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>A Podcast For Magicians That's About Magiicians and Hosted By A Magician.

>A Podcast For Magicians That's About Magiicians and Hosted By A Magician.
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Houston, TX


>A Podcast For Magicians That's About Magiicians and Hosted By A Magician.




429: Gone in 60 Seconds

Many of us have had something stolen and some of us have had magic stuff stolen. I'm not talking about intellectual property theft or someone lifting your joke or outright stealing your act, but physical thievery of props and equipment. This week we hear cautionary tales of woe from some magicians who have had their magic props stolen and we learn lessons from their losses. This week's podcast was inspired by a friend of mine, Marien Hopman from Chatham, Canada, sent me a link to a short...


428: Will Fern Brings It!

Will Fern is the life of any party. I have said it to his face and behind his back, he is my favorite close-up magician. He may not be as creative as Johnny Thompson nor have the manipulative skills of Lennart Green, but for my money, he always knows how to make people laugh in any situation. That's why he "brings it". I know this sounds like a promotional endorsement, but it's not intended to be. It's just that I love watching his audience. His enthusiasm in infectious and his quick wit...


427: Geoff Williams - The Man Behind The Hand

Geoff Williams is a funny guy. Many of the best comedians are "naturally" funny, or so it would seem. Geoff seems to me to have that quality. As to the title of this week's podcast it comes from the many pictures I have seen of Geoff with someone's hand waving in front of his face. But Geoff is the funny man behind the waving hands. He also posts daily puns on his Facebook page which is worth visiting each day just to start your day with a smile. Time stamps for this...


426: Adrian Vega - From Spain With Love

Spanish Close-Up Winner, Adrian Vega, has a passion for magic. His love and respect for the art of magic (and cards in particular) shows through with his performance. And his engaging and charismatic personality is the same off stage as it is on stage. At the young age of 28 years old, Adrian has accomplished a lot including touring with Criss Angel's show "The Supernaturalists". Adrian is a graduate of Juan Tamariz' school of magic in Madrid, Spain and now is a visiting "professor" there...


425: Raj Madhok - Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser

Physician by day and mentalist by night, Raj Madhok is one of mentalism's true treasures. Over the last 30 years, he has contributed many ideas and routines that have found their way into the repertoires of some of the world's professional mentalists. He has lectured at the Psychic Entertainer's Association (PEA) and MAGIC Live! conference in Las Vegas plus effects published in several magic journals and was a contributor to Banachek's Psychological Subtleties. 3 and the author of...


424: Michael Vincent - Hearing Less But Listening More

Michael Vincent lost his hearing overnight. In the process, he learned to be even more attentive and listening more to his audience. He believes his magic has improved as he better relates to his audience. In this podcast, Michael inspires those who are hearing impaired with this chat. So what is Michael's identity: By self admission he says, "I'm a world traveler, I enjoy eating in the nicest restaurants, I enjoy the nicest hotels, I enjoy good fellowship, I enjoy creative conversations,...


423: Neil McNally - The Doug Henning Project

Neil McNally is a passionate man. He is most passionate about Doug Henning and he hosts a weekday blog called "The Doug Henning Project". Who could imagine that there would be that much to reveal about this iconic figure. We recently "hit a nerve" with the podcast #415 with Chip Romero as that episode was one of our most downloaded podcast. So, it was a natural thing to chat with the webmaster of "The Doug Henning Project" so those who are interested in Doug Henning could learn even more....


422: Magic Theaters Redux

John Sturk and Danny Archer return to talk about their respective magic theaters, the Chicago Magic Lounge and Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theater. We spoke with each of them in the past as they were getting started and time has passed and they are now open and doing quite well. In fact, the Chicago Magic Lounge was so successful, they have moved into their own venue that was designed just for them rather than sharing the stage with a burlesque group. Time stamps for this podcast: 00:03:48...


421: 2018 Obie's F.F.F.F. Day Four

Saturday, April 28 10:00 Dealers’ Room opens (closed during lectures, shows, and dinner) 10:00-10:45 2018 Registration & 4F Shop open 11:00 Keith Fields Lecture 12:15 Lunch break (ticket required) 1:30 6th Show: Mini World Show (MC: Dan Garrett) 3:30 7th Show: Fechter’s Fabulous Frolics (MC: Michael Dardant) 5:30 Smorgasbord (ticket required) 6:45 Dealers’ Room & 4F Shop open 7:45 Tribute to our Guest of Honor: Pit Hartling 8:00 8th Show: 4F Closing Gala (MCs: Obie O’Brien & Joan...


420: 2018 Obie's F.F.F.F. Day Three

Friday, April 27 8:00 Bob Little Open Golf Tournament (see Bruce Trigg to register, extra cost) 10:00 Dealers’ Room opens (closed during lectures, shows, and dinner) 10:00-11:00 4F Shop open 10:45 Pat Page Memorial Workshop: Non-Memorized Stacked Decks (MC: Mike Powers) 12:00 Lunch break: on your own – Free Beer, Coffee and Soda starts 1:30 4F TED Talks (MCs: Christian/Katalina) 3:00 4th Show: Friday’s Frolics (MC: Steve Beam) 5:30 Smorgasbord (ticket required) 6:45 Dealers’...


419: 2018 Obie's F.F.F.F. Day Two

Thursday, April 26 10:00-5:00 Registration open (closed during lectures and shows) 10:00 Dealers’ Room opens (closed during lectures and shows) 10:00-11:00 4F Shop open 11:00 Edouard Boulanger Lecture 12:30 Lunch: on your own 1:30 2nd Show: Friends Old & New (MC: Gary Morton) 3:30 3rd Show: Magical Moments (MC: Joe M. Turner) 5:30 Supper: on your own 7:00-7:45 4F Shop is open 8:00 Pit Hartling Lecture 10:30 Hospitality Suite (Crystal Room) opens -- Free Donuts, Coffee,...


418: 2018 Obie's F.F.F.F. Day One

Wednesday, April 25 2:00-5:00 Registration & 4F Shop open 6:00 Dealers’ Room opens (closed during lectures/shows) 8:00 1st Show: Taiwanese Gala (MCs: Anson Lee & Horret Wu) 10:15 4F first timers meeting (Executive Room) 10:30 Hospitality Suite (Crystal Room) opens -- Pizza Party 12:00 Dealers’ Room closes Time stamps for this podcast: 00:00:18 - We depart Houston after a stop to Dunkin Donuts 00:05:16 - Charlie Randall talks about the new Johnny Thompson book...


417: Gregory Wilson - Second Chance

In this podcast, Greg is laid back and steers away from controversy as we talk about his recent heart attack, his current lecture tour, conventions, and some of his creative ideas. Time stamps for this podcast: 00:04:12 - Gregory Wilson and Scott have a nice chat about Greg's current state of his health, his lecture tour, performing/lecturing at conventions, his upcoming schedule abroad, and more. Of course we have to see if there is any update on the controversy from two years...


415: Chip Romero - A Chip Off Of Doug Henning

Cruise ship magician and noted Doug Henning historian and collector, Chip Romero joins us this week to talk about the life of Doug Henning and his collection. Along the way, Chip tells us some stories about Henning, busts some myths and goes deep behind the man and magician who was one of the Titans in our magic business. Download this podcast in an MP3 file by Clicking Here and then right click to save the file. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed by Clicking Here. You...


414: Nate Staniforth - Finding Mystery, or...From Iowa to India and Back

Two quick questions...when did you first think there was magic in the world and second, when did you lose that mystery? For Nate Staniforth, he saw mystery in shooting stars in the sky and he carried that mystery into adulthood when he became a successful college entertainer. But he lost that mystery one night in the middle of a show when he abruptly finished a performance and walked off stage. That led to an introspection and rekindling of mystery in his life which he found on his trip...


412: Doug Isenberg on Internet Law

GigaLaw creator, Doug Isenberg, Attorney At Law, was a presenter at the recent MagiFest in Columbus, Ohio who talked about the importance of having respect for intellectual property and adhering to copyright laws. Piracy of magic ideas and products has been an ongoing topic on The Magic Word Podcast over the past five years and it's time we talk with an expert in the field who tells what we can do to stop it or at least how we can try. Moreover, he talks about patents and the importance of...


411: Luke Dancy In Front And Behind The Camera

Luke Dancy may not be a familiar name...for now. But that is about to change. Luke worked behind the scenes with Criss Angel for seven years as a consultant and helping direct through the camera for some of Criss' TV shows. Luke now works for Murphy's Magic Supplies and hosts a regular vlog that is posted on Murphy's YouTube channel and their Facebook page. Luke hosted my "At The Table" lecture taping (which will be due out later this Fall) as well as those of many others.He has had a...


410 - Carisa Hendrix - Getting Uncomfortable

Caria Hendrix is a magician who is on the rise. Oh, also, she happens to be a woman. She is one of the new breed who I believe is one of the "Stars of Tomorrow" as she pursues her dreams on stage. Most young people I see today seem to be involved in close-up and entertaining small groups of people, but few true entertainers are comfortable on stage in front of a large audience. Carisa is one of that rare breed. She suggests that we should step out of our comfort zone and try new things...