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Scott Wells is a full time professional magician who has traveled around the world where he has met, worked with and become friends with some pretty cool people. Enjoy listening to these podcasts with magicians talking about their magic, magic conventions and what's going on in the magic scene today.

Scott Wells is a full time professional magician who has traveled around the world where he has met, worked with and become friends with some pretty cool people. Enjoy listening to these podcasts with magicians talking about their magic, magic conventions and what's going on in the magic scene today.


Houston, TX


Scott Wells is a full time professional magician who has traveled around the world where he has met, worked with and become friends with some pretty cool people. Enjoy listening to these podcasts with magicians talking about their magic, magic conventions and what's going on in the magic scene today.




595: George Schindler - What Da Dean Does

The Dean of the Society of American Magicians, George Schindler, has lived through many generations of magicians both celebrated and relatively unknown and he remembers them all. This week George shares many of his stories. George will be celebrating his 92nd birthday on March 31st this year and his memory of events is as clear as if they happened yesterday. He is an author, actor, performer, creator, lecturer, magic dealer, ventriloquist, comedy writer, and so much more. He regularly...


594: Sean Bogunia - Accidentally Creative

During a recent trip from Houston, Texas, to Michigan, I had the opportunity to sit down for an in-depth conversation with one of magic’s creative thinkers, Sean Bogunia. Although he might be best known to you as the creator of the Ultimate Dancing Hank (in a Bottle), he prefers for that not to be his seminal legacy. He has many other creations to his credit that are in the working repertoires of professional magicians and he has even more that he is working on to bring to the magic...


593: David Magee - Reinventor

From behind the radio microphone to trade show floors to celebrity charity shows to casino showrooms to a one-man show, Dave Magee is one of those performers who excels in every category. He is one of the busiest magicians who most magicians have never heard of. He doesn’t have products for sale to magicians and rarely appears at magic conventions. But he has found more than one niche where he is comfortable and earns a very comfortable living. Along the way, he has called on the expertise...


592: Romany - Diva of Magic - Dealing With It

From England, Romany talks about the arc of her career that brought her from the dreams of a young girl to seeing her name in lights on the grand stage. It has not all been a “bed of roses” and she has dealt with hardships, heartbreak and mental issues. From a nine to five job with British Telephone to performing the streets then to Las Vegas and cruise ships, Romany has had quite a life. Or should I say she “is” having quite a life as she is far from finished. One thing she did finish is...


591: At Home for Christmas with Murray Sawchuck

This has been a tough year for the entire world but particularly for “gig” workers…like magicians. And Las Vegas seems to employ the most magicians per square mile than any other place on earth. So, what was this past year like in Las Vegas? What is it like now? And what does the future look like? Well, this week we “return to Vegas” for our annual holiday visit with “Celebrity Magician”, Murray Sawchuck. Murray is currently the only magician working on the Las Vegas Strip, according to The...


590: Charles Greene III - Collector, Baker, Magic Maker

This week I reconnect with an old friend who used to live and perform in Houston , Texas, before moving to our nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C.. Charles Greene III was the single busiest restaurant performer in the early 1980;s in Houston with about a dozen restaurants per week. He literally wrote the book on working magic at restaurants. He then launched a successful career in trade shows which has been his “bread and butter” for many years that has taken him around the world. Along the...


589: Harrison Greenbaum - Taking a Shvitz

More than a magician and more than a comedian, Harrison Greenbaum is in high demand. Our industry refers to those of us who are “comedy magicians” like Mac King, for example. But for someone who stand behind a microphone without any accoutrements and makes people laugh, well…that is a true comedian. Harrison is also well versed as a magician having attended then later taught at Tannen’s Magic Cam and performing magic at magic conventions and corporate banquets. But to the general public,...


588: Stuart MacDonald - What a Character

Multiple award winner, Stuart Macdonald continues to reinvent himself. From a nine to five job in the corporate world, he developed a contest act that won awards after awards that took him around the world. Along the way, he performed magic on the college circuit and spent many years producing a haunted house that had thousands of visitors annually with a staff of over 50 employees. He developed a character (Richard Presto) for the digital age regularly performing on Zoom meetings with his...


587: Eileen McFalls - Cellini: No Ordinary Magic

Eileen McFalls spent much of the 1980’s with legendary street magician, Jim Cellini, during his formative and growth years on the street. All of this “underbelly” of an otherwise unseen world is brought into focus in the memoirs of his traveling companion, Eileen McFalls in, “No Ordinary Magic - Unexpected Travels with the Great Cellini.” Few books give such details recounting the sights, sounds, smells and ambiance of an era and,, indeed, of every moment on the road. You can feel the heat,...


586: Ran'D Shine - Authenticity

Ran’D Shine has embraced and thrived in the current environment with the knowledge that his virtual shows will be added value to his clients that include colleges and corporate audiences. Ran’D has a great lecture for magicians that He understands business and marketing. But he also appreciates the importance of originality and authenticity. He revels in his originality and “being different” from the crowded field of magicians. Magician Ran'D Shine National TV Debut View...


585: Ariann Black - Solid Gold Magic Diva

Ariann Black was voted the Female Magician of the Decade in Las Vegas. Though her one-woman show has long since disappeared from the Strip, she continues to be relevant in our magic community. Nowadays Ariann can be found in her native home in Canada working on her coffee table book about female magicians from yesteryear. She also currently hosts a weekly cooking show on Facebook called, “Ariann Black’s Magic Kitchen” which features recipes that are quick and easy to make. A montage from...


584: Patrick Thernes - Call Me Sir Pat Trick

Sir Pat Trick came on the radar of most magicians at the 2013 MAGIC Live! convention when the late Joanie Spina gave a presentation about developing a stage persona. By example, she showed a video of one of her students who had submitted a video then she introduced us to Patrick Thernes who performed a completely different act with a totally new character. The transformation was evident and it led to Patrick achieving his lifelong goal of performing at the Magic Castle. Patrick Thernes is...


583: Aiden SInclair - Illusions of the Passed

This Halloween season we travel to Colorado to visit the “Stanley Hotel” where resident magician and medium (at large), Aiden Sinclair presents bizarre magic with a decided twist. You may recognize the Stanley Hotel as being the inspiration for Stephen King to write “The Shining” that was later produced into a blockbuster movie. Not only does Aiden perform his “Illusions of the Passed” (yes, that is spelled correctly) at the Stanley, but he also presents seances at the haunted Winchester...


582: Vince Wilson - In the Poe House

Edgar Allan Poe is a “favorite son” of Baltimore, Maryland (though it is not his birthplace). Our guest this week, Vince Wilson, has established “Poe’s Magic Theatre” in the Lord Baltimore Hotel where he performs stage shows with a bizarre theme. He also welcomes guest magicians to perform in the theatre, too. To supplement the magic shows, Vince also offers dinner theatre experiences with Murder Mysteries featuring themes like Sherlock Holmes, The Mummy, and the Titanic. These are very...


581: Clive St. James - Just Like That!

British magician, humorist, consultant, coach and Tommy Cooper imitator, Clive St. James has accomplished so much as he continues to spread the joy of laughter to classes and audiences. Clive is also a Guinness World Record holder for the most jokes told in in one minute. He also teaches “laughter yoga” to groups for reducing stress and generally enjoying life more But the focus of this episode is on his tribute show to Tommy Cooper, arguably the “greatest comedian ever in the U.K.” View...


580: Gabe Fajuri - Going, Going...Gone!

We spend a lifetime of collecting (or accumulating) magic paraphernalia (books, props, posters, gimmicks, etc.) but in the end…where will it go? Who will look after it? Who will care for it or make sure it is handled/disposed of properly? This week we talk with Gabe Fajuri, owner of Potter & Potter Auction House, who is one of the premiere auction houses that specializes in sale of collectibles and antiques of all types, including paper Americana, vintage advertising, rare books, coin-op,...


579: Ben Jackson - Catch Him!

Several magicians have wanted to or tried to create their own one-man show. Few have succeeded in our community and even fewer have had “legs” that allowed them to continue their shows on an ongoing basis. Of course one of the key ingredients is to live in a metropolitan area with high traffic from local patrons as well as tourists. So, for example, it would be harder to sustain a long-running show in Wichita Falls, Texas as it would be in New York City. Next…you must have talent, patience,...


578: Steve Beam - Semi-Automatically Armed and Ready

Steve Beam was the editor and publisher of the long running “Trapdoor” underground journal. But over the past few decades, Steve has authored the “Semi-Automatic Card Tricks” book series having just released volume number 12! Steve is the recipient of the 2014 Literary and Media Fellowship Award from the Academy of Magical Arts. He is also a two-time winner of the prestigious Lou Gallo MVP award at the annual Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic gathering. View fullsize View fullsize View...


577: Boris Wild - Kiss Me, I'm French

French Champion of Magic, Boris Wild is also a F.I.S.M. winner and currently chairs the jury for those who judge the contests at the World Championships of Magic (F.I.S.M.). This week Boris talks about the development of his act and some of the “behind the scenes” activities that went on while he was creating his act and trying to get a silent close-up act accepted. Promo Clip of French Champion of Magic Boris Wild awarded at the FISM World Championships of Magic and the Monte Carlo Magic...


576: John Pullum - To Infinity and Beyond

This week’s guest is John Pullum, a TV host host, mentalist, hypnotist, motivational speaker, marketing genius and virtual show “tech guru”. This week’s episode has John discussing all of this and more. John was the TV host of the Discovery Channel series “More Than Human“, the hypnosis / mind control expert for “Unsolved History“, the psychic expert for the “More Science of Magic“, game show host for “Thrill Rides: Put To The Test“, host of the series “Cheating Death“, as well as appearing...