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The Resourced Adult Episode 8 | Self-Betrayals and Shame Bombs

Episode 8 | Self-Betrayals and Shame Bombs In Episode 8, we talk about: •How we are all human beings that make mistakes · What the "absence of self-betrayal" looks like · How we betray ourselves often · How to invite in the internal voice of the loving parent · Learning a healthier belief about ourselves. The idea that people are always “good,” but actions and choices may not serve us. · Women and emotional bondage...and powerful words from Marianne Williamson about these concepts · Why...


Episode 7| Start with Comfy Pants-Our Strategies for Dealing with Funk

Episode 7| Start with Comfy Pants: Our Strategies for Dealing with a Funk In Episode 7, we talk about: • What is means to be in a funk, and how allow yourself to be human • The many benefits of comfy pants • “Staying in your generation,” metaphorically blowing up antiquated beliefs, and the importance of mentors and role models • Our definition of “joy starvation,” and why Dani thinks Kim will love that word play • Finding and using your "funk soundtrack" • What it looks like when you are...


Resourced Adult| Episode 6 Easy Doesn't Reallllllly Do It

Episode 6| Beware of the Easy Button In this episode we talk about: • Socially acceptable emotions and holding it all together • We define the word “Hibatical” • The power of pain and telling the truth • Giving up our fantasy of what we thought was going to happen and what actually happened • Martha Beck’s point of view on suffering • “We are the curators of what we consume” • Trauma and emotion and the “moro reflex” aka the startle reflex • Kim explains why it’s important to offer...