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First Man by Justin Hurwitz (Ep. 119)

Director Damien Chazelle and composer Justin Hurwitz next collaborative effort, FIRST MAN, has launched into theaters and, while heading to new explorative heights, dives deep into astronaut Neil Armstrong's depressive state. Dane Walker, Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman discuss their expectations and reactions to the hotly-anticipated by some, hotly-controversial to others, film and original score. They talk at length of Hurwitz's use of theremin throughout the score and what his...


The Loki Show - Soundcast Six Vol. 11 (Ep. 118)

Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman tackle six soundtrack-ish topics including: three trailers and what they may or not say about their respective upcoming score: Captain Marvel, Stanley & Ollie, and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. They also discuss the news that Deadmau5 is finally scoring a feature film, The 3-track EP release of The Predator score on Spotify, and their composer-picks for the recently announced Loki and Scarlet Witch series coming to the imminent Disney streaming...


Remembering Beth Krakower (Ep. 117)

On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, the film music community lost one of its pillars, Public relations agent, Beth Krakower. Erik Woods, Kristen Romanelli, and Christopher Coleman talk about what made her a truly special PR agent, as well as some personal stories from their experience in working with her for so many years. Lastly, you'll hear a fraction of the heartfelt tweets that were made as news of her passing spread through Twitter. If you're wondering why we'd dedicate an entire episode...


2018 Fall Soundtrack Preview (Ep. 116)

The Fall movie season, filled to the brim with blockbuster-palette-cleansing and award-contending films, is upon us! Justin Craig, Dane Walker, Kristen Romanelli, and Christopher Coleman sit down to have a long chat about their expectations for the film scores that will accompany these Fall (and early Winter) films. They each share their "top 5" most anticipated scores, their "top 5" concerns, and some original scores they think may end up being pleasant surprises before we hit the new...


Zimmer Returns - Soundcast Six Vol. 10 (Ep. 115)

Four people. Six soundtrack stories. Erik Woods, Kristen Romanelli, Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman congregate to discuss six bits of soundtrack news including: Cinefix's Top 10 Scores, Hook vs Harry Potter poll results, JJ Abrams' new record label, Sarah Schachner and HIldur Gudnadottir's big, new gigs, Bond 25 loses Boyle, and Hans Zimmer returns to superhero films for Wonder Woman: 1984. Don't miss this action-packed episode where Dane sings Hook songs, we explore alternate universes...


Interview - Lorne Balfe (Mission: Impossible - Fallout) (Ep. 114)

LORNE BALFE, composer of the original score to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT, talks about why he thinks it is important to engage with fans about his work on social media. He also opens up: on what the challenges are when taking the musical-reigns of an existing movie-franchise, about what Tom Cruise had to say about his original score, and finally, on something that no one knew (until now) about his experience of scoring the sixth entry into the Mission: Impossible franchise. Episode...


Mission: Impossible - Fallout by Lorne Balfe (Ep. 113)

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT - the sixth film of the franchise is out and Agent Dane Walker joins Christopher Coleman to breakdown their thoughts about Christopher McQuarrie's follow up to "Rogue Nation" and composer Lorne Balfe's original score. They discuss the drastic tonal shift in the film and the associated score and whether they thought that shift was pulled off successfully. The two also discuss their picks for the most memorable musical moments from the film and in the soundtrack...


Comic-Con Reaction - Soundcast Six Vol. 9 (Ep. 112)

Comic-con 2018 has come and gone, but,each year we are left with uncountable reactions to all of the trailers, panels, reveals, and interviews. This year, Dane Walker, Kristen Romanelli, and Christopher Coleman narrow down their collective reactions to six ... a Soundcast-Six-worth. They discuss the trailers, trailer music and potential original scores for: AQUAMAN, GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS, SHAZAM!, GLASS, and FANTASTIC BEASTS: The CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD. The sixth topic revolves around...


Ant-Man and the Wasp by Christophe Beck (Ep. 111)

Ant-Man and the Wasp have shrunk their way into theaters and Dane Walker (composer in parentheses), Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman go big on their discussion about the 20th entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They discuss Christophe Beck's follow-up score, compare it to the first film, Ant-Man, and garnish it all with their overall thoughts about Peyton Reed's much expanded film that has the unenviable position of being the direct MCU-follow-up to the massive hit (and...


What impact will Christophe Beck and SESAC's Diversity program have?

Christophe Beck and SESAC recently announced a new program designed increase diversity among the ranks of the Hollywood composers. Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman break down the specific points of the program as well as ask questions about just what impact such a program could have as well as how diversity of fandom could play a role as well. Episode Highlights 00:07 - Waiting for the intro 01:19 - Beck Diversity Project 04:20 - Reacting to the announcement 10:14 - Who you...


Are we excited about Dario Marianelli scoring the Bumblebee Movie? - Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 30)

It was recently announced that composer Dario Marianelli would write the original score for the upcoming BUMBLEBEE feature film (prequel to the Transformers films). Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman not only react to this news, but share their personal histories with the Transformers franchise (the movies and beyond). Will there be even more Transformer spinoffs? Episode Highlights 00:35 - Bumbling the intro 03:10 - Personal Transformers history 07:06 - The Bumblebee...


Incredibles 2 by Michael Giacchino (Ep. 110)

Will Brueggamann (The Underscore Podcast), Kristen Romanelli, and Christopher Coleman return to Metroville to discuss Michael Giacchino's original score for one of Pixar's most anticipated sequels - INCREDIBLES 2! To start, they quickly share their deepest, heartfelt, emotional reactions to the Pixar short, BAO. Next, they jump into the Incredibles 2 by talking through the highs and lows about the film itself, and then how well Giacchino's original score works within the film. They also...


How important is the hiring of Pinar Toprak for Captain Marvel? - Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 29)

Composer Pinar Toprak has been signed to write the original score for Marvel's upcoming feature film, "CAPTAIN MARVEL"- making her the first female composer to be hired to score a major super-hero film. Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman discuss the context of this move by Marvel and its repercussions. They also examine how big of a deal this move is for Pinar Toprak, herself, the film, Marvel Studios, and for the fans. Episode Highlights 00:06 - A marvelous intro 01:19 - She got...


Soundcast Six Vol. 8 (Ep. 109)

Kirsten, Erik and Christopher are back to talk through six new soundtrack stories: Best 2018 Score (so far), Joseph Trapanese scoring the upcoming Robin Hood film, the new Mortal Engines trailer and their hopes and dreams for the film and score's composer, Gordy Haab and the future of Star Wars music, Willow sequel rumors, and is the Boba Fett film score a Marco Beltrami no-brainer? Episode Highlights 03:41 - #1 - Best Score of 2018 ... so far 14:13 - #2 - Joseph Trapanese on the new...


Solo - A Star Wars Story (Ep. 108)

Erik Woods, Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman team up to pull off the biggest soundtrack heist in the galaxy! That or maybe just review John Powell's original score to Solo: A Star Wars Story with original theme by John Williams. The three not only share their thoughts about the newest Star Wars film and score, but they react to the apparent obliviousness or dislike of the score by the "gen pub," breakdown John Williams' new theme for Han Solo, and discuss whether anyone other than...


Is the Deadpool 2 Score an Improvement? - Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 28)

Deadpool 2 has been unleashed upon the world and Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman explore the question of whether Tyler Bates' original score for the film is an improvement over Tom Holkenborg's (Junkie XL) original score for the first film. They discuss it from the angles of its operation within the film and also as a stand-alone listen. They also discuss Tyler's themes, groundbreaking choral work and the unique status of the Deadpool 2 original score being the first ever to earn a...


Avengers Infinity War (Ep. 107)

Marty and Will Bruegemann (Underscore Podcast) join Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman to share their deepest thoughts and feelings about Marvel's most recent (and controversial?) entry into the MCU - AVENGERS INFINITY WAR. They talk through their likes and dislikes about both the film and ALAN SILVESTRI's original score. Additionally, they discuss where their expectations were subverted and reveal their predictions for Avengers 4. Plus, we have another edition of Kristen's "It's...


Most Underrated Scores - Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 27)

We always talk about the most popular scores, but what about those which are more deserving than the amount of discussion they receive? Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman go there and discuss SOME of the scores they believe have gone, or have become, underrated over the 20 to 25 years. For this episode, they mention underrated scores from composers such as: John Williams, James Newton Howard, Michael Giacchino, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer. Episode...


Lost in Space [Netflix] (Ep. 106)

Kristen Romanelli, Erik Woods, and Christopher Coleman share their reactions to the first four episodes of Netflix's new series, LOST IN SPACE, including their reaction to CHRISTOPHER LENNERTZ's stellar original score. They discuss their personal history with the Lost in Space franchise: from the original, 60s, TV series, to the 1998 feature film, to Netflix's latest incarnation. Before they do that, they bring back the popular WHYBLT? segment, where they discuss titles such as SUPERGIRL by...


Most Surprising Composer Assignments - Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 26)

The recent announcement of James Newton Howard not returning to score M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming sequel "Glass," got Erik Woods and Christopher Coleman to come together to discuss that and some of the other most surprising composer assignments in recent memory. Who got the Glass gig and what other composer announcements could possibly as surprising or more? Find out in this Soundcast Stereo episode! Episode Highlights 00:21 - Intro Surprises 01:37 - Shocked that West Dylan Thordson is...