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"Blacker and Gay-er?" (feat. Toon & L2)

Maaaan, what a week. Super bowl, Teanna Trump shows us why she is a QUEEN, 21 Savage getting deported, Tekashi SNITCHING?? And unpack the Jussie Smollett situation and which one of us doesn't believe it... Plus, things get heated as everyone debates "Street ethics," and whether or not people who fall into gang banging/ criminal lifestyle should be judged or be shown more understanding. LISTEN...


'Surviving R. Kelly' & Chill? (feat. Toon aka "The Prince of Louisiana")

So after binge watching the “shocking” doc series, “Surviving R. Kelly," Ejike Jamal and Des are left with many strong opinions on why this happened, how to separate the art from the artist, and should underaged sexual predators be punished... or treated? Pullin’ up to the conversation is the homie, Toon aka “Prince of Louisiana,” to break down documentary, and tackle many of the hard moral and ethical questions surrounding R. Kelly’s perception in the culture. Will people keep the same...


Addition by Subtraction? (The B*tch in You...)

Happy New Year Kings and Queens. New Year means new changes… This is a VERY different episode. Right before our off week during the holidays, an unsafe situation transpired in the studio while recording the Christmas Day episode, and things only seemed to further escalate off air, which ultimately lead to one of us leaving the show. Ejike Jamal reveals the ethical (and few petty) reasons for why he's ending all ties and how he plans to move forward into 2019. SHOW SUMMARY: Join Ejike...


Belcalis! (You BUST Off, I BUST Back!)

This week we get into... Who's the "King of R&B" (removing morality and ethics out the equation)? Was Ebro wrong for pressing Kodak Black on his ongoing sexual assault case? Nicki Minaj's relationship WITH a registered sex offender, Drake and Kanye beef, and whether or not Cardi should take Offset back? And the bigger question, should women stay with men who cheat? SHOW SUMMARY: Join Ejike Jamal, NaNa|Man, and Desiree as they square off over hip-hop, news, black twitter debates, as...


STOP Feedin’ the Trolls (feat. L2)

Kings, Queens, what’s good? Des is out of town, but still holdin’ it down, Ejike Jamal and NaNa|Man talk... Kevin Hart, and whether comedians should ever apologize for offensive jokes? Also, fake cheating photo of a Travis Scoot look-a-like groping a phat a** that’s NOT Kylie’s. Is the internet too gullible? Plus, pullin’ up to the “Safe Place" is our guy L2 to talk about being finessed out his money in the club, and things get HEATED when the topics of about relationships,...


"Sh*t Sound Like a Murder to Me..." (Jay voice)

This week, Ejike Jamal and Desiree get into... Thoughts on Meek's Mill’s new “Champions” album, Jay’s verse, and Rick Ross’s Tekashi diss on “What’s Free.” Feds catching a few of 6ix9ine’s "Tr3wey” threatening to “SUPER violate" 6ix9ine on the wiretap. Kevin Hart and Eniko posting their son's “Cowboys and Indians” themed party… in 2018. A convicted, um… BLACK MALE serial killer who confesses he killed 90 people and how the FBI believes he may be the biggest serial killer to date… and why...


"Fear God... and the Feds"

This week, Ejike Jamal, NaNa|Man, and Desiree talk… Whether or not Gucci Mane is getting over by only paying $2,000 a month for child support, Blac Chyna’s partnering up with skin bleaching brand, “Whitenicious,” with plans to launch in Nigeria, the American tourist killed by bows and arrows upon entering a remote island, but who was really wrong? Plus, thoughts on Tekashi’s ongoing fed case and whether or not the rainbow gangster should snitch. SHOW SUMMARY: Join Ejike Jamal, NaNa|Man,...


"Capo" (feat. Yaw)

This week, Ejike Jamal, NaNa|Man, and Desiree get into... - Jill Scott's fellatio techniques, plus Des reveals the secret to giving the best head. - Bhad Bhabie (Cash Me Outside Girl) throwing a "drink" at Iggy Azalea in the club. - Thoughts on Yung Miami claiming she would beat her son for being gay, and how she argues that's not homophobic. (Aight, sis.) - Breakdown of new (and probably last) Tekashi 69 interview. and more... Oh, and NaNa|Man speaks on how he may have ALLEGEDLY...



Aight, what's more shocking? EJ admitting to crying after the first time he masturbated or NaNa|Man claiming he didn't jack off until college? And Des... well, she opted out. This week Ejike Jamal, NaNa|Man, and Des get into… Plus, White girls posing as black women online and in real life... Is this appropriation or admiration? "THE PROBLEMATIC SAFE PLACE" AVAILABLE ON: Apple Podcasts | Google Play Music | Spotify | SoundCloud | Stitcher | iHeart Radio | TuneIn |...


Deliver Us From 'FloridaMan' (A Modest, Mayonnaise Proposal)

This week Ejike Jamal, NaNa|Man, and Des get into… "THE PROBLEMATIC SAFE PLACE" AVAILABLE ON: Apple Podcasts | Google Play Music | Spotify | SoundCloud | Stitcher | iHeart Radio | TuneIn | Youtube FOLLOW THE SHOW: @WeTheSafePlace on Twitter x IG Official Site| Inquiries? Hit us up: Follow @EjikeJamal on IG | Twitter Follow @nana_mannn on IG Follow @ItsDesicakes on IG | Twitter



NaNa|Man outta town; meanwhile, EJ suspects Des came on air this week fresh from a “walk of shame.” 🤔 This week, Ejike Jamal x Des talk... Whoa- Des speaks on getting her ass grabbed at the club on the night before... The 16 Year Old girl black girl who thinks she is a white girl. Begs the question… is she TRANS?? 50 Cent’s recent petty antics: Buying 200 Tickets to a Ja Rule’s show JUST to make sure seats are empty Thoughts on the leaked XXXTentacion recordings, featuring alleged...


No Rules to This S**t?

This week Ejike Jamal, NaNa|Man, and Des talk… White women harassing black men? Cassie and Diddy breakup Netflix pulling the plug on Luke Cage. Thoughts on Vic Mensa’s freestyle diss towards XXXTentacion on th BET Cipher. Was Vic wrong for dissing a dead man? Or Was BET wrong for choosing to still air this diss while X’s mom was in the audience? Update on Drake vs. Kanye and Pusha situation- Is 40 the leak in OVO? Does rap beef have rules? "THE PROBLEMATIC SAFE PLACE" AVAILABLE...


"Gotta Have Somethin' to Get it Taken Away...(DAMN)"

This week, Ejike Jamal, NaNa|Man, and Desiree talk... - Vic Mensa dissing XXXTentacion in the BET Cypher (Recorded 10/14/18). Was Vic wrong? Is it wrong to speak ill of the dead regardless of the life the lived? - Lana Del Ray vs Azalea Banks beef. - Fabolous idicted for violent assault on Emily B. - What Kanye West really meant about the MAGA hat making him feel like Superman... And um... Nana thinks black women are the reason black men are broke. 🤔 "THE PROBLEMATIC SAFE PLACE"...


"...There's Divorces For A Reason." (Feat. J. Boyd)

This week, NaNa|Man x Desiree hold it talk... No Ejike Jamal this week, as he is attending a major podcasting event in Atlanta (more details below). BUT pullin' up to the convo is J. Boyd to talk... -Kanye's most recent incident of Kanye'ing at SNL. -Khabib and Connor BRAWL. -Kavanaugh updates PLUS, Des speaks on the local domestic violence tragedies involving Lashonda Childs and Donna Alexander. This week's episode addresses a serious question... Is it okay for people outside of a...


"Carter WHY?" (feat. The Oyili Sisters)

This week, Ejike Jamal x NaNa|Man talk... - Carter V, or as NaNa|Man called it, "Carter WHY..." Yikes... But was he wrong? Did Wayne flop? Also pullin' up to the convo are the Oyili Sisters (@OyiliSisters), as we talk... - Brett Kavanaugh's grammy nominee performance on the stands... - Cosby sentencing- Was justice really served? - Should all convicts be given a second chance? - Nana thinks Bill was treated unfairly when compared to white alleged sexual offenders. and...


No Fly List?

This week, Ejike Jamal x NaNa|Man, and also pullin' up to the convo is Desiree to talk about... - How EJ believes making your kids painfully aware of their flaws is how to promote good self esteem. Des is not here for it. - Is someone wrong for exiting a kid's life (after a year plus) upon finding out they're not the parent? - Kanye calls out Nick Cannon and Drake over Kim K sex rumors. -Drake "grooming" rumors- Is Aubrey looking sus to public after Millie Bobby Brown (El from...


"Love Isn't Spoken...It's DEMONSTRATED." Nana...Wtf? (Feat. Desiree)

So the title doesn't have sh** to do with this week's topics, but um... This week, along with Ejike Jamal x NaNa|Man, pullin' up to the convo is Desiree to give takes on... -Katt Williams taking shots at the hottest names in comedy. -Bronx teacher who sexually assaults student avoiding jail time AND gets to keep her teaching certificate. -Plus, UNEXPECTEDLY, our sound engineer, “Jedi” shares his story of his sexual encounter with his teacher at 15. -On the current state of confusion...


"Street Cred" or Credit Score? (Feat. Trell x OG 2g)

This week Ejike Jamal x NaNa|Man to talk… Pullin’ up to the convo are two reformed street dudes turned creatives, Trell and OG-2G as we they explain to the two suburban negroes the codes/ethics of the streets… which EJ argues isn’t real. Nike becoming the GOAT On Bobby Brown Story- Trell says TPAIN the king of R&B?? Nicki vs. Cardi Eminem’s “Kamikaze” album and Machine Gun Kelly’s response diss track a whole lotta other sh** "THE PROBLEMATIC SAFE PLACE" AVAILABLE ON: Apple...


"RIP Critical Thought?" (feat. Sin x Eva)

This week, Ejike Jamal x NaNa|Man talk.. - Kanye West's "apology" to black people. - 6ix9ine telling Luda to suck his DICKKK - Masturbation on flights being considered as sexual assault? - EJ gets triggered after listening to the trolling hit, hit Moo ("Bitch I'm a Cow) x Doja Cat, and claims "society is in a dark place..." -and more.... Pullin' up this week is Sin, a spoken word artist who's actually NOT wack, and fashion designer Eva, as the chime in on - Should everyone be given...


"Forty9ine/ FiftyOne?" (feat. Bae or Boot?)

This week, Ejike Jamal x NaNa|Man talk.. -Who's fallin' off, Nicki or Cardi? - Are people marrying way too early? Is reality TV shows to blame? - Is "love on first sight a thing, or just bulls**t? -Plus, Nana's EXPOSES how EJ and his girl REALLY got together... -and more.... Pullin ' up this week we have Dallas two hosts from Dallas based reality dating show, "Bae or Boot?" GUEST INFO: @BAEORBOOTDFW "THE PROBLEMATIC SAFE PLACE" AVAILABLE ON: Apple Podcasts | Google Play Music |...