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Paper Robots is a biweekly podcast that Logan and Micah will be doing from my living room. The focus of the cast will be our journey of getting our graphic novels published. We will also discuss our favorite titles and how my team (Liverpool) and(Arsenal) are doing. We hope to have guests and fun for all.

Paper Robots is a biweekly podcast that Logan and Micah will be doing from my living room. The focus of the cast will be our journey of getting our graphic novels published. We will also discuss our favorite titles and how my team (Liverpool) and(Arsenal) are doing. We hope to have guests and fun for all.
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Tuscon, AZ


Paper Robots is a biweekly podcast that Logan and Micah will be doing from my living room. The focus of the cast will be our journey of getting our graphic novels published. We will also discuss our favorite titles and how my team (Liverpool) and(Arsenal) are doing. We hope to have guests and fun for all.




Episode 129: The War for Kaleb Livestream

Comic creator Jason Pittman returns to the podcast for a live stream of his Kickstarter graphic novel project, "The War for Kaleb: A Superhero Story about Anxiety." This episode was livestreamed on 4/11/18 at 7pm PST Jason has created a 3 issue story and is collecting it into on fantastic book. On this episode we chat about the process of making comics, the ups and downs of Kickstarter and why we love makes comics and telling stories. Send Your Questions to:


Episode 128: PQ's Style

This episode we breakdown what "Style" means to us as creators and humans. Joined by toy designer Cynthia Gerriets and artist, Vincent Kukua. Style is describes as "distinctive manner which permits the grouping of works into related categories" With a topic like this we could have chatted for hours but I think we touch on a little bit of everything and provided our opinions on what style means in a creative world. Send Your Questions to: Follow: LOGAN NAUGLE...


Episode 127: Comic Creator JP Herron

Jessica Herron comic creator origins! Anime, Tim Sale and, Japan led her to Midnight Furies, her ongoing comic series published on Webtoons! Stick around for all the details and check out the links in the down below. We also find out that the podcast is "better than silence" or if you have to commute its "better than the person next to you." so give us a listen, thanks! Follow: Jessica Herron Twitter: @ThatJPHerron Instagram: @JPHERRON Comic: Tumblr:...


Episode 126: Writer Dylan Gray

Writer Dylan Gray hopes on and provide us with his origin into comics and working for Top Cow Productions. We bond over a love of the great Paul Dini as well as chat about comic convention travel plans. If you looking to get into comics as a writer there's no better way than just starting to write. But it doesn't hurt to meet and greet with companies and creators at Comic Cons. Send Your Questions to: Follow: DYLAN GRAY Marketing Director at Top Cow Productions...


Episode 125: Dave Baker Returns

Comic Creator Dave Baker returns to the podcast. We discuss the numerous books he has worked on in the past year as well as the new projects and web-series is making. A large part of comic life is working at going to conventions and selling you book, I got the chance to ask Dave a few convention travel tips and how to prep for comic conventions. Dave Bake is one of the hardest working story tellers I know and I encourage you all to check out his work linked below. DAVE BAKER Work: Action...


Episode 124: Diamond Distribution and Sony buys Wizard World?

Comic book Industry news continues to get shaking up and I discuss new changes to the comic market place. Plus I chat about new comic book movies and publishing my comics online. Send Your Questions to: FOLLOW LOGAN NAUGLE ► Twitter/Instagram: @thatlogan REFERENCED Sony and Wizard World Diamond Distribution Umbrella Academy Movie Kitty Pride XMEN Movie New BKV Movie Moments from the Comics Janelle Monae newest videos Gold Link


Episode 123: Artist Pharoah Bolding

Artist Pharoah Bolding hops on the show and we discuss starting out in comics and what brought us to what we are doing today. Plus we chat about current media and pop culture; the things love and are annoyed with and more! "Sometime we end up making 2 star epics." The ideas we turn into creations are always perfect but we learn and grow from each and every project. Send Your Questions to: Follow: PHAROAH BOLDING Twitter: @pharoahbolding IG: @pb_hrpro Pharoah...


Episode 122: Sina Grace Returns

Creator of comics and dabbler of all things amazing, Sina Grace, returns to the Podcast! Recently Marvel's Iceman got nominated for the GLAAD Awards. As well as nominated or on the list of many other sites for Iceman and Nothing Last Forever. We catch up on all Sina has accomplished since speaking two years ago. We discuss his experience with working on a queer Marvel title, Iceman, to his own successful memoir series. Also the importance of finding success in yourself and not outwardly...


Episode 121: Too Many Movie Trailers?

Are we getting to many movie trailers? This weeks episode, I discuss the too many teasers problem in the movie market place as well as catch everyone up on whats happening in my comic career. Send Your Questions to: FOLLOW LOGAN NAUGLE ► Twitter/Instagram: @thatlogan REFERENCED Kraven the Hunter in Black Panther? Black Panther Sound Track Brian Michael Bendis at DC Dan Slott off of Spider Man Fitbit Ionic Cars 3 Fred Armisen Stand Up for Drummers The Girl with all...


Episode 120: Artist Jim Pavelec

This episodes guest is the talented Jim Pavelec who creepy and beautiful illustrations dive deep into the demons of Ars Goetia. He works on paintings and drawings enhanced by his mixed media techniques and digital tools which create truly stunning and visually unique pieces of art. His art and illustrations have been featured professionally in many fantasy and science fiction projects: Magic the Gathering, World of War Craft, Star Wars (KOTOR), Dungeons and Dragons and more. Everything to...


Episode 119: Geeks Rising Crew Catch Up

This episode is with the amazing Cynthia and Bandrew and we set our goals for 2018. During the episode I learn what slinging tent is and we answer a few questions from the listeners. Enjoy us catching up with each other and making jokes in this episode TIME STAMP 1:25 Bandrew Goals for 2018 13:55 Cynthia Goals for 2018 20:55 Logan Goals for 2018 34:40 Logan's Flintstones theory 37:15 Questions Send Your Questions to: Follow: BANDREW SCOTT ► Twitter: @bandrewsays...


Episode 118: Creator Michael Kurt

This episodes guest is Michael Kurt. He is half of the "Talking to Ghosts " Podcast and his music "The Blood of Others." We chat about host podcasts while also making our own creations help express and understand the world better. Send Your Questions to: Follow: MICHAEL KURT ►Twitter: @productpdx ►Podcast: Talking to Ghosts ► Music: The Blood of Others ►News Letter: A Darker Figure ► More here LOGAN NAUGLE ► Twitter: @thatlogan ►Comics:...


Episode 117: Looking forward to 2018

2018 means a new year with a new goal for life. This episode is all about what I want to get out of the year that is 2018. Send Your Questions to: Follow: LOGAN NAUGLE ► Twitter: @thatlogan ►Comics: GOALS Books Printed Podcast Guests Podcast Growth Launch another podcast show Voice Act Launch Video Show Read 100 Comics Read 25 Books Guest on 10 Podcasts Release 3 Books Get 500 new consistent listeners Say hate less Describe things...


Episode 116: Looking Back on 2017

Here to look back and wrap up 2017 by looking at the worst, the best and the rest. Cynthia and I discuss all the things of 2017 well the things we can remember. We sound off about what we enjoyed and what we are glad to leave behind. Check out the list down below to see a few things we mentioned. THINGS I LOVED Getting Engaged 1 year Anniversary My guests Slay Pride Zoo with Cynthia/ Family MUSIC Kendrick Lamar, DAMN Future Islands Conor Oberst, Salutations Monsieur Perine Father John...


Episode 115: Thanksgiving Updates

Cynthia and I catch up on our Thanksgiving Tradition as well as let the listeners know all our new project! I (Logan) get way to excited about bag reviews and tech research while Cynthia is back into drawing thanks to her Ipad Pro. Aside from working on project and being engaged we like to unwind with some iphone games, TV/Movie watching and reading. Send Your Questions to: REFERENCE TEN TIMES A TIGER Steven Russell Black WATCHING Coco Brave True Grit The Punisher...


Episode 114: Engaged/ Tucson Comic Con Recap

I'm back from Tucson Comic Con and I got all the hottest news! Not really but a bunch of fun stuff has happened and I'm excited about my life! I'm not excited about winter and seasonal depression. Lets find out whats new on this episode of The Paper Robots Podcast! Send Your Questions to: Follow: LOGAN NAUGLE ► Twitter: @thatlogan ►Comics: REFERENCED ► Tucson Comic Con ► Ten Times a Tiger ► Harry Potter Movies ► Iron Marines ► Steven...


Episode 113: PQ's Listener Questions

I'm here for you, in this episode! The host (Logan) chats about comics and writing updates but the majority of the episode is focused on you(the listeners) and the questions you all sent in! REFERENCED STORYTELLERS: Video Essay Artist turns Pro (You tube Channel) GEEKS RISING PODCASTAGE Brick (the movie) Runaways Roughneck Y: The Last Man Sandman


Episode 112: Artist/Performer Quinn Allan

Quinn Allan is best known for his Nerd-core Rap persona Kid A as in Kid Apocalypse. But he also plays music, acts and is a overall nerd like the rest of us. FOLLOW: TWITTER @KidApoc KIDAPOCOPLAPSE FACEBOOK Quinn Allan on SoundCloud Quinn Allan as KID A on Youtube REFERENCED DarkBeast (JARDED) MONGREL STUDIOS DOUBLE CLICKS Script reader GRIMM Jon Garcia (The Falls) The Hours til Daylight Godzilla The Little One Jira McFarlane Toys DR. DRE


Episode 111: Production Artist/Illustrator Vincent Kukua

Vincent Kukua is a Honolulu Hawaii native who currently lives in Portland working as an Production Artist at Image Comics and as well as being Illustrator/Artist in his own right. FOLLOW IG: VKukua Vincent Kukua Tumblr REFERENCED Image Comics APE Ninja High school Gallery 98 Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland Matt Nixon's Retcon Meredith Finch's Rose John Arcudi's Rumble


Episode 110: Writer Cole Bowman

Writer and independent scholar located in Portland OR. Some of her work and writing has been contributed to the Pop Culture and Philosophy Series including: "The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy" and "Dracula and Philosophy." She's has also written several pieces for TFAW Comics website and is working on a graphic novel with artist Nicholas Orr. TWITTER- @Cole_Thulu REFERENCED Dr. Kevin Decker Elf Quest Ethan Slayton (Dark Anna) Arron Sorkin NDA (NON-Disclosure Agreement)


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