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The Arun Mehta Show is an independent talk radio show about news, entertainment, politics and sports.

The Arun Mehta Show is an independent talk radio show about news, entertainment, politics and sports.


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The Arun Mehta Show is an independent talk radio show about news, entertainment, politics and sports.




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Oscar Winners and Razzie Nominations PART 2 (16/02/2020)

Arun and Patricia discuss the 2020 Oscar Winners and the 2020 Razzie Nominations.


Bullies and Sex Robots PART 1 (16/02/2020)

Arun and Patricia talk about: PREVIEW: Roald Dahl Retrospective: Four Rooms PREVIEW: Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Dwayne Johnson says goodbye to his father, Rocky Johnson Can Bernie Sanders beat Donald Trump in 2020? The full context of Mike Pompeo’s Lisa Simpson tweet Sex robots may cause psychological damage Trump Is Inspiring A Generation Of Kids ... To Be Racist Bullies At School


We're Not in Kansas Anymore! (03/02/2020)

Arun and Patricia talk about: Old School Lane: Next week is a new episode of the Roald Dahl Retrospective discussing about the 1990 film The Witches. Storytelling Saga: Top 5 favorite animated protagonists TV License Fee Increase, calls for it to be scrapped. Shikara wore the same outfit as her character in Zootopia. Joker star Joaquin Phoenix delivers powerful Baftas speech about racism Donald Trump thinks the Kansas City Chiefs are actually from Kansas.


The Pros and Cons of News (26/01/2020)

Arun and Patricia discuss: Is the Donald Trump Impeachment a waste of time? Article 13 will not be implemented in the UK after Brexit Has “New Media” failed us? Victoria Derbyshire loses her show on the BBC Anndi McAfee will be at Meadowlark ComicCon May 9th. Get your tickets at Animaniacs Reboot scoring session shows new character designs. The Pros and Cons of The Jungle Movie: Afterthoughts / Aftermath Preview Doom Eternal Gameplay Previews Online Arun...


2019 Hey Arnold! Anniversary Show with Craig Bartlett!

Arun interviews Hey Arnold! Executive Producer Craig Bartlett for the 2019 Hey Arnold! Anniversary Show!


The Frozen Nostalgia Hotline! (30/09/2019)

Arun and Patricia talk about: HEY ARNOLD! ANNIVERSARY SHOW, ARUN PLAYS: 80s Cartoon Reactions Brexit: The rhetoric is getting worse Gun Violence Hearing: Not one Republican showed up BBC reverses decision on Naga Munchetty complaint The Greta Thunberg Helpline Old School Lane: 30 years of Game Boy! Nintendo Announces Brain Training for Switch Frozen 2 Debuts New Song “Into The Unknown” Disney's Star Wars Land Isn't Drawing Crowds Why are people still watching Nostalgia Critic?


Marry The Mole! (23/09/2019)

Arun and Patricia talk: HEY ARNOLD! ANNIVERSARY SHOW DEADLINE PASSES Greta Thungberg’s Angry Outbust at UN Climate Summit Happy 130th Birthday to Nintendo of Japan! Pixar release Toy Story 4 outtakes. Is Toy Story 5 inevitable? Could Don Bluth have taken a different path in his animation career? FANTASY ELECTION: Lisa Simpson (D) vs Helga Pataki (R) Lisa Simpson Tapped as New Head of Talent Relations at Fox Entertainment The BFG (1989) vs The BFG (2016) follow up Bob Iger Explains...


The Incompetent Hulk! (16/09/2019)

HEY ARNOLD! ANNIVERSARY SHOW EMAIL AND DEADLINE Boris Johnson likens UK to The Hulk EU Flags Flown at Last Night At the Proms Greta Thunberg in the US: Trevor Noah and Protests ARUN PLAYS IS BACK! Nick Rewind talking up Taina COMING UP ON OLD SCHOOL LANE: The BFG (1989) Movie Review The “evolution” of Scooby Doo James Corden calls out Bill Maher on fat shaming. Disney Plus in beta in the Netherlands


Hail Lord Zedd! (08/09/2019)

Arun and Patricia talk about: RIP Robert Axelrod 2019 HEY ARNOLD! ANNIVERSARY SHOW WITH CRAIG BARTLETT NEWS British citizens born in US risk having UK bank accounts frozen Infowars’ Sandy Hook appeal goes down in flames as judge orders Alex Jones to ‘pay all costs’ Furious parents protest at Lewes Priory School over gender neutral uniform Arun’s playing DOS Games again! DreamMachine Top 5 Best and Worst Lookback Disney’s Robin Hood Live Action Remake In Development Steven Universe:...


Monsters vs. Aliens Review - DreamMachine Episode 5

In this special Halloween episode of DreamMachine, Patricia and Arun skip out a few movies in the timeline to discuss about the 2009 animated movie Monsters vs. Aliens. The movie is about a woman named Susan who is ready to get married to a reporter when she is struck by a meteor and turns into a 50 foot giantess. She was sought after by a secret organization where she is teamed up with a group of monsters to fight off against aliens who are planning on invading Earth. However, Susan is...


A Bug's Life Review - PIXMIX Episode 12

In this episode of PixMix, Patricia and Arun discuss about the 1998 animated film A Bug's Life. It focuses on an ant named Flik who wishes to make a difference to his ant field by making inventions to make things easier, but no one listens to him. When he knocks down food for the grasshoppers, he's send to find warrior bugs to defeat them, but instead finds a group of circus bugs. Can they find a way to defeat the grasshoppers before they return in the fall or will they be forced to serve...


Top 5 BEST and WORST Dreamworks Animation Films!

Arun and Patricia rank the Top 5 BEST and WORST Dreamworks Animation Films for the "DreamMachine with Arun and Patricia" Series Finale!


Arun's Martial-Law Life (12/08/2019)

Arun and Patricia talk: Crowdfunding to prosecute Boris Johnson Andrew Yang: “I’ve done the MATH, it’s not immigrants taking our jobs, it’s automation.” 5 years since Robin Williams passed away. DreamMachine rating deadline THIS FRIDAY! Brexit, Martial Law And Human Rights The Top 50 Girls' Names of 2018: Popularity Since 1880 Green-light Hey Arnold Season 6...


Don't Drink and Debate! (05/08/2019)

UK Flooding and dam near to bursting. Boris Johnson is Prime Minister Mass Shootings in America I’ve decided to cancel my WWE Network Subscription DreamMachine ratings form still open Ted Cruz faces angry crowd at LAX airport Jo Swinson say “stop yelling at the TV and join the Lib Dems” Gilbert Gottfried in new AVGN episode Artists installed seesaws at the border wall so that kids in the U.S. and Mexico could play together. It was designed by architect Ronald Rael ⁣ The Libertarian...


San Diego Comic Con International 2019 Review

Arun and Patrica review San Diego Comic Con 2019. Featuring Marvel, Batman Beyond, The Watchman, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, and MORE!


Toy Story 4 Review (15/07/2019)

Arun and Patricia review Toy Story 4. Plus trailers for Trolls World Tour, Frozen 2 and MORE!


Don't Drink And Dress! (01/07/2019)

Arun and Patricia discuss: Donald Trump becomes 1st President to visit North Korea Which Democratic Candidate can beat Donald Trump in 2020? Andy Ngo Assaulted by Antifa group in Portland Former Channel Awesome answers why she never sued Channel Awesome Sailor Moon Eternal 2-Part Anime Film Project Opens in 2020 Is Hey Arnold! Season 6 still possible? All Elite Wrestling criticised for chair-shot to the head Did Gabe Newell tease Half-Life 3 at Valve Index launch party? Aladdin has...


Good Burgers and Bad Eggs! (24/06/2019)

Arun talks about: Mark Field assaults a Greenpeace activist What the f*ck is a leftist or liberal? Police called to Boris Johnson’s flat Brenden Dilley tells Trump Supporters to spread fake news online Jim Bakker tells followers that leaders and politicians will be murdered if Trump isn’t elected This grandmother says she is “so scared” and tells politicians they need to get something done about knife crime Frozen 2 Poster looks worse the previously thought Trolls World Tour Trailer...


E3 2019 Review (16/06/2019)

Arun and Patricia review E3 2019!


Later and Louder! (10/06/2019)

Arun talks about: Autistic People Say Anti-Vax Misinformation Is Only Making Matters Worse Steven Crowder de-monetised on YouTube / Adpololypse 3.0 Hey Arnold! staff knew Mr Simmons was gay but weren’t supposed to be open about it. Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise to a fight and why we don’t care. SpongeBob SquarePants Prequel TV Show Ordered By Nickelodeon Frozen 2 2nd trailer released tomorrow