. We discuss past weird friends and play a movie challenge. Episode 147: Life Coach For A Cockroach Intro song of the week: “Cast Down” – […]


Episode 146: The Origin Of Baconfist

Nhat is stressed as his place (and life) is in disarray. Tony doesn’t care, as usual. Nhat thinks of games called Baconfist and What’s In My Baconator? Episode 146: The Origin Of Baconfist Who’s Shittier? Candidates: “Imperialism” – Queen Anne’s Revenge “Begin The Fight” – Barely Small “I’ll Be Gentle” – Pushy “Get High” – […]


Episode 145: Conjoined Boners And The Velvety Elderly

We’re back to our normal Thursday night recording and we start off talking about Tony’s toilet issues. Then we have a comparison to see who can think of the most fucked up band names. Nhat has a terrible idea for a movie. We play Porn or No? and The One Minute Challenge. Episode 145: Conjoined […]


Episode 144: Powered By NyQuil

It’s an off broadcasting night because neither one of us wants to do a show so close to Christmas. Tony is lamenting giving away his titty concert shirts that shrunk after a few washes and explains why people easily trigger him after too much time. We then poop on McDonald’s new kiosk options. Death by […]


Episode 143: Glack In The Saddle

It’s our first Thursday night show and we’re not having to mess with the sound for the first time in ages. We play Pokemon or Urban Dictionary? and 30 Second Challenge. Tony mispronounces more words and we try to see which one of us makes the best glacking noise. Tune in to find out what […]