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Chip Gets Banned from eBay

Chip and Cern have their new equipment and are sounding better from an audio perspective, not content. There is nothing they can do about that. In high school Chip and Cern were eBay power users. Snagging sunglasses, baseball memorabilia and other goodies on the regular. Chip heard from a coworker that eBay has some good deals about some audio equipment. Chip went to get some stuff, but now he is banned from eBay. Hear that story and more on this episode of the Chip and Cern Show. Chip...


Cern's Fancy Golf Tourney

Through Cern’s work, he got to play golf at Silverado Resort in beautiful Napa, Ca. Cern shares his experience with playing some fancy golf, high-quality snacks at each hole, how he played and even some talk about the upcoming annual golf tournament. Upon entry to the golf course, Cern spots a Maybach car which comes in at a cool 250k to 400k for the model that is a few years old. Once Cern’s saw this and the golf bag checker he knew he would be in for a treat, but also disappoint on...


2018 NFL Season Preview

The 2018 NFL season is right around the corner and Chip and Cern has your 2018 Season Preview. Chip knows next to nothing and Cern is a Ram’s fanboy, so this will go great. One thing Chip and Cern can agree on is that the 49ers fans are the worst. Without further ado here is the 2018 NFL Season Preview Rankings 1. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES 2. GREEN BAY PACKERS 3. PITTSBURGH STEELERS 4. MINNESOTA VIKINGS 5. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 6. ATLANTA FALCONS 7. LOS ANGELES RAMS 8. JACKSONVILLE...


Washington Girl Pushed Off Bridge

The teen years are full of hijinx and tomfoolery, but this Washington teen has pushed off a 60ft bridge by her “friend” and suffered six broken ribs, punctured lung, and other injuries. Chip and Cern break down the 6-second video, give their thoughts and add some of their own dumb high school “pranks” and other stupid stuff they have hypothetically done. Clearly, the girl that was pushed said no, no, no and was not ready to jump. Her “friend” seems to be frustrated with her not jumping...



In this current political climate, Chip and Cern’s panties are constantly bunched. Omarosa is in the news with her new book, Unhinged, and her alleged tapes of Donald Trump saying the “n-word.” The White House, right from the Trump Deny Playbook, said that the claims are full of ties. The Press Sectary said she “cannot guarantee anything” when asked if she can say that in confidence there are no tapes of Trump saying the “n-word.” That is the world we live in now. This and more on this...


Chip's Bro's Bachelor Party Recap

Chip’s voice is still strained and the YouTube 360 didn’t take for this round, but Chip and Cern are there to bring the heat. Chip’s brother had his bachelor party and Chip bring the “old guy” point of view and recap. Spoiler alert Chip calls this “the tamest bachelor party” he has been to. Chip had to drive up for several hours with Wolf, but didn’t get to partake in any road sodas. Lots of "war stories” about Chip’s brother. There was some grand plans for the South Lake Tahoe weekend,...


NFL Kneeling Protests

Chip is sick and has some cough drops, so please excuse his raspy and weak voice. Chip and Cern didn’t address the NFL Kneeling Protests last year, but that time starts now. Trump is triggered by these NFL players protesting during the National Anthem. Chip and Cern weigh in, call out some hypocrites and give their thoughts on the futures of the protests. Chip and Cern both agree that the protests are valid and approve of them so to speak. Players coming out for the National Anthem is a...


The Hits v8

Chip and Cern are on a summer break, so we are bringing you The Hits v8. They will be back to provide you new shows in no time, but The Hits are a great way to share and introduce the show to your friends. We wanted to give a big thanks to our wives, family and friends who are always there for support. The Hits v8 features clips from the following episodes: A-Rod's Notes #pulloutstuff Chip's Vacation Recap Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review Top Baseball Movies Bill Cosby...


The Staircase

Chip and Cern call in a special guest, Kristen aka Chip’s wife, for the new hit Netflix show The Staircase. Chip and his wife have seen the entire series and Cern has seen the first few episodes. Let this episode of the podcast serve as a teaser to the series with some tip-toeing around the major spoilers. The crew weighs in on the first few episodes and provide their opinions on who done it. If you are interested in a Chip and Cern Show beer koozie let drop a line of...


Giving Pokemon Go Another Go

Chip and Cern are giving Pokemon Go another go. They never really threw the Pokemon Go towel in, but just stopped talking about and lost interest. Both podcast hosts had correctly assumed that the other had stopped play. Chip sent an article to Cern that was titled “I’ve Giving Pokemon Go Another Try.” Chip and Cern were tired of the grinding in the game. Chip and Cern both like catching the Pokemon, especially the rare ones, but the game became too much of a grind, and everyone lost...


4th of July Recap

Chip and Cern survived yet another 4th of July and kept all their fingers. Joe threw a party, and there were some unique beers that Cern brought, swimming and of course fireworks. Chip and Cern dig up some old 4th memories and stories. In Chip and Cern’s misspent youth there is no shortage of excessive drinking and stupid firework decisions. Cern tells a story that one 4th of July the crew went back out to the bar after all the fireworks and Girls Gone Wild was playing on the TVs. This...


Joe The Reverse Beer Snob

Chip and Cern must be hurting for content because they are back on their old crutch Joe. It was recently discovered that Joe is a reverse beer snob. Be sure to check out Chip and Cern on YouTube Live 360. Chip and Cern were floating the idea of getting Chip and Cern Show branded koozies, if that is interesting to you send a tweet in or some form of contact. Joe is a true fan and friend who reps the Chip and Cern Show harder than even the hosts. Joe text Chip, Cern, Dana and Tony...



IHOP is changing their name to IHOb is some desperate attempt to inject some newness into a glorified diner. They are still going to sell pancakes, but now they are selling burgers. Chip and Cern cannot remember the last time they even went to an IHOP let alone would go there for a burger. Hear the details on this episode! IHOP is known for their fancy and specialty pancakes. Chip and Cern dive into the IHOP menu and take a look. Cern isn’t into the sweet pancakes. He is more of a...


North Korea Summit

Chip and Cern don’t dive into politics that often, but like any good rule there are always exceptions. Trump has been talking about meeting the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. There were talks about this meeting for many months but then canceled last minute by Trump. After an interesting letter to the Jong-un, the meeting was back on. Chip and Cern bring up the fact that when Obama brought up the fact that he would be willing to talk with Jong-un the Fox News network lost their...


30 Year Old Dude Sued by Parents

A man as old/ young as Chip and Cern was sued by his parents because he would not move out of his parent’s house. His mother and father were trying to get him out of the house for over 8 years, but they finally had to resort to the legal system. Chip is yelling as his dogs which are having some wresting match during the podcast. Cern moved out of his folks house around 21 and Chip was the same. Chip and Cern couldn’t even imagine what their lives would be like if they still lived at...


NextDoor/ Chip's Detective Work

Chip’s neighborhood had some break-ins and Chip got to used one of his Nest Cams to do some detective work, pull together his security footage, analyze the data and report to the po-po. Chip spent a few hours one night putting everything together and put it on his local site. Chip seemed to have his hopes hopes up on getting praise from the community, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead he got crickets. The post about people in trucks driving down a certain...


DJ Khaled Doesn't Go Down on His Wife

Chip and Cern are in the business of what is happening now, so that is why they are now on Spotify and YouTube Live. DJ Khaled was trending a few weeks ago because he said he doesn’t go down on his wife. Chip and Cern cannot co-sign this behavior. Chip and Cern break down the DJ Khaled clip which starts off with, “I believe that a woman…” which isn’t a great way to start. The clip only gets worse and worse, with Chip and Cern breaking down each woman hating sentence. Chip and Cern...


Father's Day Gifts 2018

The show opens with an astonishing fact. Cern eats plain bagels. Chip is amazed that Cern doesn’t like the “everything bagel.” This podcast isn’t about bagels, but rather discussing Father’s Day gifts. Feel free to dust off this podcast whenever the man in your life needs a gift. Chip and Cern are back on YouTube live, so be sure to check that out. Chip and Cern agree that all dad’s love blow jobs. So if you are looking to save some coin this Father’s Day, well you know what to do. Chip...


Wild, Wild Country

Wild, Wild Country has swooped up on Nexflix and everyone is super pumped on seeing it. Chip and Cern have only seen one episode, but dive into that one. It has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and appeared at Sundance Film Festive. They break down the first episode, the cult ties and more. Chip’s wife has been pretty excited about this show for a while and the first episode is really strange, but intriguing. It doesn’t pull you in as hard as Making a Murderer does. All these cult type members...


Little League Baseball

Cern has taken to coaching up his young son’s t-ball Little League Baseball team. Cern breaks it down on what goes into it that. T-Ball is very basic, stripped down, just teaching the fundamentals. Throwing, hitting and catching. Cern’s dad related it to “hearing a bunch of cats.” T-ball is ages 5, but it is a ton of fun. Cern says that his son is pretty good for his age, but gets distracted by all the bugs and critters out in the grass. Lots of the kids are just out there to run around...