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Episode 110- The Not So Immortal Iron Fist

This week we talk Ruby Rose as Batwoman, James Gunn directing Suicide Squad 2, a Birds of Prey movie and more in His Girl Friday Realness. In Netflix and Chill Realness we serve up To All The Boys I've Loved Before, so get ready to fall in love. In Primetime Realness we talk the last season of Iron Fist. Come join and discuss!


Episode 109- We're BACK!

This week we jump back into the swing of things! In His Girl Friday Realness we discuss the Dark Phoenix, Captain Marvel, DC Titans and Mary Poppins Trailers all that and more! In Netflix and Chill Realness we get spooky with the horror movie Let Me In! In Primetime Realness we travel the world looking for the macabre in Dark Tourist!


Episode 108- DC All Day

This week as we come back from our moving hiatus we go full on DC! In Netflix and Chill Realness we watch The Death of Superman and get real in our feelings. In Primetime Realness we check in with all the Arrowverse shows, we’re talking Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Let us know your thoughts!


Episode 107- AmeriKKKa (BlacKkKlansman Special)

This week, after a long moving hiatus, we're back! We go to the movies and see BlackkKlansman! Give it a listen and tell us what you think!


Episode 66- We Got Drunk (feat. Brittany)

We play truth or drink (Spoiler we were already drunk). Come listen to us giggle, overshare, and laugh our way through a Saturday night.


Episode 65- Burnt Garbage (The Defenders Special)

In this special episode we discuss the first season of Marvel's The Defenders. The gang gets together and everyone's favs are there. Jessica, Luke, and Matt come together to whoop ass. Danny is also there (and is one of the asses being whooped at times). We discuss how these great characters elevate Danny from burning to garbage to burnt garbage. Tune in for our thoughts!


Episode 64- She's An Ingenue

In this week's His Girl Friday Realness, we learn about a Spider-man-less Spider-man Universe. Black Cat will be there, so I guess I'm down? The Munsters will be relocating to Hipster Brooklyn and Judge Dredd will be policing these Megalopolis streets. All that and more in His Girl Friday Realness. In Netflix and Chill we watch love grow and fall apart, in like reverse and forward kinda (it's weird), with film adaptation of The Last Five Years. In Primetime Realness we return to West Covina...


Episode 63- Hai Lai

In this week's His Girl Friday Realness, we discuss #NoConfederate vs. #BlackNation. We discuss the newest addition to the Aladdin cast, and we're hypnotized and not just by his Cobra staff. All that and more! In Netflix and Chill Realness, we listen to the rhapsody of the universe and remember how beautiful Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Keri Russell are in August Rush on HBO. In Primetime realness, we podcast with the blood and fall in love with Mozart in the Jungle. Come and listen!


Episode 62- Old Gods Vs New Gods (American Gods Special)

From the heavens, to the world beneath the world, to the Vagina Nebula we gather to worship the gods, old and new. In this episode of Media Realness, dedicated to our goddess Media, we discuss the first season of American Gods. Bryan Fuller teams up with Neil Gaiman and serves us up this beautiful show. Do us a favor and serve some Bilquis realness and soak it up!


Episode 61- Nerd Christmas (Part 2)

The real celebration begins when we discuss all the glorious gifts that were given to us at San Diego Comic Con. Our stockings were stuffed with announcements and underneath our tree were ALL THE TRAILERS and a few lumps of coal. Join us as we discuss!


Episode 60- Nerd Christmas (Part 1)

In the first part of our Nerd Christmas episode, we discuss the Emmy nominations and the D23 announcements! Who made the cut for the their clap on the back and who was ignored? Come and find out!


Episode 59- No Uncle Ben (Spiderman Homecoming Special)

This week we serve all the realness a spider can as we discuss the realness of the lastet Spiderman. That's right, we are finally able to review the long awaited Spiderman: Homecoming. We discuss the charisma that Tom Holland brings to Peter Parker, the swag Marisa Tomei brings to Aunt Mae, the Birdman Michael Keaton brings to the Vulture. Join us as we discuss!


Episode 58- Who Killed Jenny

This week we make a double play to make up for an impromptu absence. We're back, we love you! In His Girl Friday Realness, we discuss the loss of Nelsan Ellis, who is slaying up in heaven! We talk about queen Ava Duvernay and her documentary The Central Park Five. We thinking about good plots and hopefully where to find them as we anticipate the next five years of Harry Potter fan-fiction. The community came through and got us a Sense8 ending! All that and more in His Girl Friday Realness!...


Episode 57- The Rest Is Drag

We continue to get gay for our #Pride Month Realness. In the news that matters to nerds like us, we discuss BLACK PANTHER SO LIT!!! and the epicness we get just from the trailer. We say goodbye to Adam West and hope our icon rests in peace. We accept Elizabeth Banks' apology, all this and more in His Girl Friday Realness! For Netflix and Chill Realness, we take it back to the Emerald City with Todrick Hall's Straight Outta Oz. He serves us songs, looks, and amazing storytelling! Ay Papi! In...


Episode 56- Casual Gaymers

In His Girl Friday Realness we discuss that gayming life with all the E3 announcements. Are you ready for a Arkham Series-like Spiderman game? We’re ready sissy that web with Peter Parker Realness. Chloe and Nadine are serving us that Nathan Drake but as a bad bitch realness in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. All that and more in this E3 review! Surprise! Due to the nature of this week’s Netflix and Primetime Realness, we had to switch it up. We discuss the HBO show Looking in Primetime and then...


Episode 55- Art Is Love Made Public (Sense8 Special)

In our first installment of our Pride Month Realness we say goodbye to 8 of our favorite people. We discuss Netflix’s incredibly bad decision to cancel one of it’s greatest achievements, Sense8. We talk about how we fell in love with and will always love each and every one of cluster (And the people who love them) and the moments that made them family. And during Pride month remember why we march. As Nomi said " I'm marching for that part of me that was once afraid to march and for all the...


Episode 54- I Believe In Love (Wonder Woman Special)

In this week’s episode we have been blessed by Diana, Princess of the Amazons. That’s right, we get into DC’s latest, Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkin’s film brings our goddess to the screen and serves us a side of Chris Pine. We discuss Gal Godot’s performance and our overall take of this new feather in DCEU. As Queen Hippolyta said “They don’t deserve you, Diana.” But we’re gonna try our hardest.


Episode 53- Moon Prism Power

In this week’s trailer heavy His Girl Friday Realness, we discuss the upcoming X-Men universe show, the Gifted. We discuss this week’s biggest flop (talk about getting Ef’ed), the Baywatch trailer and this year's biggest anticipated show, the Game of Thrones season 7 trailer! All this and more, so come discuss the news that matters to nerds like us! In Netflix and Chill Realness we wander into CrunchyRoll territory with the anime film 5 Centimeters per Second, the best hour and two minutes...


Episode 52- It's Not A Party Trick

It’s that time of the year again, it’s Upfront Season, and we discuss the fallen shows and the those that remain. Take listen to hear our take and found out which shows have made the cut. In Netflix and Chill Realness we get crazy with Margaret Cho’s comedy special PsyCHO. For PrimeTime Realness, we get to promote the next #GarbageBoss in ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat.


Episode 51- 3, 2, 1 Let's Jam

Late post due to technical difficulties! In this episode for His Girl Friday Realness, we discuss the trailers for the Mummy, the Last Jedi and Kingsmen: the Golden Circle. We discuss the future of Young Justice and a live action Teen Titans! That and more! We learn the importance of love and family with Kubo and the Two Strings in Netflix and Chill Realness. We go hunting for bounty heads with the crew of Cowboy Bebop in Primetime Realness. See you Space Cowboy!!