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"Somewhere in Vegas" is a show dedicated to stories about people from all walks of life. From celebrities, to the average Joe's or Joan 's working interest and unusual jobs--especially in those occupations in Sin City. From the exotic, to the dangerous, to the funny or just plain fascinating--"Somewhere in Vegas" tells the hidden stories behind the scenes of the glitz and glamor that is the Las Vegas lifestyle.

"Somewhere in Vegas" is a show dedicated to stories about people from all walks of life. From celebrities, to the average Joe's or Joan 's working interest and unusual jobs--especially in those occupations in Sin City. From the exotic, to the dangerous, to the funny or just plain fascinating--"Somewhere in Vegas" tells the hidden stories behind the scenes of the glitz and glamor that is the Las Vegas lifestyle.
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"Somewhere in Vegas" is a show dedicated to stories about people from all walks of life. From celebrities, to the average Joe's or Joan 's working interest and unusual jobs--especially in those occupations in Sin City. From the exotic, to the dangerous, to the funny or just plain fascinating--"Somewhere in Vegas" tells the hidden stories behind the scenes of the glitz and glamor that is the Las Vegas lifestyle.






Emmy Nominees Naomi Grossman and Miles Tagtmeyer Plus WOW on AXS's Lana Star

We start with two Emmy nominees looking to make impacts on the TV and streaming game. Our first guest, Naomi Grossman is best know for her portrayal of Pepper in "American Horror Story: Freak Show" and "American Horror Story: Aslylum", which gained her ctricial acclaim. She has been nominate for the Facebook series "ctrl alt delete" which takes a look at stories of women who goes to abortion clinics. We will talk to Grossman about her busy 2018 and 2019. Miles Tagtmeyer has been grinding...


Racing Champ Austin Edwards

Austin Edwards has grown up fast in the racing world. Starting at age 5, he has worked his way up the go cart circuit in southern California all the way to full sized truck racing against adult competitors. Thrugh racing, he has also raised over $20,000 for various charties. We will talk to Edwards about working his way into the racing scene and his bright future.


Actor/Comedian Will Clifton and Singer/Author Tia McGraff

Our first guest is a telented comedian and actor. After doing cmedy for over two decades, Will Clifton (aka Will C.) has seen in moves such as Yes Man, Seven Pounds,Yes Man, Seven Pounds, and Gone Girl, as well a featured roles on the tv shows Monk, Numb3rs, Knight Rider,, and Modern Family. The veteran still tours with his comedy act around the country and on Military entertainment tours. Rounding out the show, Tia McGraff is a rising star in music, having started in Toronto then making...


Publiciat and Pole Athlete Makeda Smith

A friend of the show for years, Makeda Smith has helped bring some talent ted guests to the show. The grandmother is now herself in the spotlight. Through her website "Flying Over 50", Smith has released the "Goddesses In Motion: A Pop Up Pole Video Shoot" series, in collaboration with producers Christina Villegas, Jeff Mercer, and Flying Curves Dance Studio. The series quest to encourage 'mature' women to reclaim their femininity through dance, fitness and the art of simply moving their...


Actress/Musician Desiree Mitchell

Desiree Mitchell has been busy as of late. Her new single and music video just dropped for "I Need That". Besides making music, she is starred, wrote, directed, and produced the series "Loyalty". She is also an advcate for Scoliosis Warriors, an organization/support group for people battling the spinal condition. Mitchell also had suffered from it. We will talk to Mitchell about her many projects.


Songwriters Fitzsimon & Broga and Filmmaker Alexia Anastasio

England's Neil Fitzsimon and Bee Brogan made their marks as semi-finalists in the world renowned Eurovision contest. After their band broke upo, the duo went on to write their own musical "Jack Dagger" and produced songs for muliple tv shows and movie. We will talk to the duo about their new album “Big Blue World” and their upcoming schedule. Documentary and independant filmmaker Alexia Anastasio is looking to continue her stream of successes. Her most prominant documentary "Adventures in...


Eternal Message Creator Eric Frommer & Artist Win Kelly

Eric Frommer is thge creator of an app that will give people solice after a love one has left this life. "Eternal Message" lets you record videos, audios and text messages, anywhere at any time to be played after you have passed. It gives you the ability to schedule messages released for specific events in the future, i.e., your daughter’s birthday or your grandson’s anniversary.There is also a special QR Code you can use for a certain loved one to hear a special messgae only to them. We...


Singer/Songwriter Heather Whitney and Filmmaker Barry Alexander Brown

Hailing from the Texarkana region of Texas, our first guest Heather Whitney had bridged the gap between tranditional and pop country. Producing her new album "Moving on" Whitney has also realsed a new single and video for "Shut Up And Dance". We will talk to Whitney about her music and her insparation for her songs. Having work with the great Spike Lee among others, Barry Alexander Brown has been an accomplished editor, director, and producer. The Oscar nominated fillmaker has also dipped...


Canadian Rocker Jacqueline Auguste and Actor David Busby

One of the stand outs of the indie Canadian Rock scene, "Across the Board" lives up to its name when it comes to their talents. An award winning band, lead vocalist and songwriter Jacqueline Auguste has a performance background and is fluent in multiple instruments. We will talk to Auguste about the band's new album "Somic Boom" and the band's rising success from an assortment of backgrounds. Our second guest is an actor making an impact after overcoming multiple gun attacks. David Busby...


Singer Kandi Lee and Cancer Survivor Allyson Lovina Phelan

A Vegas local, Kandi Lee is ready to get back to singing. Lee is known for her powerful singing voice from a young age and was in on the route to making her mark in Nashville. When she became a mom, the plans went on hold, and after barely getting by, she founded One-Eleven Network, where she became a personal and professional development coach. She came back to singing and recording. We will talk to Lee about her new single "Dirty Little Secret" and the expansion of her business...


Boxing Champion Yahu "Rock" Blackwell and Fitness Mogul Misty Tripoli

Our first guess is a boxing champion looking to make it big in the crypto-currency game. Boxing Champion Yahu "Rock" Blackwell has a new game called "Cryto Boxers", which is is the first and only boxing game operating on blockchain technology, with crypto tokens issued by boxing celebrities. We will talk to Blackwell about the launch of the game this summer, and his flurrishing boxing career. Our second guest is Misty Tripoli, who is sparking a new way of looking at working out. She is the...


Actress Shelly Skandrani and Singer-Songwriter Christa Deana

Our first guest, Shelly Skandrani, is best known for her work critically acclaimed role in Showtime's popular Holocaust film "The Devil's Arithmetic" starring Kirsten Dunst and Brittany Murphy, and produced by Dustin Hoffman and Mimi Rogers. She is also a series regular on the hit show "Transparent". The Israeli born actress grew up in London and has honed her skills around the world. We will talk to Skandrani about her current movie projects and her new online show "Black Sheep...


Miss Black California Jazmine Graham and Viora Clinical Director Kara Moncrief

Two experts on beauty will be on the show. We start with Miss Black California Jazmine Graham, who will be competing for Miss Black USA in August. The pagent queen is also an accomplished singer and dancer and has a new single "Step by Step". Her video this past weekend performing the dance at a showing of "Black Panther" went viral, and prompted the #StepbyStep challenge, which asks fans to perform their own versions with a possability of getting movie tickets themselves. We will talk to...


Abingdon Watches CEO Chelsea Welch & Singer/Songwriter Jeremy Parsons

Chelsea Welch is an experienced pilot and an avid thrill seeker. Seeing a need to find a fashionable yet functional watch, she started Abingdon Watches in 2006 here in Vegas, 11 years later, the timepieces have evolved with their cliental, We will talk to Welch about the company, her watches, and encouraging women to persue STEM jobs through her foundation. Jeremy Parsons started his music career in high school in his hometown in San Antonio, Texas. Inspired by the dance halls of the area,...


Singer/Songwriter Phillip Broussard and Comedian Kermet Apio

Our first guest is a Seattle native who looks to make the national music scene. Phillip Broussard started music early, starting with guitar. He soon was listening to some of the great guitarists and songwriters, and started to create his own signature sound. After the passing of his father and grandfather, he joined the Navy and put his singing and guitar playingon hiatus, until he listened to John Mayer's “Room for Squares", which gave him the push to get back to playing. We will talk to...


Singer/Songwriter Matt Westin and Author Victoria Howard

We are back for 2018 with two great guests. First we will talk to the new country heartthrob Matt Westin. The Pittsburgh native was on his way to a promising engineering career to pursue acting and music. After touring the local circuit for years, the tragic passing of his father after a long battle with leukemia gave Westin the inspiration to create an album in his honor. in 2016. Coming into 2018 he has a new single, "Our Redneck of the Woods." We will talk to Westin about his music and...


Celebrity Interviewer Peter Anthony Holder and Soul Singer Chris Bell

Peter Anthony Holder has been an TV personality and radio host for more than 40 years, which gave him the unique opportunity to interview some of the most popular celebrities on the planet. Holder chronicles them in his new book Great Conversations: My Interviews With Two Men On The Moon And A Galaxy Of Stars. We will talk to Holder about his career and the stories behind the interviews. Chris Bell was a founding memer of the soul group "The Natural Four", and worked with his idol Curtis...


NASCAR Champion Kurt Busch

One of the more popular racers in NASCAR is ready tp help his community heal after the shootings in Las Vegas only a few months ago. Kurt Busch will host a race day at Pole Postion Raceway in Vegas to support "Drivers for a Vegas" a charity founded by fellow Vegas racing star Spencer Gallagher; and "Keep Vegas Strong". The event will give the opportunity for people to compete against racers and celebrities and some may get the chance to take on Busch in a special race. We will talk to...


Disney Star Cerina Vincent, Model Eugenia Kuzmina, and Singer Margie Singleton

Three great women join us for our November podcast. First we will have one of the stars of Disney Channel's "Stuck in the Middle" Cerina Vincent. Being a staple of the horror genre ("Cabin Fever" "It Waits" "Return to the House on Haunted Hill"), she also was a part of the Power Ranger and the highly hilarious "Not Another Team Movie. She also authored the "Hot Chick" series of books. We will talk to Vincent about the upcoming season of her tv series and her future projects. Next, we will...


Singer/Actress Lizzy Small Returns

Since we last spoke to Lizzy Small, she garnered a lot of internet attention as her single "Always Be There" got a lot of play on Soundcloud. She just released a cover of Justin Bieber's "Let Me Love You" which is currently also on Soundcloud. Aside from the singing, she has shared the screen with George Loepz and Tim Allen on the acting side of the business, She is also an accomplished dancer. Small will be doing a performance at the Mint in Los Angeles Augst 23rd. We will catch up with...