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Episode 82 - Are You My Motivation?

Notable Ninth Doctor Episodes Jessica and Phillip each pick an episode of the Christopher Eccleston era for a special discussion - "The Empty Child" and "Boom Town," respectively. What are these two episodes considered stand out by the co-hosts? What do they show about the Ninth Doctor's character and his companions? And how does Eccleston shine in these roles? In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple examine the 1998 movie "Elizabeth," co-starring Christopher Eccleston as the...


Episode 81 - TV Killed the Internet Star

Richard E. Grant's Ninth Doctor and "Scream of the Shalka" We all know the Ninth Doctor first appeared in 2005, with Christopher Eccleston bringing back "Doctor Who" in his leather jacket, waving around his sonic screwdriver. But he was not the first Ninth Doctor. An enterprising group of Whovians inside BBC were desperate to find a way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Doctor Who" in 2003. With no news of anything happening, they decided to bring back the program in the form of an...


Episode 80 - Beyond Just a Television Show

Eighth Doctor August (and the Wilderness Years) Each incarnation of the Doctor is unique - but the McGann era of "Doctor Who" is something of its own temporal paradox. The Eighth Doctor appears solely on television with the Doctor Who TV Movie (and, of course, his death and regeneration in "Night of the Doctor"). Yet his story lasts the longest in books, audio adventures, and comics. Richard Carrier joins Jessica and Phillip to talk about the era of when "Doctor Who" was off of television,...


Episode 79 - The Perfect Spinoff

The Paternoster Gang The characters of Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax were first introduced in the Eleventh Doctor episode "A Good Man Goes to War," but that was just the beginning for this memorable trio. Jessica and Phillip talk about their favorite Victorian era gang, from what makes each character special to how they performed in their first Big Finish box set "Heritage 1." What's your favorite Paternoster moment? In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple review the Eighth...


Episode 78 - You Can't Blame Him

Seventh Doctor July With the end of the seventh month, it's time to focus on the Sylvester McCoy era of Doctor Who! Jessica and Phillip review Richard Carrier's YouTube documentary on the closing of the classic era and this Doctor's end in the 1990s television movie. They look at Mel vs. Ace, which Hogwarts house this Doctor belongs to, and what makes him Jessica's favorite classic Doctor. What's your favorite Seventh Doctor story? In their look into the TARDIS library, Phillip reviews the...


Episode 77 - Starting Again for the First Time

First Time Doctoring - Series 1/Ninth Doctor Jessica and Phillip are proud to convert people to becoming Whovians. One of those "convertees" is Char who just finished watching Christopher Eccelston's series of "Doctor Who." What does she think of the Ninth Doctor? What does Captain Jack do for her? What are her favorite episodes? What was it like meeting a Dalek for the first time? And how was it going thru her first regeneration? Join us for a new fan's reactions and let us know your...


Episode 76 - ...And a Bit of Punky Brewster

Companion Spin-offs There are a variety of Doctor Who spin-off series, featuring characters from both classic and nuWho. Jessica and Phillip pitch their own ideas for new companion series featuring ... the Doctor's companions! Whether it is Ace in a prequel or sequel series or Rory and Amy solving mysteries in New York City, there are lots of opportunities for new Doctor-less adventures in time and space. In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple visit the Sixth Doctor's final outing...


Episode 75 - Shorter Serials & Subtle Arcs

Contrasting Classic and nuWho Fans often debate which is better - the classic era of Doctor Who or "new" Who? Jessica and Phillip leave any arguments aside and just look at what exactly defines these two era of Who. What makes a classic serial? What sets nuWho apart? What strengths and weaknesses are on both sides? Join us for this in-depth look at Doctor Who era. In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple look at the pilot episode from the K9 series, "Regeneration." What happens when...


Episode 74 - Between Twins and Trials

Sixth Doctor June Each month in 2019, the co-hosts look at an episode from Richard Carrier's YouTube Doctor Who research and analysis series. This sixth part focuses on the Colin Baker era of classic Who, and its trials (of the time lord) and tribulations. You can check out the video here. The also focus on the first half of Season 23, also known as Peri's final serials. In their look into the TARDIS library, Phillip reviews the Fifth Doctor novel "Sand of Time" by Justin Richards. This...


Episode 73 - The TARDIS Goes "Boop!"

Doctor Who Grab Bag - An Eighth and Third Doctor Adventures The couple spend this episode talking about two random serials in the Doctor Who franchise - the Big Finish Eighth Doctor adventure "Invaders from Mars" and the Third Doctor episode "Colony in Space." What do you think of these two quite different episodes? In their look into the TARDIS library, Phillip reviews the First Doctor biography, "Who's There? The Life and Career of William Hartnell," penned by Hartnell's granddaughter.


Episode 72 - The Royal Family of Who

Fifth Doctor May The co-hosts continue their monthly Doctor-focused episodes, following Richard Carrier's YouTube analysis (Fifth Doctor era clip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_W6x64rxHc). Peter Davison and his TARDIS crew under the supervision of John Nathan-Turner ushered in a new era of "Doctor Who" for the 1980s. Was this the beginning of something new or the beginning of the end for the classic era? In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple re-visit the Tenth Doctor...


Episode 71 - Please, Don't Say 'Crabs'

The Animated Macra Terror The lost episodes of "Doctor Who" continue to frustrate fans. This year, an animated release attempted to "fill in" the canon with the restoration of the Second Doctor serial "The Macra Terror." How does the animation look? What is the story like? And why can't any of the characters properly describe the monsters? We look at that and more. In our look into the TARDIS library, we review the second appearance of the Macra in the Tenth Doctor episode "Gridlock." This...


Episode 70 - Who Amongst Avengers

Doctor Who Actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe "Avengers: Endgame" landed in cinemas across the world - and just as this epic movies celebrates the entire MCU franchise, it also celebrates the "Doctor Who" franchise. Jessica and Phillip talk about the actors who have appeared in both series - from Toby Jones, Karen Gillam, David Bradley, and David Tennant. In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple look at the Harry Potter movie franchise for what "Who" actors have appeared there...


Episode 69 - Love Is Just a Story Trope

Companion Romances Love is in the air as this podcast's co-hosts celebrate their second anniversary - so why not talk about romance in the TARDIS? Jessica and Phillip look at Rose/Mickey, Rose/Ninth Doctor, Amy/Rory, and Clara/Danny -- did these pairing work? How did they evolve? And ... do we really think the Doctor has "sexy times"? In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple revisit two Eighth Doctor Big Finish productions - "The Stone of Venice" and "Minuet in Hell."


Episode 68 - Living in His Own Universe

Fourth Doctor April Jessica and Phillip look at Tom Baker and the Fourth Doctor era of Doctor Who (1974 to 1981) using two sources: Richard Carrier's YouTube analysis and a 2010 Tom Baker interview. Both of these videos reveal the unique origins and happenings of this so-called "Golden Age of Who." In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple look at the comedy series "Dead Ringers" and their Doctor Who parodies, especially impressionist Jon Culshaw.


Episode 67 - A Gentleman & A Scarecrow

Jon Pertwee Overview Jon (7 July 1919 to 20 May 1996) played the Third Doctor during the 1970s, but he was more than a Time Lord. Jessica and Phillip talk about several documentaries they watched about Mr. Pertwee, his legacy as "Worzel Gummidge," and how his son Sean is continuing the acting tradition. In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple review the Mark Gatiss-penned novel "The Vesuvius Club." Phillip describes how the lead character, Lucifer Box, is a mix between Sherlock...


Episode 66 - Overdue Conversations

Companions of Color, Part One (nuWho) Jessica and Phillip are joined by Bayana and Connie of the TARBIS (Time and Relative Blackness in Space) podcast to examine companions of color. They tackle the Thirteenth Doctor's newest friends - Ryan and Yaz, and what their characters brought to the latest series. They also look at Twelfth's companions - everyone's favorite Bill, and everyone's ... well, also Danny Pink. In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple give an in-depth look at the...


Episode 65 - Let Pertwee Be Pertwee

Third Doctor March! Jessica and Phillip barely make it in time for the third installment of their monthly Doctor "in focus" series, based on the YouTube videos of Clever Dick Films. They discuss the Third Doctor era, with Jon Pertwee taking over the newly colourized Time Lord role, with his UNIT gang and new assistants. From the introduction of The Master to a mirror universe, there is a lot to cover in this 1970s Doctor Who era. In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple stumble upon...


Episode 64 - Itty Bitty Mathematicians

"Logopolis" Feature The Fourth Doctor's last adventure "Logopolis" was released in movie theaters around the U.S. to promote the release of the Season Seven Blu-ray. Jessica and Phillip watched this feature presentation, along with included interview extras from Tom Baker, Janet Fielding, and Sarah Sutton. From the introductions of new companions (...for the Fifth Doctor...), the Master's re-appearance, and entropy, entropy, entropy!, there is a lot to unpack. And what the heck is the...


Episode 63 - First Time Doctor-ing

Char's Introduction to Doctor Who Jessica and Phillip met up with their fellow Nerd Party cohosts Charlynn Schmiedt (and her husband Patrick) in LA at the Gallifrey One fan convention - and talked "Doctor Who," of course! Char is just beginning her journey in the TARDIS with the Thirteenth Doctor - but is now starting to watch nuWho, beginning with the Ninth Doctor. What questions does she have? What spoilers will be avoided? Enjoy this talk with a brand new Whovian. In their look into the...