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Episode 27 - Really Loud Voice & A Plunger

Episode of the Daleks They are the epitome of Doctor Who villians - the Daleks. These pepper pots have captured Whovian imaginations for over 50 years - so what makes them so timeless? Jessica and Phillip take a close (but safe) look at the aliens, using the first feature film "Dr. Who and the Daleks" (1965). In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple revisits the Seventh Doctor's encounter with the Skaro aliens in "Remembrance of the Daleks." What's your favorite Dalek moment?


Episode 26 - Double Your Fun

"The Enemy of the World" Review There is always a celebration to be had in "Doctor Who" fandom when a so-called "lost story" is found, made complete, and restored. Such was the case with the 2nd Doctor serial, "The Enemy of the World." It was recovered complete, just a few years ago, and this past year it was restored in a new release, along with some fascinating extras. Jessica and Phillip examine this interesting six-episode story that features Patrick Troughton playing two main roles -...


Episode 25 - Don't Call Them 'Borgs'

Episode of the Cybermen They are one of the Doctor's most-feared enemies: The Cybermen. From the earliest "sock monkeys" of "The Tenth Planet" and the First Doctor to the metallic cyborgs of the 12th Doctor era, these villains have evolved over the deceades. What makes them so interesting? Why do fans keep looking forward to their stories? Jessica and Phillip focus on the IDW graphic novel series "Assimilation2" which mixes up the worlds of "Doctor Who" and "Star Trek: The Next...


Episode 24 - Everyone Dies and Gets Naked

"Torchwood" Overview There are Whovians ... and then there are "Torchwood" fans. Which ones are more "hardcore"? Regardless of the answer, Jessica and Phillip focus on the "Doctor Who" spin-off "Torchwood" this week - along with its four series and other forms of life. They look at all things Captain Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Tosh and Owen ... as well as Rhys and Andy. In their look into the TARDIS library, they examine the first episode of the OTHER spin-off - "The Sarah Janes Adventures." The...


Episode 23 - It's Gotta Be the Jacket

Captain Jack Harkness Overview The man, the myth, the Time Agent - Captain Jack began as companion to the 9th Doctor but soon bolted to head the "Doctor Who" spin-off "Torchwood," and became a legend in the fandom. What makes this sexually-charged, dynamic, vortex manipulator-wearing leader such a Whovian star? Jessica and Phillip talk about his time with the Doctor and Torchwood, and their encounters with the man behind the character - John Barrowman. In their look into the TARDIS...


Episode 22 - The Lingering Taste of TARDIS

Companion Exits Companions come and go - sometimes sad, sometimes not. However, the way they leave the TARDIS and the Doctor can be controversial at times. Jessica and Phillip look at how all of the nuWho companions have left and whether it made sense. They also connect them to "classic" companion exits to see if there are any patterns to how the TARDIS journey ends. In their look into the TARDIS library, they travel to the 5th Doctor adventure "Earthshock" for a rare companion death....


Episode 21 - They All "Die" (Psych!)

Twelfth Doctor's Companions Overview Change isb't easy, but in "Doctor Who," we often have companions who help us transition to a new Doctor. The arrival of the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) meant that Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) had to serve as the audience surrogate and help the transition from bow ties & fezzes to a no hugging magician. Clara's relationship with 12 is different from her interactions with 11, and after she left, audiences got to meet Nardole (Matt Lucas) and Bill Potts...


Episode 20 - The Future is Female

Time Ladies The women of Gallifrey, no matter what regeneration, are as formidable as male Gallifreyans. With the 13th Doctor's first series on the horizon, Jessica and Phillip look back at other Time Ladies and what their legacy is for Jodi Whittaker. They discus Missy, Jenny ("The Doctor's Daughter"), Susan Foreman, and others. In their look into the TARDIS library, they revisit the introduction of Time Lady Romana (Mary Tamm) in the 4th Doctor serial "The Ribos Operation." Who is your...


Episode 19 - A Fistful of Doctors

Big Finish: "The Light at the End" Review Jessica and Phillip dive into their first Big Finish (www.bigfinish.com) "Doctor Who" audio production with their 50th Anniversary celebration of the franchise - "The Light at the End." This multiple Doctor adventure begins with the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) and his companion Charley Pollard (India Fisher) finding a big red light on the TARDIS and ends up with them encountering all the previous Doctor incarnations, along with their companions....


Episode 18 - A Song in Time

River Song Profile Besides the Doctor, perhaps no other "Doctor Who" character is as "timey-whimey" as his wife - Dr. River Song (Alex Kingston). Jessica and Phillip try to make sense of her life and times by watching all her episode appearances in the order of her personal chronology and ask ... does it make sense? From baby Melody Pond to regenerated Mel to the River Song we all know (and love!), how does the trial and tribulations of this psychopath assassin become the great love of the...


Episode 17 - Is Creepy the Right Word?

Fifty Plus Years Worth of Intros There is nothing like sitting down to watch another episode of "Doctor Who" - and each of the various intros have their own character to them. Whether it's a different theme tune arrangement, various special effects, or even a winking animated Doctor head! Phillip, Daniel, and Darren sit down in this episode during the week of April 1st to talk about their thoughts of "the black and white era," the 70s, 80s, and nuWho/Davies & Moffat era introductions to...


Episode 16 - A Familiar Face

Lead Actors' Prior "Who" Appearances It's no surprise that, with so many actors appearing in "Doctor Who," some get "re-cast" in other Whovian roles throughout the years. However, a few of the main actors in the franchise previously appeared in other episodes. Jessica and Phillip look at Eve Myles appearing as a guest star before moving on to "Torchwood," and Freema Agyeman appearing in a Tenth Doctor story before being cast as the new Tenth Doctor companion. They then do an in-depth...


Episode 15 - The Doctor Gives Back

Charity Specials There are a variety of "Doctor Who" extra episodes, usually around holidays, anniversaries or DVD/Blu-Ray releases. However, the TARDIS and Time Lord traditionally appear in specials during two annual charity telethons: Children in Need and Red Nose Day (Comic Relief). Jessica and Phillip go through all the "mini-sodes" throughout the years, including Christmas special promos and extra scenes. They also talk "The Catharine Tate Show," "Call the Midwife," and "The Sarah...


Episode 14 - Come for the Family

Gallifrey One Convention It's fun and thrilling to watch "Doctor Who," but there's nothing like experiecing the fandom with fellow Whovians. Gallifrey One (www.gallifreyone.com) bills itself as the longest-running, largest fan-run Doctor Who convention. It's held in Los Angeles in February annually and will celebrate its 30th year in 2019. Jessica & Phillip roll out the welcome mat for their first guest - a Gallifrey One "vet," Kat Griffiths (@xanister). She shares her experiences of going...


Episode 13 - Gone Before His Time

The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) He has many names - "The Oncoming Storm" and "The Last of The Time Lords" - but the Ninth Doctor is also "The Doctor That Re-Launched the Franchise." Jessica and Phillip look at the shortest-serving Doctor to travel in the TARDIS on television, and what his single series brought to the franchise. From accents to simple dress, from companion relationships to what might have been had he stayed, they discuss the legacy of 9, In their look into the...


Episode 12 - Not-Scrooge and His Merry Fish

"A Christmas Carol" Discussion Nothing says Christmas Day like a "Doctor Who" Christmas special! Despite it being the "off season," Jessica and Phillip jump into the 11th Doctor's first special, "A Christmas Carol." It's a Whovian-spin on the classic Charles Dickens' tale, featuring time travel, memories changing, singing to fish, several Frank Sinatra references, and a bittersweet ending. Guest stars Sir Michael Gambon and Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins make memorable appearances, thereby...


Episode 11 - Friends, Romans, Companions

A Look at the Eleventh Doctor's Companions This week brings "breaking news" with a new 13th Doctor teaser, a new "Doctor Who" logo, and a release date (sort of!) for the new series. Jessica and Phillip then discuss the 11th Doctor's (Matt Smith) companions, focusing on Amy (Karen Gillan) and Clara (Jenna Coleman). They also examine the Paternoster trio, Rory Williams, and other miscellanous TARDIS travellers - especially how the characters evolved over time. In their look into the TARDIS...


Episode 08 - Better Than Chris?

"The Day of the Doctor" 50th Anniversary Spotlight Former "Doctor Who" showrunner Steven Moffat faced a difficult task when he helmed the series in 2013 - put together a 50th Anniversary special for the franchise. "The Day of the Doctor" is generally regarded as a powerhouse entry, pairing up the 10th and 11th Doctors with a "surprise" Doctor - the War Doctor. Jessica and Phillip talk about John Hurt's portrayl of this "new" Doctor, what the 9th Doctor would have been like in that role,...


Episode 07 - Plucky, Strong, and Heart

A Look at the Tenth Doctor's Companions The Doctor Who franchise is filled with many memorable companions to the Doctor. This week, Jessica and Phillip examine David Tennant's passengers in the TARDIS - Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), and others. They discuss favorite moments, how the companions contrast, and how each human was changed by travelling with the Doctor. In their look into the TARDIS library moment, Jessica and Phillip...


Episode 06 - The Timey-Wimey Professor

"Shada" Animated Restoration Review There's new "Doctor Who" to talk about! Well ... sorta. The recently released "Shada," the abandoned 1979 Douglas Adams'-penned Fourth Doctor story, has hit the UK. Original footage of the Doctor (Tom Baker), Romana II (Lalla Ward), K-9, and others combined with recent animation (and original cast voices) has brought this "lost story" back to life. Jessica and Phillip review this restored classic Who story which includes "punting on the Cam," killer...