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Episode 53: FITNESS with Team USA Olympian, Entrepreneur and Mom of 5 Rachel Brenke

Rachel is mother to five, wife to an Army veteran, practicing lawyer, author, photographer, cancer survivor and Team USA athlete. Yeah...I got tired typing that! Rachel shares how she's been able to accomplish all this, the lessons she's learned a long the way and two key things to keep in mind when starting any business.


Episode 52: PERSONAL with voiceover talent & actor Mike Stoudt (aka my husband)

Our love story is this: we met in radio, both had been married before and just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We own the Atlanta Voiceover Studio together and both are VO talent and actors. In this episode, Mike talks about he got into radio & voiceover. We also talk about the business and what it's been like running it as spouses. Be warned, Mike talks in memes and also quotes Tommy Boy. Proceed at your own risk. :)


Episode 51: ENTERTAINING with Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha

Find out how making bracelets led Mandy from a career in healthcare to the Waiting on Martha blog, then an e-commerce store and now the Waiting on Martha brick and mortar store in Atlanta. She shares the evolution of blogging, what to do when you get creatively burnt out, what to keep in mind when hiring and entertaining tips for the holidays.


Episode 50: FITNESS with Brandi Harvey

Daughter of Steve Harvey, Brandi was executive director of the Steve & Marjorie Foundation. But last summer, she was let go from her position. It forced her to really look inward and through that she found a new purpose and calling to help women transform their well being with health - fitness & emotional. Hear her journey and find out the BIG mistake I made with this recording.


Episode 49: INSPIRATION with ultra athletes Kyle and Brent Pease

Brothers Kyle and Brent Pease didn't let the fact that Kyle has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy stop them from completing over 75 endurance races together. They've also created the Kyle Pease foundation helping others have the chance to compete like everyone else and will be taking on one of the most challenging races in the world - Ironman Kona October 13th. You will be inspired by their determination and love for each other.


Episode 48: FOOD with PeachDish President Judith Winfrey

PeachDish is a meal kit service BUT it is different from any other similar business. Judith Winfrey talks about how her passions led her to where she's at, the challenges along the way (even a death threat), what it takes to be a good leader and she even shares some really helpful gardening tips!


Episode 47: FASHION/BEAUTY with Laticia Rolle, of BluHazl and TressforUs

She grew up playing basketball (awarded a college scholarship) and wasn't allowed to wear makeup. Now she's a successful model, blogger (BluHazl), business owner (TressforUs) and author. Hear how the lessons she learned in basketball helped her get through the failures as a business owner.


Episode 46: FOOD with holistic chef Laura Lea

There's one cookbook I've made more recipes from than any other cookbook and it's Laura Lea's cookbook (LauraLea Balanced). Her recipes are so delicious, filling and healthy. Even Mike, my husband, approves. She shares her healthy eating tips as well as business tips that have helped her gain a huge following and more than 58,000 fans on instagram.


Episode 45: BUSINESS with MomSquad App creator Jessica Goodwin

From choir director to tech leader, Jessica Goodwin shares how a not so great parenting day led to the creation of Momsquad. Hear the challenges of creating an app and one of the greatest lessons she's learned as a parent.


Episode 44: INSPIRATION (+Personal) Discovering your Greatness

There's a few things you'll hear in this episode: hear a beautiful story from Tracie Gurley about overcoming childhood expectations to opening up a dental school, I share how I discovered what "greatness" looks like and how you can find it in your own life and I share some business & fertility updates.


Episode 43: INSPIRATION with Katie Hearn who became blind at 29

Katie Hearn is a digital coordinator for the Atlanta Braves. A little over a year ago, she suddenly lost her vision. Her attitude and perspective will blow you away! If you need a great way to start your day, this is it! Katie is inspiring, resilient and innovative with the way she handles her new reality.


Episode 42: ENTERTAINMENT with content creator Javier Mercedes

From getting into music school without knowing how to play an instrument to quitting his full-time job to host the Passion in Progress podcast and his YouTube channel, Javier Mercedes is the picture of resilience and persistence. His journey will inspire any creator.


Episode 41: HEALTH with Gabrielle D'Auria

For 4 years, Gabrielle dealt with a debilitating health struggle. She spent months in bed before figuring out what was wrong. Through this struggle, she realized her passion was to help others finding themselves in a health battle. Now a certified health coach, Gabrielle has created the first women's wellness conference in Atlanta called WellScene. She talks about her health battle, how that has inspired her and what led her to create a conference.


Episode 40 - FOOD with Parker Wallace of Parker's Plate

Fired from the same job TWICE, living on food stamps, Parker discovered how to turn her passion of cooking into a thriving business. She now travels the country appearing on TV shows sharing food tips, recipes and ideas. Author of the cookbook "Eat Rich, Stay Skinny: A Girl's Guide to Holiday Feasting," Parker shares advice on turning your passion into a business, along with some easy and fabulous recipe ideas.


Episode 39: FASHION & BEAUTY with Kelly Henderson celebrity stylist

Nashville based makeup artist, hairstylist and wardrobe coordinator, Kelly works with some of the hottest celebrities in Nashville including Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean and LANCO. She's also one of Kristin Cavallari's best friends and stars in the new reality show Very Cavallari. Kelly talks about going from a PR career to stylist and how she's built a lifestyle brand with her blog and podcast called Velvet's Edge. In this episode, you'll hear her business and beauty tips plus what it's...


Episode 38 - ENTERTAINMENT with Greer Howard & Beth Keener of The Local Lense

The buzz words in entertainment these days are "create your own content." That's exactly what Greer & Beth have done! Hear how it's helped their personal careers, challenges they've faced, how they work together and what to do when you feel like giving up.


Episode 37 - INTERIOR DESIGN with Erika Ward

How this mom of 5 went from accounting to a successful interior designer with features in House Beautiful, Better Homes & Garden, Jezebel Magazine and the Huffington Post. Her keys to creating a successful business, no matter what industry you're in and how to do it as a wife and mom to 5.


Episode 36: PERSONAL - Huge Failures that Cost me Thousands of Dollars + Lessons Learned

I'm sharing some of my biggest failures, what they cost me (I even share exactly how much $ I was making blogging) and what I've learned.


Episode 35: SMALL BUSINESS with Meredith Davis of Merrily Creative

If you have a side hustle, considering one or have a small will love Meredith's own story of turning her side hustle into a successful business. She now coaches small business owners so she is a wealth of inspiration, great advice and real-life experience.


Episode 34: ENTERTAINMENT with Tyler Perry Casting Associate Michael Gillespie

Michael shares his story of being on his own at 16, then calling Tyler Perry Studios every month for 3 years, to now being a well-respected Tyler Perry casting associate. We talk about what it means to have grit, how to get over life's challenges and what he's learned about people as a casting director.