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Kitchen Table Magic is a storytelling podcast about the wonderful people in the Magic: The Gathering community.

Kitchen Table Magic is a storytelling podcast about the wonderful people in the Magic: The Gathering community.
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Kitchen Table Magic is a storytelling podcast about the wonderful people in the Magic: The Gathering community.






Thank You for Listening to Kitchen Table Magic

I want to thank everyone who’s listen to, shared, and supported Kitchen Table Magic throughout the years. I want to thank our sponsors, who have been so kind to me and the show, Brian of Paragon City Games, and Terra of Card Kingdom. I’ve always been so grateful for the unwavering support from both of these companies. They embody what all retailers in the Magic community should be. I want to thank the guests on Season 4: Aaron Forsythe, Meghan and Maria of Good Luck High Five, Reuben...


Gavin Verhey Says Travel The World - Ep 410

Let’s welcome Senior Magic Designer for Wizards of the Coast, Gavin Verhey to the show. Gavin has been making Magic for over 7 years and is the one to carry the creative torch into the future. Gavin has a background in creative writing, and he loves to bring new ideas to the Magic multiverse. He’s worked on so many modern era Magic sets and is bringing new mechanics to the game with Commander and multiplayer centric sets such as Conspiracy and Battlebond. Gavin’s passion for Magic is only...


Gavin Verhey Believes Magic is for Everyone

A preview from the Season 4 finale with Gavin Verhey, Senior Magic Designer at Wizards of the Coast. We'll be talking about making Magic, food, travel, and discovering life.


David Williams Will Out Play Out Bet And Out Cook You - Ep 409

In this episode, I’m talking to the talented Magic player, poker player, and MasterChef finalist, David Williams. David first time play poker while at a Pro Tour many years ago. Through his love of strategy games and incredible skill, David went on to win a World Series of Poker bracelet and made a career from professional poker. David is fiercely competitive, and smart enough to dismantle any game he gets his hands on. And that’s how David got onto the show MasterChef, and beat out a room...


David Williams is Really Good at Card Games

Coming up on the next episode of KTM, pro poker and MTG player David Williams joins us to share about how his competitiveness at everything he does got him to the finals MasterChef, and even named his daughter.


Ian Dixon Wants You To Mod A Stream - Ep 408

The moderator of moderators, the Modfather, the God Mod, the one who wields the sword, Ian Dixon joins us to talk all about stream chat moderation. Ian has been moderating online communities early on, when Twitch was Justin TV and even before that when stuff was streamed on UStream with IRC chats. Ian established himself early on and was invited to moderate for Loading Ready Run. One gig lead to another and after a decade of timing ppl out, Ian has now created an entire network of moderators...


Ian Dixon is the God Mod

The Modfather, Ian Dixon joins us to explain how important chat moderation is to building communities.


Andrew Magrini Explains the Future of Wizards Marketing - Ep 407

Let’s welcome MTG aficionado, and marketing professional, Andrew Magrini to the show. In this episode, Andrew and I are going to discuss the possible marketing direction that Wizards of the Coast is heading in. Andrew noticed an interesting press release from the Martin Agency, a big time ad agency that handles big time clients. The MTG community has been vocal at times about where Wizards is taking the game, and there has also been a lot of speculation about the future of Magic. For the...


Andrew Magrini Says Don't Quote the Accountant

I'm talking to advertising and marketing expert Andrew Magrini about what's going in Wizards of the Coast marketing. What could be in store for the community? We put on our tin foil hats and stare into the tea leaves about a recent press release.


Seth Manfield Empowers Players - Ep 406

I’m happy to welcome pro player, 2015 World Champion, and Class of 2018 Pro Hall of Fame inductee, Seth Manfield. Seth is an incredible player, sweeping multiple GPs, crushing 2015 Worlds, and grinding almost every premier level tournament. Even as a kid, Seth was a skilled player, playing in the Junior Super Series and earning several Pro Tour invites, even when his mom didn’t let him go. Seth also loves to teach about the game, offering private coaching, and writing strategy for TCG...


Seth Manfield Is Here To Stay

Coming up in the next episode of Kitchen Table Magic. That was World Champion and Class of 2018 Pro Hall of Fame inductee Seth Manfield. Seth is a force to be reckoned with. A skilled player even in his early years, Seth has been tearing up the competitive scene since 2013. Seth’s recent Pro Tour Ixalan win solidified him as player that’s here to stay and change the landscape of competitive Magic. Seth shares about his journey, and his pride as a father, all on the next episode of Kitchen...


Matt Sperling Is Creating Discussion - Ep 405

I’m excited to have on the show longtime pro player, thoughtful critic, and commentator of happenings in the MTG community, Matt Sperling. Matt has been around the Magic scene for a long time and writes his popular column, Sick of It. He uses humor to make poignant remarks about the issues that are going on in the community. I took this opportunity to ask Matt what he thought of the future of Magic, how pro players should be using their time, and what he thinks is WotC’s responsibility to...


Matt Sperling Wants You To Think

Coming up on the next episode of Kitchen Table Magic: I’m talking to the thoughtful critic, Matt Sperling. Matt is a long time pro player and commentator of happenings in the MTG community. His popular column, Sick of It, talks about the tough issues, and says the things we’re thinking, but don’t feel confident to say ourselves. But Matt isn’t just a curmudgeon, his hot takes are humorous and poignant. I’ll be asking Matt what makes him tick, and what he’s really sick of, all on the next...


Ashlen Rose on Cosplay and Community Building - Ep 404

This week I’m hanging out with cosplayer, voice actress, streamer, and Magic personality Ashlen Rose. Ashlen can be found at many GPs, sharing her cosplay with fans and the community. She brings our favorite characters to life and she’s inspiring a whole new generation of Magic players. Ashlen has collaborated with many content creators including Game Knights, Tolarian Community College, Wizards of the Coast, Good Luck High Five, and Card Kingdom’s Local Game Show and The Chalice charity...


Ashlen Rose is a Cosplay Anthropologist

Coming up in the next episode of Kitchen Table Magic. I’m talking to cosplayer, streamer, voice actress, and Magic personality, Ashlen Rose. Ashlen has delighted the Magic community with her work as Bloodbraid Elf, Tiana, Nissa, Freyliese, Nahiri, and Admiral Becket Brass. Ashlen can be spotted at many GPs connecting with fans and spellslinging. Ashlen also streams with the Viper Brood on Twitch and also is part of the cast on the new show The Broken Pact. I hope you’ll join Ashlen and I as...


Reuben Bresler Is Traversing The Multiverse - Ep 403

Joining me this episode is the multi-talented Reuben Bresler. He’s a comedian, poker player, voice actor, and longtime Magic: The Gathering content creator. He co-hosts the weekly news show Magic Mics with Evan Erwin and Erin Campbell that sets the gold standard for happenings in the MTG community. Reuben is also the host of the new DnD show on Saving Throw titled, The Broken Pact. It’s the first DnD show crossing over into the Magic: The Gathering multiverse set on the plane of Ravnica. We...


Reuben Bresler Was Like Nah

Reuben Bresler joins us next week to talk about a new DnD + MTG crossover The Broken Pact on Saving Throw.


Meghan And Maria Of Good Luck High Five - Ep 402

I’m talking to the dynamic duo, Meghan and Maria of Good Luck High Five, formerly known as Magic The Ameturing. Meghan Wolff and Maria Bartholdi have been making podcasts and videos about Magic for 6 years. Their fun and friendly content is great for new and casual players. Maria also sits at the news desk for official Wizards of the Coast coverage of premiere level Magic events such as Pro Tours and World Championships. Meghan also does coverage with articles and player interviews. I sat...


Meghan and Maria Miss the Good Old Days

Meghan and Maria of Good Luck High Five miss the good old days when they just sat on the couch, in the dark, in their PJs while recording their podcast. I’m talking to the dynamic duo, Meghan and Maria of Good Luck High Five. Formerly known as Magic: The Ameturing, Meghan and Maria have created a tremendous amount of positivity and fun in the Magic community. Their YouTube videos and podcasts help Magic players of all kinds to enjoy the game. We talk content creation, and what it’s like to...


Aaron Forsythe At GP Vegas 2018 - Ep 401

The first guest in Season 4 is the Senior Design Director of Magic the Gathering: Aaron Forsythe! I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing Aaron live at GP Vegas 2018. Special thanks to Channel Fireball and Wizards of the Coast for setting it up. It’s Magic’s 25 year anniversary and I’m excited to listen to Aaron share lots of cool stories about Magic’s history and his own life playing Magic. It’s always insightful to be able to speak with someone that’s lived through the rich history...