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Halloween Special

Happy Halloween Everyone! This episode has an Urban Legend, Ghost Stories and A creepy Pasta from people you might recognize! Thank you to Heather from Nature Vs Narcissism, Jeremy from Podcasts we listen to and Educating Jeremy, Joe from Thinking Sideways, Lanie from True Crime Fan Club and It's Haunted.. What now and Alicia, a long time listener. You can find the show at it's new home Twitter @thehiddenpod Instagram- thehiddenstaircase Facebook- The Hidden Staircase...


Ouija Board Murder

In 1933 fifteen year old Mattie Turley shoots and kills her father. Her reason? It was ordered by a Ouija Board. Listen as the Case of the Ouija Board Murder is more than it seems. Promo by Killafornia Dreaming Voices are Rachel from Yours in Murder Nina from Already Gone Paul from Subject: Found, Diary of a Madman, Who Killed Julie Jeremy from Podcast we listen to and Educating Jeremy Please rate review and subscribe to the Hidden Staircase Podcast. Don't forget to lock your doors and hold...



The story of the Doppelgänger has been around for centuries. This is one of those stories, that of Emilie Sagee. However, she never once saw her Doppelgänger, it was everyone else that did.


Minisode Mary Hobry

Here is a Minisode for you all. I hope you Enjoy! :)


Murder Of Grace Brown

Grace Brown was a farm girl who moved to the big city, she meets and falls in love with Chester Gillette, the nephew of the owner of Gillette skirt factory where they both worked. Grace becomes pregnant with Chester's child and wants Marriage.... Chester couldnt stop his womanizing ways... But could he really be a murderer? Big thank you to Steven from Trace Evidence, and Rachel from Yours in Murder for lending their voices to this weeks episode! If you haven't listened to them, stick around...


*Special Episode* Bible Belt Strangler Press Conference

Hey everyone, this is a special episode that I am releasing for my friend and fellow podcaster Shane Waters from Out of The Shadows. This episode contains a press release held at Elizabethton High School in Tennessee on Tuesday. Shane worked with a high school Sociology class to organize this press conference to try to catch a serial killer. To learn more about this case, please listen to Out of the Shadows, the Red Head Murders. The Hidden Staircase is an Americna Crimecase Production f you...


Murder of Nora Fuller

It was 1902 when Nora Fuller went missing for almost a week, when she is dicovered in an abandoned house murdered, the police try to track down the man she went to meet. But what they discover causes more questions than answers. Thanks to Kate from Ignorance was bliss, her amazing daughter Emily and Shane Waters for lending their voices to this episode. Stick around after the episode for promos from FAP and Ignorance was bliss. If you enjoy the show please rate, review and subscribe. You can...


The Downfall of Henry Rathbone

When the Civil War ended, it was supposed to be the greatest of Celebrations. But when Abraham Lincoln is assassinated, it breaks the nation, and the mind of one man, Henry Rathbone. With the Help of Pete Lut, of the Narada Radion Company, He tells the story as if Henry was telling it to us. Please join us, as we talk about Henry Rathbone and his decent into madness Librarian- Samantha Taylor Henry Rathbone- Pete Lutz Consul Fox- Billy Barefoot If you like the show, please rate, review and...


Murder Island

On October 27th 1628, The Batavia sets sail under the commision of the Dutch East India Company, They were to obtain spices, and deliver priceless works of art and jewels. During the voyage a mutiny is planned, but before it can be carried out, the ship hit a Reef off the Coast of Autrailia, what happens on that island is the most bloody and savage massacre. The full story wouldn't be known for another 300 years. Join The Hidden Staircase and True Crime Island as they tell the story of...


Mystery and Murder of Room 1046

In 1935 a man gave the name Roland T. Owen when he checked into the Hotel President. But days later he was found beaten in his room and died shortly after. The police started looking into the man and discovered that the name he had given wasn't his real name. Who was this man? Who would want him dead? Listen and go down the rabbit hole of room 1046. The Hidden Staircase is an American Crimecast Production Your Librarian: Samantha Taylor Your guest Librarian: Sir Anthony Hopscotch The voice...


The Littlefield Murders

In the early morning hours on October 16th, 1937, Paul Dwyer was taken to the police station for questioning on suspicious activity. When the police searched his car, they made a shocking discovery. What you'll hear is still the most debated case in Maine history, but what was the truth? Visit us online at Support the show at Your Librarian is Samantha Taylor This episode was produced by Shane Waters Voices: Dr. Littlefield, Sgt Kaufhold, and...


Announcements and a Surprise!

The Hidden Staircase is an American Crimecast Production The Librarian- Samantha Taylor Artwork- Mark Valenzuela Pelham Music comes from Twitter- TheHiddenPod Facebook- The Hidden Staircase Pocast and The Hidden Staircase Podcast Discussion Group Instagram- TheHiddenStaircase


Murder in the Red Barn, Part 2

This is the 2nd and final part of our episode of Murder in the Red Barn. In 1826, after years of back luck with love, Maria Marten meets and falls in love with a handsome farmer. She becomes pregnant and they are set to Marry. But when Maria disappears, the town of Polstead begin to question William Corder on her whereabouts. Visit us at Created and Hosted by Samantha Taylor, produced by Shane Waters. This is an American Crimecast Production.


Murder in the Red Barn, Part 1

In 1826, after years of back luck with love, Maria Marten meets and falls in love with a handsome farmer. She becomes pregnant and they are set to Marry. But when Maria disappears, the town of Polstead begin to question William Corder on her where abouts. T


Light's out at Flannan Isle

In 1900 Three lighthouse keepers, Ducat, Marshall and McAuthur disappeared from Flannan Isle. There was nothing left behind to help those in the search. Myth and Legend has always surrounded the Seven Hunters. Listen and form your own opinion of what happened. The Hidden Staircase podcast is an American Crimecast production Host: Samantha Taylor Joseph Moore: Pete Lutz of the Narada Radion Company- A Big thanks to Pete for also helping me fine tune some of the script Captain Harvey, Marshall...


Angel of Darkness, Angel of Death

Bring out your inner detective with every episode of The Hidden Staircase podcast where Samii delivers stories and true cases of mystery and murder. On this Pilot episode, Samii brings you the story of the infamous American Serial Killer "Jolly Jane" - a nurse that confesses to 31 murders in 1901. You can join us at The Hidden Staircase Discussion Group to talk everything mystery and murder! Don’t forget to lock your doors, and hold on tight to your flashlight. The Hidden Staircase was...