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Episode 434 - Audio Issues, Robo-Frenzy Wiring, Contest Reminder, 1952 Gottlieb Quartette

Robo-Frenzy is taking shape, the wiring has begun in earnest. I talk a bit about how I am prototyping the light board, how the wiring is going and the basic functions that are wired. A reminder that I'm running a contest! Anyone that can send me evidence of a current/new 5 in a line on a game will receive a free Bingo Row print! The illustration by Ryan Claytor of Elephant Eater Comics ( is amazing. Non-bingo-owners can get in touch if they would like a copy....


Episode 433 - The York Show, A Contest, and Upcoming Projects

This year's White Rose Gameroom Show was incredible! I speak a bit about each game in Bingo Row, and do a recap of the happenings day-by-day. JeffC's amazing unboxing video is in this thread: Tons of pictures in that thread, and lots of information. I discuss the unknowns listed on the sign in front of the game individually and the answers to our burning bingo questions. And - a contest! Anyone that can send...


Episode 432 - Pinball Magazine Number 5 Review, 1952 United Steeple Chase

I'm headed to the York show - Friday Oct 12th and Saturday Oct 13th, 2018. Come see me, play all the bingos in Bingo Row, and compete for a chance to win a beautiful limited edition Bingo Row print! Today's main topic is a review of Pinball Magazine #5 - I strongly encourage all folks with any interest in EMs to pick up a copy and read about Wayne Neyens, his amazing career and life, an interview with Steve Young, and much more. Hats off to Jonathan Joosten - this interview and retrospective...


Episode 431 - York Show Update, Multi-Bingo Finished, 1938 Genco Gay Time

The York show (White Rose Gameroom Show) will be here before we know it! Come to the show and hang out with us in Bingo Row Beautiful new giveaways, a brand new bingo unboxing, extremely rare games on free play, and a lot of fun! The Multi-Bingo is complete! I've finished all the various programming bits and this is the final programming episode of the podcast for the Multi-Bingo (I promise). Today's game is 1938's Genco "Gay Time". It has a mechanism that kicks...


Episode 430 - Multi-Bingo almost finished, Pingames and Gambling, 1932 Piracy Case, Ottawa Pinball Show, 1950 Genco Canasta

The Multi-Bingo is about to make its yearly showing at the York show! That means I have the typical final tweaks and touches to complete. The Multi Manual is available here: I was also co-author on an article published on Pinball News about gambling pingames: Check it out and let me know what you think. Listener...


Episode 429 - Multi-Bingo Animations and 1932 Northwest Coin Machine Company Fan-Tan

This episode, I start off with a few technical details about how the animations function within the Multi for the mechanical backbox number movements. Today's game is the 1932 Northwest Coin Machine Company Fan-Tan. An interesting roulette game with a playing card theme. Thank you, as always, for listening! You can reach me at or via the bingos line at 724-BINGOS-1 You can listen to the show on iTunes, Pocket Casts,...


Episode 428 - York Show Big Announcements and an Interview with Sophia Baldridge 8-15-18

The York show is coming! October 12th and 13th, 2018, please join us in Bingo Row for several special spectacles. - A group of bingo pinball machines free to play all weekend - The Multi-Bingo, featuring all 142 domestically produced bingo pinball machines - A brand NEW Silver Sails, still sealed in the box, to be publicly unboxed on the show floor Friday. If it is playable, it will be available for play! - Giveaways for any four or five in a row on any machine at Bingo Row - limited edition...


Episode 427 - Happy 100th Birthday, Wayne Neyens & a Visit with Dennis Dodel

I am back from a very special vacation - Dennis Dodel was willing to open his gameroom to a few of us traveling to Wayne Neyens' 100th birthday celebration! I had an excellent time and discuss some of the games and what makes them special. Thank you Dennis! Next, I traveled to Wayne's home to help him ring in his 100th year and discuss some of what made that special event so extremely special to me. Thank you Wayne, for being such an amazing man - you are an inspiration, and I am so honored...


Episode 426 - Multi-Bingo Animation Update, Jones Plug Issues, 1949 Gottlieb Double-Shuffle

United's coin flash animations are in process - I discuss the mechanical differences between Bally and United games from the perspective of coin flash, then give some simple updates on Robo-Frenzy and Multi Races. Jones Plugs are fantastic for allowing simple connection/disconnection of the head of a game or a coin door from the cabinet body, but it's important to double check these plugs when your game is having problems, especially if a new (to you) game, or a game that has recently been...


Episode 425 - Multi Races annoucement, Multi-Bingo status, Robo-Frenzy status, Ballerina fixed

The biggest news for today's episode: the announcement of the Multi Races project. Thanks to Dennis Dodel for the name! The plan is to make another Multi-type game that will allow you to play all 49 of the one-ball horse race games. Very excited to get started. I've made a thread here: The Multi-Bingo still needs some animations written for a handful of Bally games and almost all of the United games....


Episode 424 - Interview with Ryan Claytor 6-14-18

Ryan Claytor ( joins me for a discussion of all things vacation: Fixes for - 1) Williams "Penny Pitch" 2) Gottlieb "Paul Bunyan" ( 3) Bally "Sheba" ( 4) Chicago Coin "Fox Hunt" ( 5) United "Thunderbird" Talk about 1) Williams "Rag Mop" ( 2) Bally Ballerina (


Episode 423 - Big Time in school, Pinside bingo activity, RMPS bingos, 1932 Amusement Corp of America Ski-Doo 23

A great story from Graham TerMarsch - three donated Bally Big Times were used to teach kids at his son's school about reverse engineering and they ended up restoring one of the games - congratulations everyone! This week I also wanted to highlight a couple of interesting notes on the Pinside forum regarding bingos: One person has trouble...


Episode 422 - Canada Pincon, Backbox Lamp Troubleshooting, 1935 Rockola TNT

I just came across an announcement that the Canada Pincon is going to have a history of pinball booth with: 1932 Bally Goofy 1935 Bally Bumper 1932 Bally Ballyhoo 1939 Keeney Thriller and a 1954 Bally Surf Club! If you're in the area, check out the show at - and let me know how you enjoy the history of pinball games! Getting back to my roots a bit, thought I would talk a little about how to narrow down a backbox illumination problem in a Gottlieb woodrail, as a...


Episode 421 - Allentown Recap, Planned Changes, 1946 United Sea Breeze

Allentown Pinfest was last weekend and it was a lot of fun. Thank you to friends new and old that made it a huge success for the Multi and for me. The Multi played well at Allentown, despite a pretty bone-headed mistake I made in coding before the show... lots of compliments and lots of help forthcoming or received at the show. I did sneak away and play the beautiful custom "Nightmare Before Christmas" machine ( - and...


Episode 420 - Multi at Allentown, Development changes, 1938 Bally Arcade

Allentown is coming next week - 5/3-5/5/18. I will be there with the Multi on Saturday only 5/5! Come say hello and try the game. I look forward to seeing everyone there. I talk about some of the development challenges in getting the game ready to show the new animations, including the small touches like flashing the insert lamps on coin flash. Today's Year of Flipperless is 1938's Bally "Arcade".


Episode 419 - Multi Animations and 1938 Chicago Coin Swing

Discussion of some of the difficulties with animating the coin flash for each game. Some discussion of outstanding bugs. Today's Year of Flipperless game is 1938's Chicago Coin "Swing". I love games with mechanical diverters as well as the captive ball feature.


Episode 418 - Robo-Frenzy Progress, Multi-Bingo Coin Flash, 1939 Exhibit Avalon

Robo-Frenzy is coming along, awaiting some new parts. I discuss a bit about how difficult it is for me to wire up a stepper from scratch. The Multi is progressing on several fronts, and I'm working on adding coin flash for every game. Our Year of Flipperless game is 1939's Exhibit Avalon. A very beautiful and interesting looking game, with uniquely shaped bumpers.


Episode 417 - Sing Along playfield tear down, Robo-Frenzy build progress, Bally Shoot-a-Line and Dixieland, Williams Skylab, 1946 Bally Double Barrel

Sing Along tear down started - and that playfield is really rough. I located a different used playfield that should clean up ok. Very excited to rebuild this game. Robo-Frenzy wiring continues, albeit slowly. I speak about some repairs, including Shoot-A-Line and a Dixieland that just would not stay fixed, ending it with a Williams Skylab. Finally, the Year of Flipperless has a new entry: 1946's Bally Double Barrel.


Episode 416 - Robo-Frenzy, Multi Horse Race, Sing Along, 1941 Bally Fairmont

As usual, lots going on - I've begun work in depth in wiring Robo-Frenzy. All coils have power, but switches and steppers between still need to be wired. I also need to install a light board and wire lamps. Much of the game is driven by illuminated elements, so testing will not be much fun until I can see what I'm doing! I've also taken the first step to making a Multi Horse Race game. These predecessors to the bingo pinballs are fascinating in their own right. I also picked up a game that's...


Episode 415 - Interview with Jeff Frick 2-7-18

Jeff is an avid collector of pre-war pinball (games produced prior to WWII), coordinates the History of Pinball booth at the Texas Pinball Festival, and helps reproduce rare and unique parts for games where reproductions do not already exist. The History of Pinball booth typically includes 15 playable machines from many pre-war collectors. This year's booth will be set up on March 16th-18th, 2018, at the Texas Pinball Festival in Frisco, Texas. ( for details). You can...