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The Morning Stream, Mon thru Thurs, every morning, with Scott Johnson and the Frogpants Network. News, culture, politices and talk each and every day!

The Morning Stream, Mon thru Thurs, every morning, with Scott Johnson and the Frogpants Network. News, culture, politices and talk each and every day!


Eagle Mountain, UT




The Morning Stream, Mon thru Thurs, every morning, with Scott Johnson and the Frogpants Network. News, culture, politices and talk each and every day!






TMS 2101: Le Steak D'Shack

Red on head light. Puhfeeling Puhfine after Puhfizer. Pig Anuses You Love, From People You Trust. Feel Like a Man Now? You can't return your food and eat it too. Weird, Boogery Part of the Egg. Karma is gonna slap that cap off. How About Lego Popeye? Maybe Lego Popeye? Lego Popeye? LEGO IS WITHOUT HONOR! Noodle Doinks and Hand-Rolled Joints. There is no I in WeWork. Sanding Wood is my TikTok Dance move. It is a Blanket Ladder, for Quilts. Making Two Cents with Tom. Reccamentals and more on...


TMS Event Special: Apple Event Co-Stream Audio

No regular show today! Schedule had some issues, so we did this for you! Even if you don't care about Apple events, you will enjoy Scott and Brian having fun and laughing a lot! :)


TMS 2100: Glorious Geography Of Teeth

Nose To Butt Lane. Burger Goes In, Burger Goes Out. Entry Level Beef Burrito. All the Elk Ladies, All the Elk Ladies. Sex, Lights, and Monkey Bars. And I Am Theodore Wolverine" Logan. Wrestling Fat Kids On Tramps! Del Tatos. A situational situation. Taylor Monkey-Joy. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hangover. Guess the Canadian! Breaking Poptart News! Efficiency Like Ze Germans. Beef Marines. Making Things with Bill. Major Spoilers and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.


TMS 2099: Sack Snyder

Q-Ant-non. Booby Franks & Boogers Talks About Wooden Satellites. Chrysler the Redeemer, Transform and Roll OUT! My Echo was misbehaving, so I punched her. Podcasting is just microphone collecting for people who like to talk. Beans! Beans! Millions Of Beans!! Jesus Saves With Coupons, You Can Too! Wesupplywood. Hairy Chasm of Pete Townsend's Armpit. Leave the Chat and Ascend to a Higher Plane. Punch your echo. Utah Inflection. Roy Orbison Becomes Catwoman. Tumor of Passive Aggressiveness with...


TMS 2098: Down The Q-Hole

Reboot, Remake, Revive, Repeat. Its called Prooping. Rules are for Old People. Star Trek: Upper Decker. Non-Fungible Wooden Ball. You Cant Do That On Recommentals with Nicole! Rough Hands Kim. I Don't Like The Things You See In A SciFi Moviiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee! You're Not Keeping Up With The 'Saved By The Bell' News?? You've Got The Phillip K Dick In Ya! Loving the Keenan. Forgetting the Kel. I LOVE THE SPICE NUTS! My mangoes taste like hairspray. VR Office Report with Tom. Reccomentals and...


TMS 2097: That Indian Restaurant is a Naan starter

Coffee Porn Music. How Will I Ever Learn How Babby Is Formed? A Glory Hole Silo. I like to cup testeeeeees. Pretty ballsy grabbing the tiger like that. Always Castrate your Children's Toys. Why do the holes match up with the eyes. Corn Nut Pioneers. Frogpants Doodle-a-day. What's Third Eagle up to these days. You know he's got talent. Dude, where's my ambulance? Buckets of Apocalyptic food. Milking this Phoenix for all it's worth. How is Jamie's Sausage Made and more on this episode of The...


TMS 2096: Joaquin Phreezer

Are These Tacos Racist? Sorry we took your land. Here, have a taco. Chicken Legs & Ostrich Nuts. No Way Your Name is Kevin. Eff You, I Shan't Say Flamingo. Grumpy Old Tumors. It scared you because it vibrated. The Symptoms. I don't like Speakeeeezee Beeeez. This show is full of idioms, but not spelled the same. How do you play Strip Go Fish? That's right he didn't have a unit. Freeloading Freefeeders. Making Deals With Bill. Hail Hydration with Stephen. Naan doesn't bend and more on this...


TMS PM for 4-9-2021: Emergency Hole

We Violate a Hippo. Cool Shorts And Jelly Bums. A Tom Hardy Man. Four Clover Leaks. Diamond in your ass with some coal. Senfield Snyder Cut. Poopy Router. Violate my own HIPAA. The less we know with Dan and more on this episode of TMSPM.


TMS 2095: Chipless Trucks

Borka Borka, Derka Derka, Flerka Flerka. Warning: Contains Le Beouf Weiner. Just The Tiny Tip Of Mando's 'Blaster'! Like A Sturgeon. We Beat The Boner Zone! Do you like sucking balls through a straw? Jeff, your son is skipping class. Mon Ez, a Favorite Kryptonian Condiment. Warm Bottle Of Pee > Chewed Up Funko Pop. Moist and Sticky. Don't Ruin the Dog Poo Stations. Inadvertently A Whore. Who's Fat? I'm Fat? Mild to Hitler's Butthole. Wipe Side to Side. Tom's Tech Time! Reccamentals and more...


TMS 2094: Ever Eat a Pine Tree?

Scrodenger's Seventeen Year Old. I don't like Weird Goat Cheeeeeeese! RIP Mario, Lets-a Go. I'm Impressed With The Size Of This Guy's Chimney! Do Microphones Have Arms Because I Like Really Wanted to Know? Hardened Leprechaun Turds. I had to pee in a Starbucks cup while a trucker watched me. Coconut Milk: Better than Unregulated Sewer Water. Late Stage Wrapping Paper Lung. How Are You Going To Get Up The Floo If You Don't Open Your Damper?!? Do not get Howie Mandel Wet! Two Piles of Guns,...


TMS 2093: The One Shatner Boinked

Get your second jab, then lick a toilet. Standard Ass Borg. Squeeze Out A Few Chits. I don't like NFTeeeeeeeees. Greg is off limits! Too many Shia Labeouf's. Virtual Bovine Lactation. Arbor Day Turkey! To Catch a Covid Variant. we named the cat Ripley. You Can OWN Utah Connection! Butt Cheeks 6 Inches Off the Ground with Bill. Filling Brian's Game Hole. Going Mile High with Stephen and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.


TMS 2092: A slightly bigger unit

ClarkGak - Yadda Yadda. The Bulge is for Members Only! Rick Steves Deez Nutz. Veet, Voot, Vert. InFreddy Business. Xrays are for Pupits. Doing things to Frank Oz with Gidget and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.


TMS 2091: The Cha-Cha Posse

I don't like Kirkland Peeeeeeeee! Crowds Are Way Too Crowded For Me. One Steak, Nevermore. Social Network 2: Same Hoodie, Different Decade. Bed, Bath, Batman and Beyond. Is That Pee In That Kirkland Bottle? What Kind Of A Garbage-Monster Are You? Don't Let your Meat Snake Slide. Proud Proper Pedestrian Poop Picker Upper. Costco Raven... Vampire Hunter. Gwenny's Flaming V. Double the Tom pleasure, double the Tom fun. Recommentals With, and Without Nicole. and more on this episode of The...


TMS 2090: Kill Kenny then Kill Arnie

The Cunning Air Lingus. Chicken Cop, Chicken Cop, Chicken Cop PIE! Free Market EBay Grape Nuts. OK Beamer. You Can Neither Take Porgs, Nor Leave Porgs! Blade Runner is Happening Outside the Window. Broken Widgety-Witch. Grapenuts: Nature's Aquarium Gravel. Fred Zeppelin in Cooper Black. This Candle Smells Like Aer Lingus. An Effort of Lettuce. Pitbull? Nope, I'm out. Luke Skywalker crappin' in a corner. F Jury! And more on this episode of The Morning Stream.


TMS 2089: GUI Pants

Have you considered having sex on a different day of the year? I don't like NFTeeeeeeeeees! Lost all my F's to give after High School. Gallbladder and Penis. Nipple Flavoured Creamers. XLM DATA IS BIG, YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! IT'S NOT SMALL! NO! NO! NO! Falcon and the Fat Man. Jake and the Winter Soldier. 24 Hr Boner. Partially Refloated. The Phantom Mullet Exists Forever. Cap's Sidepiece. $30 for 30mins with Black Widdow. Drinking the Tron Water. Making Things with Bill. Major Spoilers and more...


TMS 2088: Smells Like a Big Dumb Dog

Dick Dock. Alien, not AlienSZZSZZs. All those stars are probably dead. The Italian Hair and the Whatnot. Goatsee Black Hole with Bobby. Actual Science Words with Bobby Frankenberger. I Like to Comfort EAT! A Diagram of Teeth, Crotch and Eyeball. Full Pewpit Status. At Least We're Safe for the Next 7 Minutes. Mom's Spaghetification on Your Sweater. Losing Wendi to Microwaves. it smells like Fritos in here and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.


TMS 2087: Thankless Water Heater

You'll have NO toilets, NO power, and NO Lt. Yar! I don't like yard Peeeeeeeeee. No Show Yesterday. Oh No I Flushed! KIM!!! Sediment toooobs. One Two Three Fourteen. Giant Preying Mantis-Type Unit. If it's brown, leave town. Mecha Eminem. I Like The Irish, With Their Potatoes And Their Blight! You'll Need a Worm Card Voucher. Vote For Pedro Across the Street. Don't sniff the pipe glue, kids. Godzilla vs Stan. Tom's Tech Time! Nicole Stops Being Polite And Starts Getting Real and more on this...


TMS 2086: Half Vaxxedn

COVID Shut Down Dicks. Is this the line for the vaccine or In-N-Out? My Sediments Exactly. Moderna Tastes Like Dolly Parton. Get a Proper Meat. Your Banana Split Construction Technique is WITHOUT HONOR! Who Punched What's-His-Name on 2020? No, the other Cheech. Three Stooges Pie. I'm Manually Turned On! Do You Want the Chicken Line or the Beef Line? Herdin' the Sheps. In Today's Game, You Both Get a BM. Bed Bath and Whatever. Making Things with Bill and more on this episode of The Morning...


TMSPM for 3-19-2021: Vaccinated, Lubricated, and Inebriated

All The Beans Are At The End Of The Shaft. First Shot Or Second Shot? Pfizer! Your first TMS PM is Free. How Do I Know It's Not Cat Pee? Stop Right Now, We Owe You Money! Give Us A Mouthful Of Your Orange Chicken. Wait, is the shot supposed to come with a shoulder rub? Kim left out in the car with the windows cracked. Use the Password Luke, it's Luke1234. Funky Cold Moderna. The Chat Doesn't Care about your HOA. May cause coughing. You can't shake a burrito! Grandpa Badpassword. Smelly...


TMS 2085: Going Cold Turdy

The Mooney Shot. Department of Futury Business. Eat 9 soapy grapes and call me in the morning. Peter Piper Pleasured his Privates with Pickles. Was his Pickle a Dill-Do? Spitsburg is next to Swallowsberg. Zack Snyder has a 4:3 Brain. Step-Moms Popping Zits. More Fungability. Blockchain Laundering 101. Life Comes at You Fast, and if You Don't Move, You'll Get Hit by a Car. Wasn't Aviation Gin was that one really cool Jedi from Episode 2?! Move Up In the Shriveled Fruit Category. Faint Fruity...