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5: Job

In this very special episode of your favourite podcast, Sean and Eliot discuss the many complexities of life. Get yourselves prepped and propped ready for the most invasive and possibly even painful episode of your actual favourite podcast. We do go deep, so if you're not comfortable at any time, just say and we can adjust as necessary. Again, thanks for those reviews and please don't question your actions or look yourself in the mirror. Hashtag Fleabag, Michael Jackson, Alan Partridge,...


4: Ezra & Nehemiah & Esther

It's 11am, so WHIZZBANG AND THE KID are here to bang your morning into submission. Ezra and Nehemiah follow the Israelites' return to Jerusalem after their exile, but some bloody mishaps occur (if you consider people being in love to be a mishap) Esther is a story of female empowerment and the consumption of liquids. Follow the show on Twitter: @biblepod Email:


3: Chronicles

It's a special surprise episode! That's right Josiah, the Bible features it's very own clip show, so why the heck shouldn't we? It's time to reflect on everything we've learned so far and ask your family for forgiveness. It's mostly about Disney remakes and blue Will Smith. It's not a proper clip show though, so do please listen and tell your stupid friends to as well. Follow the show on Twitter: @biblepod Email:


2: Kings

Back in the Bible days, people would rely on old people to run their lives and sit on a big chair. Sometimes they would do something important, but most of the time they'd just faff about and make a big mess. Welcome to Kings. Sean and Eliot Habbo all over your Habbo to Habbo a Habbo and flip it upside-down. Plus Sean's finances are being Habbo'd and Eliot met Habbo which led to a big Habbo breakdown. Twitter: @biblepod Email:


1: Ruth & Samuel

We're back from Devonshire and ready to get back to work with a second coming! Sean takes us through the Book of Ruth, which basically works as an old-fashioned rom-com, only with more threshing. Then Eliot tackles the Book(s) of Samuel, which chart the rise and fall of King David, including his epic battle with Shantay Goliath. Twitter: @biblepod Email:


10: Judges (A Christmas Special)

Hi Dan, just copy and paste this into the description: "Sean and Eliot are alive and bring you a festive treat as the first series of their popular podcast concludes. The Book of Judges features numerous stories including the failures of Israel and the tale of Samson & Delilah. The show will return in January 2019, with more accurate and respectful episodes. Twitter: @BiblePod Email:" And then see me in the boardroom to discuss your progress so far. Regards, Andrea


9: Joshua

After Moses left the story, the producers of the Bible were forced to find a new lead character. Will Joshua measure up? Will audiences find his David Spade-esque nonsense endearing or pointless? He's pointless. Also Sean has big personal news and Eliot demands bacon. Please leave a nice comment on iTunes or tell your friends about us so we can survive. Thanks. Twitter: @biblepod Email:


8: Numbers: Part 2 & Deuteronomy

And so, it came to pass that Moses' story did end. It is as sad, mystical and violent as the rest of it has been. Plus there's a talking donkey! Also Sean has a brush with Hollywood and Eliot campaigns for the mental health of a beloved Disney character. Please leave a nice comment on iTunes or tell your friends about us so we can survive. Thanks. Twitter: @biblepod Email: (Facebook page coming… soon)


7: Numbers: Part 1

We hath returned to the people of pod and said unto thee: Come. Moses and his team are rocking across he desert on their world tour. They've had enough of the warm embrace of God and would rather be slaves again. I'm sure he'll be fine with that. Also Eliot finally gave Sean a birthday present Please leave a nice comment on iTunes or tell your friends about us so we can survive. Thanks. Twitter: @biblepod Email:


Oopsie Doopsie!

Wuh oh!


6: Leviticus

Let's talk about God's views on sex, baby. Leviticus is a tricky book to enjoy, but flipping Heaven, do we have a fun show for you. Tips and tricks for how to stay on God's good side. Cow killing 101\. Aaron suffers, Moses prevails. Would you like to make love? Well chances are, God ain't gonna like it. Twitter: @biblepod Email:


5: Exodus: Part 2

We came. We read. We conquered. Moses is in a sticky wicket wandering through the desert with his pals. Will they discover he's an alien? Can Aaron make it back to the future? Is Jethro going to add more dates to his Promised Land Tour? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to our Exodus saga. Please leave a nice comment on iTunes or tell your friends about us so we can survive. Thanks. Twitter: @biblepod Email:


4: Exodus: Part 1

Pack your bags and get ready for an action-packed adventure as we flee from Genesis and smash into the righteous abs of Exodus. We've got flaming bushes, we've got magic tricks, we've got an oppressed people that only a potential UFO and a time traveller from the future can save. Things are heating up. Enjoy! Please rate/review us on iTunes so BibleCorp don't get mad at us. Twitter: @biblepod Email:


3: Genesis: Part 3

It's the third and final part of our Book of Genesis trilogy, and boy do things get saucy. We are introduced to a little fella called Abram (or is it Abraham) and find out all about his family and his strange dealings with Gord. We also visit the horrendous cesspools of Sodom and Gomorrah, plus are shocked to our core by the most bizarre plot-line we've come across so far…. Also Eliot has been in an incident which could be described as Biblical and Sean is tired and just wants to go to a...


2: Genesis: Part 2

All aboard l'arche de Noé! Part two of our Genesis trilogy is here and we tackle the wettest story in the whole book (so far) as our famed protagonist God literally kills billions of people. Also we find out about the tower of Babel and ask just how old all these motherfuckers are in this book? Twitter: @biblepod Email:


1: Genesis: Part 1

We're starting from the very beginning, with the creation of (almost) everything in the universe through the introduction of our enigmatic leading man, God. Then we visit Adam and Eve, and try and figure out if they are as dumb as their offspring. The scale of this task is hitting us in the face. Please enjoy. Also Sean is a hero and Eliot has a feature. Twitter: @biblepod Email:


In The Beginning...

Welcome to Sean & Eliot Read The Bible, the official podcast of the Holy Bible. In this special introductory episode you'll meet your guides on this great quest, Sean McLoughlin (Comedian/Catholic) and Eliot J Fallows (Old Man/Heathen) as they go through their plans for tackling this historic text. Twitter: @biblepod Email: