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Kyle and Rob discuss a variety of topics including news, music, movies, and games. Disagreements are guaranteed

Kyle and Rob discuss a variety of topics including news, music, movies, and games. Disagreements are guaranteed
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Kyle and Rob discuss a variety of topics including news, music, movies, and games. Disagreements are guaranteed






S03E20 – Still

This episode begins with us talking about becoming old, and we move into some gaming chit-chat. Kyle gives Ends the scoop on Telltale’s revival and Resident Evil: Project Resistance, so on and so forth, and we share our thoughts on Sticks & Stones. We get a taste of the latest from Ends’s Horrendous Horror Recommendations, in which we finally hear...


S03E19 – Doodle of a Two-Headed Unicorn

This episode begins with Keezie talking about his spontaneous visit to Matsuricon, before Ends gives us the scoop on the Bad Ben movie franchise. We move on to games, Ends hypes up the new mystery Resident Evil play test, and Kyle gushes about No Man’s Sky for a bit. We chat about some other random shit and wrap up the first...


S03E18 – Betty White

We begin the episode by catching up a little, Keezie talks about his bday, Ends tells us how he almost got into a fight, and we move on to peep the new McNastee video for I Want More. We then discuss our soda pop preferences, share our opinions of Tool, and big up our homeboy Bernie Sanders for quite some...


S03E17 – Ba Dang Da Dang Diggy Diggy

We begin this episode with a discussion about PC culture and toxic masculinity, and why we should all be allowed to joke about everything at all times. Ends tells us about the Jimmy Buffet concert, and we share our thoughts on various movies and TV shows we’ve been checking out – including Gattaca, Family, Aziz’s new special, and the Scream...


S03E16 – A Record of a Record

This episode begins with Ends telling us about the Killers concert he went to, as well as the Jimmy Buffet concert he will soon attend. We chat a little bit about what we’ve seen and played, and then Kyle breaks down the Area 51 shit for Ends, including his thoughts on the Bob Lazar documentary on Netflix. We go in...


S03E15 – Slouch it Up

We begin this episode with Kyle giving us a quick breakdown of his Florida trip, and we revisit our fuckable Pokemon discussion. Ends then tells us about a playable movie/game called The Late Shift, and then gives us the lowdown on the Dying Light franchise. We talk a little bit about John Wick and Google Stadia, and then have a...


S03E14 – Snapchat’s a Snitch

This episode begins with our weekly recap. Kyle saw Ari Shaffir over the weekend, we talk briefly about trans people, and social media before moving onto games. Kyle rants and raves about Beat Saber, Ends does the same for Blops 4 (and says Blackout is the Battle Royale we’ve been looking for), and Kyle gives the latest news about Destiny...


S03E13 – Joe in Kansas is My Boy

This episode we begin with a quick eulogy for the great Bushwick Bill before giving our thoughts on Detective Pikachu and the Tom MacDonald/Mac Lethal beef. Ends then tells us about the new and improved Quake 2 mod, gives us the latest on PUBG, and we discuss how bad Biebs would get his ass kicked by Tom Cruise. We then...


S03E12 – A Tricky Tale

This episode Ends starts off by giving us the scoop on his show with Bobby Krea and Caskey, and we discuss the future of Keezie’s rap career. Ends gives us the latest on his sex life of course, and then gives us the scoop on Splitgate: Arena Warfare. He then tells us his thoughts on Zodiac, Tom MacDonald, and The...


S03E11 – The Secret GOAT

This episode begins with an update about our sex lives, and then we check out the new Joyner and Logic joint ISIS. We then share our thoughts on the new Qveen Herby video Mozart, make fun of Lord Jamar for having some stupid conspiracy theories, and while we’re at it go ahead and shit talk flat Earthers for a minute....


S03E10 – Winter Isn’t Coming

This episode begins with Ends telling us all about his time at the Sonic Temple festival last week, which gets us talking about other music festivals and our bucket list bands. Ends also talks a bit about Zac Efron’s Ted Bundy movie, and the Netflix series Jailbirds. Kyle schools ends on 60 Days In, and Ends decides he would be...


S03E09 – The Bonus Hole

This episode begins with our thoughts on Glass and The Hateful Eight, and then we create the Iconoclashathon. We catch up a little bit, and Ends tells us about an awesome date he went on with his homegirl Winter. We chat a bit about mothers day, and Ends tells us about purchasing his new whip from the homeboy Bobby Krea....


S03E08 – The Three-Finger Cradle

This episode we start with Kyle giving his review of the flip & dip, and Ends tells a tall tale about picking up a chick named Winter at the bar and how all his friends are little crybaby bitches. We move on to discuss Tech and Limp Bizkit for a few before giving our first impressions of the Nintendo Labo...


S03E07 – Just One of Those Days

We begin this episode by doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing – by NOT talking shit about the new Sonic trailer. We then go over some stuff brought up on the previous episode, including Kyle’s official reviews of Endgame and last week’s Game of Thrones. Ends tells us all about how he almost got jumped at the...


S03E06 – A Calm Objective View

This episode starts with some BJs talk once again, and Kyle gets hype for the battle of Winterfell and Avengers: Endgame. We bullshit about some other shows and movies for a bit, and then we have a chat about Tech N9ne since he just dropped his new one, N9na. Sticking with music, we discuss new releases by Schoolboy Q and...


S03E05 – The Flip and Dip

This episode we begin by catching up a little as usual, including tales of Ends becoming Bobby Krea‘s impromptu hypeman, Kyle’s thoughts on Captain Marvel, and Ends’ experience taking his kids to see Frozen on ice. We have a fun sports segment where Ends tells Keezie all about what’s happening with the Reds and the BJs, and Kyle theorizes how...


S03E04 – BJs For Life

We begin this episode by catching up a little, hyping up the Blue Jackets and such, before giving a couple shoutouts to our homies King Dice and Justice. We briefly touch on the Nipsey tragedy and the black hole news, and Ends gives us his review of Glass. We then check out the trailer for new zombie show Black Summer,...


S03E03 – RIP NIP

This episode begins with a super fun eulogy to the late, great Nipsey Hussle courtesy of homeboy King Dice. We then discuss the Lil Nas X song, Old Town Road which has recently gained meme status due to the controversy surrounding it regarding whether or not it qualifies as an actual country song. We move on to debate where Eminem...


S03E02 – Betty Boop Looks Nice

Hey hey hey, this episode we begin by catching up a little, chatting about what we’ve been watching/playing before Ends tells us about Apple’s new streaming game service. We then of course, discuss Jeff Bezos’ dick, before checking out the new Borderlands 3 trailer. We discover that Ill Bill has a new album that just came out called Cannibal Hulk,...


S03E01 – We All Agree to Disagree

This episode begins with us catching up a little, we shout out Justin Parker, discuss a little Division 2, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and dive into a debate about the danger of marijuana. After quite some time, we agree to disagree and move on to talk about our cool new graphics, then the Christchurch massacre and New...