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Two black dudes and they gives all the nerd news. We pride ourselves on service with knowledge of nerd culture old and new. Its delicious gluten full and hypoallergenic its the NERD PLATE!!!! Support this podcast:

Two black dudes and they gives all the nerd news. We pride ourselves on service with knowledge of nerd culture old and new. Its delicious gluten full and hypoallergenic its the NERD PLATE!!!! Support this podcast:


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Two black dudes and they gives all the nerd news. We pride ourselves on service with knowledge of nerd culture old and new. Its delicious gluten full and hypoallergenic its the NERD PLATE!!!! Support this podcast:








The Sega Street Corn

1. Will PlayStations new service be worth it. With all the allegations being thrown around we may have reason to have bought all those classic games 🤷🏽‍♂️ 2. Dear Netflix, just stop. Sincerely everybody 3. NotE3 is happening maybe it’ll be good (but you should watch the 3rd Plate conference anyway) 4. Sega vs Capcom fighting game do we need it? Ed Boon seems to think so and he’s #goated so we may allow this 5. Gotham Knights are still coming but not them old ass systems , time to upgrade...


The Dr. Who Drunken Shrimp

05/04/22 1 Black Dr. Who but who is he?? 2 Cod mobile is very underrated please check it out! 3 Overwatch 2 beta is live until 05/17 log onto Blizzards Battlenet and sign up 4. Division 2 finally gets dlc 2 years later 4 Nintendo Sound like they taking a few pages out of Activision/Blizzard book. Mistreatment of employees will not stand on this podcast! Times 1.22:00 - 33:00 2.34:00-38:56 3.38:50-57:32 458:00 - 1:28:05 5. 1:20:14 - 1:38:27 --- This episode is sponsored by ·...


The Square Enix Sausage Biscuits

Times 2:00-38:09 Star Wars Debate 38:10-48:00 Weeks RiPs 1.50:21-1:07:45 Expend4bles is coming and FF is still an awesome series 2.1:07:45-1:12:56 CW cancels Batwoman 3.1:13:05-1:20 MW2 is coming back and nothing needs to be changed at all 4.1:20:09-1:43:08 Square Enix is getting ready to sell or be sold 5.1:43:19-1:58:30 A new Star wars series is on the rise. Can Disney make something decent or are we doomed to mediocrity once again? Trivia 1:58:40-2:04:23 Game of the Week 2:04:33...


The Ubisoft Udon

1. Apple trying to kick these stagnant apps off their platform and I get it but chill and let these people live (20:44-35:01) 2. Ubisoft bought to get swooped up off her feet and we probably won't ever see her the same again. This maybe for the better who knows (35:01-51:40) 3. Sony is trying to "preserve" their classics.... (51:46-1:13:41) 4. Venom and Ghostbusters Sequels respectively both are probably gonna be cheeks but who knows (1:21:34-1:31:30) 5.ROBOTECH IS GETTING A MOVIE LIKE...


The Playstation Pineapple Pepperoni Pizza

Our intro and our weeks Mario Strikers is now available for pre- order and if you want to be up in my league hit my line Thor Love and Thunder will be fantastic and we will get female Thor aka Jane Foster and maybe a little bit of Odinforce Thor too! No More Heroes will soon be available to both the Box’s and both of the Stations no date yet but for everybody who has yet to play them For some God awful reason Jason Mamoa is going to star in the Minecraft Movie and Streets of Rage is...


The Legend of Zelda Lasagna

0:00-33:04 The Weeks and our superpower conversation 33:40-41:53 Mythforce looks like Skyrim + Flash Gordon 42:21-51:00- Sony & Lego have invested BILLIONS into the Epic Games Store but why??? 51:29-54:00 Elyuden Chronicles is a new RPG out here 55:28-1:11:55Is Zelda too big for the Switch... probably not itl be fine lol 1:12:00-1:29:32 Sakaguchi been playing some games and oddly enough Kingdom Hearts 4 got aanounced 1:29:32- Vicarious has Merged with Blizzard so goodbye Tony Hawk pro...


The e3 Eclairs

Happy Birthday to the Great Akira Toriyama. Without him we would not have Goku and that would truly be a tragedy. 0:00-30:45 The weeks and our general cathup 30:45-46:49 Fornite took out building but added some assassins 🤣 and the shit is getting better but also out of hand at this point 46:49-58:25 Activision stay making settlements. You'd think after ALL of this they'd chill but Big Daddy Phil gonna take his belt off and sort it all out you'll see 58:25-1:15 E3 is finally closing down...


The Playstation Plus Plantains

0:00- 30:00 Chris would like you all to know Shit 👏🏽 is👏🏽most👏🏽definitely👏🏽not👏🏽sweet👏🏽. Try Jesus please don't try him. 30:00-34:00 RIP to the creator of Coffee Talk Mohammad Fahmi, we thank you for your work and contributions 34:00-44:45 Breath of the Wild 2 is coming out whenever the fuck Niggatendo want it too 44:445-1:09;30Sony really trying to copy Game Pass this late in the game 🤣🤣 I laugh at thee for this nonsense 1:26:00-1:42:00 Rockstar really out here trying to...


The Moon Knight Moon Pies

Our usual l intros and journeys into the 90s lol real talk Captain PLamet was racist as hell 😂 49:00 Spirit Walker trailer and breakdown; maybe it will surpass the Raid 2 52:37 Netflix is doing Tekken and it looks really good. Shout out to Netflix for making some really fire anime's lately 59:45 Jade Raymond finally got a new home @ Sony and hopefully they can do something with this severe lacking in the good games dept. 1:07:50 Overwatch is releasing PvP before PvE and that is not...


The Overwatch 2 Jerk Chicken

The Intros and the weeks ! Toei Animation hacked and now One Piece is delayed... The Sad Sony State of Play Futuarama is coming back WITH Johan Dimaggiao (all praise the Hypno Toad) Flintlock Siege of Dawn looks to be a hot commodity coming to Game Pass very soon Overwatch 2 Beta comes in just a month and *Name Pending* is hella excited Finally Nick Cage is staring in a movie starring himself. Nick Cage got some bangers tho fr fr Gotham Knights finally has a release date of...


The Batman Baked Alaska

*Spoilers Ahead* Leroy & Shogun sit down and deep dive into Matt Reeves' "The Batman" in theaters now! Explore the universe that may save the DCU with a cast of characters that fit their roles perfectly along with a classic hero with a new story! Will Robert Pattinson live up to the Batman cowl? Will this movie save the DCU? What's gonna happen to Ben Afleck ( honestly who cares) Find out today on The Nerd Plate. I feel as though i have to reiterate but MF SPOILERS Be sure to go see "The...


The Elden Ring Beef Stew

First and foremost ELDEN RING IS FUN AS SHIT. Leroy prides himself on hating FrommSoftware with a fiery passion that borders on obsession but he can't stop playing it. Zatch Bell is coming back and our bodies are ready for it. The golden age of Toonami will return!! Beyblade is getting a live action show?? This will fail for 2 reasons.. one live action anime just don't work and 2 its...Beyblade lol Pokemon Arceus is getting a new web series There's a whole new Pokemon game coming out......


The Ubisoft Burritos

Did anybody else celebrate 2s day yesterday! I did by singing Cadillacs on 22s Pt 2! Ingredient List Rare & sealed Nintendo games in a runaway van sign.. time to get the boys back together for one last job.. a rob job 🤣 Majoras Mask is FINALLY making an appearance in the NSO service because apparently Niggatendo has to consult themselves for liscening Capcom is coming out with a super pack of all its fighting games... oh yea SFVI Halo's upcoming show will reveal the face of our...


The Jak & Daxter Drumsticks

Intro (Leroy goes to a Museum and Kami Con & Rockman got himself a Job Microsoft may be getting sued ?! Seth Rogen is doing the Ninja Turtles now ( seriously chill with the reboots of TMNT) Uncharted director wants to do Jak & Daxter next! This is good but we will see if Uncharted is good Nintendo Switch may be able to get Call of Duty if Phil say so Coming Soon Listen Watch & Support --- Support this podcast:


The Nintendo Direct Cocktail

Rockman3K3 reacts to the latest Nintendo Direct. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:


The Madame Webb Salmon Dinner

0:00-45:09 Intros and weeks 45:09-57:45 Da Rock and Silk Sonic Join Fortnite 57:45-1:00:00 Shenmue gets an Anime? 1:00:00-1:15:48 Sony got Bunigie... Whoohoo? 1:15:48-1:24:10 Madam Webb project in the making.. but not in the MCU 1:24:49 Spiderman and Daredevil may team up later !! If you didn't know or think that Rockstar was making GTA 6 seek immediate psychiatric assistance Thank you for listening! Please visit our links...


The Sony Spareribs

Steam Deck Stir Fry Sega Spaghetti Halo Tv Series Hot Dogs Pokemon Arceus Piña Colada and finally the Bungie Bowl Make sure you follow th Podcast on all our Social Medias and support us through Patreon & Anchor! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:


The Spider Man Baconeggandcheeseonaroll

It's another great episode of The Nerd Plate!!! Leroy Ketchum, Rockman3K3, and special guest, Rhayne aka The CarefreeBlackNerd from CarefreeBlackNerd Podcast on BYNK Radio, sit down together to discuss the greatness that is Spider Man: No Way Home!!! Get ready for all of the hot takes and MAJOR SPOILERS; IT'S THE NERD PLATE!!! Special Thanks to Rhayne for being on the show!!! You can see more of Rhayne on the Our Cousin Noami Podcast and can follow him @carefreeblerd on Twitter!!! ---...


The Microsoft Fiesta Nachos

Happy New Year. We are glad to be back and what a time to be back because since we have apparently gained the power of premonition or at least great foresight, we will now be known as Lerodamus & Rock Sage the Wise. We are never wrong we are just right way to early. Congratulations to Phil Spencer for adding another great set of developers to the Microsoft Monopoly. Ps3 on Ps5 ? 22:06 Dying Light 2 28:17 Cuphead on Netflix 37:34 Activision and Blizzard being Set out by Microsoft...


The 2021 Golden Plate Awards

Well we did it guys we beat the final boss of 2021! Congrats you made it, lets celebrate with the greatest gaming awards show this side of the Mississippi, the 3rd Annual Golden Plate Awards! Big shout outs and thanks to all who helped out on this...