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We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, movies, TV, and anything else we "geek out" to.

We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, movies, TV, and anything else we "geek out" to.
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We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, movies, TV, and anything else we "geek out" to.




Episode 119: Tackling the Titans

After months of speculation, Jake and Tom have finally gotten their hands on the DC Universe streaming app, and can give their opinions on the service's first exclusive content: "Titans"! Did the show live up to the guys' expectations? What are their thoughts on the rest of the content? What should we expect from the service's upcoming content? Join your dependable drunken dorks & their guest Ryan Anderson (host of the excellent "Nerd Rage Podcast") as they discuss this and much...


Episode 118: A Failed Experiment in Yueltide Misery

It's time to ring in the holidays with Jake and Tom! Join in as they attempt their first running commentary, featuring the infamous "Star Wars Holiday Special"! Listen in as the guys suffer through what is arguably th esingle worst entry in the saga. And follow along by watching the special HERE. And, as always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for planetary domination by rating them highly on iTunes, sharing their stuff on social media, and by telling your Android using...


Episode 117: Campfire Chats, Vol. IV: We Gotta Go Back!

You thought they were gone forever... But after months of anticipation, Jake and Tom have returned with an all-new episode! More importantly, they've brought along some friends: From the amazing "Faces and Aces: Las Vegas" and the dearly departed "Couch Party", the guys are joined by The Green Korean & HAB! The topic for today's conversation is one that Jake and Tom have always been fascinated with - Time Travel. Listen in as the guys ask their guests what they would do if they could...


Episode 116: What Do You Mean You've Never Seen "Demolition Man"?!

On this week's episode, Tom and a slightly tipsier than normal Jake go through quite a variety of topics, including a question of barroom etiquette, the food that Tom finds oddly disgusting, the reveal of Joaquin Phoenix's "Joker" costume, the odd controversy surrounding Batman's most important sidekick, as well as a better alternative to DC's proposed "Supergirl" movie. All of this, however, is before the heart of the episode. For years, now, Jake has been tormented by Tom in an attempt...


Episode 115: Crossing the Streams

After months of speculation, anticipation & previews, Jake and Tom finally have had hands-on experience with the streaming service, DC Universe! Listen in as the guys go over the pros & cons of the service, how nostalgia plays a factor into the lineup, as well as what they think the future holds for the app. Along the way, the guys cover such subjects as the rumors surrounding Henry Cavill's future as Superman, Joaquin Phoenix's initial publicity photos for the upcoming Joker movie, as well...


Episode 114: Drunkards in the Stream

With mere days left before the launch of the DC Universe streaming app, it's time to listen in as Jake and Tom welcome back their friend Ryan (host of the mega-popular NerdRage Podcast) to talk about what customers can expect! Recorded on the night of DC's livestream, the guys give a rundown on what kind of movies, comics, cartoons and Tv shows will be featured on the service! So click "play" and listen in! And, as always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination...


Episode 113: To Boldly Drink Where No Dork Has Drunk Before

In this episode, Jake and Tom once again say "To hell with show prep", and they wing it! What started out as a ramble-cast talking about random geek news quickly shifted over to a subject that the guys have long neglected on the show: Star Trek. Listen in as the guys go through a slew of news releated to the franchise, discuss their relationships with the show, and talk about which technology from the final frontier they're hoping to get hands on one day! And as always, be sure to help...


Episode 112: Drunken Dork News - August, 2018

Jake and Tom are back! And once again, they're breaking down the biggest stories in the world of Geek News! Topics in this episode include the casting of CW's "Batwoman", the mess that Disney has found itself in regarding James Gunn (as well which movies the guys would love to see him helm), the announcement of a new "Supergirl" movie, the creation of a "Popular Film" category Oscar (as well as why the guys think the Oscars are a sad joke), and full reviews for "Batman: Ninja" and "The...


Episode 111: Jake and Tom's "Better Late Than Never" ComicCon Coverage

After a long delay, Jake and Tom have FINALLY posted a new episode. And it's a doozy (if not delayed) episode, in which the guys breakdown everything that came out of this year's San Diego Comic Con! This con has become something like a geek version of Christmas, in that we're given gift after gift after gift, and this year was no different! Listen in as Jake and Tom breakdown the trailers for "Shazam!", "Aquaman", the SUPER awkward "Titans" trailer, the nervous promise of the "Glass"...


Episode 110: PodFix Presents Wizard Rewind - The 2005 "Mega Movie" Issue

Sorry folks, no new episode this week, as Tom decided to take a week off to celebrate both his birthday & wedding anniversary! But that doesn't mean there isn't anything new to listen to, as the guys dust off another episode of Wizard Rewind! On this edition, Tom is joined by Nick from the world famous "Epic Film Guys" podcast, as well as the equally notable "RestauRant" podcast! He came aboard to crack open Wizard Magazine's 2005 "Mega Movie Issue", featuring stories on the films that...


Episode 109: Stupid Debates - Volume I

Jake is away this week so he can celebrate his 40th birthday. So Tom decided to break out the big guns: Joining him once again for this episode is Matt from the dearly departed "Couch Party" podcast, as well as the legendary Ranty Bastard, former host of the greatly missed "Retail Rant". Today, the guys are delving deep into the internet and are settling the stupidest debates the can find. "How stupid?", you ask? They're stupid enough to wonder if a hot dog is a sandwich. They ponder the...


Episode 108: Campfire Chats, Vol. III - Past, Present and Future Jake and Tom

This is a pretty fun episode - After a brief roundup of geek news & Jake's rebuttal on an episode he had to miss, the guys continue their series of odd chats. In this one, the guys imagine a conversation held between their current selves, as well as their teenage & elderly doppelgangers. How would these various versions of themselves get along? What would they warn their younger selves about? What technology would they give them hints about? And more importantly, who would get slapped...


Episode 107: Drunken Dork News - July, 2018

Jake is outta town this week, so Tom has recruited his good friends from the dearly departed Couch Party Podcast to help him out! Listen in as Tom, Matt & HAB recount the hedonistic days of their youth, before diving into the latest geek headlines. Topics covered include whether or not the "Star Wars" franchise is in crisis mode and if Kathleen Kennedy should removed as the head of Lucasfilm, who the hell thinks a Morbius movie is a good idea and can Sony's "Spider-Verse" be saved at this...


Episode 106: Campfire Chats, Vol. II - Gone Too Soon

Taking the ball from last week and running with it, Jake and Tom are having another edition of their "Campfire Chats". Only this time, they brought in friend of the show & all-around great guy Nick Haskins, host of the amazing movie podcast, "Epic Film Guys" and the audio culinary tour de force, "RestauRant" This week, the discussion is centering around something that most of have most likely thought of before: What if certain celebrities didn't die when they did? So listen in as Jake,...


Episode 105: Campfire Chats, Vol. I

Jake and Tom decided to try something a little different this week. Instead of their usual topics which center around the world of comics, movies, television and whatnot, they decided to engage in a series of what they like to call "campfire chats". We've all been there. We get together with our friends, drinks are being passed around, and we let the conversation take us where it may Some of this chart are pretty standard for this podcast, such as the dangers of Disney becoming too big of...


Episode 104: Drunken Dork News - June, 2018

Jake and Tom are kinda winging it this week, and have decided to do a little bit of housecleaning with some of the subjects they've been meaning to talk about. This includes a brief review of the Star Wars spinoff, "Solo", an even briefer review of "Deadpool 2", the most recent behind the scenes shakeups at the DCEU, what they're hoping for out of "Wonder Woman: 1984", "Green Lantern Corps" "Blackhawk", the individual "Joker" movies, as well as the recent rumors about DC's streaming...


Episode 103: PodFix Presents - Wizard Rewind: Issue 168

Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, there will be no new episode of Jake and Tom this week. But that doesn't mean there's nothing for their loyal listeners to hear, as the guys polish off another episode of "PodFix Presents: Wizard Rewind"! Listen in and journey back with the guys to the distant year of 2005. It was a time when DC Comics was announcing the start of their "52" and "All-Star" projects, utilizing the talents of creators like Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, and...


Episode 102: Cobra Kai - A "Before and After" Review

Have you ever experienced one of those things that you didn't know how much you wanted it until you had it in your hands? Jake and Tom had just such an experience with the show, "Cobra Kai". Being children of the 80's & 90's, they of course grew up with the saga of Daniel Larusso, and so they were naturally a little hesitant to see the story continue after almost 30 years. As such, they brought in the friends, Peter (host of the excellent "Podstalgic") to discuss what they wanted from s...


Episode 101: Jake and Tom Conquer the 2018 Motor City ComicCon

Once again, Jake and Tom were fortunate enough to cover the Motor City Comic Con, located in Novi, Michigan. It was there that they bumped into fellow Geeks Worldwide alum Chris Scott, co-host of the podcast, "Watching the Multiverse"! Every year, this comic con seems to be getting bigger, offering more in the ways of shopping, sight seeing & celebrity encounters, and this year was no exception! Listen in as the guys bring you interviews & soundbites from people such as Superman villain,...


Episode 100: Jake and Tom Conquered 100 Episodes: Featuring Special Guest - Comic Book Superstar Darick Robertson

Welcome to the 100th Episode of Jake and Tom Conquer the World! Believe me when I say that the guys are just as surprised as you are that they've managed to make it this far, but here they are! And to mark the occasion, they've decided to not only look back on the previous 99 shows, but they brought in the big guns by interviewing one of their favorite comic book artists, superstar Darick Robertson! Listen in as the guys find out Darick's work process when it comes to collaborating with...