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Episode 18 | "Pick Your Nostalgic Poison"

This week, the full SNS crew returns as JKen, Carter Bodacious and Benji delve into the nerdy world of gaming, movies and the usual reckless banter... with a bit of nostalgia. Enjoy! Be Sure To Subscribe on iTunes so you never miss an episode! Carter "Bodacious" Wilkes Justin "Jken" Mirsch Benji Phillis


Episode 17 | "We're The Cool Nerds." (feat. FVLLWEATHER)

In Carter Bodacious's absence, JKen and Benji are joined once again by a familiar member of our podcast family, FVLLWEATHER AKA Brian Peoples. The dudes discuss everything from the usual cinematic banter, video games, how to decode the internet, design and the various ways artists/ producers approach making a record. Enjoy! Be Sure To Subscribe on iTunes so you never miss an episode! Brian Peoples (@fvllweather)


Episode 16 | "The Legacy Of Mr. Lee"

This week, the SNS Crew gave their respects to the legend, Mr. Stan Lee discussing his contributions to the world of comics and superheroes period. They also delve into their usual banter of movie-dom and nerd out to the world of E-Sports. JKen and Carter Bodacious really got in their video game bag on this episode. Enjoy! Be Sure To Subscribe on iTunes so you never miss an episode! Carter "Bodacious" Wilkes


Episode 15 | "Only One Felony"

After a brief hiatus, the SNS Crew is back with a vengeance. As the dudes open up the show with well wishes and prayers to the victims and families involved in the Thousand Oaks shooting, they proceed to discuss gun control in America as well as voting procedure. They debate what they each think solutions are and where this aggression comes from in the first place. Somehow they come to the topic of the "N-Word" and it's cultural place in society. Honestly, this may be one of the most...


Episode 14 | "Hallo-What..." (feat. Brian Peoples)

Here at Show No Shame, we use scare tactics. Meaning we think of Halloween as our Christmas and we make it known. The SNS Crew sits down with our reoccurring friend of the show, Brian Peoples to discuss all things horror, reviewing the new Halloween reboot as well as the general random trains of thought that you know and love. Join us and enjoy! #shownoshame Be Sure To Subscribe on iTunes so you never miss an episode! Brian Peoples (@fvllweather)


Episode 13 | "36 Hours?!"

You're stuck with the core SNS Crew this week! The dudes take a deep dive on an off night to record what seemly becomes an introspective look into life. They then delve into the Marvel timeline and debate how long it would actually take realistically to watch all of the movies in one, continuous sitting. Yeah... they have issues. Be Sure To Subscribe on iTunes so you never miss an episode! Carter "Bodacious" Wilkes


Episode 12 | "Glitz and Grillz" (feat. Mark Cruz The Jeweler)

Who stunts the hardest? This week, The SNS Crew is joined by Mark Cruz, a Los Angeles based jeweler specializing in grillz. The dudes dive in, getting to know Mark's background and how he chose to follow his passion instead of the plan laid out for him. As always, this is Show No Shame, so we had to get into it about Cardi vs. Nicki and the beef. Wrapping up the episode, Mark was dope enough to take a mold of JKen's teeth for some K-9 gold fangs. Enjoy! P.S. For our listeners that enjoy the...


Episode 11 | "Show No Mo." (feat. Mo, Two Drunk Blacks Podcast)

Hi Mo! This week, the dudes welcome a friend and fellow podcaster, Mo from The Two Drunk Blacks Podcast. Mo and the SNS Crew chop it up on everything from fantasy football, to Chris Tucker's whereabouts and how he got involved in podcasting himself. Things get a bit saucy as JKen supplied the tequila (which was delicious). Enjoy! P.S. For our listeners that enjoy the music played at the end of every episode; unfortunately due to licensing restrictions, we're won't be able to play out music...


#SamuelSundays | Ep. 4 (feat. Jeffrey James)

We're dubbing this installment of #SamuelSundays "The Fight", simply because we are joined by a friend of the show, Jeffrey James. Jeff is an experienced MMA fighter and enthusiast of martial arts. Benji, Samuel and Jeff review UFC 229 featuring the Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov fight. Enjoy! Be sure to subscribe on iTunes: Follow Jeffrey James: Follow Chef Sam Axelrod: Follow Benji Phillis:...


Episode 10 | "I Want It That Way." (feat. Pia Malihi and Sali Krazy)

To celebrate their 10th episode, The SNS Crew had to come at you guys raw and unfiltered this week as they had two of their good friends, the roommates Pia Malihi and Sali Krazy join the show! They shared their insight into the entertainment industry as Pia (PR agent) and Sali (Talent Manager) told some awesome stories as they shed light on Drake, BTS and K-Pop, what goes into being an artist & whether LA nightlife is actually trendy, ultimately joining the show for some dangerously funny...


Episode 9 | "Buy? No, Sell!" (feat. Mike Buchhauer)

The SNS crew is back in their full form as Benji, JKen and Carter welcome a friend of the show, Mike Buchhauer to the podcast! Mike is a real estate agent at one of the premiere brokers in Los Angeles so we had to get some gems from him when talking about buying and/or selling your home, how and what to look for when renting and where he sees this insane market going looking into the future. This is Show No Shame people so you know we got a bit reckless. Enjoy! #shownoshame Featured Track:...


Episode 8 | "Fall Weather Is Among Us! The Return of FVLLWEATHER" (feat. Brian Peoples)

JKen and Benji welcome back Brian Peoples AKA FVLLWEATHER to the show! The dudes open up the episode reviewing The Nun and the state of the horror genre in film. Where does Blumhouse fit in that mechanism? Moving on they discuss everything from Elon Musk smoking weed, Serena Williams and battling sexism/ gender bias in sports, artificial intelligence, Amazon product reviews and their accuracy & more! Enjoy and indulge! Featured Track: @ElijahGrae - Castles Be Sure To Subscribe on iTunes so...


#SamuelSundays | Ep. 3

On yet another bright and sunny Sunday morning, Sam and Benji dive in to Sam's topics covering the last couple of weeks and generally discuss life, rap, the current state of the culture, the beef between MGK and Eminem wrapping it up finally & more. Enjoy! #shownoshame Featured Tracks of The Episode: @Eminem - Lucky You (featuring Joyner Lucas) Be sure to subscribe on iTunes: Follow Chef Sam Axelrod: Follow Benji Phillis:...


Episode 7 | "Environmental Issues" (feat. Mathew Williams)

This week, the SNS crew are joined by a close friend of the show from Australia, Mathew Williams. They discuss Eminem's new, surprise album "Kamikaze", how backwards America can be when it comes to the environment, Lil Xan paying for a fan's hospital bills and how fame can affect a person's outlook. They also give a warm and well deserved rest in peace to Burt Reynolds, showcasing a brief overview of his timeless career. We would also (because news broke the morning after recording,) like to...


Episode 6 | "The Side Hustle" (feat. Taylor Robinson)

This week, the dudes have a bit of a reunion with long time friend Taylor Robinson. Aside from working as a jeweler at the renowned Steven & Company following in his family's footsteps, he's diving back in to a new side hustle. We're just realizing that we need to find ours more than ever. The SNS crew and Taylor discuss the facets of the jewelry business that most people never think about as well as the general journey of life. Featured Track: @allen-ritter - Falling Be Sure To Subscribe on...


Episode 5 | "Six, Nine, Twelve..." (feat. FVLLWEATHER)

Hailing from New York, Brian Peoples aka FVLLWEATHER joins us to talk about his journey to LA with a few detours along the way, navigating the passionate journey of the creatively driven. The SNS crew and Brian discuss how failure can be a healthy step towards success, band culture vs. DJ culture, 6ix 9ine and the next generation of rap coming out/ the musical climate in general. We were stoked to have FVLLWEATHER join us for a hilarious episode and we'll be sure to have him on again....


#SamuelSundays | Ep. 2

On a lovely Sunday morning in Los Angeles, Sam and Benji return with another installment of Samuel Sundays. The dudes breakdown everything from Birdman and Lil Wayne patching up their relationship to being a Vegan vs. hunting for your food and general dietary elements of a cruelty free/ healthy lifestyle. They delve into the climate of legalized Marijuana in California, the standing of the UFC and travels around the world. Overall, it's a lighthearted and relaxed gathering filled with...


Episode 4 | "The King Ain't Lazy" (feat. DJ König)

The SNS crew has a guest! Benji, Jken and Carter interview and welcome Alex King aka DJ König to the show. After learning about his background and boldly making his move to Los Angeles in pursuit of design and music, the guys chop it up about all things music, life as a guy in LA, and delving deeper into the weeks they've had; but rest assured, reckless rhetoric ensues! P.S. We at Show No Shame would like to extend a huge and heartfelt rest in peace to the one and only, Aretha Franklin....


Episode 3 | "Jones Needs Therapy"

Benji and Jken introduce Carter "Bodacious" Wilkes, a new member of the SNS family but a long time friend of theirs. After introducing Carter and learning a bit about his background and his pursuit of becoming a psychologist, the dudes chop it up on everything from Alex Jones being blocked by the internet's biggest platforms, to 50 Cent taking his money back after making it rain. They also dig deep, examining some of the mental aspects of their lives. Featured Track: @pinksweats - No...


#SamuelSundays | Ep. 1

Chef Sam Axelrod and Benji Phillis open the first of the biweekly series, "#SamuelSundays" in which the two discuss life in LA, how climates shift your mood and the typical Sunday morning chatter of movies, media and the current state of things. They review Nicki Minaj's new album as Benji is eager for the MihTy album from Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih to be released. Kick back, relax and join the SNS family on this lovely Sunday addition! Featured Tracks of The Week: Josh Dillon - "River"...