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Genuine Wrestleboys 34: 2 HairUp 2B SquareUp (ft. Jenna Kieta, Katie McBeth, and Anja Crocker)

Just like the main event of a SmackDown PPV, this episode has arguably way too many people in it but is still a whole lotta fun! Joining the 'boys this week are 3 of their tag team partners in life (aka, significant others): Jenna Kieta, Katie McBeth, and Anja Crocker. Way more important than that, though, they are three incredible women who we wanted to talk to about last week's first-ever Women's Elimination Chamber Match, their thoughts and feelings about wrestling, their different...


Genuine Wrestleboys 31: Say "Yes!" to the Wres(tleboys)

WHICH CRACKERS IS BEST CRACKERS? CLUB? CHEEZ-ITS?? TRISCUITS?! WHEAT THINS?!? UNCLE?!?! YOU'LL HAVE TO STAY UNTIL THE FINAL MOMENTS OF THIS EPISODE TO FIND OUT! Back at the start now, please note that this episode starts with an important apology from Derek regarding his actions and overuse of the phrase "Bust a nut" in our last episode. With that business out of the way, the 'boys go into the last week in wrestling from Raw, SmackDown, NXT, the newly revitalized 205 Live, and Hiromu...


Genuine Wrestleboys 29: Fingee-Lickin' Good Bucket o' Gravy-Drink

There's only one question to ask about this episode of Genuine Wrestleboys: Do the ideas discussed within by the 'boys belong in (a) Jail (for basically being very bad crimes), (b) A Dumpster (filled to the brim with Pepsi), or (c) Braun Strowman's Special XL Double Toilet (Presented by KFC)? Oh shoot, gang! The answer was actually: (d)All of the above (God forgive us for what we've done). The Wrestleboys talk about this week's 25th Anniversary Episode of Raw, the non-anniversary episode...


Genuine Wrestleboys 28: Double Toilet

Step 1: toilet. Step 2: Add second toilet. Step 3: PROFIT BAYBAY! With this episode, your Genuine Wrestleboys present to you maybe our most off the rails, least wrestling focused episode yet. There wasn't a whole lot to talk about in wrestling this week, so things pretty quickly veer off into talk of multi-toilet pranks/inventions, snorting melatonin to get that GOOD night's sleep, and what TV shows we would like to see on the WWE Network. Enjoy our toilet crimes and Happy Rusev Day! Don't...


Genuine Wrestleboys 27: We Are Derek

WE ARE ALL DEREK NOW! BEHOLD US AND FEAR! BRING US OUR BELOVED PEPSI AS AN OFFERING! All four Dereks talk about the last week in wrestling, the upcoming 25th anniversary special Monday Night Raw, some BUCK WILD developments in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and WE FINALLY FINISH THE WRESTLEBOYS CLASSIC TOURNAMENT AND HAVE OUR FIRST CHAMPION! Don't forget to go to to get your FREE 30-day trial of Audible while supporting Genuine Wrestleboys, and also please leave...


Genuine Wrestleboys 26: Some Boys, Some Boys! My Wrestle Kingdom 12 For Some Boys!

So, here's the thing, the 'boys only spend approximately 11 seconds of this episode talking about WWE because everyone knew the main event topic of discussion was gonna go the distance, and it was a sure-thing 6+ Star classic in the making, BROTHER BROTHER! AKA: New Japan Pro Wrestling done did it again with Wrestle Kingdom 12 and further cemented January 4th as Wrestling Christmas each year. Hear the 'boys break down the best thing since Sliced Trent(?), which matches they liked, which...


Genuine Wrestleboys 23: Wrestleboys Meets World

Dang, y'all, you might as well call us Doc Brown at the end of Back To The Future Part III because this one really goes off the rails, but where we're going, we don't need rails. Because we have a flying train and that's tight as hell. We talk about Boy Meets World, My Date With the President's Daughter, The Pyramids of GIIIIIIIIIIIZA, and also some wrestling, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Every day is Rusev Day! Happy Rusev Day! Don't forget to go to to get your FREE...


Genuine Wrestleboys 22: Enjoy Infamy...Great Name

The 'boys are back after a week off and there's a whole mess of wrestling to talk about. We cover NXT Takeover: War Games, Survivor Series, Paige's surprise return to Raw and the influx of NXT women called up to the main roster, Velveteen Dream's VERY GOOD pants, Alexander Wolfe losing approximately ALL of his blood to a couple tables, our next Wrestleboys Classic quarterfinals match of Shawn Michaels vs. Kazuchika Okada, and Esai reminds us all the degree to which Asher Roth enjoyed...


Genuine Wrestleboys 21: The Ballad of

Survivor Series is this weekend, and you know what that means, everyone! Alliances will be formed! Backs will be stabbed! All disbelief will be suspended so you don't think about the person filming the whole thing! Who will be voted off the island?? Oh, what's that? Survivor Series is a WWE PPV? Our bad! We preview this weekend's Survivor Series and NXT Takeover: War Games, talk about the Black Eyed Peas, Derek won't shut up about how much he loves Pepsi, and we get to the next match up in...


Genuine Wrestleboys 18: We Suck! (ft. Brady Sauvageau of

Brady Sauvageau of makes his surprise return to be the Wrestleboys' mystery tag team partner again in this week's episode, and friends, you can blame Jolly Rancher for this one. We talk about tables! We talk about ladders. We talk about chairs! We talk about The Mumps! (aka last week's TLC PPV). Including the last-minute changes WWE had to make in order for the show to go on, how (Too) Sweet the Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles match was, and how happy Daddy Kurt Angle was to...


Genuine Wrestleboys 17: Don't Go Chasin' Pinfalls

This episode starts with Matt sniffing his microphone and, honestly, we can't say it ever starts making any more sense than that. We recap Raw and SmackDown, preview the upcoming Tables, Ladders, & Chairs PPV, discuss the recently released WWE 2K18 video game and its BUCK WILD character creator, then wrap things up by finally getting back into a HUGE Wrestleboy Classic Tournament match up of The Rock vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. By the end of it we're all VERY sleepy and you can tell by how...


Genuine Wrestleboys 15: Nonsensical "USA!" Chants (ft. Matt and Jimmy from That Baseball Show!)

1, 2, 3! What's that? You thought that series of numbers meant the end of a wrestling match? Wrong! It was a strikeout from the USA Pastime Sport, Baseball, this time! Wrestleboys Esai and Matt were missing in Parts Unknown this week, so Derek and Zack were fortunate enough to be joined by Mystery Tag Team Partners Matt Melton and Jimmy Bowman from That Baseball Show podcast! We talked about the Baseballboys' backgrounds with wrestling, the SmackDown Live Event we all attended last week...


Genuine Wrestleboys 14: World Wrestling Empathy

Matt is leaving us for Parts Unknown (aka, touring with his band), so we decided to record a very quick episode with him before he left. So here it is! The squash match of episodes! We talk about how we feel about the current state of wrestling and the WWE and what we think needs to change for wrestling to be better moving forward. Enjoy Wrestlefriends!


Genuine Wrestleboys 12: Vince-um's Nasty Blood

Derek won't stop yelling and we're so sorry. We talk about Vince McMahon's nasty old man blood, Kevin Owen's good good push, the wonderful finale to the Mae Young Classic, and more from this week in pro wrestling. We then discuss the next second round matchup in The Wrestleboys Classic Tournament, Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero! Don't forget to go to to sign up for a free 30-day trial of audible and support the podcast!


Genuine Wrestleboys 11: The King and Us (ft. Logan Finch, aka Marcus "King" Anderson)

Esai disappeared to Parts Unknown this week and there aren't any PPVs or big wrestling things to cover, really, so instead of doing a normal episode, we were graced with the presence of a downright regal guest! We talked with Logan Finch, (aka Marcus "King" Anderson), current Heavyweight Champion of our very own local indie promotion, Idaho Wrestle Club! We talked to him about his journey so far as an indie wrestler, Idaho Wrestle Club, his exciting plans for the near future and beyond,...


Genuine Wrestleboys 9: Big Dog T-Shirts, BAY BAY!

The boys are a little sleepy because we had to record on a Sunday morning, but we made it work. We talk about NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III, SummerSlam, and the following Raw and SmackDown before finally starting off our second round of the Wrestleboys Classic Tournament with a couple incredible match ups: Antonio Inoki vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Don't forget to go sign up for your free 30-day trial of Audible and also help us out! Go to...


Genuine Wrestleboys 8: Shieldboys Shoulda Smooched (ft. Brady Sauvageau of

Unfortunately we're down a Wrestleboy in Matt this week, but we have our first guest ever to fill in for him, Brady Sauvageau from! We spend most of our time previewing the 160 hours of wrestling this weekend between NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III and SummerSlam. We also recap the week in wrestling, including Raw, SmackDown, and the BUCKWILD last two days of NJPW's G1 Climax Tournament. Speaking of that, we take some time to talk about some of the best trilogies and series...


Genuine Wrestleboys 7: Skinny Fat Overrated Dumpsterboys

Sorry this episode is a little late, Wrestlefriends! Derek and Zack had to travel to go see a Solange concert, and Zack was too busy crying tears of joy to edit the episode in a timely Fashion (Peaks). This week, we recap a mostly unexciting (minus innovative office furniture weaponry and Cena's next-level verbal savagery) week of Raw and SmackDown, then get into some of wrestling's most SHOCKING moments. That ends up leading us down a pretty sobering but important discussion of brain...


Genuine Wrestleboys 4: Ginuwine Ponyboys

In this episode, we introduce the Wrestleboys Classic Tournament, where we will be debating who would win in a tournament of the 32 wrestlers we selected across all of time, space, notoriety, and ability over the coming weeks. We introduce you to the entire bracket then talk about the BUCK WILD first four match ups: El Generico vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi AJ Styles vs. Booker T Daniel Bryan vs. The Rock Katsuyori Shibata vs. Triple H We also talk about the week in wrestling, the upcoming...


Genuine Wrestleboys 3: Tanahashi's Beautiful Hair

In this episode we talk about a bunch of stuff, but mostly hair. Oh ya, and also wrestler name changes, WWE's Great Balls of Fire, New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Special in USA event, and more hair.