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We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, movies, TV, and anything else we "geek out" to.

We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, movies, TV, and anything else we "geek out" to.
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We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, movies, TV, and anything else we "geek out" to.




Episode 96: Suicide Squad - Hell to Pay - A Drunken Dork Review

Jake and Tom are on a special assignment this week, as their partners over at Geeks Worldwide requested that the guys review the latest DC Animated Movie - Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay! Listen in as the fellas talk about their expectations, what they liked & didn't like about the movie, as well as what surprised and downright frustrated them! As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in the quest for world domination by rating them highly on iTunes, sharing their stuff on social media, and by...


Episode 95: Busted Open and Botched - A Wrestlemania XXXIV Review

While Jake and Tom might not talk about it that much on the show, they're both fairly big marks for the wrestling industry. So with this year's annual Wrestlemania in the bag, they decided to bring in their good friend Devin to do a full blown review of it! Listen in as the guys go through all of the matches on the card to talk about what hey thought worked, what they thought might not have been so great, and what they felt was downright frustrating. Be sure to listen to Devin on the...


Episode 94: PodFix Presents: Wizard Rewind - Issue 100

Due to scheduling conflicts, there will sadly be no new episode of Jake and Tom Conquer the World. Instead, the guys are reaching into the archives to share another episode of "PodFix Presents: Wizard Rewind"! This time around, the guys are shining a spotlight on Issue 100, covering such topics as the artwork of Alex Ross, the fear over the impending Y2K scare, Marvel's MC2 imprint, what they think would be the most likely outcome in a fight between Darth Maul & Darth Vader, and then...


Episode 93: Can the DCEU Be Saved?

Joining Jake and Tom this is week is one half of The Epic Film Guys, Nick Haskins. He came by to help the guys sort out the mess that is the DCEU. Listen in as the guys ask themselves what they would do to fix it, how they'd change the "look and feel" of the franchise, which characters would be recast, who they'd want to see behind the camera, as well as which properties they'd like to see developed. Along the way, Jake and Tom also ask Nick to discuss his upcoming project, which will...


A Murderous March Madness

In what has now become a yearly tradition, Jake and Tom welcome back their good friend Scott Edwards to take place in their annual "March Madness" competition! This year, the guys have decided to pit some of cinema's most lethal characters against one another in order to find out who the deadliest villain really is! Listen in as they debate who'd be victorious between Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, the (now) fearsome Were-Predator-Wolf, a horde of zombies and many more! As always, be sure...


Episode 91: Jessica Jones - Season Two: A Full Drunken Dork Review

Last week, Jake and Tom delved into the season premier of Netflix & Marvel's "Jessica Jones". This week, they're jumping into the full 13 episodes, but they've brought along a special guest - Fellow Drunken Dork Travis! Listen in as the guys go into detail over what they thought worked in this year's story, what they felt may have fallen flat, and what they think the future of the Marvel/Netflix collaboration will look like! Along the way, there's finally a brief review of "Black...


Episode 90: Jessica Jones - Start at the Beginning - A "Before and After" Review

Over the years, Jake and Tom have grown to be pretty big fans of the collaborations between Netflix & Marvel. So when the time came to review the first new episode of Jessica Jones in three years, the guys decided to break out their microphones & give it their "Before and After Review" treatment! Along the way, they made sure to spend a little time on some of the bigger geek news, including Jake's anticipation for the launch of a new RPG system, casting announcements on the small screen...


Episode 89: Drunken Dork News - March, 2018 (AKA Digging For Treasure)

Join Jake and Tom as they take another dive into the news bag to talk about all the latest developments in the world of geek culture! Among the stories the guys cover, Joss Whedon exits the "Batgirl" movie, Kristen Wiig is in talks to co-star in the new "Wonder Woman" movie, DC makes announcements regarding their online television shows, Marvel releases a trailer for one of their upcoming small screen projects, and a nerd icon has a brush with death. Then after the break, the guys return...


Episode 88: PodFix Presents: Wizard Rewind - Issue 36

What you're about to listen to this week is something special. Literally for YEARS now, Tom has been wanting to produce a podcast dedicated to the now defunct Wizard Magazine, but due to time and scheduling issues, he just never had the chance. And then along comes one of Jake and Tom's partners in internet radio, The PodFix Network. They needed content to fill their weekly show, "PodFix Presents", and not wanting to let the opportunity pas by, Tom leaped at the chance to finally pursue...


Episode 87: Booze, News and Reviews

Once again, Jake and Tom have convened to bring you the latest in the world of geek news! This time around, they're here to discuss a slew of movie trailers, including "Venom", "Deadpool 2" & "Rampage". After that, they review the latest entry in the line of DC Animated Movies, "Gotham By Gaslight", as well as a conversation detailing which other Elseworlds tales they'd like to see adapted. As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination by rating them highly...


Episode 86: A Super Bowlful of Trailers

Yet another Super Bowl is in the books. But, as you can probably guess, Jake and Tom couldn't give a rat's hairy ass about sportsball. What they DO care about, however, are movie trailers. And this Super Bowl was packed to the face mask with them! So huddle up and listen in as the guys give you their impressions on the footage shown for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Avengers: Infinity War, Mission Impossible VI, Westworld: Season 2, and The Cloverfield...


Episode 85: The Convalescence Episode

Uh-Oh... Jake is laid up this week, a victim of a knee that, in the words of his doctor, "Looks like sh!t". So, unfortunately, there will be no new episode of "Jake and Tom Conquer the World". But, because Jake and Tom don't wanna leave their audience in the lurch, what you'll be getting instead will be episode comprised of the best bits left on the "cutting room floor". In them, the guys and their guests go over previous topics such as well wishes for a fellow podcaster's upcoming...


Episode 84: The Endless Debate

If there's one thing comic book fans like more than superheroes, it's getting into petty arguments with one another. And on today's show, Jake and Tom have decided to settle the biggest debates in all of comic fandom! Inspired by a random comment from Epic Film Guy Nick and an old article from the blog, Comic Cube, Jake and Tom are trying to figure out the worthiness of Superman's underwear, which Flash is the best, whether or not Batman should ever be happy, as well aswho would beat who...


What Do You Mean You've Never Seen "Bone Tomahawk"?!

Every once and awhile, Tom tries to expand Jake's cinematic horizons by introducing him to movies he might not otherwise watch. Every once and awhile, such as the time he had Jake watch "The Shawshank Redemption", Jake discovers a movie he greatly enjoys. Usually, though, he ends up cursing Tom out for making him waste an hour and a half of his life, such as when they reviewed "They Live". This time around, however, Tom has recruited friend of the show HAB (formerly of the Couch Party...


Episode 82: 2018 Geek Culture Year in Preview

The new year has dawned, and Jake and Tom are here to discuss 2018's biggest upcoming movies and television shows! Listen in as they talk about the projects they're looking forward to debuting, as well as which of their favorites are coming back! As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination by rating them highly on iTunes, sharing their stuff on social media, and by telling your Android using friends to listen to them via the Amazing And FREE Couch Party...


Episode 81: 2017 Geek Culture Year in Review

2017 is in the books! And it proved to be one of the biggest, yet most divisive years in the history of geek culture. Listen in as Jake and Tom are joined by returning guest host Jon Stump go over the best and worst of what the past year had for all of geek culture! As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination by rating them highly on iTunes, sharing their stuff on social media & by telling your Android using friends to listen to them via the Amazing And...


Episode 80: Jake and Tom Conquer Podstalgic

It's the holidays, and Jake and Tom have decided to take a week off. But rather than leaving their audience without an episode, they asked their pal, Peter, for a favor. Y'see, a few years ago, Peter needed some similar help with his show, Podstalgic (formerly known as "Hydrate Level Four"), and Jake and Tom filled in for him for a week. And this is that very episode. For the uninitiated, Podstalgic is a great show in which Peter and his guests look back at movies from our collective...


Episode 79: The Last Jedi: A "Before and After" Review

It's been two long years since "The Force Awakens", but the time is finally here for Jake and Tom to watch "The Last Jedi", the newest installment in the "Star Wars" Saga. This episode starts out a few days before the debut, and after a brief recap of some news items, the guys unpack their predictions and and expectations for the movie. Flash forward a few days, and they return, along with their old Drunken Dork Podcast chum Travis to discuss their opinions. And, just like the rest of the...


Episode 78: Drunken Dork News - December, 2017

It's been awhile since Jake and Tom had an episode centering around Geek Culture news, but this week had too many stories not to do just that! Topics covered include the debut of SyFy's "Happy!", the restructuring currently happening at Warner Brothers' DC Film division, Tom's theory/hopes for Tarantino's "Star Trek", as well as a lively debate about what we can expect to see from a Disney-owned 21st Century Fox. Be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination by...


Episode 77: Jakein' Off, Vol. II

This week, you'll be listening to a very special episode of "Jake and Tom Conquer the World"... The fans clamored for it, and your hosts have listened. Yes folks, it's the long awaited return of Jakein' Off, in which Jake reviews some of his favorite porn parodies, while Tom listens uncomfortably. This time around, Jake's talking about the Axel Braun produced :Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody", followed up by Wooden Rocket's "Dick and Morty: The The XXX Parody"! Will these movies live up to...


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