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Episode 122- That's America's Ass (Avenger's Endgame Special)

This week we survive the Endgame and we have feelings about how it all went down! Come and join us for all the Avengers: Endgame Feels!


Episode 121- Winter Is Here

This week we were supposed to get witchy with Sabrina but that is gonna have to wait! Game of Thrones premiered and it gave us life so we decided to give you that life too! Come and catch up on those Winterfell feels!


Episode 120- Superhero But Make It Fascist

This week it's all about that comic book shit. We catch up on the latest updates in His Girl Friday Realness and Beyonce has also blessed us with news! In Netflix and Chill Realness we go to the dark side of being a hero in Watchmen. In Primetime we feel the effects of daddy issues on super powered kids in The Umbrella Academy.


Episode 118- Reign Of The Not-So Supermen

This week we play catch up on the news in His Girl Friday Realness! Come and catch up with us! We get in our feelings about how not in our feelings we were about The Reign of the Supermen in Netflix and Chill Realness. In Primetime Realness we talk about how Young Justice is so far and spoiler alert, we are pleased. Come and join us!


Episode 119- I Got Five On It (Us Special)

This week we GOT FIVE ON IT! That's right we're talking Jordan Peele's latest movie Us! Hold our hands together across American metaphorically and come and join the discussion!


Episode 117- Higher, Further, Faster, Baby (Captain Marvel Special)

This week we check in with the MCU and review it's latest addition, Captain Marvel! Come and check us out! Let us know if you have any thoughts on Captain Marvel or anything you think we should know!


Episode 116- The Good With The Bad

With a little delay we bring you the last installment of our Oscar's special! This week we chat about the last 4 movies on our list including Vice, Bohemian Rhapsody, Roma, and Green Book. At the end we discuss our thoughts on the winners and the losers and the losers who think they're winners. Come and join us!


Episode 115- There Can Be 99 People...

The first of our Oscars coverage, we’re talking A Star is Born and The Favourite. Do they deserve Best Picture?


Episode 114- Batman In JAPAN

This week we catch up with the news in His Girl Friday Realness! In Netflix and Chill Realness we're watching Batman Ninja and it truly is a wild ride. In Primetime Realness we're talking Titans season 1 and we have a lot of feelings!


Episode 113- The Lost Episode (Part 2)

This week we roll out another of our lost episodes! In Netflix and Chill Realness we chat about The VVitch and living our most delish life. In Primetime Realness we talk the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and see how our fave teen witch is doing! Come get magical with us!


Episode 112- The Lost Episodes

We dust off an episode we did a little while ago but haven’t posted yet. In His Girl Friday Realness we serve you the tea on Disney Plus and more! In Netflix and Chill Realness we get raunchy with Sausage Party! We keep the laughs rolling when we cover Big Mouth for Primetime Realness! Come check it out! His Girl Friday Realness- 2:40 Netflix and Chill- 15:20 Primetime- 33:15


Episode 111- No Kill, Not Dead

Surprise! We are alive! Apologies for going MIA on you. We missed you! This week during His Girl Friday Realness we catch up with the news! In Netflix and Chill Realness we watch Jason Momoa be wet for a couple hours, that’s right we’re talking Aquaman! In Primetime Realness, Today’s the day! We finally get new episodes of Young Justice and we are just so happy. Come and listen!


Episode 110- The Not So Immortal Iron Fist

This week we talk Ruby Rose as Batwoman, James Gunn directing Suicide Squad 2, a Birds of Prey movie and more in His Girl Friday Realness. In Netflix and Chill Realness we serve up To All The Boys I've Loved Before, so get ready to fall in love. In Primetime Realness we talk the last season of Iron Fist. Come join and discuss!


Episode 109- We're BACK!

This week we jump back into the swing of things! In His Girl Friday Realness we discuss the Dark Phoenix, Captain Marvel, DC Titans and Mary Poppins Trailers all that and more! In Netflix and Chill Realness we get spooky with the horror movie Let Me In! In Primetime Realness we travel the world looking for the macabre in Dark Tourist!


Episode 108- DC All Day

This week as we come back from our moving hiatus we go full on DC! In Netflix and Chill Realness we watch The Death of Superman and get real in our feelings. In Primetime Realness we check in with all the Arrowverse shows, we’re talking Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Let us know your thoughts!


Episode 107- AmeriKKKa (BlacKkKlansman Special)

This week, after a long moving hiatus, we're back! We go to the movies and see BlackkKlansman! Give it a listen and tell us what you think!


Episode 106- Lust And Love

This week, the only news is that Anansa was on vacay and had a great time in LA! In Netflix and Chill Realness we watch love and lust change the lives of people in Lust Stories. In Primetime Realness we check in with our local madam in Harlots!


Episode 105- Live...Work...POSE

This week in we give it up for your Trans brothers and sisters! In His Girl Friday Realness we talk San Diego Comic Con and the lack of news. We discuss Teen Angst and the Teen Titans and how there is a difference. We talk Young Justice and Shazam and more! In Netflix and Chill Realness, we stalk the streets of LA with Tangerine! In Primetime Realness, category is...Live...Work...POSE! We're talking Pose FX. Come and listen and discuss!


Episode 104 - The Life Of An Assistant

This week we go to work! In His Girl Friday Realness we discuss Scarlett Johansson's bad decisions and how the trans community deserves better. We talk about the Watchmen series to come and more! In Netflix and Chill Realness we watch Miranda Priestly run this shit in The Devil Wears Prada. In Primetime Realness we fall in love with work life in The Bold Type. Come and listen! Don't forget to rate and review!


Episode 103- Where's The Doctor

This week in His Girl Friday Reslness we continually get let down by news of upcoming Joker movies and the DCEU. We talk about Keri Russell joining the Star Wars universe, that and more! We break out our student code of conduct and trip back to high school and a tale as old as time in #realityhigh for Netflix and Chill Realness. In Primetime Realness we get a taste of that Dr. Who Realness in spinoff series, Class!