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Burner Podcast. An independent, biweekly show featuring interviews and commentary covering Burning Man culture, people and lifestyle.

Burner Podcast. An independent, biweekly show featuring interviews and commentary covering Burning Man culture, people and lifestyle.


Black Rock Desert, NV


Burner Podcast. An independent, biweekly show featuring interviews and commentary covering Burning Man culture, people and lifestyle.




Episode 115: Knotty Love

Knotty Boy and Cylon reflect on meeting in the burner community and forging their relationship in the punishing heat and dust while working for Burning Man’s Gate Department, culminating with their recent wedding in the time of Covid-19. Closing set by Massio...


Episode 114.5: Dispatch From BRCvr

BRCvr co-founders Athena Demos, Greg Edwards and Doug Jacobson hop on a Zoom call with Arash to breakdown the VR Black Rock City experience they’ve been working on since 2014, which is now one of the eight different methods of experience the virtual 2020 Burning...


Episode 114: Burning Man So White

Black burners Kennos and Evita share stories and thoughts on experiencing Burning Man and our extended communities as people of color. Closing set by J.Richards (Miki Beach) facebook.com/evita.sawyers instagram.com/lavitaloca34 instagram.com/kennos_ facebook.com/kosunbor facebook.com/joshuabuhler soundcloud.com/joshua-buhler facebook.com/groups/MikiBeachCamp instagram.com/aphotochick Referenced on the...


Episode 113: Nobody Calls Me Mister

After a three month hiatus, host (mr)Arash sits down with his previous long time collaborators, with whom he began his nearly decade-long podcasting journey, intending to clear some energetic cobwebs and creative blocks. Hip-hop artist and host of Crappy Awesome Podcast KillcRey and manager/booker Eddie Rangel join Arash for a very personal conversation about family, Hip-hop and our place as artists in the evolving Default World. Closing set by Igor Marijuan...


Episode 112: Everything Burns Bigger in Texas

Members of The Brimstone Society chat with Arash about that Gerlach regional, Austin's Burning Flipside (the world’s first regional burn), the evolution of Austin's FreezerBurn, the importance of coordinated safety efforts and other adventures in Texas burn culture. Closing set by travisBREAKS (Lava Lounge) “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ―...


Episode 111: Kostume Kult

Costume Jim, Christopher Hardwick and Marianna Lavin fill Arash in on Kostume Kult's history, New York City Burning Man life and adventures in parade float orchestration. Closing set by Deep Woods (Heroes & Super...


Episode 110: Communal Effort

MÚCARO artist El NiNo returns to the show and brings his fundraising lead, Chrissy Spehar. The pair catch us up on their adventures and dispense a wealth of valuable advice for anyone raising money for their project. Closing set by Jason Douglas b2b Nacho Isa (Floasis/Pineapple...


Episode 109: The Cloud

Burning Man 2019 was only Jorge Perdomo’s second burn but that didn’t stop him from leading the charge to bring a technically complex immersive sound experience to the Black Rock Desert all the way from New York City. Closing set by Township...


Episode 108: Mariposita

Chris Carnabuci’s career as an artist’s artist slingshotted into existence only more recently and his ‘woman emerging for the egg' is only the beginning of Mariposita’s adventures. Closing set by Tim Fielding (Brainiak...


Episode 107: Celtic Chaos

Get to know “that Irish camp” of Burning Man, Celtic Chaos. Stephen Crowe, Billy Vaughan, Natasha, Rob Lane, Charlene Solarno, Anthony McDonagh and John Walsh guide Arash through their burn history, chat about their camp culture and geek out a bunch over their massive sound system. Closing set by N2N (Bunny Tiger...


Episode 106: Shredding at Sk8Kamp

David Thibert and Joey Wydeven, leads of Esplanade mainstay Sk8Kamp, talk skating, redefining family and having the secret service surround the Kokomotive mutant vehicle a block away from the White House. Arash gets to know the boys, what brought them to Burning Man and what lead to taking the helm of their 300 person camp. Closing set by TravNasty...


Episode 105: The Ten Principles Episode, Finally

The episode our team’s been talking about doing for like four years. Pink Heart and Hug Nation’s John Halcyon helps Arash navigate the 10 Principles of Burning Man, how they came to be and some practical applications. Say hi to us at Burning Man 2019! Halcyon will be at Pink Heart on Esplanade and Arash is with Camp ASAP on 7:45 and Cupid. Closing set by Muloka (Burner...


Episode 104: Meet Me at the Orgy Dome

Shade, Lazlo and Lefty, leads at Camp And Then There’s Only Love, are part of a group that is passionate about sex positivity and consent culture, which is what drives them bring the Orgy Tent to Black Rock City every year. Closing set by Seth Schwarz...


Episode 103: To Build a Clan

South Africa is home to the world’s largest Burning Man regional event and Camp Sunset Oasis founder Mike Rule has been to every single one. Arash and Mike discuss his experience leading the San Clan effigy build team, raising a Burner family and life in Cape Town. Closing set by Rouge Fire...


Episode 102: From Ibiza With Love

DJ and radio industry veteran, Igor Marijuan, talks international DJ life, life in Ibiza and finally agreeing to go to Burning Man at the urging of dance music legend Behrouz. Closing Set by Luca Bacchetti...


Episode 101: Airpusher Collective

Cptn Jay, Charissa and Fay meet with Arash and Into the Fire Podcast host, Super Suz, to chat about their humble beginnings bringing the original Airpusher mutant vehicle to Burning Man and the event production company their little collective has grown in to. Closing set by Cptn Jay (Airpusher...


Episode 100: AfrikaBurn

Arash visits AfrikaBurn organizers Monique Schiess and Sonica Spirit in Cape Town to learn the history of their Burner community, how it relates to South Africa’s culture and just some of what goes in to manifesting the world’s largest Burning Man regional event. Closing set by...


Episode 99: Meet Megs

Arash sits with Burning Man's Regional Network Associate Director, Meghan "Megs” Rutigliano, to talk about a life of art, working for BMorg and some of what goes in to coordinating the Global Leadership Conference and European Leadership Summit. Closing set by...


Episode 98: Weeping in a Whiteout

Santa Cruz based artists Dave Date and Amber Coutts meet Arash at TheShop.Build maker space in San Francisco on it’s final days to chat about Burning Man art and their awesomely named regional burn, unSCruz. Closing set by Dancing Mandy (MNDA) Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, Mixcloud or...


Episode 97: Unfolding Humanity

University professor Diane Hoffoss rekindles her passion for mathematics through Burning Man. It is during the creation of her playa-destined art project, Unfolding Humanity, that Max Elliot walks in to her life. Closing set by Lola Villa (Camp Zero F*cks) Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, Mixcloud or...