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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World by John Powell

The final installment of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise has finally arrived and Erik Woods, Dane Walker, and Christopher Coleman have come together to talk about composer John Powell's original score for "The Hidden World." They react to the film and the score and highlight some of their favorite pieces from the soundtrack. Hang tight for some bonus spoiler discussion after the official closing the of this high flying, heart-wrenching episode. Episode Highlights 03:24 - History...


The First Soundcast Awards (Ep. 134)

The inaugural Soundcast Awards are here! This is unlike any awards show you've ever seen ... or at least have listened to! Not only will you hear all of the soundtrack nominees from 2018, but you'll hear the winner of each of the eleven categories decided before your very ears! Join Kristen Romanelli, Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman in celebrating the winners and whining about the not-so-winners in each category. As a bonus, at the very end, each co-host will reveal their...


Hans Zimmer at World's End? - Soundcast Stereo (32nd Edition)

While doing press for his upcoming score for the BBC series: "One Planet, Seven Worlds," composer Hans Zimmer said that humanity is "slithering" its way to destruction ... via climate change. Dane and Christopher talk about the surprising comment itself, but also the context around hist statement. Does he really think making such statement could cost his career? Was it a sly marketing move? Should composer be more outspoken on such matters? Listen to the 32nd edition of the Soundcast Stereo...


Swamp Thing - Heart Sing - Soundcast Six Vol. 13 (Ep. 133)

Grammy and BAFTA winners in the "best score" category, new nominations and non-nominations, Brian Tyler dives into the swamp, the shocking results of a recent Twitter-poll, and some big, birthday wishes, are the six topics that Dane Walker, Kristen Romanelli, and Christopher Coleman tackle in this thirteenth volume of the Soundcast Six! Join us in the swamp, won't you? Episode Highlights 03:00 - #1 - Grammy's and BAFTAs 12:21 - #2 - IFMCA Nom nom noms 24:57 - #3 - No Nom for...


Interview: Kathryn Bostic [Clemency, Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am] (Ep. 132)

Composer Kathryn Bostic talks with Kristen Romanelli about two of her recent score-projects: "Clemency," directed by Chinonye Chukwu, which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and the documentary, "Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am," directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, which also played at Sundance in 2019. Bostic also talks about her long history with Sundance outside of the festival and her recent experience as the Film Scoring Artist in Residence at the Berklee College of...


The Oscars - Nom Nom Noms [Part 3] (Ep. 131)

Completing our trilogy of Best Score nomination reactions, Erik Woods, Dane Walker, Kristen Romanelli, and Christopher Coleman react to the nominees in this category for the 91st Academy Awards. The discuss some of the biggest snubs and surprises, the politics around the Oscars and share which composer they think will bring home the "Little Gold Homey." But prior to that they react to an iTunes review that brings to the forefront what the Soundcast was created to be from the very beginning...


Glass by West Dylan Thordson (Ep. 130)

Kristen Romanelli, Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman take on Mr. Glass, The Overseer and The Horde and West Dylan Thordson's original score for GLASS. The three set the stage by sharing their thoughts about the two previous films: UNBREAKABLE and SPLIT and then break open M. Night Shyamalan's bold, third chapter. They also discuss WWJNHD (What would James Newton Howard have done had he been on the project) and lastly, some of their favorite tracks from the score. And if that isn't enough,...


Aquaman (Ep. 129)

The Bro of the Sea, AQUAMAN, has taken the world by tsunami! Kristen Romanelli, Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman dive in to discuss James Wan's latest DCEU entry and go trench-deep on Rupert Gregson-Williams original score. In addition to sharing their reactions to the film and score, they discuss some of their favorite tracks from the soundtrack and where the Aquaman score ranks among the previous DCEU entries. And don't miss a special announcement about a new series of episodes coming...


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse (Ep. 128)

There's a new verse to be explored! Erik Woods, Dane Walker, Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman dive headlong into SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE with original score by Daniel Pemberton. As an appetizer, the four first share their reactions to this year's off-kilter, Golden Globe awards program. Once free from that awards-web, they share their thoughts about Sony's stand-out, animated effort and explore Pemberton's unique, hip-hop-infused original score. Each discuss their favorite...


Interview: Rupert Gregson-Williams (Aquaman) Theodore Shapiro (Destroyer) Nitin Sawhney (Mowgli)

This triple-interview-episode features Kristen Romanelli's conversations with the composers for three major movie releases from December of 2018: AQUAMAN'S Rupert Gregson-Williams, DESTROYER's Theodore Shapiro and MOWGLI's Nitin Sawhney! You'll dive deep into the stories and motivations behind each score as well as the intricate, specific techniques employed by each composer for each of these very different film projects. Episode Highlights 01:11 - Theodore Shapiro (Destroyer) 14:36 -...


The Grammy's - Nom Nom Nom - Part 2

The 61st Grammy Award nominations are the topic for part two of our "Nom Nom Nom" series. Kristen Romanelli, Dane Walker, Erik Woods and Christopher Coleman discuss the nominees for BEST MUSIC FOR VISUAL MEDIA category. Again they dive into "surprises," "snubs" and play the "Who Should/ Who Will" win game. We wrap up the episode by discussing the nominations for the BEST INSTRUMENTAL COMPOSITION CATEGORY. Episode Highlights 04:00 - "Who watches the Grammys?" 06:20 - "Surprise...


Golden Globes - Nom Nom Noms [Part 1] (Ep. 125)

Kristen Romanelli, Dane Walker, Erik Woods and Christopher Coleman react and discuss the nominees for the BEST ORIGINAL SCORE - MOTION PICTURE category. Which of our hosts watch the award show? Which nominees were a surprise? Which scores were snubbed? Who do we think WILL win and SHOULD win? Find out the compelling answers to all of these golden-questions and more! Episode Highlights 02:38 - "Golden Globes - Best Original Score - Motion Picture" 03:29 - "Who watches?" 07:13 - "Surpise...


Ralph Breaks the Internet by Henry Jackman (Ep. 124)

Kristen Romanelli, Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman review Henry Jackman's score for the latest Walt Disney animated feature film, RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET. The dive into their thoughts about the first WRECK-IT RALPH film and then react to this new entry (into the franchise?). They explore the film and then Jackman's inventive original score. Also included is an extensive listener-feedback segment where they address questions about the popularity of THE PHANTOM THREAD score and...


Interview: Carter Burwell (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs) and Rolfe Kent (Stan & Ollie) (Ep. 123)

In this special double-interview, Kristen Romanelli talks with composer Carter Burwell about his evocative, western, score for the recent Coen Brothers/ Netflix anthology project, THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS. Next, she speaks with composer Rolfe Kent about his heartfelt original score for the "dramedic" STAN & OLLIE from director Jon S. Baird, which focuses on the latter careers of the famed comedy team of Laurel and Hardy. Episode Highlights 00:55 - Carter Burwell (The Ballad of Buster...


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (Ep. 122)

James Newton Howard returns to the Wizarding World to score Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Matt Carr returns to join Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman to talk through their reaction to the film and to the film's score. They also discuss some of the stand out tracks from the score and whether or not this fledgling franchise is in need of new blood. Stay tuned after the close for BONUS spoiler discussion of the film and score! Episode Highlights 04:34 - Fantastic Beasts...


The Nutcracker and the Four Realms by James Newton Howard (Ep. 121)

Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman are joined by Matt Carr ("composer") to discus James Newton Howard's recent original score to THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS. They dive into their expectations and reactions to the film and score, their favorite pieces from the score and conclude the episode by listing their TOP 5 SCORES for Disney Live-Action films! Episode Highlights 05:25 - Film Expectations 15:25 - Score Reactions 24:04 - More Film and Score discussion with SPOILERS 34:00 -...


The Zimmer Zone - Soundcast Six Vol. 12 (Ep. 120)

Hans Zimmer joins Harold Faltermeyer, while Kristen Romanelli, Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman form up to discuss the Top Gun sequel choosing to ride into "The Zimmer Zone." In addition, they discuss John Williams' cancellation of upcoming concerts in Europe, the recent Letterboxd poll ranking the users' favorite film scores, the changing of the guard as Martin Phipps on scoring duties for The Crown, the return of Avatar: The Last Airbender as a live-action series on Netflix along with...


First Man by Justin Hurwitz (Ep. 119)

Director Damien Chazelle and composer Justin Hurwitz next collaborative effort, FIRST MAN, has launched into theaters and, while heading to new explorative heights, dives deep into astronaut Neil Armstrong's depressive state. Dane Walker, Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman discuss their expectations and reactions to the hotly-anticipated by some, hotly-controversial to others, film and original score. They talk at length of Hurwitz's use of theremin throughout the score and what his...


The Loki Show - Soundcast Six Vol. 11 (Ep. 118)

Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman tackle six soundtrack-ish topics including: three trailers and what they may or not say about their respective upcoming score: Captain Marvel, Stanley & Ollie, and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. They also discuss the news that Deadmau5 is finally scoring a feature film, The 3-track EP release of The Predator score on Spotify, and their composer-picks for the recently announced Loki and Scarlet Witch series coming to the imminent Disney streaming...


Remembering Beth Krakower (Ep. 117)

On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, the film music community lost one of its pillars, Public relations agent, Beth Krakower. Erik Woods, Kristen Romanelli, and Christopher Coleman talk about what made her a truly special PR agent, as well as some personal stories from their experience in working with her for so many years. Lastly, you'll hear a fraction of the heartfelt tweets that were made as news of her passing spread through Twitter. If you're wondering why we'd dedicate an entire episode...