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Wholly Geek, Holy Geeks




Episode 152: Star Wars Preparing to get Back on Course

We Have a ton of news this week! We talk about Diablo and other news from Blizzcon, Star Wars receiving a course correction, and the big news about The Walking Dead. We also answer a question on spiritual themes we got from our favorite forms of media. GAMING News from Blizzcon Overwatch LEGOs and toys announced Final Smash Bros...


Episode 151: More on Sony's Nostalgia Box

This week we discuss the full list of games on the Playstation Classic, a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot, and animated comedy. Unfortunately no discussion questions, but we look forward to more next week. GAMING Playstation Classic full game list Fallout 76 won't work on Switch The Steam Halloween Sale is happening right...


Episode 150: The Topic of Mental Health Awareness

This week we discuss a jacket that you might have to sell your soul to get, delays in the movie realm, and cancellations in the TV/streaming world. Mental Health awareness is a topic that was brought up in our discussion questions as well. Lastly, we are happy to celebrate our 150th episode, and that we made our way to Spotify! GAMING A really expensive edition of Devil May Cry...


Episode 149: Thoughts on the Aladdin Teaser

This week we discuss a new version of the Nintendo Switch, the live action teaser for Aladdin, and Marvel's Iron Fist getting cancelled. We got a question from the Discord channel that asks what our ideal Disney video game would be. GAMING Fortnite now available on all compatible android devices Halo Wars games is free to play through the...


Episode 148: Why We Don't Cover Comics on the Show

This week we discuss Skybound picking up Telltale's Walking Dead, a live action Lilo and Stitch, and Science Fiction TV shows. We also receive a question about covering the world of comics. GAMING Mike Morhaim stepped down from Blizzard The last of Telltale's crew was let go Skybound picks up the final season of Walking...


Episode 147: The Deadpool Before Christmas

This week we discuss the new Pokemon, Deadpool's PG-13 release, and our first look at the Star Wars TV show. We have a question about movie licensed video games we will answer as well. GAMING Sony opens up Crossplay A wild Meltan appeared! WoW Classic demo included with BlizzCon Virtual...


Episode 146: Chao Abuse

This week we got a lot of big news to discuss. Telltale shuts down, more Joker photos, and Disney plans Marvel shows for their streaming service. We also have some great questions on what we would've loved to see as a Telltale game and whether there is still a chance for a great Transformers movie. If you'd like to donate to our fundraiser for Asaad's recovery, follow this link: GAMING Devil May Cry 5 has...


Episode 145: The World of Gloomhaven

This week we discuss some news from the Nintendo Direct, the confusion with Superman, and whatever NX is from Netflix. We also have L.J. on to discuss his experience and opinions on Spider-Man. Joe also went hands on with the popular tabletop game known as Gloomhaven. GAMING Bethesda confirms Wolfienstein 3 Final Fantasy games coming to...


Episode 144: A Dark Captain Planet?

We are so happy to be back this week! We discuss the saddest easter egg ever, a dark Captain Planet, and more on the new She Ra show. We also discuss video game movies again and which we would love to see on the big screen. GAMING The saddest easter egg ever Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition out on...


Episode 143: Power Armor and Super Smash Bros.

This week on the GUGcast we talk about sold out collectors editions, more news on Disney's streaming service, and video game TV shows we didn't ask for. With the discussion section we discuss Christian films and our personal goals. GAMING Shooting at Jacksonville Madden tournament Fallout 76 collectors edition sold out, Bethesda isn't making...


Episode 142: The Trashy Movie Episode

This week we discuss changes to Twitch Prime, Blumhouse interested in the Dark Universe, and the sixth Sharknado movie. We also answer some questions from our Discord channel! GAMING Spyro Trilogy delayed to November Twitch Prime no longer ad free Nintendo Indie...


Episode 141: Christian Celebrities

This week we discuss the Smash Bros. direct, Jean Ralphio as Sonic, and season two of One Punch Man. In the question realm we discuss the important of Christian celebrites. GAMING Monster Hunter WOrld PC breaks steam records Smash Direct Plagerism at...


Episode 140: The Impossible Mission of MoviePass

This week we discuss Negan making his way to Tekken, more changes to MoviePass, and Batwoman joining the television lineup. Joe also weighs in on the discussion from last week about his ideal Christian video game. GAMING New Persona RPG trailer Bravely Default announcement teased Negan coming to...


Episode 139: Geek Fuel

This week we discuss a Church on Twitch, Disney/Fox being closer to a done deal, and a bunch of Netflix news. In the twitter realm we discuss geek fuel, best of the summer, and our christian video game ideas. GAMING Controversial Fortnite weapon coming back Nintendo Labo Vehicle kit revealed Washington Post on Pastor Souzy and GodSquad...


Episode 138: News and Trailers Out of SDCC 2018

This week we talk about all the biggest trailers and news that came out of SDCC 2018. There are no Twitter questions this week, so remember to ask us questions on Twitter using the hashtag. GAMING Nintendo suing emulation sites No Man's Sky update is here Halo Infinite wont be coming to...


Episode 137: Arthur Aquaman

This week on the show we discuss the Uncharted fan film, more news on Aquaman, and more Dreamworks shows coming to Netflix. We also answer a question on video games in the apocalypse. GAMING Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake! Square Enix apologizes for shortage on Octopath copies All hate speech being insta-banned in Rainbow Six...


Episode 136: Podcasts & Dragons

This week on the GUGcast we discuss Monster Hunter World coming to PC, an official Gundam movie, and a Netflix show based on Ingress? We also have a bunch of twitter questions to get through this week. GAMING God of War on Netflix not happening...yet Warframe coming to...


Episode 135: Came in Like a Overwatch Hero

The full crew is back this week! We discuss the new Overwatch Hero, Jim Carrey playing Doctor Robotnik, and more info on DC's streaming service. GAMING New overwatch hero (Hammond, the Wrecking Ball) Fortnite rocket has torn hole in sky Amy Hennig out at EA since...


Episode 134: Vehicles of Ministry

Cody and Joe may be out this week, but we have Dallas and Celeste of Geek Devotions with us. We talk about Gamestop seeking a buyout, the confirmed title of the Homecoming sequel, and more Star Trek on the way. In the Twitter realm we were asked a question about vehicles of ministry, and we have some fun answers. GAMING American Girl Doll gets Xbox Gaming Set Gamestop Seeks...


Episode 133: E3 2018 Impressions

This week in the news we discuss multiple Joker movies, DC's creative direction stepping down, and our E3 impressions. GAMING No news today! Just E3 talk. MOVIES Jumani 2 Is Officially Underway Joaquin (Waaaah KEEEEN) Phoenix Joker Movie (WAH-KEEN) TELEVISION Cloak And Dagger Doing...