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OPW Podcast: Big Man On Campus

Did ya miss us? I hope so, or this is gonna be awkward. Occupy Pro Wrestling is finally back with a new podcast, and I got to chat with Kevin Lee Davidson about Glory Pro, #NoNewFriends, the NWL, wrestling for ROH, and the upcoming Resurgence show where he takes on Shigehiro Irie! All this, plus some announcements about the future of Occupy Pro Wrestling and a condensed version of the Partner Spotlight, await you on a brand new episode of the OPW Podcast! If you're in the area of Swansea,...


OPW Podcast: All The World’s A Stage

All the world’s a stage, and the best stage to be on is in a wrestling ring! This week I celebrate the amazing performance art that is pro wrestling, and I’m not alone as I have a fun chat with Kate Nyx and Liberty Park about wrestling, musicals, and burlesque and how their upcoming GLOB event brings all of it together! All that and the latest in our Partner Spotlight await you in this episode, so enter stage left to this week’s Occupy Pro Wrestling podcast! Thanks as always to our...


OPW Podcast: Don’t Cross The Streams

Solar eclipses, a new podcast, cats and dogs sleeping together…mass hysteria! This week I talk about wrestling streaming services and the highlights of Summerslam weekend before getting into a chat with Todd Joerschel of Filsinger Games, looking at old-school WWF, CHIKARA, Lucha Underground, and the global (one would even say galactic) reach of Filsinger Games! All that and the return of the Partner Spotlight await you, so strap on those proton packs and let’s get to it! Thanks as always...


OPW Podcast: Revenge of the Smarks

SMAAAARRRRRRRRKS! The podcast has finally returned, and we’re picking up right where we left off: What A ManeuverKeyboard WarriorsTitan ScrewedOn This Very ScreenWrestling Mayhem Show It’s absolutely great to be back, Ten Percenters! Be sure to check out our new Patreon page and pitch in a buck or two to support the show and march, and in return we’ll have early shows, bonus content, and a chance to win FREE shirts! Special Guest: Michael Sorg.


OPW Podcast: Positive Vibes

On this edition of the podcast, it’s all about, well, positive vibes! Here’s a quick rundown: Thanks for checking the show out, you can now find it on iTunes and Stitcher so be sure to leave a review and rating when you get a chance and help me get an idea of what’s working and where I can improve! Don’t forget, if you want to chat about what YOU love in wrestling, contact me on Twitter @Power2TheSmarks or find Occupy Pro Wrestling on Facebook and we can work out a day and time that works...


OPW Podcast: Introductions Are In Order

It’s here, Ten Percenters! The debut of the OPW Podcast, a pilot of sorts, and a chance to get an idea of what I’m hoping to do with the show! Like a delicious casserole, there’s plenty of layers to enjoy: HOWL.fm Thanks for listening, and please leave some feedback! It’s a growing project, and all your feedback will help foster that growth. Interested in chatting with me about what you love in wrestling and why? Contact me on Twitter @Power2TheSmarks or on Facebook so we can work out a...