A podcast raising the bar for hip-hop and gaming nerds. Join us live on YouTube and be a part of the show! Clashing since late 2017

A podcast raising the bar for hip-hop and gaming nerds. Join us live on YouTube and be a part of the show! Clashing since late 2017


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A podcast raising the bar for hip-hop and gaming nerds. Join us live on YouTube and be a part of the show! Clashing since late 2017






Episode #99 – A Smile and a Handshake

This episode we start by catching up since it’s been so long, and Ends shares with us his experience having the coronavirus. He then shares with us that he’s working on a new album, and then we spend some time chatting about the election. Keezie then shares how he got his PS5, we chat about games for a min, and...


Episode #98 – How Do You Like Them Apples?

We start this episode by catching up for a minute, discussing the state of the union and our shared disdain for our President. We move on to discuss the new Joyner Lucas/Ashanti song Fall Slowly and also share our thoughts on WAP. We spend a good chunk of time chatting about Cal Scruby’s new album, While You Were Sleeping, before...


Episode #97 – Couldn’t Get It In – ft. Scott

This episode we are finally joined by long time friend of the show, Scott! We begin the episode by catching up, discussing the coronavirus and Kanye a bit before diving into our main topic – The Last of Us 2. We spoil the fuck out of this game, so if you haven’t completed it yet, skip to the 58 minute...


Episode #96 – A Casualty of War – ft. King Dice

This episode we are joined by King Dice! He is a rapper/producer/mentor and we brought him in to help us navigate the treacherous waters of today’s climate, regarding the protests, cops, and #BLM. We spend a good chunk of the show discussing these issues, and Dice offers us his perspective as a black man in America. After we chop it...


Episode #95 – A Weird time

This episode starts with some catching up, Keezie tells Ends about his new hobby – playing ukulele, Ends tells us all about Tekashi 69’s new video, and we dive into some video game talk. We discuss our thoughts on the PS5, PUBG, and Assassin’s Creed, and Keez talks a little about LEGO Harry Potter. Keeping things tight, we dive right...


Episode #94 – Coronaclash

Welcome back! This episode we are back with a new setup and doing the pod remotely. We begin by catching up and discussing the pandemic for a bit, before moving on to review all the games, music, movies and shows we’ve been watching. We get the inside scoop on Ends’ new EP titled XXIII, available now on all streaming platforms....


S03E31 – Naked Chandler is a Creep

This episode begins with Keezie giving a rundown of his Valentine’s day trip to White Castle, and Ends refusing to tell us anything about the cheeks he’s been clapping. We immediately move on to video games, getting Ends’s reviews of Pokemon Shield, Untitled Goose Game, and Cuphead. We briefly discuss music, including Onyx, Bobby Krea, and G-Mo, and then Keezie...


S03E30 – A Relic from the 90’s

This episode begins with Ends giving us his review of Pokemon Shield, before giving us his thoughts on the new Lil Wayne album Funeral. Keezie briefly shares his thoughts on Esham and chick rap, before telling Ends all about the new Tom MacDonald and Madchild songs. This brings about a discussion about “redneck rap” and how to do it properly...


S03E29 – I Really Like Da Baby

We begin this episode by recapping our weeks, and diving into our review of season 2 of Netflix’s You. Keezie reviews Parasite, Ends reviews the Aaron Hernandez doc, and then we share our thoughts on Kobe’s untimely demise. On Kobe, we share some unpopular opinions, discuss this anchorwoman dropping what sounds like an n-bomb during her report, and Keez talks...


S03E28 – Slippin and Slidin

We begin this episode by catching up a bit and shitting on social networks. Ends tells us about his satin sheets and Don’t Fuck with Cats, and Keezie gives a high recommendation to The Witcher. We discuss some more shows including The Mandalorian and You, and move on to games. We both share our final thoughts on Jedi: Fallen Order,...


S03E27 – Down for Some Ignorance

This episode we decide to do our own version of Hot Ones using wings and sauces from Buffalo Wild Wings. While we eat increasingly hot wings throughout the course of the show, we catch up a little bit. Kyle begins by describing his week from hell and his trip to the Kill Tony show, and we discuss the various content...


S03E26 – Raise Your Heart, Rate

This episode begins with us discussing this football mishap featuring Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph, Ends shows off his Large Marge shirt, and Kyle shares some more opinions about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We then talk about all sorts of other games including our thoughts on Death Stranding, Jedi Fallen Order, Age of Empires, Luigi’s Mansion, and Pokemon Sword...


S03E25 – The Last Supper

We begin this episode by talking about the importance of voting, and Ends tells us about the Immortal Technique show. Keezie shares the news that Broken Fort‘s old catalog is now on digital outlets, as well as a new Halloween song called “The Pact“. Ends then tells us about Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and we ping pong...


S03E24 – Miss Me with the Whoopty-Whoop

We start this episode with our favorite topic, politics! We do our best to cover the debates, before we jump to the next scariest thing – horror movies! Ends gives us his horrendous horror recommendses, including a movie called Demonic, and Kyle talks a little about the show Creeped Out. Ends then tells us about El Camino, and we dive...


S03E23 – Evil Minded Like Krang

This episode begins with Kyle giving his review of Joker, which brings us to a discussion regarding the expectation of safety while going to a theater. We then talk about how unnecessary Toy Story 4 is, and we share our thoughts on the Alec Baldwin roast. For Ends’s Horrendous Horror Recommendses this week, he gives us the scoop about Seven...


S03E22 – Snitches Get Canceled

We begin this episode by catching up as always, and go right into our reviews of It and It: Chapter 2. We give our thoughts on the Tekashi 6ix9ine snitchin‘, and move on to discuss some cool video games such as Gears of War 5, Link’s Awakening, and Project Resistance. Ends tells us about Child’s Play and some some more...


S03E21 – Live From Cloud City

This episode we are coming at you live from the first ever Cloud City festival here in Columbus, Ohio! It was a really cool event that featured local artists and creators of all kinds, including rappers, singers, comedians, yoga instructors, DJs, jewelry makers, t-shirt makers, people pretending to be statues, fire breathers, food truck people, and last and obviously least...


S03E20 – Still

This episode begins with us talking about becoming old, and we move into some gaming chit-chat. Kyle gives Ends the scoop on Telltale’s revival and Resident Evil: Project Resistance, so on and so forth, and we share our thoughts on Sticks & Stones. We get a taste of the latest from Ends’s Horrendous Horror Recommendations, in which we finally hear...


S03E19 – Doodle of a Two-Headed Unicorn

This episode begins with Keezie talking about his spontaneous visit to Matsuricon, before Ends gives us the scoop on the Bad Ben movie franchise. We move on to games, Ends hypes up the new mystery Resident Evil play test, and Kyle gushes about No Man’s Sky for a bit. We chat about some other random shit and wrap up the first...


S03E18 – Betty White

We begin the episode by catching up a little, Keezie talks about his bday, Ends tells us how he almost got into a fight, and we move on to peep the new McNastee video for I Want More. We then discuss our soda pop preferences, share our opinions of Tool, and big up our homeboy Bernie Sanders for quite some...