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FOOD with Julie Abes of Batter, Atlanta's First Cookie Dough Shop

Julie Abes worked as a speech pathologist for 25 years until she decided to pivot and open up Atlanta's first cookie dough shop at Ponce City Market. Find out what gave her the idea, the problems she ran into and how you can navigate a big change like this in your own life. Follow Julie & Batter Cookie Dough FB & IG @BatterCookieDough Twitter @BatterCookieDo Connect with The Heidi Rew Show @HeidiRew (IG, Twitter) @TheHeidiRewShow (FB) YOUTUBE:...


INSPIRATION with So Worth Loving Founder Eryn Eddy

What happens when your music video goes viral and you decide to give out your mailing address so anyone can get a hand-stenciled t-shirt that simply says, "So Worth Loving?" You change the world basically. That's part of Eryn's incredible story of being a beacon for those needing to hear they're worth loving. Eryn's music has been featured on Real World, Bad Girls Club and the Kardashians. She's also been featured on CNN, MSNBC, Jezebel, Southern Living and Atlanta Magazine. *Connect with So...


FASHION with blogger Jessica Ross

This is more than a fashion podcast episode. Jessica shares how her dream was derailed in the midst of family tragedy but encourages you that whatever happens, your dream can still live on. She shares her story and how she ended up at New York Fashion Week after less than a year of blogging and tells us some simple pieces to have for this Spring/Summer. *Get inspired by Jessica here: * Blog: IG: @JessicaSRoss FB:


DESIGN with Shannon Evans and Misty Grant of Nailed It! DIY Studio

Misty Grant and Shannon Evans' had no idea their side hustles would lead them to create thriving Nailed It! DIY Studios now in six states (and continuing to grown). With no other studios to emulate, they had no road map so they made their own. Their story will leave you feeling like you can do anything...and you can! Misty Grant and Shannon Evans' had no idea their side hustles would lead them to create thriving Nailed It! DIY Studios now in six states (and continuing to grown). With no...


Episode 64: BUSINESS with Allison Fillmore Exec Director of the PGA TOUR - TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP

Allison is the FIRST WOMAN to ever hold the position of executive director of the PGA Tour - Tour Championship. She's been described as shattering glass ceilings in the world of sports and she shares with us a devastating event that happened when she was 17 that gave her the bravery to push through those ceilings. Not only does she share her story but she also shares what has helped her as a mom, wife and boss. Even if you're not into sports, Allison's wisdom and experience will inspire you....


Episode 63: FOOD with Pie Bar Owner Lauren Bolden

Lauren went from baking pies for coworkers and friends to owning a super successful pie shop and expanding to individual retailers and an online store...all in 3.5 years. Hear her incredible story, what she learned along the way and get some great tips on how to successfully bake your own pie. *To follow Pie Bar - * IG: FB: P.S. Lauren's husband Cody writes & sings....


Episode 62: Changes to the Podcast, What to Expect in 2019!

Hey! Missed ya. Today, I'm sharing the podcast survey results with you, what will change in the new year, something I learned over the holidays from "Tidying Up" that is guiding me this year, Italy :) and where we stand with having a baby. One of the new things is an email I'll send you 1x a month with a list of the podcast episodes. To sign up, click here:


Episode 61: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL with sisters Brandi & Karli Harvey

Twin sisters Brandi & Karli Harvey, amazing, hilarious ladies and daughters of Steve Harvey join me for a special Christmas episode where we talk about what the holidays were like for them growing up. From their most memorable gift to an unusual Christmas morning tradition, we cover everything and have a lot of laughs in the process. This is the last episode of the year as I take a few weeks off to process what needs to change about the podcast for the new year. If there's anything you want...


Episode 59: FOOD with Chopped Champion and Buttermilk Kitchen owner Suzanne Vizethann

Suzanne opened up her first restaurant at just 26 years old, then went on to be Food Network's Chopped Champion and now owns the Buttermilk Kitchen restaurant in Atlanta. She shares how she ended up here, what it was like being on Chopped and lessons learned along the way.


Episode 58: INTERIOR DESIGN/LIFESTYLE with Casey and Bridget of The DIY Playbook Blog

Can you imagine creating a blog with your best friend since high school? That's Casey & Bridget's story! Five years ago, they started The DIY Playbook blog that has now been named Best DIY Blog by Domino magazine and featured in Martha Stewart, Real Simple and HGTV. From awkward high school stories to DIY fails, hear their journey of creating a successful blog.


Episode 57: INSPIRATION with Kenyans Moses & Rebecca of the House of Hope

Moses & Rebecca travelled all the way from Kenya to be here (well...they spoke at some other places too). Moses works SERV International as head of the House of Hope orphanage. Rebecca was the first orphan brought to the House of Hope 10 years ago. Hear their inspiring stories of growing up in the poorest regions of Kenya. Your heart will be so full after this episode!


Episode 56: BUSINESS with Zifty President Jennifer Pete'

Jennifer is president and partner of, Atlanta's longest running food delivery service & Forbes best small companies in 2016. This all started because of an ad in a paper! Jenn shares how she's able to work 6 hours a day, what makes a good leader, how to care for employees and ways women can navigate the workplace.


Episode 55: State of the Podcast

It's been one year since this podcast launched so I wanted to do a short episode sharing the JOYS & the CHALLENGES that have come. Hear what I've learned this past year, where the podcast is headed and how that relates to you.


Episode 54: FASHION with DressUp owners Derrick & Danielle Case

In 2009, Derrick & Danielle had an idea for a clothing boutique. They opened the first DressUp 8 days after the idea with all of their savings and 2 maxed out credit cards. DressUp now has 20 locations across the Southeast and sells worldwide through their online store. Hear their story and how they navigate running a business as a married couple with two kids.


Episode 53: FITNESS with Team USA Olympian, Entrepreneur and Mom of 5 Rachel Brenke

Rachel is mother to five, wife to an Army veteran, practicing lawyer, author, photographer, cancer survivor and Team USA athlete. Yeah...I got tired typing that! Rachel shares how she's been able to accomplish all this, the lessons she's learned a long the way and two key things to keep in mind when starting any business.


Episode 52: PERSONAL with voiceover talent & actor Mike Stoudt (aka my husband)

Our love story is this: we met in radio, both had been married before and just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We own the Atlanta Voiceover Studio together and both are VO talent and actors. In this episode, Mike talks about he got into radio & voiceover. We also talk about the business and what it's been like running it as spouses. Be warned, Mike talks in memes and also quotes Tommy Boy. Proceed at your own risk. :)


Episode 51: ENTERTAINING with Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha

Find out how making bracelets led Mandy from a career in healthcare to the Waiting on Martha blog, then an e-commerce store and now the Waiting on Martha brick and mortar store in Atlanta. She shares the evolution of blogging, what to do when you get creatively burnt out, what to keep in mind when hiring and entertaining tips for the holidays.


Episode 50: FITNESS with Brandi Harvey

Daughter of Steve Harvey, Brandi was executive director of the Steve & Marjorie Foundation. But last summer, she was let go from her position. It forced her to really look inward and through that she found a new purpose and calling to help women transform their well being with health - fitness & emotional. Hear her journey and find out the BIG mistake I made with this recording.


Episode 49: INSPIRATION with ultra athletes Kyle and Brent Pease

Brothers Kyle and Brent Pease didn't let the fact that Kyle has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy stop them from completing over 75 endurance races together. They've also created the Kyle Pease foundation helping others have the chance to compete like everyone else and will be taking on one of the most challenging races in the world - Ironman Kona October 13th. You will be inspired by their determination and love for each other.