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Episode 21 - Relative Dimnesions

WACKY RAMBLES! Daniel and Callum kick off the show with some ramble-y news roundup. Then, they discuss the starlit wonder and spooky mysteries of Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #3. Finally, the RANKED list grows with another entry in the ever-growing list. Timecodes: 00:00 - Introduction 01:30 - James Roberts teases Lost Light/IDW Speculation 22:42 - Bumblebee Graphic Novel 25:03 - Jem Dimensions #3 Discussion 38:12 - RANKED Segment 1:11:27 - Next Week's Comics 1:12:48 -...


Episode 20 - A Bad McFeeling (feat. Chris McFeely)

RETURN OF THE IRISHMAN! Daniel and Callum are joined by Chris McFeely to talk (well, more like rant) about comics. In the news segment, the gang discusses a preview for the upcoming Unicron event and speculate on the what said event, and its aftermath, will entail. In the comics, G.I. Joe, Intruders, and dinosaurs rampage in Scarlett's Strike Force #2. Then, the conflict intensifies in Transformers Vs. Visionaries #2. Does this issue improve on the first, or is the magic gone already?...


Episode 19 - Sad Cyborg Warrior Men

ACTION AND ADVENTURE RETURNS! After long break, the Hasbro Universe Podcast is back, going through the backlog of recorded episodes. Daniel and Callum kick off this episode by going over the solicitations for IDW's April 2018 releases. In the comics, darkness falls on Cybertron as Onyx Prime finally arrives in Optimus Prime #15, bringing his army of beasts with him. Then, in Lost Light #13, the Lost Light crew get at each other's nerves and bore our hosts. Lastly, in ROM & the Micronauts...


Episode 18 - Outside Interference

WITH MAGICAL POWERS THEY FIGHT! Daniel and Callum summon the power of the Arcana Vast this week as they talk about Transformers Vs. Visionaries #1 and the controversial ending that sent shockwaves through the fandom. Then, they follow up the new series by taking a look at what's come before in another segment of Hasbro Universe: RANKED Timecodes: 0:00 - Introduction 02:26 - Transformers Vs. Visionaries #1 Discussion 1:02:39 - Hasbro Universe: RANKED 2:08:04 - Next Week's...


Episode 17 - Villainous Bickering

NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR MY FIRST DELEGATE! Daniel and Callum ring in the new year by by taking about the final batch of comics for 2017! Optimus Prime #14 sets the stage for the anticipated "The Falling" story arc with old faces returning and new ones emerging. ROM & The Micronauts #1 sees the Space Knight facing down Baron Karza... or is it facing up? The Transformers: Till All Are One Annual brings Mairghread Scott's and Sara Pitre-Durocher's epic personal political thriller to a...


Episode 16 - Cat in a Jumper

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE CAT! Daniel and Callum roll the dice on the Hasbro Universe this episode. The Chaos Bringer is coming this Free Comic Book Day in Transformers: Unicron: The Darkest Hour! What does this mean for the Universe going forward? Our intrepid hosts can only speculate. Then we hop into the comics with our sole release, Jem: Dimensions #1, featuring the Holograms playing Dungeons and Dragons and Madmartigan in a jumper. Then, the episode is closed out with the first entry...


Episode 15 - Everything Ends

EXCEPT THIS SHOW! As always, Daniel and Callum are back to talk about the books they love. First, things kick off by talking about the February 2018 solicitations, as well as the pre-emptive cancellation of Scarlett's Strike Force. Also, some changes in staff at IDW lead to some speculation of the future. With the comics, Clue #6 brings the game to an end, in a most unexpected way that shows the real brilliance of this book. Everything (seriously, EVERYTHING) comes to a head on Cybertron...


Episode 14 - Revolutionaries Never Die (feat. John Barber)

REVOLUTIONARIES RETROSPECTIVE! Daniel and Callum talk about their favorite series and their favorite characters this episode. The sole comic for this week, Transformers: First Strike, sees the final Revolutionaries story as our ragtag team fights the bounty hunter Colditz with Arcee and Mike Power/Centurion. However, not wanting to leave listeners hanging, our hosts sit down with John Barber, writer of Revolutionaries and Optimus Prime, to discuss the series, how certain characters...


Episode 13 - Inconclusive Conclusions

WHAT KIND OF AN ENDING WAS THAT? This episode, Daniel and Callum are met with intrigue and disappointment. The First Strike event draws to a close in First Strike #6. Was this ending enchanting, or did it simply leave us hungry for more? Then M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand: First Strike sets the stage for Scarlett's Strike Force. Optimus Prime #12 sees Aileron and the Colonists finding Jazz, Nick Fury, and Danny Zuko. The game of Clue is almost over as everything comes to a head...


Episode 12 - Sound Problems

ANNOYING POPPING SOUND! That's what you'll hear a lot of today because audio errors are the worst. But that's never stopped Daniel and Callum before! They start off by taking a look into the future with IDW's January solicitations. Then, they discuss the final issues of M.A.S.K. and G.I. Joe. Then they go right into the First Strike event with First Strike #5, Optimus Prime #11, Optimus Prime: First Strike, and ROM: First Strike. ROM Vs. Transformers: Shining Armor #4 continues to impress,...


Episode 11 - Revolution of the Space Knights

A REVOLUTIONARY CONCLUSION! Daniel and Callum venture across the realm of the Hasbro Universe to bring you another exciting episode! It's almost showtime for the final confrontation with JemCorp in Jem and the Holograms: Infinite #3. The First Strike event continues as the Transformers and humans face conflict on both sides of the battle in First Strike #4, while the Micronauts must team with Rom the Space Knight to face a Dire Wraith threat to Earth in Micronauts: First Strike. Rom has...


Episode 10.5 - Catching Up With Callum

CALLUM'S BACK! Not wanting to miss out on talking about some of last week's books, Daniel and Callum bring you this special extra episode. They discuss last weeks stuff (the solicits, Lost Light, First Strike and the Joe tie-in), as well as Clue #4 and Micronauts: Wrath of Karza #5, finishing off with a look back at the Micronauts series as a whole. Then, they end the episode with the announcement of a brand new segment: The Hasbro Universe: RANKED. What is this new part of the show?...


Episode 10 - McFeely and Me (feat. Chris McFeely)

THE ACTION IRISHMAN! With Callum out this week on an emergency, Daniel enlists the help of The Irish Sysop One, Transformers expert Chris McFeely! Chris gives his thoughts on the Hasbro Universe so far, as well as his hopes for the future. Then, they discuss the surprising revelations of Transformers: Lost Light #9, the continuing success of First Strike #3, and the madcap action of G.I. Joe: First Strike! Timecodes: 00:00 - Introduction 02:35 - Chris's Initial Thoughts 09:00 -...


Episode 9 - A Vision of the Future

HOLOGRAMS EVERYWHERE! Daniel and Callum discuss the news from HasCon, including the reveal of Transformers Vs. Visionaries (or Visionaries Vs. Transformers)! Then they move on to talking about comics including ROM Vs. Transformers: Shining Armor #2 (which should've been talked about last time). Then, they talk about the final profiles of Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #3. They discuss how great it was to see Quick Kick beat Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe #8. They talk about the history of the Thirteen,...



SCREAM TO THE EXTREME! Daniel and Callum get EXTREME this week as Sgt. Savage shows up to rock with fury in Revolutionaries #7. Then they discuss ROM #12 and some of the problems the book is facing in its final arc. Another book that faces issues is Micronauts: Wrath of Karza #4, with much talk about what could have been for this series. Aw Yeah! Revolution #3 draws to an end, with less than stellar results. We take a break from the less-than-stellar books to talk about the always stellar...


Interview - Brandon Easton

ASK THE MASK! Daniel sits down with Brandon Easton, writer of such comics as Transformers: Deviations and M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. The two discuss their longtime Transformers fandom, Brandon's work on reviving the M.A.S.K. franchise, and answer the many questions posed by fans and readers. Check out Brandon's short film, DDX: Department of Disclosure: Featured Music: Opening Music - M.A.S.K. Opening Theme Ending Music - The Transformers: The...


Episode 7 - Blood and Metal

FORGE THE IRON! This week, Daniel and Callum (recording from his hotel room at TFNation) take a look at comics full of death and fighting... hooray! First up is the Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #2, featuring a fun story with Kup and Bryce Chan from Action Man. Then, a shocking twist changes everything in Clue #3. Windblade and Starscream defeat Vigilem in The Transformers: Till All Are One #12. Finally, the invasion of Cybertron begins in First Strike #1, kicking off this year's Hasbro...


Bonus Episode - Ready to Strike

FIRST STRIKE PRIMER! The next Hasbro Universe event, First Strike, comes out this Wednesday! In order to get you ready, Daniel and Callum review the last year's worth of events from each of the titles that will be involved in the upcoming event. Whether you're a hardcore reader, one-franchise-fan, or a newbie looking to see what's coming up, this is the podcast for you! Featured Music: Action Force News commercials


Episode 6 - Shine On, Atomic Man

TEAM-UPS GALORE! Daniel and Callum have a great week lined up, full of characters crossing paths. The Cybertronians, Dire Wraiths, and the Solstar Order go head to head in ROM Vs. The Transformers #1. Then M.A.S.K. and Zartan team up to fight underground monsters in M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #8. Alliances are formed between suspects as new mysteries arise in Clue #2. New crew members Anode and Lug join Nautica and Velocity on a supply run in The Transformers: Lost Light #8....


Episode 5 - The Long Con

After taking a week off, Daniel and Callum are ready to get back in the swing of things. But before they can talk about the last few weeks of comics, they have a whole glut of news from San Diego Comic-Con! Listen as they discuss what we can expect from the upcoming First Strike event and afterwards, including the official confirmation of Visionaries! Then they talk about one of Hasbro's SDCC exclusive items: the Revolution box set, featuring (mostly) brand-new, IDW-inspired toys of...


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