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BUCKiT #26-Ethan Zohn: “Survivor” Winner, Humanitarian, Cancer Crusher

After 39 days with little food and water the remaining contestants on the final episode of the reality show “Survivor Africa” are about to find out who will win the million dollars. 27.3 million people have tuned in to hear "The Tribe” speak for the last time. However, the biggest surprise is yet to come, because this former professional soccer player has a plan. If he is voted sole survivor, he will use his winnings for humanitarian work. Ethan is not just famous for being a reality show...


BUCKiT #25-Susan Zirinsky: Multi Award Winning Journalist and Senior Executive Producer “48 Hours” | Part 2

This is part two of the interview with multi award winning news journalist Susan Zirinsky (see part one https://philkeoghan.com/buckit-with-susan-zirinsky/#podcastcontent). Zirinsky tells us what happened when she got separated in the dark from news anchor Dan Rather in a military convoy en route to the city of Kuwait – and she reads from the very script Walter Cronkite read from when President Nixon resigned – plus many more news stories from the frontline. Susan Zirinsky, or “Z” as she is...


BUCKiT #24-Susan Zirinsky: Multi Award Winning Journalist and Senior Executive Producer “48 Hours” | Part 1

It’s daytime, but hundreds of burning Kuwaiti oil wells has turned the day into night. The visibility is extremely difficult for this news reporter and her driver who is finding it a challenge to stay with the convoy of vehicles. As the darkness envelops them, the jeep loses contact with the Saudi Military leading the way. They are left alone in the desert surrounded by land mines. They must chose to drive on in the dark or slowly navigate their way by foot using a small handheld flashlight....


BUCKiT #23-John Keoghan: Plant Scientist, Greeter on The Amazing Race 13, Phil’s Dad

Exhausted contestants sprint to the finish mat at the bottom of the world. No one expects to be greeted by a tall man in a black suit and tie and a serious look surrounded by hundreds of sheep. The fate of each couple lies in the words about to come from his eldest son’s mouth. He’s mostly known by reality TV fans as the greeter of The Amazing Race 13 in New Zealand. And had his 15 seconds of fame with the following line, “Hi, I’m Phil’s dad, Welcome to New Zealand.” He’s known Phil longer...


BUCKiT #22-Phil McCarthy: Elite Ultramarathon Runner, Record Holder, Recently completed “Run Across America”

In 2011 a grueling 48-hour race is underway. An Ultra distance runner from New York is determined to beat the current record by running the equivalent of 9 marathons! He only needs four; 5 to 10 minute breaks over the two days. Lying on the ground for just a moment will give his aching feet a rest and a chance for his overactive brain to shut off. He must be careful not to fall asleep because there is no support crew to wake him up. This is the ultimate test of self-control if he wants to...


BUCKiT #21-Roger Steffens: One of the Top Ten Most Influential People in Reggae Music

In 1979, just 5 weeks after launching Reggae Beat on the radio in Los Angeles, the host of the show gets a phone call from Island Records. Roger Steffens is about to be asked the question of a lifetime – “Would you like to go on tour with Bob Marley and the Wailers?” Roger Steffens is regarded as one of the Top Ten Most Influential People in Reggae Music. His Reggae Archives, the largest outside of Jamaica, includes over 300,000 titles on tape, CD and vinyl and the world’s most extensive...


BUCKiT #20-Kit Karzen: Former Professional Cyclist, Activist, Talks Candidly About ADHD, Panic Disorders and the LGBTQ Community

June 12, 2016 is a date forever etched in the minds of many Americans as the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation’s worst terror attack since 9/11. A gunman opens fire inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida claiming the lives of 49 people and wounding 53 others. It was also the night a 25-year-old former professional cyclist Kit Karzen decided it was time to come out to family and friends -- not only to be true to himself, but to hopefully give others the strength...


BUCKiT #19-Leland Melvin: Former NFL Player Turned Astronaut

At the NASA neutral buoyancy lab, a former NFL player turned Astronaut, jumps into the pool to start his descent. At 25 feet he knows something is wrong. Pressure and pain begin to build up, forcing him to end his dive. His team quickly pulls him to safety only to discover blood pouring from his ear. Doctors are talking, but there is no sound. He has gone completely deaf and his dream of going into space, shattered. Leland Melvin is the only person in history to catch a pass in the National...


BUCKiT #18-Peggy Oki: Zephyr Skateboarding Team (Z-Boys), Environmental Crusader

It’s 1975 and the National Skateboarding Championships are well underway. Scores of highly skilled riders are impressing judges with their 360s, handstands, and nose wheelies. The notorious Z-Boy’s from Venice walk toward the freestyle area. Their radical and unconventional skateboarding style has made them local legends and the only girl on the team is about to disrupt the competition and make her mark. Peggy Oki, the only female member on the original Zephyr Competition skateboarding Team...


BUCKiT #17-J.J. Kelley: Explorer, Adventurer and Storyteller

It’s a highly dangerous undercover mission never attempted before – create a fake elephant tusk destined for the black market, decked out with a state of the art GPS tracking device. It will be used to go to the front line of the war on wildlife crimes and catch the violent King Pins of the illegal Ivory trade. Adventurer and Award Winning documentary filmmaker J.J. Kelley often ventures way off the beaten pass, deep into the heart of a country, putting his life at risk to cover stories...


BUCKiT #16-Thandiwe Mweetwa: Big Cat Protector, Zambian Wildlife Biologist

Racing through the bush in a four wheel drive, a young wildlife biologist is on an urgent mission to track down a lion that has been caught in a poachers snare. It threatens to suffocate the cat if she doesn’t get there in time. It’s a daily battle for this young Zambian conservationist who has made it her life mission to save these large carnivores from extinction. Thandiwe Mweetwa was only 12 years old when after the loss of both her parents she moved from a small town in southern Zambia...


BUCKiT #15-Mae Jemison: First Female African-American Astronaut

On June 4, 1987, Dr. Mae Jemison was one of 15 selected for the prestigious NASA’s astronaut training program. On September 12, 1992, Jemison flew into space with six other astronauts aboard the Endeavour on Mission STS47, becoming the first African-American woman in space. At just 16 years old, Jemison attended Stanford University and studied chemical engineering and Afro-American Studies. After graduating Cornell University medical school, she managed the entire health care program for the...


BUCKiT #14-Ben Cornell: Wingman, Always Ready for Adventure

Ben Cornell is the ultimate wingman. In 2009, he and Phil Keoghan rode their bikes across America and then five years later, Ben agreed to join Phil on another crazy adventure … retracing the 1928 Tour de France. Side by side, they covered an average of 150 miles a day over 22 days on original 1928 bikes which had no gears and marginal brakes. Ben is a Physical Therapist, college professor and a pretty impressive athlete. He has completed 4 IRONMAN competitions, celebrated his 40th birthday...


BUCKiT #13-Sal Masekela: Voice of Action Sports

Selema “Sal” Masekela is the voice of action sports. He is best known for his work presenting NBC’s Red Bull Signature Series and ESPN’s Summer and Winter X Games as well as working as a National Geographic correspondent. Sal is also a journalist, producer, and musician. He is the son of the late great Jazz icon Hugh Ramapolo Masekela, who’s entire life was the definition of activism and resistance. Hugh Masekela stood for justice, freedom, and equality for all. It was Hugh Masekela’s deep...


BUCKiT #12-Mariana Van Zeller: Award Winning Journalist and National Geographic Correspondent

Mariana van Zeller is an award-winning journalist who’s been on assignment for the past 15 years covering stories about the war in Iraq, the sex slave trade, opioid abuse, drug cartels and illegal immigration. Often working undercover and in the most dangerous situations a journalist could find themselves in. Mariana has been chased by knife wielding insurgents, harassed by gang members and attacked by flesh eating bacteria – and has survived it all.


BUCKiT #11-Paul de Gelder: Shark Attack Survivor, Motivational Speaker, Co-Host of Discovery Channel “Shark Week”

Paul de Gelder a native Australian, turned his life around at the age of 20. Following his turbulent years as an out of control teenager he joined the military. First as an elite Army Paratrooper and 5 years later became a highly skilled Clearance Diver with the Australian Navy. No amount of elite training could have prepared him for what he would encounter during a seemingly routine counterterrorism training exercise. Moments after plunging into the harbor, Paul feels a massive hit at the...


BUCKiT #10-Roger Donaldson: Hollywood Director

Thirteen Days, Cocktail, No Way Out, The Bounty, Species, Dante’s Peak, The November Man, The Bank Job and The World’s Fastest Indian - Australian born director Roger Donaldson’s resume is overflowing with big budget Hollywood movies starring A-list actors like Kevin Costner, Pierce Brosnan, Gene Hackman, Tom Cruise, Anthony Hopkins and Robin Williams to name just a few. Roger Donaldson’s success as a director derives from a unique combination of tenacity, hard work, serendipity, loveable...


BUCKiT #9-Gabby Reece: Former Professional Volleyball Player, Model, and Fitness Icon

Gabrielle Reece, who is married to legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, is a fitness icon, model, bestselling author, and former professional beach volleyball player. She is Nike’s first female spokesperson and the first female athlete they called on to design a women’s shoe. Gabby is the true definition of strength and beauty. Her message, particularly to women, is clear: stand tall, be proud, and stop being your own worst enemy. Embrace your imperfections and less than perfect life,...


BUCKiT #8-Dr. Albert Lin: National Geographic Explorer & “21st-Century Indiana Jones”

Warning: episode contains an instance of swearing. May not be appropriate for small children. Dr. Albert Lin is a National Geographic explorer, engineer, and technologist who has a brilliant talent for storytelling. Described by many as the “21st-Century Indiana Jones”, his engineering background, coupled with his unending curiosity and thirst for adventure, allow him to combine modern technology with the world of exploration in order to uncover some of history’s best kept secrets. It is...


BUCKiT #7-Laird Hamilton: Big Wave Surfer, Health Advocate, and Fitness Guru

Laird Hamilton is the world’s most famous big wave rider and the co-inventor of “tow-in surfing”, a method that utilizes a jet ski to tow surfers into giant, fast moving waves that otherwise would be impossible to ride. Growing up in Hawaii, Laird became an accomplished surfer by the age of 17. His unending passion for surfing has led him to ride the biggest waves the planet has to offer in famous spots such as Pipeline, Jaws, and Teahupoo. He continues to ride big waves to this day at 54...